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  1. I finally did it 🙂 the classic "stairwell pee" that so many here (of any gender) have done, and I finally did mine! Feels almost like a rite of passage, in a way. Was going to pick up dinner for the family and the restaurant was on an elevated plateau that held a number of restaurants. Well underneath that plateau was a parking deck, which had signs mentioning surveillance, and I did see one near the elevators, but upon going into the stairwell and looking it up and down and up and down, I saw naught a single one in the stairwell itself. A little detail (or maybe not so little to those like us
  2. I’m like many in this thread, would just like public peeing to be completely normal, just go against a wall or... pop-a-squat 😂 without anyone so much as batting an eye. If we’re talking specifics and not just “public peeing is normal and legal” then I think subway trains are one for sure. At least here in the US they don’t have any kind of bathrooms in the cars themselves and station bathrooms are employees only and coming back from a concert once I almost wet myself before a station police officer let me into the employee restroom. Would’ve be so nice to just stand up and take a leak on the
  3. Just followed this up in a Walmart in some random town. The trash can was much taller and had a foot pedal to open the lid, so no spillage. Felt so good to let everything out in it, soaking all the paper towels thrown into the bin. Again, it does tug at my sense of guilt, but it’s so rare for me to have any opportunity, let alone so many, so I’m “treating myself” while also making sure to minimize the mess or clean up any that I do make.
  4. I was on a road trip today, and when we stopped for food the fast food joint had single-occupancy restrooms, much to my surprise. Immediately realizing what I had the potential to do so far from home and in a bathroom no one could walk in on me in, I first went over to the trash can, pulling off the lid, and my pants down. That’s one of my top sub-fetishes you see, trash cans specifically for whatever reason. After pissing a good bit into the can, my flow stopped, probably had gotten a little hard. So I put the lid back on the trash can and walked over to the sink. The sink, being a much more
  5. I took another piss in the kitchen sink tonight, but this time it was a bit more interesting, perhaps for the wrong (right?) reason. It was late, like it has to be for this, but I had done the dishes earlier today so the sink was perfectly clear, so I thought I'd take a leak in the kitchen sink instead of the one in the bathroom. Well you see, I'm not exactly tall (5'8"/172 cm), so I had to raise myself onto my tiptoes to rest my package on the edge of the sink. I didn't pull back my foreskin, as I hadn't last time, and everything had been fine. Unfortunately, hydrostatics picked the wrong tim
  6. I know this might seem tame compared to some of the stuff here, but living with other people always makes things troublesome in these regards, so today I took a small victory. I take leaks in the bathroom sink often enough (I live in the basement, but it's outfitted to be an apartment, kitchen and all) but with how well sound travels in my house and how my family still just walks down the stairs to grab something all the time, I've never been able to do much outside the bathroom sink and (obviously) in the shower. But today, it was late enough that everyone except me was asleep (not having any
  7. Excellent stuff, and yeah, your English is just fine. Love some good old destructive peeing (in fiction :P)
  8. Especially depending on the surface it’s hitting, whether it’s carpet, hard floor, a wall, a bush, the grass, etc, are all very good in their own ways
  9. One of my favorite parts of pee porn is the audio, the sound pee makes, from either set of genitalia, is easily half the enjoyment for me, the other half being the actual stream itself
  10. It’s more the cold, though it does snow once or twice a year in my area. The shower peeing I’ve been doing for ages.
  11. For me it was a combination of religious family and literally zero outdoor privacy. I live in a city, a small one, but my house is such that no matter where I stand, I have multiple angles I can be seen from, whether it’s the neighbor’s (all the fences are super low/chain link and I can see 3+houses down), the street, or a small park next to my house. That hasn’t stopped me from doing it once night falls, but when it gets cold I have to stop 😂. I do it in the sink often enough, but I’ve got my own sink so no one else even uses it to notice any possible smell, and of course I pee every time I’m
  12. Hey y'all, I'm Cyan, and I'm a bisexual guy who loves peeing from either set of genitalia. I have a strong preference to women typically, but when it comes to pee, anything is great! Nonchalant peeing is my absolute favorite and I think I found my way here after looking for smut in that genre. I'm particularly fond of situations/altered realities where peeing anywhere is normal, but also enjoy scenarios where it's just amongst a group of roommates/pair of lovers. I do write stories in said genre from time to time, but I'm fairly bad at that, so I'm not sure if I'll wind up posting any of them
  13. I've been lurking for a while, but decided to make an account today. It's been a while since I found the site and I have awful information retention, but I think I may have been looking for smut and stumbled across a link to here. Absolutely great place with great content, glad I found it.
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