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    A fresh start

    polite, profile with many infos and not neglected, and presenting yourself right from the start I fucking like you already the Staff here is kind to a level you cannot even imagine, and senior members are more than willing to mentor newcomers send me a PM for anything, I can give you suggestions about how to feel at home, little silly but useful trickes, and anyway, welcome here boy! We need people like you
  2. spywareonya

    Ladies please answer

    brought here by you!!!!!!!!!!! and these were really great
  3. spywareonya

    Ladies please answer

    highest is a problem, my urethra cannot point upward like a penis, actually reflect about it Fanny for any other contest, I'm on, they should just be possible
  4. spywareonya

    Peeing the bed

    your bed or your shower, with your permission I would like to pee there, obviously while you lie under my stream...
  5. spywareonya


    advice from my man's habits just don't wear boxers under the trousers, and find a pair with long zip unzipping the long zip with no underwear will will give you direct access to your penis
  6. spywareonya

    The awesome grandeur of nature

    thank you, think I'll pass
  7. spywareonya

    The Hostel (A Kaymala Story)

    it's the kind of world we Witches strive to build it's not even "dark and passionate", it's just beautiful, almost innocent, like a paradise
  8. the time has come for a little fingering, my man is planting hot peppers and this story had just became one of my favourites of all times... 56 by the time Tracy was so horny and embarassed that, almost feeling authorized by what just went on, stealthly reached for her pussy… starting massagin it, so wet she was almost afraid to stain her clothes
  9. spywareonya


    ok then there must be an explaination, ask him and let me know, I'm romantic when it comes to couples, I'd cry if it was not all ok I'd do much worse there's something morbid in you, you make me horny like a devil
  10. spywareonya

    Lessons in magick

    it may take a little time to write it, cannot now, stay tuned
  11. spywareonya

    Lessons in magick

    Anybody interested?
  12. reading this my heart lost a beat, omg that was embarassing still recovering from last night, hangoveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer 54 Angela did not know she had so much piss still inside her after her previous release while in line for tickets, but she knew that her friendship with Erica was about to change forever
  13. spywareonya

    The awesome grandeur of nature

    it's said, but I find this so touching that in ten years I never actually asked the Gods, nor I'll ever will, about it being true or false, that when a soul is ready to get seated into the body of a fetus, she transmigrates to this dimension during the first rain after she decided that way it's like the souls of people are accompained down from heaven by raindrops… and is the most speechlessly romantic thing I can think about... beside Alex that taught me this legend, I never told anybody before
  14. spywareonya

    The awesome grandeur of nature

    oh my Goddess I would NEVER be there!!! what kind of pic! That man deserves a prize!!!
  15. spywareonya


    it's strange, maybe he is with relatives, or doing something Chelsea, there should be an explaination I am not into being plainly nice-beyond-sincerity (it's hypocrite and despoil things), so I am not being nice to you just because it's cool to be polite on a forum it's actually that you are fucking hot as fuck the things I'd do to you NOW would be a bit too much for this forum you are craving, powerful, those eyes, those fucking eyes, and those motherfucking boobs, let me stop now, breathing heavy it's impossible that he remained mild looking at them there is an explaination for sure how much since you two are together? weeks? or years?
  16. spywareonya

    Ladies please answer

    these are all beautiful, they deserved a like each they are all Amazing, tight bodies, great pisses, gorgeous pussies, wow!!!
  17. spywareonya

    Pissing as a foreplay

    wow hot, look at how much she proudly pisses in his mouth!!!!!!!!!
  18. spywareonya

    Feel free to get to know me

    that's what matters no problem at all both fascinating and adventurous!!! Though terribly stressful, hope you are fine, your spirit is strong as steel but if I got you right, sometimes your body needs a break oh this REALLY should be the last of your concerns!!! Post what makes you feel glad, what intrigues you, or take a look at other people's stuff and start answering/replying to them there are no rules here, the only rule is having fun while being polite a great kiss and remember: people here appreciate you was I complying (I'm not, I can't) to infringe my privacy shield, I'd fuck a girl like you without thinking twice about it what makes people sexy is charisma
  19. spywareonya

    Worth putting out there

    do it, I'll answer ASAP
  20. spywareonya


    I do too, or better I did (between half an hour ago and a quarter of hour ago, if you see what I mean) and I'll quite likely do again
  21. spywareonya

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    in my Path women stay single and fuck every man in sight until they find a man so powerful he deserves their submission after they find him, they marry him in front of the Entities we serve from that moment on, women can get aroused by men and even flirt with them, but beside particular situations like when flirting with a man which deserves even the girl's master's respect (like sometimes it happen between me and some men on this forum, people even Alex would appreciate), we do not feel that much the need to explore the male-side that much, since we already get our "answer" but pussies, they are no-limits every man and every woman should fuck every pussy they stumble across
  22. spywareonya

    Backyard peeing

  23. spywareonya

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    it's not a section I visit since I am onto this forum more out of my lesbian side, my mind is a bit complicated, so I watch mainly females over here but that section is the fitting one for men pics, there is that hot girl, Curvy Luscius, that is there often so I'm sure you'll have good company there
  24. spywareonya


    she's really beautiful, very strange her man does not react to those pics
  25. spywareonya

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    men peeing section is filled with fitting stuff!!!