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  1. Hello ! I often take a shower at the gym and yesterday I realized that I could see other guy's dicks through water reflection on the ground. I once caught a guy masturbating because of his shadow It aroused me a lot! Is that happened once to someone else? Have you videos of this? Thanks!
  2. Very nice to see how that kink appear 🥰 I love pissing where we shouldn't do it normally and get aroused too when I see someone pissing. It's easier for me, in urinals we can have a discreet look
  3. Hello everybody! I join the forum there is more than 1 year but I realized that I've never done a introduction! So, greetings from France! Also I got a profile on thisvid with some interesting videos if you want to take a look! https://thisvid.com/members/216513/ Have a nice evening 😁
  4. Sometimes I love to piss how I want in public places. Sadly it's too heavy for the forum, here's a link : https://thisvid.com/videos/pee-mess-at-work-again/ Also check my profile, I got a lot of naughty videos with piss and cum vandalism, I love that https://thisvid.com/members/216513/
  5. I'm loving to just touch my foreskin and cum inside
  6. Hello! Yesterday I watched a porn and I saw something that turned me on a lot. This is the link to the video : https://thisvid.com/videos/chinese-bitch-in-chains-forcibly-creampied/ We can clearly see with all the sperm stains that it is a towel used for sex and that it is not often washed. These cum and sex stains turn me on so crazy. Do you know any videos where we see this kind of thing? Dirty sex towel, bed sheet or ejaculation repeatedly in the same panties or on unwashed clothing? Thanks!
  7. I don't know in inch but it's 18cm, quite enough
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