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From what you've shared so far in the forums, it sounds like you have plenty of experiences to share, so your autobiography should be great to read.   Looking forward to reading all the details!   The above event sounds wonderful.    What were the reactions when your friends saw you do this?  Where they shocked or maybe they all laughed?   Did that encourage anyone else to pee outside?

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On 5/29/2023 at 5:17 AM, ABBYPEEGODDESS said:

I will be sharing all my pee experiences here from my childhood to now. 

Here’s one of my personal favorites 

It was my 21st birthday party at my house we were having a pool party I was wearing a White Ribbed Tie Bikini it was my family and a couple of close friends as I they got me drunk my bladder also got filled as I was standing next to the pool everyone was out of the pool since they where eating as I move my bikini bottoms as release a thick gush that arc forward splashing into the pool


That sounds really exciting! Thick gushing streams are always really sexy to watch.

We would've loved to stand next you and all pee together!

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14 hours ago, ABBYPEEGODDESS said:

My oldest pee memory I can remember  was when I was five years old me and my mom where waiting on the bus stop I need to pee so my mom took me behind a dumpster had me squat and pee next to it

My actual pee interest started when I was 16 before peeing hard and in public was normal every day things for me. So it started when I saw this boy who whip out his cock and began peeing next to me in a joint soccer practice between boys and girls 

So it sounds like you family was open and encouraging of outdoor peeing? Or was that an isolated instance?

What was the context for peeing in the soccer practice? Was he peeing in the middle of the field? On the side of it? You were both taking a pee breaK?n I posted a topic exactly about peeing during sports.

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5 hours ago, ABBYPEEGODDESS said:

her girls had urinated all over soccer mom van

@ABBYPEEGODDESS Do you have memories you can share of your cousins peeing on your aunt’s van? 

It sounds like your aunt encouraged you and your cousins to pee outside? 

Why did you pee on the grill? Would it not have just been easier to squat beside the van?

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Another question
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On 7/7/2023 at 10:00 AM, ABBYPEEGODDESS said:

So my local gym has a room that they show movies in as you work out it’s pitch dark in there except for the movie screen I was the only one in there since it was 4 am. So I was using the bicycle I was wearing loose fitting shorts no panties I move the side a bit and begin peeing I aim away from the bike I finish wipe and go to the entrance to let the employee know someone spilled their drink in the movie room

Was there Carpet in the Room?

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3 minutes ago, ABBYPEEGODDESS said:

Yes there was it smelled old and dusty

haha nice,

I bet it smelled better afterwards, were you there later and could you smell your pee?

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2 minutes ago, 737DK737 said:

haha nice,

I bet it smelled better afterwards, were you there later and could you smell your pee?

No I it was leg day so I was dead dragging my to my car when I finished 

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