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Krog's World

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I finished the last bite of my steak, and grabbed a napkin.  I did not feel all that stuffed despite all of the food I had eaten.  "Erika, tell me about Kora's District." .

"It's the cities party district." Erika took a sip of coffee. "There's a lot of clubs and bars there."

 I glanced at Glenora.  Her skirt was draped over the back of a chair.  She removed her purple lacy panties.  Her hairy unkempt pussy dripped with wetness.  She stuck her tongue out at me and squatted.

"Show off.." Erika groaned.  

"Ahh.." Glenora tilted her head back and sighed as a thick stream of pee began to form a puddle on the carpet.

"Kora's District is dangerous?"

"It can be at night."

Glenora snatched a napkin off of a table and wiped herself.  She dropped the napkin onto the wet spot on the carpet.  I suddenly noticed the other tissues and wet spots around the restaurant. I had been too distracted to pay much attention earlier.

"Are you waiting for the bill?" Glenora left her skirt and panties on the chair and brought the bill over to us.

"Yes.. yes!" I pulled my wallet out,  Glenora's raw hairy pussy was so close that I could just reach over and touch it -- if I wanted to.  I pulled the money out and tried to figure out which bills to use.

Erika snatched the money from me, put a couple of bills on the tray and handed the rest back to me. "Let's get outta here!"

"Have a nice day, and please come again.." Glenora  smiled, "..Brandon."

"Let's go!" Erika took my hand.




Erika's bullet bike looked slightly out of place next to the scooters.  It was not the first time I had ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle.  Jesika had a bullet bike – and I had taken a couple of terrifying rides with her on the freeway..

"Brandon put your arms around my waist!"


"You can touch me!" Erika put my right hand on her breast, and my left on her crotch.  "And sit a little closer.  I want to feel your cock.". She had a really nicely shaped rear! I complied.

A cute little blonde watched us with an amused look in her eye.  She wore a white oversized t-shirt, and white suede tennis shoes.  Her curvy bare legs looked soft and smooth.  I wanted to run my cheek against them.  Her shirt read "Krog's a dog!".  It had a picture of the all too familiar tiki with his tongue hanging out.

"Erika, who's Krog?"

"Brandon, did you bump your head?  Do you have amnesia?" She massaged my scalp and ruffled my hair.  "There's no way you haven't heard the legends."

I rubbed Erika's warm crotch.  "I've lived a very sheltered life."

Erika snickered.  "Krog is supposedly the demigod who created the world." She kissed me warmly on the lips.  "Let's get outta here."

I hung on tightly.  We were not wearing helmets and I did not want to fall.  

"Today's my day off." Erika eased the big bike out onto the road.  "I love it after a good rain.  It's warm today, but the air is so crisp and clear."

I was barely listening, there was so much to see and experience.  Clean new buildings toward overhead.  The city had a futuristic look to it.  It reminded me of Hong Kong.  But this was not Hong Kong!  I saw topless women, bottomless women, fully nude women.  I saw peeing women everywhere, and from time to time, I caught glimpses of men and women engaged in sex.  It was bizarre, it was surreal.  

I was suddenly struck by the realization that the people here were incredibly attractive.  There did not appear to be any overweight people.  I myself had been a bit overweight before I met Jesika.  Jesika was so full of passion, excitement, and activity that I slimmed down when I was with her.  On days when I was capable we would have sex six.. seven.. eight times a day.

I instinctively grabbed onto Erika tightly as she accelerated onto a freeway.  This was like a ride with Jesika.  Erika leaned the bike hard side-by-side as we wove through traffic. 

Ahead of us loomed a fantastic spectacle. "Woah, it's like Las Vegas on steroids!". I gasped as we exited the freeway.

Erika stopped at the light."What's Las Vegas?  What are steroids?  This is Kora's District."

Beautiful women dressed only in black lacy thigh highs held up signs. "Hannah's Olympus, the best fuck party in Kora's".  

Erika pulled off of the road and parked in front of a two story 'L-shaped' cluster of coffee shops.  

"The end is near!" An out-of-place street preacher with long hair, and a scraggly beard, cried out.  "Look what New York has become!"  He held up a sign that read "Jesus is the way!."  

Erika made a face "The story of Jesus is even more ridiculous than the story of Krog.

"This is New York?"

Erika rolled her eyes,  "No it's still Endora."

I stepped around Erika and approached the man.  "Jesus?". 

He raised his eyebrows. "Salvation is by grace alone!"

"Do you think that people would act better.." I felt Erika snuggle her body against my backside. ".. if they thought their salvation depended on their behavior?"

"Yeah…" He looked a little bewildered by my question. "So what?"

"So Christians don't really give a damn about anybody but themselves and their fucking bullshit salvation!".   I could feel the tips of Erika's hard nipples pressed against my back.

"Crissians? Sounds like you have a problem with Crisstons."

"My girlfriend Jesika left me for a Christian Pastor.." Erika's hands were all over my chest and crotch but I ignored her.

His eyes lit up.  "My father was a Crissidum.. in New York!"

"How did you end up here?" Erika had my pants unfastened, but I pushed her hand away from my zipper..  "Was it.. a girl?"

The man stood breathing hard.  "A very wild… very pretty girl…" He turned and briefly watched two men vigorously double penetrating a woman on a grassy area behind him. "..very very pretty!"

"You know that 'here' is not New York, right?" Erika yanked my zipper down, and I pulled it back up. "There are different worlds." 

He gave me a crazed look. "Krog's a dog!" He laughed so hard that tears ran down his face.  

"Brandon?" I heard Erika's voice to the side of me.  She was pushing her motorcycle towards me.

"Who?! What?!" I turned to look at the girl with her arms around me.  She was very young and pretty, with long straight black hair.  She flashed me a toothy mad grin and pulled a large gun from her hip.  "Your girlfriend?" The laser from her gun hit Erika on the belly.

"Don't even think about it." Erika drew her gun so fast that all I saw was a blur.

"Woah! Woah! Woah!" I turned to face the girl and stepped in front of her gun.  She grinned madly and raised the gun to my forehead. 

A loud motorcycle revved behind me. "Get on the bike!" Erika commanded. 

"Goodbye!" The girl lowered the gun and laughed.  I mounted the bike behind Erika . "Goodbye" I waved back at her.  The small crowd of onlookers laughed loudly.

"Bitch!" Erika groaned, "Fucking pulling a gun in a public place like that!". She glanced back at me.  "Brandon, what the fuck?" She headed into the gaudy downtown, and parked the bike in front of an unfinished building.

"Wow, This has to be the tallest building I've ever seen!" I looked up in disbelief.

Erika wrapped her arms around me, pressed her body against mine, and kissed me feverishly on the lips, "It's the tallest building in the world. Eighteen hundred meters!"

"You've gotta be kidding!" I caressed Erika's curvy rear

"Brandon ." Erika pressed her cheek against mine, "..you're a funny guy.  So naive.." She smiled weakly, "So ignorant..  Brandon,..he was just crazy! New York.. Jesus.." She unfastened my jeans and slid her hand inside.  "They're just legends, like Krog.". She played with my hard cock and tight ball.  "Want some coffee? It's robusta, it's really strong!  Here I'll get it from the bike." 

So that is what we had stopped for.  I watched Erika pull two large cups from under her motorcycles seat.

"Com'on!" Erika motioned to me. "Let's go inside.". She flashed a badge to the security guard at the door and he waved us in 

 "I'm one of the architects working on this project." 

"Wow it's huge!" I followed Erika through the unfinished lobby and into an elevator.  I really needed to pee but the elevators floor was marble. "How many floors does this place have?"

