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    Wetting the bed.
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    Any of the times I accidentally peed my bed and woke up to the aftermath. That's a whole new level of hot shame.

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  1. Crisper


    Sounds wonderful. No bed like a wet bed.
  2. Crisper


    Thats my favourite wetting type too. No better wet feeling than going in bed. Wonderful that you have a partner into it too. I just wish i could get chance to do it more often. What sort of bed protection do you use or do you not have any?
  3. I didn't even feel that full when getting in bed. Took 3 loads of washing to clean up afterwards though!
  4. Never realised i could pee so much in truth! Felt pretty good, do so much love to pee in bed when chance comes along 🙂
  5. Keep it wet and one day that will come too.
  6. I'd wanted to pee in bed all this weekend and today finally got the chance with this being the results. Felt so good to just let go lying there and stayed under the blanket for as long as possible after. Was very cold on back when finally got up and it was dripping off my feet so carpet will need a clean too! I've not washed yet so still enjoying that distinct post bedwetting smell that clings to your skin afterwards.
  7. Why would you? Nothing beats that wet bed feeling.
  8. In The Man who fell to Earth, there's a scene where Candy Clark wets herself on screen.
  9. That looks like it was amazing and has really made me want to wet my own bed later tonight too. I don't think I've ever seen a wetter bed, wonderful stuff.
  10. I have a fetish for wetting bed. This developed late in life when I had a spell of semi regularf bedwetting incidents caused by bug nights out. Would often wake up with a piss soaked mattress and sheets! Eventually it stopped but i still ike to pee in bed whenever i can nowadays, with mattress protection this time though. It just feels so good to let go in bed and spread it out over the sheet.
  11. Have you ever had a genuine bedwetting accident? The wake up to that realisation is really something, with the smell of the soaked in pee and how damp it feels against your skin after lying in it while asleep.
  12. I have a friend who has great legs and always wears tight jeans ands I find myself fantasising a lot about seeing her wet those one time.
  13. Just a newbie on the site who enjoys wetting myself and really enjoys wetting my bed, so nice to be here to share such stuff.
  14. I know how you feel. I love wetting my bed too. I wish i could go in my sleep one more time and wake up to it. That soaked in smell of a true wet bed is wonderful.

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