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The Piss Club

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4 minutes ago, CON2H4 said:

So what exactly is the piss club?

The first rule of Piss Club is: You do not talk about Piss Club.

Sorry - my humour.  Looking forward to the next part when I suspect the club will be revealed.

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4 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

The first rule of Piss Club is: You do not talk about Piss Club.

Sorry - my humour.  Looking forward to the next part when I suspect the club will be revealed.

I'll admit, I giggled.


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On 5/26/2021 at 1:44 AM, CON2H4 said:

So what exactly is the piss club?

I confess I haven't really worked out all of the details yet.  The story started out as a sort of 'stream of consciousness'.  I don't totally know where I am going with this.

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18 hours ago, 1badboy said:

I confess I haven't really worked out all of the details yet.  The story started out as a sort of 'stream of consciousness'.  I don't totally know where I am going with this.

'stream of consciousness'

heh, I get it. Also good work! I wanna see where this goes for sure.

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On 5/26/2021 at 1:50 AM, gldenwetgoose said:

The first rule of Piss Club is: You do not talk about Piss Club.

Sorry - my humour.  Looking forward to the next part when I suspect the club will be revealed.

Haha 😂 

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Great story_loved it!! Thank you for sharing.

Reading this made me remember my own days living in a 'soon to be demolished-building'. It was many years ago but I have so many fond memories of that time ..

peeing anywhere- either accidental or during sex is one BIG plus 😉 

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"Billy, do you know her?" Carl, my Physics lab partner, glanced over at Jenni.  "What's so funny?"


"I think she likes you." I struggled to keep from laughing.


"You think so." Carl asked in a low voice.  He was a tall blond, who had been homeschooled by his conservative Christian parents.


Jenni stood between us, and the girls who were her usual lab partners.  It looked like she wanted to approach us but she was hesitating.


"Yeah." I motioned to Jenni.


Jenni nervously walked over to us.


"Hi, I'm Carl." Carl introduced himself in an unusually deep voice. "You can work with us if you'd like."


"Thank you," Jenni said weakly.  "I'm Jenni."


I fought the giggles as the two Asian girls that Jenni typically worked with studied us with concerned expressions.


"Jenni.." I addressed her carefully, "I usually review the lab the night before, but last night I was sort of.. uh.. occupied.  So maybe you can do the lab with Carl, and I'll basically just watch."


Carl groaned, "You want us to do all of the work?  Maybe you should consider joining another group." 


"Carl, give him a break." Jenni said cautiously.  "I think he had a hot night with his girl."


Carl snickered, "Billy, doesn't have a girlfriend."


"Maybe I do!"


"Then why haven't I met her?"


"Tell you what Carl, you can meet my girlfriend.  Would you like to go out and have pizza tonight?  Maybe you could bring.. Jenni!?"


"Very funny Billy.." 


"I'm up for it!" Jenni said excitedly.


Carl looked a little shocked.  "Jenni, where do you live?" He asked in his deep voice.


"Johnson.. the girls dorm."


Carl nodded seriously, "I'm in Preston."


"Well, if you guys wanted to get together... 'WE' could pick you up at around four -- in front of the dorms." I offered.




Ann sat in the middle of the pickup wearing a black hoodie over her black skirt and red blouse.  She kept the hood up. "Their clothes are color coordinated." She remarked as we pulled up to the curb.  


Jenni stood waiting with Carl in front of the dorms.  She wore a white sweater over a long  blue dress,. Carl wore light colored slacks and a blue button down shirt.  I felt a bit underdressed in my new blue jeans and grey plaid button down shirt.


Carl opened the door, looked at Ann seated in the middle, and hesitated.  "Are we all going to fit?" 


"Jenni can sit on your lap." 


"Okay." Carl agreed in a deep voice.  He climbed in next to Ann who turned her head towards me.


"I don't believe I'm doing this.." Jenni climbed up onto Carl's lap and closed the door.


"Hi Jenni." Ann pulled her hood down.




"You guys know each other?"  Carl had his arms wrapped around Jenni's waist.  He didn't seem to quite know where to put his hands.


Ann nodded.


"Ann this is my friend Carl."


"Hi Carl."  Ann grinned. "Jenni, he's kinda cute!" She added in a loud whisper.


Jenni smiled sheepishly and pulled the seatbelt over herself. "Billy, where are we going?" She gripped Carl's arms breathlessly.


