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    Bisexual Male
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    Mid 20s
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    Love exploring my passion for piss. Solo, with someone else or even just witnessing it.

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    Peeing where I shouldn’t and watching others pee where they shouldn’t!
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    Peeing off the side of a very public and busy canal with a friend in the middle of the day

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  1. Getting caught by people who want to see it is such a thrill. And equally being that person who loves to watch for someone else is a thrill. My favorite is joining in with other people who are openly peeing in public. If it's acceptable in public and people won't care if they see me or not, I much prefer in public! But if not, then the naughtiness of being discrete and getting away with it is enough.
  2. Thank you! This was so much fun to do. It’s me on a bathroom floor in a hotel. Had to hold my dick just right to get it to split like that.
  3. I’d love to be your friend! 25 but from Europe. I’m a bi guy and I love experimenting with pee just like everyone here! Feel free to message and chat
  4. Hi! I stumbled across this site from another fetish social site. Peefans is exactly what I’ve been looking for! A little about me: I’m Amhac from Ireland, 25 yo, bisexual guy. Like most people here I guess, I’ve been into everything to do with piss since I’ve been really young. Peeing in inappropriate places and in public are my favs. I love watching others pee anywhere and everywhere too. exploring my sexuality and kinks is super important to me and I can’t wait to explore some more here. If you ever want to chat feel free to message me! Amhac 💛 btw b
  5. I stumbled across this through fetlife. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
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