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  1. Not like I'd ever be the writer of a column named "Prudence", but my response would be along the lines of "your father was right, this is a good chance to loosen up, specifically, loosening your bladder muscles, and also perhaps to get that stick out of your ass" great story, hope there's a sequel/another chapter! I'd like to see either Prudence responding in a not so prudish manner, or perhaps continuing from the sender's POV showing her eventual acceptance of that lifestyle.
  2. Couldn't hold back my desire for a truly naughty piss anymore so I piled up some dirty clothes in the corner of my room and let loose. I've left the window open to vent, but some of it definitely got on the carpet 🤭 No one else goes in my room anyway, so I'll be fine. Also I remember someone asking me to let my foreskin stay forward, so I did that, but it's only towards the latter end of the piss that I let it go for a real spray. https://www.xvideos.com/video66587895/in_the_corner_of_my_room
  3. In light of the "condense your posts as much as you can" notice, I suppose this would be the best place to slap this. I never took any photos or video, but I did do another naughty pee activity while the parental units were away that week. I grabbed two towels, folding one a few times and putting the last unfolded length up the back of my desk chair, and then laying a single fold of another that I sat on, bunching the rest of it over my crotch. It certainly took some pushing, as my brain doesn't want to pee in my chair, but eventually I let loose into the towels while just sitting there, playi
  4. Will never tire of watching you soak your carpet, mattress, car, anything. So glad to have you here sharing these wonderful photos/stories with us 😄
  5. Granted, I have pissed on my carpet, but that was a one time thing I'll likely never be able to do for the foreseeable future. Thus my answer is still very much the carpet, as it would be nice to be able to take a leak at my desk while playing video games, since bathroom breaks are always such a bother 🤣
  6. Meeting up with @pop-a-squat to have a piss together would be a dream come true, this guy’s lucky 😫
  7. https://www.xvideos.com/video64456433/soaking_the_tissue_bin After the warm (pun intended) reception of my last video, it came to mind to film this particular act listed above. @Bladderlad would be pleased to know, I think, given his request of it 😂
  8. Thank you for the compliments! I'm wondering as well, we'll have to see.
  9. https://www.xvideos.com/video64427767/peeing_behind_the_couch Parents are away for a whole week, and since our dogs pee behind the couch all the time despite our best efforts, I figured a little of my own smell would go largely unnoticed. Hope y'all enjoy.
  10. Your mom peeing standing in nothing but a robe and bra 😍 sounds amazing to witness
  11. I haven't done most of these, but I'll tell ya what, I didn't just catch someone peeing once, they walked to where I was and began pissing in front of me. My family and I were in Belgium, Brussels specifically. We were browsing round a street market and were standing next to a flower vendor stall when the vendor herself, an elderly woman, walked out the stall to the corner where we were and pulled her dress up/panties down and began pissing. Full view of everything, was kinda hard to hide my boner as we scurried away 😳I did pee in the parking lot of my community college a few times after night
  12. Car pees are always a favorite, but so is anything involving carpet😅the way it soaks in is 😍
  13. Like most young men my age, I have a little wastebin near my bed for... used tissues. I don't empty it often, rather wont to let it fill up before putting it in with the rest of my trash. And that's for one simple reason. When it gets full enough, they're awfully fun to take a leak on. I feel like I goofed not taking a pic now that I think about it, but I'll grab one next time I do it. As I've mentioned before, as much privacy as I have, I still do live with my parents as I attend university, so I cannot wantonly urinate in naughtier places. So typically when the tissue bin fills up, I put it
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