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I (male) tasted my pee for the first time.

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This just happened maybe 30 minutes ago. I sat on the toilet to pee, got hard and aimed my penis upwards. I was trying to cover my chest but some of it splashed on my lips. It totally caught me off-guard, but I'm surprised to say I actually think it tasted good, kinda like hot saltwater.

Yeah, that's about it. Just needed to get that off my chest.

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26 minutes ago, janny-ammerson said:

Depends on what the person has consumed and if they’re hydrated or not. It can taste like warm water, or it can taste like coffee if they’ve drank it recently.

I love coffee!

I  love watching people pee!

I would love to drink from the source. 

You tell us that it can taste like coffee. 

You have just blown my mind!


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