"Into Bridgeport.  It's Friday, so we figured it would be good to get out of town and head into the city.  You know, get some pizza, walk around the downtown."




"Glen's Brewery?" Jenni stepped out of the truck.  She sounded a little intimidated.  


"It's supposed to have really good pizza." Ann snuggled up against me.  I could sense her nervousness.  "They cook it in outdoor ovens." 


Ann smirked at me. "Billy, you can put your arm around me if you like."


"Don't mind if I do!"


"Carl, you can put your arm around me!" Jenni sounded competitive.


"Yes Ma'am!" Carl awkwardly put his arm around Jenni.


Ann grinned madly. "Billy, you can kiss me!" 


I glanced at Carl and Jenni, then pulled Ann close.  Her warm  blindingly feverish kiss  gave me an instant hard-on.  It was a good thing I was wearing slightly tight blue jeans.


"Carl, you can kiss me.." Jenni said with determination.


They kissed! And it wasn't particularly awkward.  


We got a table outside.  It was a surprisingly warm balmy Fall afternoon.  


"What did you get us to drink?" Carl asked.


"An oatmeal stout." I said quietly as I set the pitcher on the table.  They hadn't asked for my ID.


"My uncle makes a good oatmeal stout." Carl surprised me.  


Jenni smiled.. "I like a good stout." She sounded nervous, but I got the impression that she wasn't lying.


"Billy, are you from a big family too?" Jenni filled my mug with beer.


"Nah, just one sister."


"Billy's like me." Ann said. "I'm from a small family too. I've only got one sister, and one brother." She turned to me, "Ann's got one sister, and four brothers.". 


Carl had two brothers, and three sisters.


The pizza was great, the alcohol put us all at ease, and the meal was enjoyable.  Afterwards we got coffee, and walked around the downtown to sober up.  


I was a little nervous that the girls would unexpectedly pee somewhere they shouldn't.  They kept anxiously looking around like they were trying to find the right spot..  Then they ran into a dance club -- 'to piss'.


Carl and I waited outside.  We finally headed inside to see what the wait was, and to use the restroom ourselves.


"We were wondering when you would come in." Ann, and Jenni sat at a table in the deserted club. "You didn't think we'd hooked up with other guys, did you?" Ann casually  expressed my greatest fear.


"Well, yeah!"  I tried to sound sarcastic but it didn't come out that way.  I glanced at the little band playing low music to an empty  house. "Wanna dance?" 


Carl and Jenni joined us on the dance floor and the band picked up the tempo.  It was weird, people started trickling in, and the next thing we knew we were on a packed dance floor.


Jenni literally slept on top of Carl on the ride home.




"That was fun!" Ann followed me into our place. "And I think that Jenni actually likes Carl." 


"Yeah." I headed towards a door on the side of the kitchen.


"Where does that door go?"


"Into the Animal Sciences building.  Wanna see?" I opened the door and clicked on the light that lit up the broad hallway between the old classrooms. "How do you like the bright red carpet?"


"Carpet in an Animal Sciences building?"


"Sure, it muffles the sounds in the hallway." I urgently unzipped my jeans.  If I hadn't have had the need to pee so badly I probably wouldn't have had the courage to do it.  


I tried to act casual as I pulled my semi-hard cock out of my pants and released a stream of pee onto the carpet a good meter in front of me.  It was the first time I had ever peed in front of a girl.  It was a strange surreal thrill.


Ann giggle nervously, and removed her panties, as she watched.  She got down into a backwards crab position, teetered on one hand, pulled her skirt up, and sent a fountain of pee a good two meters, in front of her, onto the carpet.


"Wow! That's some distance Ann!" I shook the drops off of my cock, gave the tip a little squeeze -- to stop the dripping -- but decided not to put it back in my jeans.  It was already a little hard and it was much more exciting and pervy to leave it out.


Ann walked over to me and pressed her body against mine   I felt her erect nipples, and her furious beating heart.  She kissed me warmly on the lips.  "Billy, it feels so weird to actually be with you." My cock swelled in her grasp.  She giggled suddenly let go of my cock and took off running.  I chased!


"Ahh-ha-ha!" Ann giggled as I 'tackled' her -- I pulled her into me and fell backwards so I would hit the ground with her on top of me.