"Three hundred and forty." Erika typed in '340' on the elevators keypad.


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On 9/14/2022 at 4:38 PM, 1badboy said:

This story has nudity, sex, and naughty peeing.




"Hello is this Brandon?" The man on the phone asked.


"Yes, how may I help you?"


"You find missing people?"




"May I ask what methods you employ?"


"I'm a detective, but I also try to use my intuition.  My grandmother was a psychic.  It's not a constant thing but, I believe, if I really listen I hear things."


"How much do you charge?"


"Four hundred a day.  But you only pay after I find the person you're looking for.


"And I have to sign a contract?"


"No contract.  People always pay."


"They do?"


"They do.  Grateful people are easy!"  Unlike my ex-girlfriend Jesika…


"Okay Brandon.." The man exhaled. "I'd like you to find my daughter Leilani."




Leilani's car was an old grey Toyota Corolla.  It has been found parked in the downtown.  The inside of the car was relatively clean and there were no signs of drugs or alcohol.  The only thing in the car was a small black tiki doll hanging from the rear view mirror.  


I took the tiki off of the mirror.  It was just like the little tiki Jesika had attached to her keyring.  On the bottom was carved "Krog is bad.  Krog's a dog."


I decided to stay in the car for the night, and check out the area.  I had a hunch!


I walked around the depressing neighborhood.  There was an huge old school a couple of blocks away that appeared to still be in use despite it's decrepit condition.  I snickered to myself.  The city has probably passed all sorts of bonds to pay for repairs – and then 'used' the money somewhere else.  


I bought some pizza for dinner at the local '7-Eleven'.  It was stale and cold, but I was hungry and it was something to eat.  


I sat in Leilani's car and watched the neighborhood grow crowded as people parked on the street.  Dressed in black ,leather and latex, they looked very goth.


I followed a man down an alley.  He stopped at a metal door, and knocked.  A little window in the door opened, he said something to the person inside, the door opened, and he went inside.


It was a heavy metal door.  I knocked cautiously, and the window opened.


"Passcode!" A goth woman with too much black makeup demanded harshly.


I said the first things that jumped into my head, "Krog is bad.  Krog's a dog."


"No fuckin' way.." She made a face, but opened the door for me.


I found myself looking down a dark staircase.  The smell of marijuana, along with traces of sicky sweet plastic, ammonia,  and the chemical smell of meth,  greeted me as I descended.  The place was filled with goth men, and a few sad looking women.  They were smoking things in glass pipes, and giving each other injections.  It was an underground drug den.  


My intuition told me Leilani was not here. The place filled me with a sense of frustrated rejection.. but Jesika probably would have liked it.. I hurried up the stairs.


"Fuckin' faggot preppie misfit!" The woman at the front held the door for me.  


She did not like the way I looked?  Why not?


"Help me!!" A very pretty brunette in a light blue summer dress ran towards me.


When a woman asks for my help, I help!


I reached for her and she ran right into my arms.  Her heart pounded madly as I protectively cuddled her warm soft body intimately against my own.


"Don't let it take me!" She pleaded.


Something was pulling her away from me!  I was not going to let her go!  My feet left the pavement and the world distorted around us as.    "Ahhh!!"  I cried out as we were flung forward painfully onto the concrete street.


HOONK!!  A car just about drove over us


HONK! HONK! HONK! Motorcycles, and scooters, blew past us on the sidewalk.  I pulled her up some steps to a safer spot in front of a building.  


"Where are we?" Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a French braid.  She held a 'First Grade Reader' in her hand. 


"I don't know… ". I looked around in confusion.   Neon signs flashed above us.  We were surrounded by a cacophony of noise – honking horns, music, the cries from street venders.  "Are you a teacher?  From the school down the street… from where we were..  I'm Brandon.  I'm a detective."


"I'm April." She answered simply.


I flagged down a cab.  "Could you take us to a hotel?"


"Sure." She smiled broadly.  "How about 'The Giovanni'?"


"Sounds good." I got into the back seat, and April climbed in next to me.  We took off at a surprising rate of speed 


 "April.. let's get a hotel room.. we.. " I caught my breath. 


 A man was playing an electric guitar in front of a music store.  A group of women danced on a small stage to his right… They were completely bottomless!  Their unshaven hairy pussies were fully exposed!!


"We.. we can get separate beds."


"Okay.." April sounded amused.


The cabbie turned her head.  "He's cute.  Where did find him?"


"Shh!!" April laughed.  "Separate beds are fine."


Had April seen the dancers?  Where the hell were we?


"The Giovanni!" The cabbie announced.


"I'll pay!" April held up her credit card.  The cabbie scanned it and we headed inside.


'The Giovanni' looked like something from Las Vegas.  A large fountain greeted us just inside the front doors.  Water tumbled down a large 'rock outcrop' – from the 'pussies' of statues of lithesome naked woman reclining in various positions on top.


"Makes you want to pee." April laughed.


"Yeah!" I looked up at the Roman style dome above us.  Jesika would have probably peed right then and there.  She would pee anywhere – in parking garages, stairwells, you name it!


A cute little blonde smiled at us from the registration counter. 


"I'll get this." I offered.


"Sure." April agreed. "But you will pay tomorrow."




The elevator was huge.  The low tan carpet still had that new carpet smell.  I felt myself growing hard. In the corner there was a large wet spot with a tissue.  Somebody had peed.  Jesika loved to pee in elevators.  She would have marked it as well.  I loved dirty women!


Our room had the same new carpet as the elevator. Jesika had never gotten me to pee in an elevator, but she had corrupted me enough that I had peed all over hotel rooms with her.


I really needed to pee.  I was tempted to pull my cock out, right in front of April, and pee on the carpet. Instead I rushed into the bathroom and used the toilet.


The break gave me a moment to reflect.  Where were we?  Was this just some sort of weird drug induced dream?  Had I breathed in that much smoke?  


I zipped back up, and hurried out of the bathroom.  April was standing near the sliding door to our balcony looking out the half open drapes.  Gawd it was a relief to see her!  In my dreams the beautiful woman I was with would always disappear when I wanted her most.


I glanced at the carpet and felt a sudden lump in my throat.  In front of the dresser there was a large wet spot on the carpet, with a tissue on top!  Holy shit!  I had not done it – but she had!  April might be an innocent first grade teacher, but she had a wonderful dirty streak!


"Well.." I walked over to the the bed closest to April, and sat down and sat down on the edge.  "I think I will go to bed now." I unbuttoned my shirt.


"Good idea." April closed the drapes. "We've got a storm blowing in." She walked over to me. "Let's sleep in this bed." 


"Okay.." I pulled my tee shirt off.


"Brandon could you unzip me?" April turned so I could unzip her dress.




April let her dress fall to the floor. "And unhook my bra?"




April carefully removed her bra.  Her breasts looked firm, with hard erect nipples.  "Thank you.  How about a kiss?"


"Sure." I tried to sound casual.


April blinded me with one of the steamiest, most feverish kisses I have ever experienced.  She was right on par with Jesika.  Maybe I had misjudged her?


"Okay!" April grinned madly.  "Let's make love." She removed her pink panties.  Her clit was swollen and her raw hairy pussy was dripping wet.


It was a night to remember.  We made love feverishly, while outside, lightning flashed, thunder boomed, and rain pelted the sliding glass door.




I woke alone in bed.  Sunlight shone in through the partly open drapes.  


April's 'First Grade Reader' lay on the side table next to the bed.  I picked it up, and opened it. "Second Edition, 1970.. What the hell?!  It's over fifty years old!"


