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    I was really into peeing solo anywhere and everywhere. So now looking for a partner. I'm interested in both men and women partners so don't be shy.

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    I love everything about peeing!!!
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  1. Yep, the turn of events Really surprised me but not looking a gift horse in the mouth, as they say!
  2. ***UPDATE*** Well it's been a few months' since I was busted by my neighbor and so thought I would update you all as to what's happening now... About 6 weeks ago I decided to again pee in the spot where she caught me with no incident. Later that day I was walking my dog and guess who was standing out front when I was returning, yep there she was and she walked over to me. I was a little surprised as I never see her out front, EVER! She proceeded to ask me, directly with no small talk, if I've been peeing in my spot. I say nope, not since I was busted. She then told me she loo
  3. Not sure I want to go this route just yet. I'm going to see how she acts towards me the next time we cross paths. That will tell me a lot...
  4. I would have preferred to have you as my neighbor too!!! You could have joined me...
  5. Yea, I'm not sure what to do, honestly. My neighbor does have the next move and I hope it's in my favor!
  6. No I haven't... still a little apprehensive! I've just decided to pee in my sink for now!!
  7. So I thought I had found a nice secluded spot on my side yard between my house and my neighbors. Our homes are separated by Italian Cyprus trees and my home being at the bottom of a incline about 50 - 60 feet (15 - 18 meters). I have a slight alcove I use which shields me from the street. Yesterday afternoon, I had purposefully drank a lot of liquids and waited until i could no longer. One of the access points to my spot is from my master bedroom sliding door and then thru the side gate. I walked to the side of the house, took off my athletic shorts (no underwear but still had my shirt on an
  8. I chose casual partner as I once revealed my peeing enthusiasm to my girlfriend in college. She was a very sexual person, loved to experiment and thought she would enjoy the experience. So when I brought it up to her she thought it was a horrible idea. Funny thing is she was all in on anything sexual; all types of anal play, fisting, S&M, group sex, exhibitionist, outdoor sex, you name it. But wanted nothing to do with peeing and subsequently decided my "request" was too much for her and she left about a month later. She also decided to "out" me to everyone she/we knew. It was rather inte
  9. hank23


    Welcome to the group!
  10. I like the new layout too. The blue is easier on the eyes as well...
  11. Well the store was not that busy, I just found a corner in the mens dept pretended I was looking at some shirts and then started. I was lucky nobody walk in the area and there were no overhead cameras too. I had to be aware there may be security camera around especially since I was so far away from the exit to the parking lot!
  12. My back or side yard, my neighbors secluded back yard as they are always on the road traveling, the front of my house behind the wall (no one can see me peeing), any sink in the house, any large gallon jugs for me to store my pee, department stores (new place for me). Any place outside when I'm hiking or walking my dog.
  13. For me, well it was actually yesterday and quite unintentional. I was out most of the day so after reading comments about adult diapers, I purchased some to wear. I was at a department store and needed to pee really bad and so never using the diaper before, I wanted to be close to the bathroom just in case but it was closed for cleaning. So I found an secluded spot in the men's section and started. At the beginning it was exciting, wet, warm... but to my surprise I kept going and before I could stop it filled up completely and began soaking my jeans and running down both legs. I was not prepar
  14. Hi everyone. I am new to this site and peeing adventures in general. It's been interesting reading a lot of the posts here. You've all inspired me to stop using the toilet!!! I've also learned a little about myself and I'm an exhibitionist! I was walking my dog yesterday with only my red gym shorts on and a t-shirt. I needed to piss so I just started as we were walking. It was so exciting. A car drove by while I was wetting myself. They could tell I had an "accident"...
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