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  1. Cum on Clothing

  2. Cum on Clothing

    In clubs is where it could happen! But imagine down the streets! or at the supermarket! Oh sorry madame, you stifled my cock, can you plase HAND(job)LE the problem? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH If I was to make all that got a stiff at me cum, I wuould need a 72-hours day
  3. Post number 666

    This is one of the deepest Mystery of Witchcraft, something in which comparison my ritual pics are horse-shit so FUCKING READ CAREFULLY AND DO NOT INTERPRET, I COULD KILL TO THAT. Sex was born as an archetype to counteract on the quote above. It doesn't manifest in lower beings like virus but is a cosmical truth that just awaited to manifest in entities complex enough to grasp it. Sex is just the more immediate manifestation of the meta-human, not-human-constructs, archetype of Pleasure, of which Technology, Science, Art, Magick, Existence itself, are just subsequent and more complex manifestations it is like telling these over-cosmic creators/destroyers "Hey, take a look at what we managed to create just evolving from brutish matter while you were asleep. When you will turn the Wheel and restart creation to refresh existece, bookmark us before turning the pc off" this is not something we will be able to do ourselves in first person, is an archetypical thing that Existence as a Whole perform in front of Them, but is the very secret source of our dirty lifestyle: Something Enormous and utterly predatorial and stranger to mercy will one day judge us, if we were cool enough Play hard!!! Informations may be asked but discussing thing it itself is something I would NOT apreciate, this archetype prevent Witches from suicide when they contact the deepest and more harsch of truths so please avoid comments, both liking and disliking or I'll edit the post. Questions are apreciated
  4. Post number 666

    I wanted my 666th to be something special and forever remembered. I dedicate it to all people here that allowed me to reach this number (in so little time) Thank you all, love you all, hope that my my main thread will keep entertaining you. This forum is great. I would have never posted those pics (visit "where would you see me pee" in the pee talk section and find out for yourselves) unless this place was so great I adore it. Thanks from the heart. I know there is a "interview" section but my thread is hitherto become one and the same, what I do (pissing and posting pics of me) cannot be separated from the Path I walk as a Witch and that place mixes them perfectly, it is not a tolerated or even a well-received off-topic, is that fetishism means that there is a soul behind a woman's decision to take a nasty piss somewhere she shouldn't, and that soul, the way it works, the fact that my decision to uphold the holyness of dirty sex in highest esteem than morals and limits comes from it, THIS is what turns people on. So I await you all there, obviously if anybody has a completely beside-topic interest it should be more fitting to make a thread dedicated to it, it would be against the rules to turn my thread in some kind of un-moderated side-forum, and that is why, when I started to post pics that were not of me I looked carefully for the fitting thread for each one. Rules should be broken when they are shit-like, but those of this forum are utterly worthy of respect and I will respect them forever. 666 has been misinterpreted as the number of the Devil because in the ancient past, the Jewish Empire was a military super-power, until it met the slightly-more-powerful Persian Empire, and was defeated. They learn to hate the Persian Gods, who's main guy, Mithra, was a direct derivation from Babylonian Marduk. Now, Babylonians, in their early period, took from the Sumerian an interesting habit, which was lost throughout the centuries and managed not to be passed onto the Persians, unless for what concerns 666: As a matter of respect and even fear ('cause the Babylonians were too "modern" and exceedingly anthropomorphized divinities, but rememebred from the Sumerians that the Gods were not to be taken lightly), Babylonians didn't call their Gods by a name, though obviously They possessed one; they called the Gods by a NUMBER. And when Hammurabi conquered all the isolated citadels building an actual new religion which merged all local traditions from every city he overcame, he listed 36 gods (minus "g" here mandatory because it is anthropology, not occult, only few of them were real entities), one of them was called "1", and another was called "2" and so on. Oviously they still possessed a name but was not pronunciated unless during festival about that very god. But when it came to Marduk, the one of his own city, that playful guy Hammurabi was decided NOT to call Him "37": instead, said that Marduk was the ruler of all gods and that his strenght in conquering other cities went from Him. So, unless calling Him "37" he called him by the total number of ALL OTHER GODS. 1+2+3+4 [making long things short] +34+35+36= guess what? 666 So Marduk was called 666, and his title was declared as "Lord of the Assembly of the Gods", or, to shorten things, "Highest seating" as in the seat of the Assembly obviously. Now, "High" in Sumerian is written "Anu" pronounced "Ah - noo", and "seat" was written and pronounced "Sat". So, Highest seating become Sat - Anu. Marduk = Sat-Anu 666 When the Jewish empire was destroyed by the Persians, Satanu 666 become their worst enemy, worthy of being considered the devil, they even manipulated the root-suffix STN which means "in front of" to sound like "Satan" and start to mean "against", which CAN BE a synonim for "in front of" but can also being used for much angrier purposes. Since that, a lot of incredible bullshit had been written about this number and the poor fucker that held it as part of His title. A little ps, this time as Occult and not about Anthropolgy and History: demons are real but a "personal devil" is not, and surely is not Satan or the word 666 is related to it. Marduk was a positive god, we only have been grown as Christian above this planet, our Birth-culture derives from a people (the jewish empire) that hated it. I have nothing against jews by the way!!! Simply stating a misunderstanding that went on and on and on and on. 666 is holy to Witchcraft, it means, in our numerology, "Absolutely correct", and I dedicate my 666th post to this forum in its Whole, hoping that you will like it after understanding my point. Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Post number 666