I got up and headed into the bathroom.  It was empty.  I went over and peeked through the partly open drapes.  The balcony was empty too.


I groaned, "Just like Jesika." I aimed my cock at the drapes and started peeing.  "I saw this coming..."


On the table, a little ways from me, was a note, my wallet, and a pile of bills.  I shook my cock off and walked over to check it out.


The note read; 




I enjoyed last night.  It was fun!  Maybe we will meet again. 


I changed your money to something usable here.


You told me you were looking for a woman name Leilani.  Check out Kora's District.  


Good luck!


Love, April"


The colorful money had a hologram in the center of a woman wearing a crown.  Where the hell was I?

Great start. Now i whant to read more. Thanks


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"We're going to the top?" 

"Yeah" Erika leaned her body against mine and slipped coffee. "Get ready for it."   

I took a sip of coffee. It really was bitter. The elevator started moving. It grabbed my stomach a little as the speed increases, and grabbed it again as it slowed .

"We're there!" Erika announced breathlessly as the door opened.

A very pretty blonde in beige slacks and a white button down blouse was running a vacuum cleaner. She shut off the vacuum cleaner. "Erika!" 

"Justine, I'm just showing my friend Brandon the building.

Justine nodded. She urgently unfastened her slacks. I noticed the large holstered gun at her waist. "The view up here is unbelievable." She pulled her slacks down, and squatted right in front of us. She looked slightly self-conscious but she made no attempt to hide her raw hairy pussy as she peed powerfully on the low white carpet. "I'm just finishing up. I'll give you guys some privacy." She pulled a napkin from her pocket wiped herself, and tossed towards the side of the room.

I was starting to become desperate to pee and seeing Justine pee only made it all that much worse.

"See you later Erika." Justine disappeared into the elevator with the vacuum cleaner.  

"Brandon it's basically an observation floor." 

Steel framework stood inside huge floor to ceiling glass windows, and railing surrounded the center of the floor where it was open, and looked down on, the floor below.  

I struggled to keep from peeing my pants as I walked to Erika at the railing.  

ZIP! My heart pounded. 

Erika smirked slightly as I pulled my penis out. "It's a four star restaurant." Below us tables were covered with pastel green table cloths and surrounded by pink pastel colored padded chairs.

If I had not needed to pee so badly I could not have gone through with it. There was moment of delay, and I felt a slight lump in my throat as a weak stream from my semi-hard penis trickled and fell to the floor twenty feet bellow breaking the silence. I watched with fascination. What I was doing was only minor vandalism. My pee stream turned into a strong continuous one that extended down all the way to the restaurants white carpet.

"Nice cock." Erika removed her blue jeans. I do not know why but the fact that she was commando shocked me a little. "It's a huge turn on when men behave as badly as women." She got down into a crab position with her hands behind her.

"I just really need to go." I shook my hard penis off.

"Right." Erika released a thick messy stream of pee from imperfect labia lips that arched so far that it hit a chair and the edge of table below. "Bullseye!" She laughed.

"They will have to move those tables or women will pee on the customers." I joked 

"That's true." Erika agreed seriously as she wiped herself with a tissue. Her pee had been powerful, but short. She dropped the tissue to the restaurant floor. "Wanna fuck me?"

"Yeah!" I pulled off my shoes without even unlacing, and kicked my jeans off. "Mmm.." I grabbed Erika, pulled her into me and kissed her on the lips. It was a good kiss! "Let me see your breasts!" I rushed to take her blouse off, and almost got it caught her head. Surprisingly she wore a bra – a simple white one that I eagerly unhooked. She had dark brown large puffy erect nipples.

"Brandon." Erika closed her eyes as a sucked on her nipples and rubbed around her clit.


"Let's go out to the deck."


Erika stroked my penis as we headed towards the doors 

"Oh my gawd!" I gasped. "The view is unbelievable up here. It's.. it's almost.. terrifying."

"Com'on!" Erika gave my penis a little tug.

I followed Erika out. The railing was crystal clear glass. "Wow! Talk about vertigo.."

Erika grinned ear-to-ear, "Fuck my brains out!"

Erika was like a wild beast. It was mind blowing. We even took a third round – and a nap – on the roof deck.




"Fucking is fun." Erika grinned. "But I brought you up here because this is the best view of Kora's that you can get. This woman that you're looking for, is she a gambler? Is she here for men? Does she like fights? Sports? Shows?"

"I don't know." I admitted.

"Let's try the casinos over there." Erika pointed at some buildings. "That's where most people go when they first come to Kora's."





Erika pulled into the parking lot of a huge casino that looked like a castle from the Arabian Nights. She parked on the sidewalk in front of the entrance.

A grey car in the parking lot reminded me of the grey suped up off-market 'Corvette like' thing that Jesika drove. A blue car near us had exactly the same emblem as Jesika's car.

"Brandon.. Brandon!" Erika waved her hand in front of my face. "I'm going to get a sandwich." She pointed at a topless street vender, in a little stand, roasting incredible smelling meat over a fire. "Would you like one?"

"Sure! Thank you."

"Okay. Hey, Brandon there's a spare map under the seat. Here take these keys, but don't leave them in the bike! Remember we're in Kora's."

Just standard keys. Somehow I would have expected a little something more for this world. I found the map without much trouble, and pocketed the keys.  

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" A full hipped little blonde in tight jeans, and a black leather jacket, stopped me. "Excuse me – you're really cute! The grinned impishly. "It feels really good to pee at orgasm, and I've really gotta pee!". She began dancing around. "Please! I don't like to pee without a cock in my pussy!". 


"Hurry!" She squeezed her knees together and danced. Her holstered gun slapped against her hip. "What's that bulge in your pocket?"

"Just some keys." I held them up for her to see. "I've gotta go.."

A big man in a black leather jacket slammed into me and snatched the keys out of my hand. I fell backwards onto the pavement.

The blonde squealed with laughter and ran.

ROOOM!! The bikes big engine started up.

"No!" I sat up.  

"What the fuck Brandon?!" Erika yelled.

"Ah!" I scrambled to my feet.

The man on the bike rode away from me, then looped around back. He seemed to be playing a game.

HONK! A grey car bounced up onto the curb blocking his way. He stopped hard and fought to turn the bike around.

I ran towards the man on the bike, but he got the bike turned before I could get there – and almost ran me down.

Jesika poked her head out the car window. "Get in the car!" The door behind her popped open.

Erika piled into the back of the car along with me. Jesika took off before Erika even had the door closed.

"Fucking asshole!" Jesika swerved through traffic. 

"He's heading onto the freeway." Erika exhaled.

"Don't worry, I won't lose him." Jesika flipped a switch on the dash and a surge of power jolted the car. Jesika wasn't the most skilled driver in the world but that didn't keep her from going fast. The cars acceleration sucked us back into the seats as we entered the freeway. The traffic was light and we were really moving! Erika's bike was fast but Jesika's car was faster.

The man's arm swung around as we approached.

POP! POP! His big gun recoiled after each shot. He had missed us.

Erika pulled her gun out of her purse. "Get closer!" She rolled down the window, and leaned out as she aimed her gun at him.

He slowed slightly, and his arm swung around again.

POP! The gun went flying out of the man's hand. Erika had gotten the first shot.

Jesika accelerated closer.

"Fuck!" Erika shrieked as the man caught a hold of her wrist. She half jumped, was half pulled, out of the car. Somehow she ended up on the man's back.

It was just about the wildest thing I have ever seen. Erika was biting, scratching, hitting, kicking. 

