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  1. Really love the stain progression on the mattress
  2. I had to keep thick sheet on my bed to keep them hidden from others!
  3. Nice. How well i remember the mattress stains! Flip it and hope no one notices.
  4. Well that wud work too so go for that 🙂 Shame u wont be able to have it spread across the sheet and soak in tho.
  5. Could u get drunk and then use that as an excuse for having peed in the night? It quite common for people to wet bed drunk so wud cum across as an accident most likely.
  6. I saw Another Round and that has one of the characters wet his bed when drunk and u see the sheet in the aftermath. I have never associated with a movie character more!
  7. I only deliberately wet in a double bed but all my true accidents were in a single which is better as the pee spreads out to the sides in smaller bed which i prefer to see.
  8. A couple of times when camping i wet myself in sleep and woke up in a soaked sleeping bag. Thankfully was alone in tent when it happened. One of the times i had to use a bottle of mineral water to wash the pee smell off with!
  9. Love this one the most due to how the pee has reached the very edge of the sheet.
  10. I love to wet my bed as well but i only get to really do it about once a month and also have to protect mattress when i do. This is so can clean it up and nobody will notice smell if they come visit. I wish i could just pee into my mattress though as that is the best way to pee a bed. I have had unprotected accidents in past and that what got me into bedwetting to start with and the fully soggy mattress underneath the sheet is the feeling wish could have again some day.
  11. Nothing beats a wet bed. Always the best place to pee.
  12. Sounds wonderful. Wetting the bed is the best kind of wetting there is for me so always love to read of others enjoying it too.
  13. The result of my bed rewetting. Felt so good to just go in there again.
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