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  1. For me, about 5 minutes ago! (I'm at the beach, and absolutely love pissing in the ocean when nobody nearby has a clue!)
  2. I've never been "given permission" in the way y'all have, but I'm always the first to give permission to others. Either they will go outside (and maybe I can join) or, more likely, they won't but they will be more open about the desperation until they can go! Win/win!
  3. No stories, but an image! This was sent to me by a friend from last year's burning man (or whatever the COVID version was called). There was no official event but people still went to the desert, meaning no official bathrooms, so this was their makeshift bathroom. I'm sure the desperation at the event was absurd, if anyone has stories from 2021!
  4. I haven't personally witnessed it but heard plenty of stories from my much faster friends. I've definitely seen plenty of people pee along the side of the course though, men and women. This is interesting as most races are in cities so people just openly squat on sidewalks, parks, benches, etc
  5. That's another aspect that's fascinating to me. As i said above, part of the desperation interest is the knowledge that someone is holding all that pee, so people who openly talk about it are a personal fave. I've never understood what compels people to be shy or open. I'm always open because if I announce it, maybe others will as well. I also agree regarding the sporty type, from a different perspective: i run marathons. In a sport where hydration is key, there are often long lines for porta potties before/during races (which leads to spectacular pee dances). But so many people will opt
  6. Guess this has been a problem here? Would love to be in those cars!
  7. I agree 100%. Also, at least for penis owners, the feeling of release for both sperm and urine is at least somewhat similar (obviously not the same, but still) so that has to be correlated as well I assume.
  8. I agree with the dom/sub comparison. It's not quite the same, but there is something to one person struggling and the other enjoying watching that struggle. But the concept of women peeing outside is so fascinating. I have friends all over that spectrum, especially when outdoors at the beach. None of the friends who know about my kink share in it, but i agree some people seem to keep drinking and keep peeing and maybe they do enjoy it! It's one of the best reasons to do outdoor activities!
  9. Anyone up for making one? Is that against the Peefans rules? I'm not trying to date or meet anyone irl, I'd just love to talk to like minded people more often!
  10. I know there's been some discussion on this in the past but I'm new here and want to revisit this topic from a different perspective: what's the psychology of why we enjoy what we do? I wonder if there's an aspect of sadism/masochism for those who love holding/controlling others holds for long periods of time? I wonder if we're obsessed with wetting because it's some of the same nerves in our reproductive organs? I personally love watching desperate women, and watching the relief when they let it out! I don't know why our brains enjoy it though. Any other thoughts?
  11. Wonderful ideas! I'm suburban so I can reach both city and country pretty easily. I really do love peeing outdoors so these are creative
  12. I'm in the camp that I have no idea what triggered mine, but I wish I knew! I wonder what the statistics are, who remembers vs who doesn't?
  13. Beaches are the best! Aside from the water you can just sit in the sand and go, or dig a hole in the sand and use that!
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