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  1. Usually a minute or two afterwards, usually no problem.
  2. Many, many times. Put them in, pull them out. Change their tampons, pads, etc. Blood accidents in panties, pants, shorts, etc.
  3. When I was in my earlier decades, I had no problem having intercourse or even eating a woman out while on her period. If she had a tampon in and we were progressing to PIV, I would pull it out with my teeth. Intercourse doesn't feel much different, just wetter. I would clean up if she wanted to go down on me later.
  4. Very hot. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Every 3 or 4 days. Unless I have a partner, then it's less. lol
  6. I met my current GF on Plenty of Fish. a very vanilla dating site if some aren't familiar with it. I've been online dating for nearly 2 years. Not because I haven't been lucky, I'm just very picky. So I estimate I've read thousands of profiles and have noticed some women's veiled and not so veiled search for a kinky date. My GF's profile was worded so I could tell she was looking for a Dom or at the very least wanted to be controlled. I contacted her, told her what I thought about her profile and she admitted that was what she wanted. So I decided to go for it and told her to send me a pee vid
  7. I feel the same way. What I don't drink flows down my face and neck. Just as exciting as drinking directly from her. Same can be said when she's riding me, and as I cum inside her she squirts. I can feel her liquid flow over my balls and down my crack. It's very hot!
  8. Or they could just Google it and find out on their own. lol. I don't know how many women have asked me what Queening is on dating sites. So many that I want to answer: "Google the fucking term!". And if you don't already know, you're not into it!
  9. When I met her through a dating site, she was looking for a Dom. Now, there is a fine line between Dom and sub. A Dom can orally please a sub, but it is the Dom that is receiving the satisfaction of the act. The sub receives sexual gratification, but it's the Dom that is still in charge. Same as Queening. With the roles reversed, a Domme (female) controls the man (sub) while sitting on his face and he orally gratifies her. Like I said, a fine line.
  10. I was with my GF one night and she knows of my fondness for queening and pissing. Well, we were going at it pretty good and she decides to straddle my face. As I'm eating and rimming her she has an orgasm and starts squirting. She's multi orgasmic and squirts when excited. After she came she said to me "I know what you really want" then started pissing in my mouth! I drank as fast as I could and keeping up was proving difficult! A lot ran down my face and neck, but I was in heaven. She said she looked down and my eyes rolled back into my head. I was totally into the moment and loved it.
  11. If you want a Ladies Only Room, go for it. Block any guy that shows up. There should be a forum for women to talk, vent and share without the judging eyes and comments of male opinions. If guys wanted a Mens Only Room, no one would blink an eye. And if you're a lady that doesn't want to join? Don't!
  12. I'd make sure you don't. Lol.
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