The man went tumbling past us, but Erika somehow stayed on the bike. She was all over the road but she got the bike straightened out. She held up her fingers in a "V" for victory.

"There she goes." Jesika sighed, "You were probably more trouble than she counted on.."

"Yeah I screwed up a bunch...." I tried to look down the road behind us. "Do you think he's dead? Are we going to be in trouble?"

"Brandon, where the Hell do you think we are?" Jesika exited the freeway, "My worlds the fucking wild west."

"Your world?"

"Brandon what the fuck are you doing here?". Jesika pulled into the parking lot of a large store.

"Looking for a woman named Leilani. I was hired to find her."

"Brandon you can't enter this world without an escort." Jesika parked near the store.

"I had an escort."

"And she left you?" Jesika got out of the car.

"Jesika, where are we going?" I climbed out of the car and chased after her.. "Don't you want more than just a short term relationship?"

Jesika stopped for a second. "Not really…" 

A group of girls – probably in their early twenties passed us . One of the girls raised her blouse and flashed me.  Another pulled down her jeans and mooned me 

"Jesika, are still with that Pastor guy?" 

"No, he OD'd.. " Jesika headed for the front doors. "I thought it would be fun to be with a fallen angel – but he was no angel.." Jesika sighed, "Just another small time con-man "

"I could've told you that." I grabbed the door for Jesika.

"You?" Jesika laughed. "I'm sorry Brandon, but you're so innocent, so.."


"Is that what she said?" Jesika sighed. "Brandon you're gonna get somebody killed. Brandon.. you leave your world, you come here, and the first place you go is Kora's! Are you fucking kidding me?"

A sign over some double doors to our left read. 'RESTROOM'.  

"I've gotta go pee."

"Brandon.." Jesika followed me in. "I enjoyed the time with you. It was fun, but I'm not the sort of woman you would want to be in a long term relationship with..". She sounded sympathetic.

The room with the couches was empty, but the main restroom was crowded. Young women were gathered in front of the mirrors over the long sink, that stretched the length of the wall, across from the stalls. One very pretty brunette – with her jeans around her ankles – leaned on the sink while an equally young guy fucked her from behind.

"Where are the urinals?"

"The drain under the sink." Jesika said casually.

"Maybe I'll just use a stall."

Jesika shook her head. "Just pee in the store. This place is crowded. Look.. I'll drop you back in Kora's but you need a phone and a gun."


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NOTE: Just another little part. I will write more later.



I turned on the TV.  

A pretty woman in a white dress was interviewing a man, in a blue suit. "Directing a movie must be quite a job."

"It is, but I have help.  You see that woman over there?" The director walked over to a little brunette, in a business suit, on her knees, sucking on an actor's erect penis. "Celeste is our coordinator.. and part time fluffer..."  He unzipped his slacks.

The hostess smiled at the actor "Nice cock!"

"Thank you." The actor stepped away. The director took his place, and slid his penis into Celeste's mouth. "Celeste helps out in MANY ways!"

I switched the channel.  

It was a news broadcast. The top of the screen read: "Attempted robbery at First Bank in Kora's"

A CCTV camera showed the inside of a bank.  Two masked men, with rifles, entered the bank. One pointed his gun at the cashier,  The cashier's gun flashed and the man's head snapped back..  Her gun continued to flash as he took multiple shots to the body.

Flashes from the customers guns hit the second man as he tried to run.   They continued to fire shots into his body as he lay face down near the door.

I switched the channel.

A group of naked blindfolded men and women were having sex onstage.  It appeared to be some sort of gameshow.

I turned the TV off.  

Where would I find Leilani?  Maybe the casino where I had gotten the bike stolen?

"How may I help you?" The receptionist answered the phone.

"Does this hotel provide shuttle service to 'The Palace' casino?"

"Of course. We provide shuttle service to all of the casinos."




The receptionist drove me in a van.  I was a little surprised that other than the turtle neck she was almost naked from the waist down – only panties, a holstered gun, and work boots..  She did had very nice full thighs and hips!

She dropped me in front of 'The Palace'.

"Give me a call when you're ready for me to come back and get you." 

I headed into the casino's giant domed entrance.  A towering statue of a naked woman stood straddling the inside entrance.  A 'waterfall,' gushed from her spread pussy and splashed down loudly in a pool in the center.  I was not surprised to see small sharks swimming in the pool.  

Just past the waterfall entrance, low bright red Middle Eastern patterned carpet moderated the sounds of the cavernous foyer.  On either side, near the side walls, ceilingless Middle Eastern style arches framed 'lounging' areas covered in Middle Eastern rugs, and cushions.  A few of the spots were occupied by couples in the midst of passionate love making.

Leilani's father was Polynesian, but Leilani looked a bit Asian to me.  It was hard to guage her height, or body type from the picture.  She was clothed in a very loose fitting Hawaiian style dress. I had not thought to ask her father for those details..

Ahead of me a woman with very long straight shiny black hair was squatting with her back to me.  Her jeans were down. I had a beautiful view of her bare shapely rear.  A thick stream of pee drenched the carpet between her feet.  No pee shyness here!

"Leilani?" Her upper body was covered with a thin white sweater. I felt myself growing hard.  Gawd she had a nice body!  At least from the back..  

I approached cautiously as she wiped.  She dropped the tissue on the floor and stood up.  She had an erotic womanly hourglass figure.  I was so close I could touch her..

She turned quickly and grinned ear-to-ear. "You like me?" She was not Leilani, but she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

"I'm sorry I thought you were someone else..but..I.."  

She fell into my arms as I impetuously reached for her.  "Yamiama" She whispered in my ear.  She blinded me with an absolutely feverish steamy kiss on the lips. 


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"Brandon.." I managed back.  "I uh.. Com'on!" 

Yamiama snuggled against me as I guided her to some rugs and cushions under an arch to our right.

"Okay!" I grabbed the bottom of Yamiama's sweater.  Her nipples were so erect I could easily see them through the sweater.  She raised her arms as I removed it.  Her ample breasts were covered with a black lacy bra that covered all but her nipples.  Her firm breasts hardly sagged as I removed her bra.  Gawd I loved undressing women!

I took my mouth off of Yamiama's erect nipple and breathed hard as I exposed her hips, her rear – and her dripping wet raw hairy pussy.  

"Mmm!!!" I was absolutely rock hard but Yamiama was so wet that I slid right in. I could feel her heart pounding close to mine despite her sublime breasts.

It was intense animalistic sex..


I awoke alone.  Where had she gone?  I dressed as fast as I could.  My gun was still inside the holster on my belt, and I still had my wallet, and the picture of Leilani.

The more I looked at the picture of Leilani the more infatuated I became.  She was beautiful!  

I slowly made my way towards the casino gaming area stopping several times to enjoy the drinks the waitresses handed out.

"Do the drinks contain an aphrodisiac?" I asked a waitress who was peeing on the floor.

"Of course." She wiped herself, and pulled her panties up under her red skirt. "Nothing but the best for our customers." She set her hand lightly on my crotch and kissed me tenderly on the cheek. "Would you like another?"

"Oh no thanks." 

"I like it from behind." She wiggled her shapely little rear as she walked away.

"The drinks make me pee a lot." A curvy little blonde set her drink on the edge of an empty poker table and unzipped her jeans.  "But.." She smirked and stepped close to me. "..they make me so horny!" She unfastened my jeans.

"Mmm.." I slid my hand inside her panties as I kissed her on the lips.

"Ohh!" She gasped when I found her swollen clit. "I've gotta pee so bad!"  She squeezed her knees together, fell backwards, and pulled me down on top of her. 