Ann giggled hysterically as I rolled her onto her back and kissed her on her lips. "Don't rape me!" She trembled as she guided my rock hard cock into her pussy.  She pulled her blouse and bra up so I could suck on her nipples as I fucked her.  It was intense, deep, sex.




I saw Ann the second i stepped into the library.  She motioned me to follow.  She led me back into the stacks.


"Billy," Ann unzipped her form fitting jeans. "I think we should keep our relationship private." She pulled her jeans, and panties down fully exposing her raw hairy pussy. "My friends are pretty…. traditional.." She squatted and a powerful jet of pee splashed loudly on the carpet. She flashed me a giddy grin. "It feels a little weird pissing in front of a boy -- in the library."


My cock swelled as I watched in terrified amazement.  A large puddle spread out on the light grey carpet. "Let's not get caught!"


Ann stuck out her tongue and curled it in a pervy way. as she bounced the drips onto the floor. "When I was in Elementary school we would walk home together." She bounced the drips onto the floor.  "We alawys took a shortcut through the woods -- because we could stop for a 'piss break'.". She stood and zipped.  "When we got older we pissed in more daring places.." 




I took the back fire escape stairwell.  I couldn't resist spying on Ann, and the 'piss club'.  I carefully made my way through the stacks.


"I like Carl.." I heard Jenni sigh. 


"He's tall!" Ann laughed.


I peeked through the bookcases.  Ann and Jenni were sitting alone at the table where the 'piss club' usually met.  I walked around the bookcases and out into the open.  The only backpacks on the table were Ann's and Jenni's.


Ann saw me and motioned me over to the table. "You can join us Billy.. I don't think anyone else is coming."


Jenni cringed, "But I just.. a little bit ago." 


"Pissed under the table?" Ann asked casually. "Relax, Billy knows everything."


"But he's a boy." Jenni made a face.


"I think that's why nobody is here." Ann sighed loudly. "They know about Billy, and Carl."


"My fucking lab partners.." Jenni groaned

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Maybe with Billy there they get even more daring than usual and soak a shelf of books the girls standing in front of them and letting their piss rain down over the previously clean books.

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I carefully copied the bell shaped curve from the screen.  The Professor was talking to a couple of students in the front.  What exciting thing would he be discussing today?  Statistics wasn't exactly my most exciting class...

A slim Asian girl, wearing glasses, walked up to me with folded arms.

I forced a smile, "Hi Sharon! How are you today?" 

"Billy, you know my name.."

"And you know my name too!"

"So you heard about Ann, and you decided to take advantage of her?"

"Something like that.."

"Do you have an Asian fetish?"

"Do you have a White fetish?  Because if you do, I have this friend Rob who's a huge Japanese porn addict.  I lift weights with him...  He's a linebacker on the football team!"

Sharon snickered, "I know exactly he is.  He's a lot more attractive than you!  You don't know anything about me."

"I know about the piss club."

"Did Ann tell you what we found in the woods?"


"Then you don't know shit!"  Sharon stuck her tongue out and walked away.

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"..you don't know shit!

I wandered into the library.  The florescent lights buzzed loudly.  

I spotted a little blonde squatting between the bookcases.  I approached casually pretending to look for a book.  She took a book from the shelf,  and stood up.  I glanced at her form fitting jeans.  They were perfectly dry. She flashed me a strange uncomfortable look and walked away.

I continued down the aisle and almost stepped right into a wet spot on the carpet.  A little ways away was another spot.   

A table sat jus beyond the bookcases.   I walked over and peeked under it.  There were three more wet spots under it. 




"Billy, whatcha reading?" Ann plopped her backpack down on the living room table.

"'Wurthering Heights' for my 'Classical Lit' class." I doglegged the page and closed the book. "Ann.."  I set the on the little table next to the recliner and grabbed my beer.  "..Sharon talked to me in Stats... What did you guys find in the woods?"

"Have you ever had one of those days when you gotta pee every five minutes?" Ann yanked her shorts down and squatted right in the middle of the living room.

"Ann!" I watched as Ann's thick jet of pee made a spreading wet spot on the carpet. "What did you find?"

"Billy, do you like my pussy?" Ann rose slightly and sat on the edge of the coffee table.  She grabbed a kleenex from the box and wiped herself. "Do you like my breasts? My nipples?  My long black hair?"


"Billy what do you fantasize about? Ann wiped her pussy and dropped the tissue on the carpet. "Any fetishes? What you obsess about?" 