    Things are darker and more complex than that
  6. Cum on Clothing

    Yes but it is difficult in Real Life!!!
  7. Diuretics

    Seltzer is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD For what concerns that fart video, oh that was such a nice music by the way, alcohol is holy to a Witch but if somebody must quit it for any reason, he is doing something Worth of the utmost respect so kee it up
  8. Cum on Clothing

    In fact in the theory there is a never-undertaken rule in withcraft that says that if you give a man a boner, you should make him cum but as you can understand nobody follows it today because it is difficult to live like that It was born in the Past, and it sounds like "If you teased a man and he started desiring you, satisfy him" or something like that...
  9. Cum on Clothing

    It is the first thing women must learn to stop Sexes-War. Though it is hard for women to admit it, but it was we that started this war, when subtly starting to begrudge men for conquering power UNINTENTIONALLY in an age where physical violence was needed (10 000 - 0 years ago) interrupting the timeless female dominion over tribes (500 000 - 10 000 years ago). We must now get back to love them, it isa new age (0 years ago >>> future) where we can be equal, but we must stop begrudge them and see them as inherently-unavoidably-rude
  10. Cum on Clothing

    Men are shy, their psyche is much more deep and/or twisted than people believe. He needs to be taken hand in hand and learn to let himself go. I'm sure that Ivy will be able to do that. Dirty glances and warms hugs, combined with real love, can do anything, and she sounds capable of both
  11. Post number 666

    Oh Ivy, a most sincere hug. Ancient Christianism relied utterly on pagan root, in a classified text absconded by the Church in 1990 Jesus plainly stated that the most powerful of Earth's Gods was a female entity and that the Heavenly Father was more of an over-god figure, utterly unreachable, and that he talked about it only to explain his fellows where it all began, but without hinting in any way that they should actually worship such an unreachable entity. He never said he was the son of that guy, unless Jesus would have had tentacles, a thousand mouths, and with flaming beam projecting out of his eyes What he meant is that he was the world top-servant of the most powerful male entity of the planet, (who is the Firstborn of the Goddess and main male god of this planet) people mixed the things he said about this earthly god (terrible and honourbale, but reachable) and the few he said about the "heavenly allmighty creator" which looks most like the image I posted above and has nothing to do with Earth (and with morality even less)
  12. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    It was a burlesque-evening and was drunk as shit. Hangcoats were absurdily low in fact Alex's leather longcoat actually touched earth and curled on the floor, low at that degree. I was in a shiny dress that barely covered my pussy (and my ass not at all) in fact I was scared about complaint in the short track between the parking lot and the club itself (it was in the main city streets). While I was going out with Alex, I just stood standing and release a piss stream all over the other jackets, just like that, without thinking about it, swinging my pussy left and right, then ran away with Alex.
  13. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    Sincerely interested in who, why, for how long. Not judging, quite the opposite indeed. Even through PM.
  14. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    Oh... Well, you must fix this thing We want some pics!!!
  15. Peeing on the beach

    No incontinency, is just arousal
  16. Peeing on the beach

    She make me slobber too
  17. Peeing on the beach

    But beaches are particularly cute, and @pop-a-squat is hot as hell. A combo worthy a fingering!!
  18. Hi!