"Hurry!" She struggled to get my pants down, as I struggled with hers.  Our pants were still around our ankles when I slid my rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy.

"Huh! Huh!! Huh!!!" We both gasped as we fucked madly on the floor.  Never mind that we were on the casino floor in a gaming area, this was sex with urgency!  

I came fast but so did she – totally flooding the floor, and me, in a fantastically horny peeing orgasm.  It was mind blowing.

She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as her heart pounded madly and her pussy rhythmically choked my swollen, but blissfully relieved, member. "Oh that felt so good!" she sighed.

A waitress brought us small towels to for clean up.  "I'm looking for woman named 'Leilani'."  I showed her the well worn picture.

The waitress shook her head, "I haven't seen her but this place is a bit dead today."

"It is?"

The waitress nodded, "I'm not supposed to say this but you might want to try Hannah's Olympus.  Just head out to the road.  You'll see the shuttles."

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Somehow Koko got us back to the Azurbijan Hotel.  

"Nice place." Ping pulled her tights down and hovered over the cushion of a white  cloth couch in the lobby. "Ahh.." She sighed, as she sprayed the cushion like a firehose.

"No receptionist.." Koko cuddled against me.  

"I guess you guys can spend the night for free." I kissed Koko on the lips 

"No they've got cameras." Koko pointed at one above the receptionist.  "You'll pay."

"Yeah, but you made so much money that it doesn't matter." I rubbed Koko between the legs.

"Wow!" Koko shrieked and squeezed her legs on my hand.  I felt her crotch grow warm and wet.   She giggled hysterically, stepped back, and wetness spread down the inside of her jeans. "Oh that feels so good!" She grinned comically.

Ping kissed me on the lips. "Let's go and take a shower."


I had never slept with two women at a time before.  Ping was on my back when I  fucked Koko, and Koko was on my back when I fucked Ping.  When we slept one always had her hand wrapped around my penis, while the other held onto my balls 

I opened my eyes slowly to the mid-day sunshine. A cute short haired brunette smiled at me.  Her face was less than a foot from mine. "Checkout time was two hours ago.  Janette is here to take payment for last night guests and extend your reservation."

I turned my head and saw the receptionist standing in the door dressed in a lightweight red plaid button down shirt, and pink panties – that were wet on the bottom.

"Yeah, okay."  I looked around.  Koko and Ping were gone.

"Well.." She sighed.  "I suppose I'll leave you with Janette."

Janette eyed me with amusement.  "You wanted to fuck her?" She set a tablet on the dresser and walked closer.  "Why didn't you?  Why are you so shy?"

"I'm just trying.. trying to.. show proper.. manners." I started to get up, then I realized I was naked, and my huge hard-on was starting to soften. I needed to pee.

"Proper manners would dictate that you give a woman what she needs." Janette rubbed her crotch.  She had a little curve to her mound – which I liked – and her firm full thighs and hips looked nice.

I felt myself growing hard again.  Should I dare? "Janette.." I willed myself to sit up. 


I tried to calm my pounding heart. "You.." My huge hard-on grew even harder as I climbed out of bed, 

Janette looked at my rock hard super erect swollen member, and tight balls and smirked.

"You.." I could not think of anything intelligent to say so I just grabbed Janette's womanly body and pulled her firm curvy body aggressively against my own.  

Janette was reasonably tall, and kissing her was easy.  "Mmm.." I fingered her damp crotch, and found that wonderful swollen little nub.  "Oww-ho!" I gasped as Janette's hands found my swollen cock, and tight balls.

"Ahhh!!" I pushed Janette back onto the bed, "Ohh!" I popped the buttons off of her shirt as I ripped it open.  She had beautiful breasts with big round brown areolas and erect nipples that stuck out almost an inch.

"Oh yeah!" I pulled off Janette's panties.  She has a wild full bush, and she was dripping with wetness.  She trembled with excitement as I slid my huge engorged cock inside.  I could barely keep from peeing but I had to rape Janette first!

"Oh! Oh!! Ahh!! Ahh!!"

"Mm! Mm!" Janette moaned and pushed back as I pumped with all my might.  I kissed her on the lips as we fucked like a couple of out of control, wild animals.

"Ahhh!" My cock lit up with fire, and exploded.  It was a little too fast, but Janette's pussy began contracting, pulsing, choking my spent member as I melted into her body.  Then there was wet warmth…

It was Janette, not me, who was peeing.  I pulled out fast, staggered back and supported myself on the dresser as I peed on that piece of furniture as well as the floor.

The second round was slower and more intimate, and we tried more positions.




"Janette.." I sucked on a nipple, "..could you take me to the Olympus?"

"Okay…but let me change first."

"Okay.." I stood up and offered Janette a hand.

Janette gave me one last kiss before she walked nakedly out of the room.

I dressed, put my holstered gun on my belt, and took the elevator down.  Janette was waiting for me 'dressed' in a large white see-thru t-shirt.

"Brandon, have you ever been to an event at the Olympus?" Janette strapped a large gun to her thigh.


"Well, you're in for an experience."

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NOTE: Just another small part so you can see where it's going as I work on it.


Janette wove her way through the insane city traffic. "It feels so good to go commando." A little waterfall spilled over the front of her seat and splashed noisily on the vans floor. "I should do it more often."  

"Wow!" I gasped as we neared the Olympus. *That is some crowd!"

"Everyone's here!" Janette smiled and stopped out on the side of the street. "This is as far as I can take you. Have fun."

I stepped out of the van feeling slightly dazed. A group of men and women in black leather jackets stood at the back of the crowd. One of them – a blonde woman – looked vaguely familiar. She watched me while she talked to a slim man with long hair. "Oh no no no!!" I started to back up. The man spun.

BOOM! My gun exploded in my hand. Tthe man's head jerked back and he dropped his gun. Oh gawd I had hit him! He staggered and fell face first into the ground.

The man next to him moved so fast that all I saw was a blur. BOOM! The bullet grazed my shoulder. 

BOOM! BOOM! The man grabbed his belly and collapsed. The man to his right dropped his gun and fell backwards.

"Don't even think about it!" I heard Erika's voice, and a lazer found the blondes head.

"It was self defense!" Koko and Ping emerged from the left side of the crowd with their guns drawn.

"That asshole just fucking fired three shots into a crowd!" One of the remaining men in black leather jackets yelled. "He killed three innocent men!"

"Innocent?" Jesika came from the right carrying a large gun. "They fucking started this shit! If you have the balls to fight it out with him do it in the Mortuus."

"MORTUUS! MORTUUS!" The crowd chanted.

"Okay, Mortuus it is." The man glared at Jesika. The two men next to him nodded.

"Brandon." Janette exhaled hard. "You just became part of the event.."

"The event?"

"The Mortuus." Koko stepped closer

"Brandon's one of the mythical Otherworlders". Erika laughed. "He doesn't know anything."

"Shut the fuck up!" Jesika glared.

"What, are you his mother?" Koko asked Jesika.

"Ignore her." Erika rolled her eyes. "Brandon It's held in the Olympus coliseum… I sure hope you can fight."

"I'm a fifth degree black belt in karate."

"What's karate? Do you know how to use weapons?"

"A little.." I watched the uniformed men approach.  

"Always try to end fights fast." Koko advised. "If fights lasts very long you can lose."

Erika nodded, "You will be on a team. The teams will fight until all of the members of one team are dead… But they get body armour, and you don't."