"Well, they say guys think about sex ninty-five percent of the time.." I got up from the recliner. "I do.. but I think about you." I sat down on the coffee table in front of Ann."

"Kissing me?" Ann mounted me, wrapped her arms around my back, and snuggled her breasts against my chest.

"Yeah.." I kissed Ann's warm moist lips.

"Fucking me?" 

"Yeah.." I reached down and rubbed Ann's clitoris through her shorts as we kissed.  It grew into a satisfying bulge under my fingers.

"Sucking on my breasts?" Ann pulled her blouse off over her head..

"Yeah.." I pulled my t-shirt off, and went for Ann's bra.

"Mmm…" Ann closed her eyes while I sucked on a nipple and rubbed her swollen clit through her shorts. "Billy are you superstitious?" Ann stood up as I unbuttoned her shorts.

"Not really.." I pulled Ann's shorts down and softly rubbed her moist panties.

"Why do you like me so much?"

I pulled Ann's panties down slightly exposing some pubic hairs.  "I don't know.." I brushed my cheek against Ann's hairy bush as I removed her panties completely. "Why do YOU like ME so much?" I stood up and gazed into Ann's nervous eyes.

Ann grinned broadly, "Good question!"  Her hands fumbled to unfasten my jeans. "Very good question!" She crouched as she pulled my jeans down.  "Mmm.."  Ann used her mouth to play with my swelling cock, and tightening balls. 

"Billy… one afternoon.." Ann tickled my cock and balls with her fingers as she licked. "One afternoon, when all of our parents were at this thing at the temple, we snuck out and went to a movie."  She stood and continued to tease me with her fongers. "We were coming back through the woods when Laia fell down a rabbit hole."


 Ann stepped forward, pressed her hairy pussy against my leg, and kissed me feverishly on the lips. "It was dark, and Laia got her foot caught in the hole." Warm wetness ran down my leg.   "When she triex to pull it out, she disappeared into the ground." Ann squeezed my engorged cock tightly, and gave it a tug.

"A cave?" I put my hands just below Ann's shapely rear.  

"I don't know.." Ann wrapped her arms and legs around me as I lifted her.  Her warm hairy pussy rested against my belly as I carried her to the dinner table. "Laia crawled out of the ground, further down the hill.  She dragged an old rusted metal chest out with her."  Ann lay back on the table, and spread her legs. I slid inside of her tight pulsing pussy.  

From a standing position I was able to really fuck Ann savagely! I leaned over her, took a breast in each hand.  Her erect nipples felt good under my palms.

I kissed Ann on her lips, her face, and even her hair.  I loved her long jet black hair,  and her stiff bushy hairs that tickled with each thrust.

Ann's private intimate parts gripped my private swollen member with such lust and passion that my member exploded with a burning orgasm. I was filled with painful pleasure. as my body melted into Ann's.  Her heart pounded against my own as consciousness slipped away.

Moonlight lit the forest.... I had to get out of there, but fear had such a grip on me that I couldn't move..

BRRR-ING! The ring of my phone brought me out of my weird mid-day nap


"Billy?" Carl greeted me nervously, "What are you doing?  Do you want to lift weights?  We need to talk."




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Carl stood waiting outside the Rec Center.  He motioned to me and I followed him into the locker room.

What had Jenni done? Peed in front of him, somewhere she shouldn't have?

We changed in silence.

"Billy, it's about Jenni…" Carl finally spoke.

I tried not to laugh."Carl, what did Jenni do?" 

Konala, the big 'nose tackle', who had just changed into his gym clothes, seemed to be amused by our locker room talk..

"Billy, we both did something."

"Fuck yeah! Right on dude!" Konala grinned broadly.  He raised his hand to give Carl a high five. 

"Thanks.." Carl looked a little intimidated by Konala -- but also a little flattered.

"Carl, you fucked Jenni!?" I burst out laughing.

"Billy, do you have to use the 'F-word'?" 

"Our man did the deed!" Konala grinned broadly.

"Carl where did you guys do it?"

"In her room.."

"In the girls dorm?!"

"Yeah.." Carl smiled sheepishly.

"Dudes got balls!" Konala followed us out into the gym and laughed "Even Rob's got himself a girl!  I didn't think he had the balls to make a move."

"Sharon!" I said out loud.

Rob was over at the power rack talking excitedly with Sharon.

