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  1. I've always liked curvy and busty women, and I don't know why. And not this whole 'accept and embrace being really obese' thing that started a number of years ago, but simply really pretty and attractive women that have curves and are solid. Maybe it's the nice full size boobs that hold themselves up? Maybe it's the athletic build they had at some point earlier? Part of its definitely the athletic quads that never go away! I just remember going to under 21 clubs and those girls being pretty, them basically throwing themselves at me and me liking the way they felt.. not that I ever got to m
  2. I'll occasionally have mine from a glass. I'll already be diluted and just chug it. If I'm bendy enough while showering, I'll do the water fountain thing quickly for the heck of it in the morning for fun. During certain weekends where I might have the entire house, I'll do the self pee towards the face move in the tub. It's fun and I'm comfortable with it at this point. Wish my wife would indulge me...maybe one day!
  3. However it's positioned in my hand after I pick it up is how it's going on to the roller.
  4. Old school here- off the top of my head in no order: Amy, Wendy, Tigerr Benson, Lolly Badcock, Magda Pollack, and Gina Blonde to name a few!
  5. May have mentioned this earlier, but in the days of dial up and Persian Kitty, I think I came across Patches Place, back when they had all these links to pictures on various sites. Various pictures of women either peeing with each other or on one another. I just liked it. Most of it was from Sex Bizarre magazines, but the one I remembered most are what I simply call the 3 office ladies picture set. Between that, the early days of Hightide Video, Glimpse It, and lots of Weinster's caps...that all pretty much made me accepting of my one and only fetish. Certainly wish for that type of quali
  6. I've often wondered about renting your property as an Airbnb. Do you just assume renters are going to eventually pee around the house, into the coffee maker (or tea kettle) or into your glassware? I assume that with any hotel we stay in, no matter how reputable, that's usually the case. And it's not going to be a Lolly Badcock staying in your house...
  7. My first girlfriend a couple times, and an attractive curvy girl one night stand hookup from a nightclub. I also got to taste my wife's only once off my fingers as she let me watch and touch while she was on the toilet in our hotel during our early years. I also will have my own when I feel the need for some holistic healing...by the pint glass as a full chug if I'm tipsy enough.
  8. Mine absolutely is a result of unsupervised dial up internet, and maybe scrambled Playboy TV.. which I could partially unscramble with earlier VCRs. There was that office ladies threesome picture set from an old Sex Bizarre that reoccurred quite easily on various sites back then and I still enjoy seeing it today. The pictures would load so slowly, top to bottom, and there was an excited anticipation feeling that went along with watching the picture slowly appear. They are even posted here. I just liked seeing it, and I eventually liked reading through the Thomas's watersport reference ma
  9. I actually just miss the old school film and video. There was a level of creativity that just doesn't exist any more, mainly due to budget and time, and it seems like there would be surprises sometimes in what you were watching. I remember searching for movies with John Leslie since the women pairings with him were always really done, and finding this one restored 70s scene (must have been on film). All these people were marching around naked with each other, having an group orgy and a good time. Suddenly the camera is on older guy laying on some bench or floor, and out of no where a few of
  10. I used that site a few years ago to acquire some of Hightide's later videos that were hard to find, at the time. I simply used brute force searching of the movie title I wanted. Google translate probably would have been the better method! Unfortunately they are are video stamped with that site's name.
  11. Being objective, I'll just say at the appropriate age. I think from what I wrote, it should be deducible. I think like most if not all on this forum, eventually I enjoyed and still enjoy seeing pee sex. And I got to do some version of it a few years after discovering how to get off.
  12. Well, as a multi-year lurker, figured it's time to finally share a post. When I was young teenager (and this was in the 1990s pre internet), I found the one and only Playboy in the house which was 2-3 years old issue (I remember the month/year/cover) at the time. While my parents would be at work, after school I would frequently look in it and just imagine what it would be like to really be with one of those models, even though I didn't know what I'd do. One of the those times, I remember looking at it while on the toilet (and I still didn't know about masturbating or coming yet), and had t
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