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My gun was removed, and shackles we're put on me. Manic music blared inside the casino.  The mood was totally different than the day before.  People pushed and shoved to get a look at me as I was led through. 

"Let me pee on him!" A young bottomless girl with bright red hair squealed.  The next thing I knew I was on floor being showered by a mob of women.  I know it was supposed to be degrading but it was so surreal, and sexual, that it felt weirdly erotic.

I wiped the smelly piss out of my eyes as I was led towards a tunnel.  

"Brandon!" Koko's voice shrieked.  "Don't try to stay alive, try to kill!"

Fear gripped me as we entered the tunnel.  I was really doing this, and there was no backing out.  The tunnel headed downward.  I heard drums.  We leveled out and I got my first look at the inside of the massive stadium.  A huge group of naked women, dressed only in colorful thigh highs, danced in the center of the stadium..

"It's quite the event." I quipped.  

"Not for you." One of the men disagreed and I decided not to say anymore.

The dancing women left the arena, but the drumming continued.  A mask was put on me.  It reminded me of the masks you see in Chinatown during the New Year's celebration. 

The crowd stomped, the drummers drummed, and the stadium shook, as I was led shackled to the center of the arena.  Was I going to have to fight in shackles?  If so then I was going to die.  But what would be the entertainment in that?

A masked, and shackled, man was led out to the little center ring with me.  Then a masked, and shakled woman was led out to us.

The drumming, and stomping, stopped.  Trumpets sounded and the three men who were going to fight me appeared.  Their leather coats had been replaced by padded body armor coats.  One carried an axe, one carried a sword, and the third carried a mace.  More trumpets sounded and a fourth man – a giant of a man – appeared.dressed in the same body armor as the other three.  He carried a huge double sided axe.

Our shakled were removed as our competitors  spread out and took position at the four opposite 'corners' of the arena.  The drumming, and stomping started again.  Clearly we were not going to get any directions – or weapons.

The uniformed men left the field, and a man in a neon orange outfit walked out of the tunnel carrying a trumpet.  He put the trumpet to his lips, and dropped his hand at the same time as he blew.  This was it!

The smaller man with the single sided axe was out first running at me 

Don't try to stay alive, try to kill!

"AHHHH!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran at the man with the axe. The other two stood frozen in the center.  How accurately could he swing it while running?

"Ahhh!" He started doing something really stupid.  He swung the axe around wildly over his head as he ran. 

I had to time this.. "AHHHH!!" The axe almost hit me in the face as I rushed the man.  I drove my knee into his crotch with all my might, and jammed my fingers into his eyes.

POP! My left finger broke sickeningly as it dug into his eye. My right fingers dislodged the other eyeball more skillfully.

WHOMP!! I saw stars and my head lit up with pain.  He had gotten me with the base of the axe's handle.

"Ahhh!!" He flailed with the axe.  WAP! I painfully caught the back of the axe and ripped it out of his hands. 

The second man charged me with the sword.  He stupidly wound up for a chop and I jabbed the head of the axe into his face. "Fuck!" He staggered.

Don't try to stay alive, try to kill!

The man on the ground grabbed my left ankle, and I stomped my right foot down on the front of his neck as hard as I could. 

"No!" The mace from the third man narrowly missed me as I fell. It hit the man with the sword solidly in the face.  There was a sickening CRACK!  His knees buckled under him. 

I rolled right into the man with the mace and swung my axe up at his body.  It was a weak awkward blow, that hit the center of his body armor.  The axe came out of my hand but it stunned him momentarily – long enough for me to scoot back and sit up.

Next to me lay the body of the man with the sword.  

Don't try to stay alive, try to kill!

I snatched the sword out of the lifeless man's hand, stood up, and poked it into the man's face as he charged me with the mace.

The mace bit into my shoulder and knocked me onto my sideways onto the ground, but the sword had penetrated the man's eye socket.  It dangled from his head as he fell face forward.

I stood up shakily and the crowd booed loudly.

On the other side of the arena the giant lumbered after the smaller more agile man. The man took a mistep and fell.  The crowd cheered loudly.  I watched in horror as the giant gruesomely loped the smaller mans head off with a single mighty swing.

"Help us!" The woman ran towards me still wearing the mask.  

I pulled the sword out of the man's face.  "We have to fight him!" I threw the sword towards her and grabbed the axe.  The axe was not much of a weapon compared to the sword, but I figured I had a better chance with it than she did.  "It's two of us versus him.  We can take him!"

"No we can't!" She picked up the sword.

"We have to!"

The giant ran at the woman, and I ran at the giant.  I had no choice.  If I did not kill him he would kill her, and then me.

Don't try to stay alive, try to kill!

The woman ran towards the side of the arena and the giant chased after her.  He pulled his double sided axe back with both hands as he ran. Oh gawd I was almost on his back!  Fear clutched me as I made a looping swing with the axe.  I had to stop him!  I had to save her!  I swung down, and came up between his legs – the only thing I could hit..

"EEEEIIIAAAAIII!" Thr giant bellowed in pain.  

I do not know what I had expected, but I had not expected the axe to get stuck between his legs.

He turned towards me with a look of horror, mixed with anger and pain.  I did not have a weapon I ran – towards the mace..

I turned my head and saw him painfully dislodge the axe from between his legs.  He threw it – and hit me!  I do not know if it was the handle, or the back of the axe head that hit my back.  It did not cut in, but it hurt!

The crowd cheered loudly and started stomping.

"Aaaaiii!" The woman ran at him with the sword – right at his back!  It did not penetrate the body armor..  She dropped the sword, he turned, and back handed her, in the face, so hard that he sent her a couple of meters onto her back.

The crowd cheered loudly and stomped.

I had to do something.  I picked up the mace awkwardly swung it around, and flung it towards him.  It was a weak throw that only caught his ankle.

"EEII! AWW!" He collapsed.  He tried to stand up and fell.  Had I broken his ankle?  He sat up and looked at me with a pitiful horrified expression.

The crowd went silent for a moment and I ran for his axe.

"AWWW!" He cried out in pain as he woman hacked him in the head with the sword.

I picked up the heavy double sided axe and ran towards the giant operating purely on adrenaline.  He turned his head just as I swung.  I decapitated the giant.  

I struggled to stay on my feet as nausea overtook me. There were.boos and the crowd stomped lightly with their thumbs down.

Uniformed men emerged from the tunnel with rifles.  I heard a shriek from the woman then something sharp pierced my back.  My muscles froze.  Tazers!  The ground came up and hit me in the face.

My vision was blurry.  I was strapped into a chair and something was being injected into my arm.  Everything went black.




I woke slowly.  I was back in my hotel room.  I rolled over.  Wow my left shoulder and back hurt.  There was a woman with me in bed.  She had bruises all over her face but I recognized her.  "Leilani..,"

"You know my name."

"I'm Brandon, your father hired me to find you."

"My father doesn't care about anything but money." She studied me. "At least you're from my world.". She got out of bed and I got my first good look at her naked body.  She was more beautiful than I would have guessed from the picture.  "What's the deal with these fucking tight metal collars on our necks?"

"I don't know." I felt the collar around my neck. "At least we're alive.." I climbed out of bed and aimed my cock at the wall.  "Leilani what did you do to end up in the Mortuus?" I played my stream around on the wall 

"I killed a woman." Leilani sat down on the edge of a chair and spread her legs  "It was self-defense.". She released a torrent of pee. "What did you do?"

"I killed three men.."

"You killed seven men.  You should see the bruise on your back!  I've never seen a bruise as bad as the one on your left shoulder "

I snickered.  "I've got a broken finger… But they gave me my gun back." I pointed at the holstered gun attached with a belt to my jeans on the floor. 

