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@sweetbabygirl4566 welcome to Peefans!  You will definitely feel welcome in this beautiful community.  I know we all have different aspects of watersports and pee play we each like.  Don't forget though that you do not have to make anything you don't want to.  Feel free to go at your own pace.  However you choose to engage in this community we welcome and I look forward to seeing what you might create.

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Welcome to the forum. As others have said, anything you may create in future will be welcomed but it appears that nobody has really been helpful with regards to ideas, so allow me to give you a few things to try:

- wetting yourself in different types of clothing.

- giving your partner (if you have one) a golden shower.

- a good old-fashioned, unstaged, off-the-cuff toilet piss

- self-pissing (lying down and pissing over yourself)

- pissing in a glass and drinking it

- pissing outside in various locations (the more public you can get away with without being arrested/caught, the better)

- holding your bladder until you physically can't anymore

- a pissy lapdance (this is a bit of a selfish request as it's a personal fantasy of mine. It's exactly what it sounds like. So think of a normal lapdance but nonchalantly piss while stripping. You can do it in any room with a hard floor if you don't have a stripper pole)

Hope I understood the assignment and you found these pointers helpful. Happy pissing and a big welcome once again!

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