    I'm trying to PM you since you started following me but Always had problems. Since it seems that the thing is not settling I state here plain and out: I want to chat with you, if you decide to appreciate me unwithstand the fact that I am married, 'cause my man is utterly polite and devoted to my privacy when it comes to my lesbian half. Try to PM me and let's see if I can reply. If you only want, obviously. I hope I didn't embarassed you by publicly writing this but couldn't wait for more to contact you
  19. Impromptu masturbation.

    HAHAHAHAHA This forum is full of posts from me about "impromptu masturbation" among its thread I continuously find videos, stories and images that coherce me to finger myself!!!
  20. Peeing on the beach

    Really arousing story!!! I unvoluntarily started massaging myself down there while reading And what about you, Glad? Really nice fountain
  21. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    Don't say "only" Many of them are much easier and less important than others Example? confront me peeing on my own kitcher counter just to complete the poll, and me peeing standing on the jackets in the club before running away, scared as shit byt the risk of getting caught by security. I'm sure you three are top sex. And by the way: you are a man who lives/fucks/loves not one but TWO motherfuckingly beautiful women (I could try to beat you and rape them for how amazingly gorgeous they are, it is almost offensive how marvellous their smiles and their bodies are), so who cares about your score? I would bargain a 0 points to put my hands on those pussies and asses
  22. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    Vintage photo-novels... Can I be a bit rude to you, Greedy? I'm seriously starting to believe you are hot as fuck
  23. Post number 666

    Ok first af all holy shit for how deep, spiritual and touching your post was. I am honoured to have some of the most cultured and heart-touching people of this forum following me and I'm even more honoured to add you to the list. Infinity exists And that is where everything started. Let's take a square, for example. And now, take it to 3 dimension. What do you get? A cube. Now, let's play harder (This had been taught to be by Alex, from his Freemasons acquaintances), let's take a simple point, and bring it to the limit of String-universe manifestation (eleven dimensions) here is what you get. Dimension, Time, Space, Matter and Energy, existence itself, all it is but a pussy discharge from a point of maximal enthropy, dripping menstrual blood down to lower levels of existence. If you see (for example) only in 2-d, you couldn't observe a cube in its entirety. You need to have it SWIRL. It takes both MOVEMENT (space-energy-action-existence) and TIME for it to show itself in all its facet. Infinite is "simply" what Govs scientists call "negative existence", a place outside space and time with limitless energy. There is where the TRUE gods resides but they could vaporize our universe by the blinking of an eye, and they don't look on our limited existence. To them, the Multiverse is just a souvenir, a glass sphere filled with water, with an Eiffel Tower and fake snowflakes. They are Boltzmann brains (disembodied intellects) born from that Primal Chaos. They unvoluntarily spawned existence and will wipe it away when they're done with it. But meanwhile, lesser being were born through evolution from brute matter and this is fascinating to them. Nobody directly created us, we are just Earthlings, alongside the Earth Gods, who are powerful indeed (They can make somebody win the lottery, or They can kill him either) but are not all-powerful at all. They are "fellows evolver", ahead of us, and worthy of obeisance 'cause They care about Earth.
  24. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    I think I'm the only one insofar that reached the 100% Well, not everybody can be as slutty as I am What I have to notice is that a lot of those points had been conquered by me thanks to my lesbian-mistress side only... Interesting...
  25. Post number 666

    To me religion means trying to contact actual entities. If I was interested in plain anthropology, I would have talked about the fact that first ritual objects are 500 000 years old, female yet-horned statues, too different from reality to be explained by a simple invocation of female fertility.. We were still living on the branches of trees, and yet pictured them with our own blood (very stupid by a survival-only point of view) I see your point PeeFun but I studied those things too much to simply stop at that. Best example was a 'Mbangala witch-doctor (cannibals from Congo, exterminated by the Welsh settlers during XIX century) that was puzzled by european religions because "your magick isn't actually doing anything", and explained to the (much more puzzled Welsh historian) that when he (the cannibal chief) goes to heir "holy place" things actually happens, and rituals and symbols and prayers aren't understandable to him because he didn't performed any of those "pointless struttings". No PeeFun, human constructs are surely due to what you say, but there is much more, I actually saw it with my eyes. The supernatural is real. And ancient theologies was flawed by human necessities for sure, just as you said. Yet they relied on something REAL, yet not of this Earth