"So? I got my gun and my purse back too, but we've got these damn things around our necks.  They're tracking us! We're never gonna be free again until we get these damn things off."

"Well let's take a shower, and get some clothes on.  Then we can try and figure out how to lose these."

"At least you've got clean clothes." Leilani exhaled. "All I've got is that bloody dress on the floor."

"Big deal.. if they returned my wallet then I've got money too.  Leilani, how did you get here?  You had an escort, right?"

"A what?  I heard that there was an entrance at the school.  I got pulled through all alone."

"I got pulled through by a woman – an escort – from this world….  Maybe it's only men who need escorts."

Leilani shrugged, "I think there's space on the side.  I think we can return if we don't get lost."




We found Janette at the front desk watching an erotic soap opera on TV.  She looked at us but did not say anything.

"Janette, how are you doing?"


"Janette, what happened yesterday?  How did we get back."

"You made it back to the van with her somehow.  You couldn't talk, you were falling down, but you made it somehow.  You've got one hell of a will to live.." Janette sighed   "I felt sorry for you so I brought you back here."

"I bet you didn't think we were going to make it through the Mortuus – that we were going to live!" 

Janette studied me, "Brandon where are you from?  You don't know anything.  You didn't win the audiences approval…."


"So you're wearing death collars!  Don't you know what those do?  They tighten a little each day.  In a matter of days you will be dead!"

"We'll get them removed!"

"No you won't.  That metal can't be cut.  And anyone caught trying to help you will be killed on the spot.

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People on the sidewalks literally ran from us. Cabs would not stop, and bus drivers closed the door in our face. I tried calling Jesika but she would not answer.

A guy headed to his car parked at the curb. "You two deserved what you got."

I watched him drive away. In a Tarantino film I would have shot him and taken the car. We had nothing to lose but we did not need to take any more risks.  

HONK! A familiar looking black car pulled into his spot. Ping poked her head out the window. "Get in!"

"Where are you guys trying to go?" Koko asked.

"We're Otherworlders." I told her outright. "Leilani says that there's a way out of this world to ours at the old school on Fremont Street. We need to get to our world and get these collars cut off before they kill us."

"Another world?!" Koko grinned broadly. "I'll get you there."

It was Leilani's first experience of riding in a car with Koko driving and the fear showed on her face.  

It was the first time I had seen the school in this world. "Leilani it's exactly the same as the school in our world!"

"I know." Leilani agreed. "It's almost like it exists in both places. But the parking lot is fenced off here."

"People know about it?". 

"Somebody does."

Koko and Ping stared at us.

"You guys, it's real. You'll see."

"I hope it is." Koko said gravely. "I don't want to see you guys die like this."

"We've made it this far, we'll get through." 

"Brandon.." Leilani looked anxious. "I got pulled through. It's like somebody pulled a plug in a sink. Try walking into the center of the parking lot."

I walked out into the center of the parking lot. "Leilani what is supposed to happen?"

"It's supposed to repel you." Leilani looked truly scared.

"See if it repels me!" Koko ran towards me but some unseen force knocked her onto her back

Leilani breathed hard. "It's still here. Brandon come back here and take my hand."

"Okay, let's try it together."

I led Lailani forward but some unseen force pushed her back. "Move to the right!"

I hung onto Leilani's hand and moved to the right.

"Here it is " Leilani walked past me, still holding my hand. Her body started to disappear.

"Woah!" Koko shrieked.

I hung onto her hand as tightly as I possibly could but she broke free and disappeared completely.

"Fuck!" I stomped my foot.

"Ahh!" Leilani came flying out of nowhere to my left.

Leilani lay on the asphalt gasping for breath. "I couldn't breath in there! It's really bad!"

"We've got rope in the car." Ping said.

"Okay, get it!"

I lifted Lailani onto my back donkey style, and Koko and Ping securely tied her to me.

"Okay Lailani take a breath!" I started breathing hard. "Here goes!" I awkwardly ran towards the spot where the opening seemed to be.

A horrible smell and icy coldness enveloped us. I could not see anything and my eyes stung but I kept on going. 

I moved further to the right to avoid being pulled back the wrong way. Maybe it was a mistake. I was running and running.. How far was it? I was running out of air!  

"Woof woof." I heard a dog's muffled bark and staggered in that direction. "Woof!". I fell through! We hit the pavement hard.

"Don't move to the left!" Leilani gasped for breath. "Move to the right!"

I did!

"Woof! Woof!" A little dog barked at us.

"Good boy!" 

"Grrr!" The dog ran to our left side, skidded forward without using its legs – and disappeared 

"That was a female dog." Leilani gasped "Brandon let's get out of here!" Leilani urged. "And just go to the right!"


"Brandon what are you doing?"

"Just calling… That's right this phone won't work here…but I've got reception.."





Leilani's car was still parked on the road.

"Do you have a key?"

"There's one wired under the engine."

"Okay, let's get to the bank."

"Your bank?"

"Yeah, I'll drive."




"I'd like to get ten thousand in cash. In hundred dollar bills." I handed the cashier my card.

"Sir, there's a waiting period of forty-eight hours to remove over five thousand dollars."

"Well then I'd like to close my entire account, and cash out everything – RIGHT NOW!"

"I'll…. I'll get a manager." The cashier glanced nervously at my hip then motioned urgently to a second woman.

"Sir!" The manager spoke assertively, "You can't bring a gun into this bank."

"I'd like to cash out my account – NOW!" 

The manager started breathing hard. "Just do it!" She told the cashier.




"I think we're in trouble." Leilani said as we hurried out of the bank.

"I didn't rob the bank!" I breathed anxiously. "Look I saw a little machinist shop close to the school. Let's go there"

A fat man sat behind the counter. "What may I do for you?"

"We need to get these collars around our neck cut off."

"Then you need to get to the hospital. If we tried to cut those off of you we"d cut you and we'd get sued."

"Will, what's going on here?" An old stooped man walked out of the office 

Will snickered "Tom, these customers want us to cut those necklaces off of their necks," 

"Can't we remove them without cutting?" Tom walked slowly around the counter. "What's your name?"


"Brandon, there appears to be a hinge back here, but I can't see a pin." He rotated the collar on my neck. "I can't see where the ends join… How much are you willing to pay?"

"Ten thousand."

"You went somewhere you shouldn't have." Tom said under his breath.

"Yes I did.."

"Will, have Lenny get the angle grinder with the diamond cutting blade."

Will gave Tom an incredulous look. "Okay…"

"Come with me." Tom led us I to the shop.

"Tom are you from this world, or that one?" I asked quietly.

"This one. I've lived a long time, I've seen a lot. Lenny!"

A man with a shaved head, tattooed face, and earrings appeared carrying an angle grinder. "Will, what's up?"

"Lenny, These customers need us to cut the metal collars off of their necks."

Lenny's eyes bulged. "What if we cut them?"

"They're paying us ten thousand."

Lenny studied my collar, glanced at my gun, then fixed his gaze on Leilani. "Is that dried blood on your dress."

"Yes." Leilani nodded.

Lenny took a breath. "You went there. You really did it."

"We did."

"What are those things on your necks?"

"Death collars." I answered honestly. "They tighten a little every day. If we don't get them off we will die."

 Do you have the safety set on that gun?" Will interrupted. 

"No, it doesn't have a safety… It's not from this world.". I pulled it out and set it on a table. "Check it out "

Will ignored the gun but Lenny picked it up 

"I've never seen a gun like this."

