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Hello, any fellow nerds here??

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Hi, I'm new here, checking in from the US! While I love pretty much anything female desperation and toilet pissing, I recently learned that I'm also big on the idea of urolagnia, I love learning the how and why of how we pee!


Any other fellow nerds out there? Maybe some urologists?? I'm happily married, but would love to chat with people who understand!

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Hi and a huge welcome to the community.   No issues about being happily married, there's lots of us here in exactly the same case. Some with supporting partners and others less understanding, but we're a community of friends rather than anything more so that works well.

And as it happens we do seem to have quite a lot of geeks and nerds too (holds hand up) so no worries there.

Welcome in and do shout up with any questions too - and enjoy finding your way around.

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Hi @Kbeasley7, Welcome to the site.   I'm another who is happily married and whilst my wife knows of my interest and indulges me sometimes, she doesn't have the interest herself and she doesn't know the full extent of my pee fun.

I am also fascinated by the hows and whys of peeing - the psychology and physiology of peeing as I think of it.  I am particularly interested in how people's attitude changes when they get drunk as well as how their attitude changes in different social circumstances or when they get more desperate.    I love the way that some people are willing to pee freely outside without too much worry about being caught whilst others will do anything in their power to avoid peeing outside and that some people are very open about their needs whilst others keep it all secret.  Very happy to chat about any of this and as I'm sure you will quickly discover, there is plenty of open discussion across the forums which you are most welcome to join in.

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I am a nerd but not for pee unfortunately 🤣

Name almost any video game or star wars related media and I will probably know enough to hold a conversation about it lol. Worst case scenario I know too much about it and will go off on a tangent for hours 😁 

Regardless, welcome to the club! 

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11 minutes ago, Likelettingitgo said:

So what do you find so exciting about peeing?

I've spent years trying to figure out the psychology of why I love it. But i love the fact that everyone tried to hide desperation and i can notice it and watch! And the relief when you let it flow!

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