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  1. It all depends on what you have been eating and drinking right?
  2. There is nothing to like about this guy...welcomed into a family that loves to pee openly, boyfriend of the lovely Abby, and he is 8" 😂
  3. I had a couple of custom videos where the girl would collect her pee in a bottle from earlier on in the day, so she could splash around with it in her paddling pool later on when filming the main pee video.
  4. https://fansly.com/beatricehartley/posts https://fansly.com/gingerknickers/posts https://fansly.com/GingerRose/posts https://fansly.com/stellaspisskink/posts https://fansly.com/tallygreyxo/posts https://fansly.com/kinkysis/posts https://fansly.com/TheEmMarie/posts https://fansly.com/pissingvideos/posts https://fansly.com/xlilyflowersx/posts
  5. Any news on what happened with the wine glass?
  6. Only sometimes haha? Have your family welcomed him into their lives? Does he pee freely in front of them and likewise, do they pee freely in front of him?
  7. Do you or any other members of your family get turned on by seeing each other pee, or is it just the norm and you're immune to it?
  8. She was wetting for fun yesterday. Amazing to see and her twitter has some good clips of it too!
  9. Not sure, but I find CAM4 has all the peeing I need. Zoe who I posted about above does great desperation and wetting shows. She is on right now and is bursting!!!!
  10. https://www.cam4.com/zoe_hard Great pee from this girl
  11. https://www.cam4.com/khloee_04 There are 2 girls wanting to do a pee show right now...I've seen Khloee do them a few times and they are great and she always has a lot of pee
  12. I've been the same on cam4...I'ts like the good old days on MFC. Just need more girls from the UK and US on there now. There are many claiming to be from these regions but they clearly aren't!!
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