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    Yeah I love watching girls in naughty peeing

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  1. I like POV view. So you see how the girl watch it how she pees at the target e.g. the puddle making on a carpet.
  2. fredkombus

    Peeing in/on food

    yes I tried, once I mixed pee into a cake mass. so with 4 eggs, 150g butter, 200g sugar and 300g wheat flour, nuts or cacao, a shot of rum and instead of milk pee. the amount of pee results what the cake needs. the eggs divide in snow and the yellow part, the yellow part gets into the mass from the beginning and the snow finally before the oven. do you like baking?
  3. fredkombus

    Peeing my place to the ground

    Have you done your desire peeing your place?
  4. fredkombus

    Peeing in/on food

    Hmm have you ever used pee for creating dishes? or to use pee instead of milk or water to bake bread or cakes?
  5. fredkombus

    Autumn's Photo Gallery

    Hey hun, Found your clips right now. I´m also a fan of naughty pee fun mostly in hotel rooms or with other soaking goals like rented cars (you tried?). do u have also a profile at extralunchmoney? hope u r doing again some naughty hotel pee stuff, maybe as a present to yourself during christmas?