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    Watching women peeing and the warmth of it on my body
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    A friend of mine wanted to pee on my cock while she stroked it. As soon as she finished my wet cock was in her pussy.

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  1. Peedream

    yellow piss

    hot yellow piss on white panties....very sexy!!
  2. Peedream

    My pee :)

    Hot and yellow...sooooo good!!
  3. Peedream

    Wife peeing

    Fuck this is so hot!! Love redheads peeing
  4. Peedream

    A favour,please

    She is perfect, you lucky guy ?
  5. Peedream

    A favour,please

    I'm with you....that's so hot!!
  6. Peedream

    Hello all from a pee lover

    Hi, I've looked st the forum a few times and finally decided to join you all to hopefully share my love of peeing. Love watching women peeing and fantasise peeing on a woman and being peed on.