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  1. Excellent piece,Steve. One of your best.
  2. Great story, reminds me of saunas I have shared with Vicky. It's strange the way piss is cool on your skin and a lovely contrast to the usual warm feeling.
  3. I drank a full pee direct from a girl once. She was sat in a chair and I put my mouth tight over her pussy while she peed. It was quite difficult to swallow and breathe but I did enjoy doing it. She had plenty to drink before so it did not taste strong. I've taken the odd mouthful from three other women, most of the time it was ok.
  4. Of all the naughty places I saw my last girlfriend pee, the naughtiest must be the in the pub under the table. Not that I actually saw it, but sitting opposite a woman who you know is pissing out of sight allows the imagination to fill in the rest. I remember her doing it five times in total. The first time was a comment on the poor service, but the other times she did it purely for convenience, very casually sitting on the edge of the chair with her skirt pulled up at the back. I only saw her do it at lunch time. No need for dark corners, just a corner seat facing the room, her coat on the se
  5. Dear Wet Carpet Last week had a spare day so drove to town on my own intending to browse the shops and get a few things for the garden. As I got near the town centre I realised I would need a piss fairly soon so was looking for an opportunity. There was a free parking space so I pulled in amost outside an antique shop. I had been in there before with Les and remembered it had lots of alcoves and corners and some carpet. I was wearing a loose skirt just below my knees and of course no knickers. Not desperate to piss, I wandered around the ground floor until I found an area with a patterned r
  6. In your own time Stev with my full approval. When I can see what is there maybe I can add some more. Congrats on becoming staff member.
  7. Steve, have you save any of the Vicky stories? I can't find the originals and struggle to copy/paste I am trying to write more but have lost track of which stories I have told
  8. Western, The unforgiven War, Apocalyspe now Best film, The Wicker man (original)
  9. Keep it up Steve, the story just keeps getting better. Under the boss's desk reminds me of Vicky'so last job.
  10. Can't think of another x, but Yes, before zz top again.
  11. Excellent story Steve, naughty pissing at it's best.
  12. As this is fantasy, I will go back a few years and choose Julie Newmah or a little earlier, Lauren Bacall.
  13. Three women have drunk my pee. One hated it and only did it because she owed me. One didn't enjoy it but did it because I wanted it, only the last one enjoyed it. The first two did it once each, the last did it three times. A brief affair that should have lasted longer.
  14. This was a couple of weeks ago and happened in one of those chain pubs where we stopped to eat on a day out. By the time we had finished eating the pub had become quite busy and noisy. Everybody was talking, eating, drinking and taking no notice of us or anyone else. The three people at the next table got up to leave and as they did so Vicky moved her big shopping bag closer and adjusted herself in her seat moving forward and leaning over to me to tell me quietly that she needed to piss before we left. She made no attempt to get up and I realised why she had been fidgeting in her seat.
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