"This is bullshit." Will groaned 

"Will, take a look at the collars on their necks." Tom suggested.

Will looked at my collar. "What type of metal is it?" He sounded unimpressed.

"I have no idea." I admitted. "You want to see money? I pulled my bulging wallet out. "Here." I handed him a bill 

"That doesn't prove shit."

"Brandon, did you take any pictures with your phone? " Leilani asked 

"No, but it has wallpaper that's a picture of Kora's" I pulled out the phone.

"Holy fucking shit!" Lenny gasped. "Is that what it's like there?"

"Yeah, that's Kora District."

"Enough talk." Tom cut in. "Let's get these collars off of them."

They moved the hinged part of the collar to the front of my neck, and had me lie face down on a table.

"Okay, here goes." Lenny put the angle grinder to the collar.  

SCREEE!  hot sparks showered the table all around me and burnt me on the head.

"Cover hin with leathers;" Tom instructed.


Leather gowns and chaps were piled on top of me.


"It's not working." Lenny exhaled. "The metal heals as fast as I can cut it."

"It heals?" Will groaned. "Here, let me try it!"

"Be my guest."

SCREEEE!! "What the fuck?!" Will yelled.

SCREEEE!! "Fuck! Fuck!"

"Tom, I've got a saw in the back of my pickup that will cut this." Lenny breathed loudly

"Go get it!" Tom said.

Lenny returned with a large gas powered concrete saw.

"You'll cut his head off!" Will exhaled in disgust.

"I'm getting that fucker off." Lenny yanked the cord. BRRRRR!


"Careful!" Will yelled.

"It's hard to control." Lenny protested.


"You cut him!"

"Pull it off! Pull it off!" Lenny cried.

"It just snapped back together!" Will groaned.

"Is he bleeding badly?" Tom asked. "We're going to have to cut it again. Here, let's get some wire under it, and we can pull while Lenny cuts."

"It's tightening!" I gasped, "Cut it off! Cut it off!!"

"We're working on it." Tom poked me as he struggled to get wires under the collar.

I struggled to breathe. Black spots clouded my vision.

BRRRRR! SCREEE! SNAP! The collar fell to floor. SNAP! 

"Don't put that on!" Tom yelled at Will, "It's not a bracelet. You could lose your hand!"

"Yeah, whatever.." Will groaned. "Why don't you worry about that huge cut Lenny just made in his neck. I told you this was going to happen."

I touched the back of my neck and my hand came away covered in blood.

"Hold this on your neck." Tom handed me a clean shop towel.  

"Thanks." I tied it around my neck. "on't worry about me. Let's get that collar off of Leilani."

"Should have cut hers off first." Will gave me a disgusted look.

"Whatever."I hopped down from the table, and Leilani took my place.

They got Leilani's collar off in one try, but cut her even worse than me.

"Call an ambulance!" Tom shouted. 

"I knew this would happen." Will grumbled. "They should have gone to the Emergency Room."

"The Emergency Room would not have taken this seriously." Tom argued. "They would have been dead before they got the collars off."

"Don't worry, we're grateful." Leilani held a shop towel against her bloody neck.

"Extremely grateful." I counted out the money.

"How about some of your funny money?" Will asked.

"Sure." I pulled a bunch of bills out of my wallet and tossed them on the table. "You can even keep the collars!"

"Interested in selling your gun?" Lenny asked.

"No, I'm keeping that. In fact, Leilani, let's hide them in the car before the ambulance gets here."

The ambulance showed up surprisingly fast, and we were stitched up immediately, at the hospital.




"Brandon your apartment is pretty classy." Leilani snuggled her naked body against mine in bed.

"I got it for a bargain because they're going to tear down the building. They were supposed to tear it down last fall but something tied it up and I'm still here."

"So they won't mind if I pee on the carpet?"

"Not in the least."

"So where are you going to move to." Leilani sat back against the wall and peed on the carpet.

"I have no idea."

"You know my father will never pay you one cent." Leilani wiped herself with a Kleenex and tossed it in my little waste basket.

"I know. I tried some positive psychology on him, but I had a hunch.."

"So why'd you take the job?"

"It's the only detective work I've had in a while. I like the adventure.. and it's more fun than doing odd jobs…. To be honest.. I'm not a very good detective."

"Fate brought us together!" Leilani laughed.  

"So true!"

We made love, and slept until the middle of the next day.




It was the end of the week, a Friday night, and Rebekah's Corner Diner was doing a business. It was crowded enough that we could safely talk about anything without the concern of being overheard.

"Brandon, how much money do you have?"

"Five grand.. in cash."

"That's all you've got left? The Emergency Room, and the clothes you bought me are going to cost more than that."

"So? It's just good to be alive. Money doesn't matter as much anymore."

"Sure it does." A little man in a black suit turned around from the table next to our booth. "I've got a very lucrative proposition for you."

Leilani eyed him cautiously 

"A man named Will Harrison sold a.. uh.. an unusual currency note to a man I represent." He leaned closer to us. "He is very wealthy, and he likes to travel.."




A black limousine sat waiting for us at the Elementary School. We parked next to the car. A huge bodyguard got out followed by a man in an odd blue plaid suit.

"Mr Hartwood!" I climbed out of the car.

"Brandon, Leilani.." He extended his hand, "..please call me Dallas." 

"Dallas." I shook his hand.  

The bodyguard got a suitcase out of the trunk."

"Here's the twenty million I promised."

"Okay, I'll call right now. Your escort will be here in a few minutes." I pulled out my phone and dialed.  

"Brandon!" Jesika answered, "I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay, get up on the curb. Here she comes!"

Jesika's grey car came flying out of nowhere and skidded sideways to a violent stop. Jesika got out of the car followed by Erika.

"Erika! I didn't expect to see you."

Erika grinned broadly, "Unbelievable, you're still alive! You two would make it.". She unzipped her jeans and squatted.

"I told you they were still alive." Jesika gave me a sheepish look.

"And here you are Erika in the make believe world!"

"Yeah, you fucker, you never told me that it was real!". Erika wiped herself with a tissue.

"Seeing is believing! This is Dallas Hartwood."

"Two escorts!"

"Two for the price of one!"

Erika grinned madly. "I get to fuck him first!"

"Ladies, ladies.. " Dallas grinned. "There will be plenty of time for you to both fuck me!"

"You can both fuck him at the same time!" Leilani laughed.

I took the money from the bodyguard. "Dallas, good luck! Have fun.. and don't kill anyone!" I watched Dallas's bodyguard load the luggage into the car 

Jesika studied me quietly. "Brandon, I underestimated you… Well I've gotta go!"

"Your ex?" Dallas's bodyguard asked.

"You guessed it."

Jesika backed up, went racing forward, and disappeared like the car in "Back To The Future."

The bodyguard watched speechless.

"Dallas is in for one hell of a ride."



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I passed several slow cars on the near empty freeway. "Leilani, haven't all of the islands in Indonesia been explored?"

"I don't know. The one we're going to doesn't even have a name."

"And that's where the portal is?"

"Yeah up in a cave in the hills. Don't worry I've got a map."

"And this futuristic world is not as dangerous as Krog's right?"

"I don't know." Leilani smirked.

HONKKK!! A black car came barreling up on our bumper. HONK! HONK! The car wildly pulled around on our left side. The window rolled down and Ping stuck her head out and waved excitedly. Koko literally stood up out the driver's window and waved frantically over the car.

They ducked back inside and the car accelerated out of sight.

WOO! WOO! WOO! Police cars raced past us.

Leilani laughed, "I don't even want to know what they did."




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