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  1. we may never meet real time but whatever is wrong brother i hope it don't long and you good time shine on in on you

    1. HammerheadPilot


      Thank you.    I think I’m over the hill now.  

  2. this in my experinces is sex at 100% best
  3. Welcome to peefans, Yes we are turned on by watching you pee, being very sexual is normal and is a good thing a gift even xx
  4. i mirror your experince my friend it appears to an egalitaion place
  5. well I amm am a newbie around these parts as it were and am learning the ropes. Thing is chat will be as good as we make I am by nature a positive chap so I can only hope if wel all try to keep trting the good people will come through in the end
  6. More naughty pissing for my pee friends I hope you enjoy ?https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e3d24a5473ef https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e3d2392cab43
  7. That is wonderful to read that not everyone is negative
  8. So for the next few year my experience of piss sex with a partner took a nose dive the girls I went with were dead against piss sex so I soon learned to drop it. I would still indulge myself from time to time piss over myself holding my pee and wanking until ready to burst I would piss wank over myself as i cum hard. Always afterwards I would feel ashamed, guilty of my perverted fetish. When I met the woman who was to become my wife things didn’t improve. So from the age of 20 until 50 my latent desire for piss sex lay nearly completely dormant released only with the occasional piss-wank sessions when watching piss vids that would come way. There was only one exception the guy I used to swap porn video tapes up in the flats where I lived with my wife had a girl friend who was into pee. He wasn’t he was a voyeur but he knew of my fetish so he encouraged her to pee for me and me to pee on her. Fuck it was so hot but I was so scared my wife would find out and again I suffered form even more guilty shame. By the age of 50 my marriage had run its course sad really but looking back now I have no regrets. With ending of the I actively chose never to deny myself. The internet was awash with professional piss films and of course social sex networks I put myself out there and over the years I have several good piss sex fuckbudies either real time or cam but more of that next time.
  9. yes its not very visual in that you can't see so much but feeling is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e3a6260a2a0b Hi all so glad to have found a site that shares my desire to piss for pleasure
  11. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e38fcedd85df So for all my pee friends i have posted my first solo pee clip
  12. loving the pics and clips thanks for sharing my fellow pee loving friend xx
  13. The relationship with Jane lasted until she left for university. I had hoped the relationship would continue but within six weeks I had the, ‘dear John’ phone call. Naturally I was broken hearted as was only natural but allied to this was the thought it might be the end of my pissy loving forever. I had shown Jane my stash of porn mags with letters on piss sex. I am certain this helped persuade to let me watch her pee. Either squatting when we were out and it safe or standing over loo her legs spread her golden piss cascading down I would put my fingers in piss stream licking up the hot tasty pee. Eventually after much pleading when drunk finally Jane agreed to piss on me in the bath. As you can well imagine as l lay there Jane although bursting to go couldn’t go. She nearly gave up twice but thankfully for me the need to pee overcame her reluctance and dam broke and I was at last for first time showered in piss. Jane laughed hysterically at absurdity of seeing my twitching stiff cock dancing in delight of her piss stream. Each memory remains as sparkling clear as Jane’s delicious piss. The only thing which wasn’t perfect Jane although happy to indulge me didn’t enjoy only receiving. Only did she allow me to pee on her and she clearly didn’t enjoy the experience. That taught me valuable lesson never pressurized as it never works out well. With Jane gone I was bereft and unable to imagine I would get that lucky again. In truth my fears proved only too true but more of that next time.
  14. You are not alone at all piss sex in every form is on my mind and any time women pee i am intrested
  15. My next revelation was when I got to around 15 and started buying porn mags. I found out I wasn’t alone with my ‘kink’. In nearly every issue of fiesta or knave there would be a letter from someone who had had either by design or accident an erotic piss incident. Knowing I wasn’t alone increased my desire to experience piss with a girl and not just on my own pissing and wanking, Although that become quite extreame when home alone i would drink holding my pee and wank when hard i would lay in the bath with legs up the wall pissing over my chest and face mouth open to catch my piss naturally i would cum and after feel as guilty as sin vowing that would be the last time. I tried bringing up the subject with my first girlfriend but we fizzled out before we got started although I have got a feel up as it were but nothing. Pretty much the same with the 2nd girlfriend. However my 3 girlfriend was different. Jane had a pony which of course she had to look after. One Saturday as we were at the stables mucking out and stuff Jane said she was bursting for a wee and would have pop round the back by the bushes. I acting all nonchantley said well there is plenty of straw why get cold she could do it here I promised not to look. she looked at me, and just said okay. Going into the corner of the stable she turned her back on me pulled down her jodhpurs and knickers squatted down and tried to pee. She couldn’t go at first, turning her head calling out you not watching are you? I promised I wasn’t, I was lying I was slyly watching form the side with my hands rubbing my hard cock. Fuck the waiting I couldn’t hear anything and she farted and we both laughed at that then I heard the tell tale little hiss and a she gave a relieved sigh. Once she had started she really let go, she must peed for a full minute by then I was rock hard she grabbed a handful of straw wiped herself gingerly before stand up and pulling clothes back up. She came out the stall looked at me and said You were watching wern't you? you dirty sod. I could hardly deny it I felt my face blushing red and my hard cock betrayed me. Dirty sod she said agin but she was smiling. lets have it then, she reached out undid my zip and it was to much I just came. God it awful well I felt awful but jane just laughed it off saying next she would have to be quicker. She was but more of that next time. To finish this memory I still piss wanked alone still but now I more to turn me than just readers letters
  16. so close yet so far hopefully you nave made up for it nowxx
  17. I will find a place to pee on long car journeys in the hope i get noticed and in hope it gives a woman a secert pleasure
  18. yes i am drinking a lovely glass of this sexy ladys' fresh hot piss
  19. After puberty from around 12 years old I would always masturbate imaging girls or women pissing. When my sister or mother had friends over I would hang around upstairs surreptitiously reading in my bedroom. If I was lucky a one their friends would come upstairs to use the toilet, my bedroom lay at the other end of the small landing. I would hardly look up from my book as I lay on my bed when they said ‘hello’ before going into the bathroom/toilet. They would have be horrified if they had known that I as lay there my hand was down my trousers/pants stroking my cock. As soon as the latch went I was off the bed in a moment getting as close as I dare hoping to catch the sound of hissing from within. I soon noticed women made more noise and tended to pee longer than my sisters teenage friends. Later I would relive the sounds of hissing tinkling sounds as I masturbated. I had begun to explore solo pissing while having a bath. I would drink quite a bit beforehand I would while in the bath arch my back so my midriff was clear of the soapy warm water holding my cock and piss upwards loving the feeling of splashing back on my chest n belly sometimes my piss would splash on my cheek or lips. I would lick them but feel very very guilty and ashamed after wanking knowing what I was doing was really naughty. The guilt plus the fear of getting caught worried me a lot as young teenage boy, in truth it wasn't until I was in my 40s to really overcame the feeling of guilt
  20. Hello I look forward to meeting up in the chatroom with you and all my piss sex loving friends

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