"You know her?" Konala asked.

"Yeah, she's friends with my girlfriend, Ann."

"Ann's Asian?" Konala asked.

"Yeah, but there are a lot of Asians at this University."

"You know her name?" Konala pointed at a girl standing near the door.  "She's a little hottie!"

"That's Laia.  I don't know her, but I know her name.  She's friends with my girlfriend."

Laia gave me a strange expression and headed toward us with a determined look on her face. "Billy?"


"Billy, Ann's told you about me?"

"A little...  She said you found a metal box in the woods."

"Did she say what was in it?"


"Laia, I'm Konala!" Konala extended his hand.  

"Hi.."Laia didn't really shake she just felt his hand with both of hers. 

"Laia, what was in ?" Konala asked eagerly. "If you wanna get out of here, we could discuss it somewhere else.  I'm not really in the mood to lift weights."

"Konala.. I don't really want to talk about it.. but I'd love to go out with you!"

"Okay, I'll go change!" 

"I'll meet you out front." Laia smiled and gave Konala a quick kiss on the cheek.

Carl stood watching from a distance.  

"Carl, our girlfriends have secrets."


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"I see Rob's got a new girlfriend." Carl eyed Rob cautiously. "Does she know Jenni and Ann?"

"Yeah.. they all know each other."

"Yes, we do!" Ann surprised me. "All Asian girls hang out together."

Carl smiled weakly, "It was just an innocent question.".

"Ann, look at Sharon!" I laughed. "I told her that Rob had a thing for Asian girls."

.Ann frowned comically.. "You must not like him!"

"We're kinda friends." I headed towards Rob and Sharon.

"Well, if it isn't the two lover boys." Rob greeted us.

"Shutup you fucking idiot! I see you met Sharon. This is my girlfriend Ann."

"Billy sees you met me. And he has a girlfriend!"

Ann stuck her tongue out at Sharon.

"Hi Ann." Rob smiled.

Sharon studied us. "You guys like to hang out with football players? You're clearly not on the team."

"Clearly!" Rob smirked.

"Sharon," Ann studied her intently, "..you don't like that I'm with Billy?"

"Did somebody say something?" Sharon glanced around in mock confusion. "I heard a sound but there's nobody there."

"Shar please.." Rob tried to defuse the situation.

"Billy, you're living with.. her!?" Sharon pointed at Ann. "Where exactly do you live?"

"Billy lives in an apartment on the end of the old Animal Sciences building." Rob laughed.

"Thanks Rob.."

Ann turned and walked away silently. I chased after her. "Ann we weren't going to keep it secret forever."

"I'm leaving, I don't want to see Sharon anymore..."




Ann and I road our bike home together.

 "Now everyone's going to know where we live." Ann sighed. "Who's that?"

"Oh boy.." 

A middle aged man sat on the steps that led up to our front door.

"Coach Phillips, what's up?" I took a breath. "This is my girlfriend Ann. She lives here too.. but I got approval from Don!"

"That's great Billy.." Coach Phillips looked a little chagrined. "I got a call from one of the Resident Advisors at Johnson Hall. Carl, of all people, was reported by one of the girls in the dorm. She believes he had sex with some girl named Jenni on her floor."

Ann's eyes widened, "Carl had sex with Jenni!"

"Well they are grown adults.."

Coach Phillips sighed. "Billy.. when I offered Carl a scholarship I promised his…uh.. mother, I would keep an eye on his....moral behavior."

"Coach, why are you talking to me?!"

"I'm trying to figure out some damage control."

"Why don't you hook Carl up with a job?" Ann suggested. "Then he could get his own place off campus."

Coach Phillips nodded, "That's a damn good idea. That's about as much as I can really do."




"Billy, I knew you were a stand out running back in High School, but I didn't know your friend Carl was a kicker." Ann wandered down the Animal Sciences hallway.

"Carl was homeschooled."  I followed Ann into a classroom. "Carl went through Montlake Christian's homeschool charter program. Somehow he got his mother to let him play kicker on the Montlake Christian football team."

Ann giggled, "And Jenni corrupted him!". She walked over to the old Professors desk and opened the middle drawers. "Huh, an old stapler and a couple of pens." She opened one of the large lower drawers. "I wonder what these are?" She lifted a file out and opened it. "Animal vaccination records." 

"Billy.." Ann unzipped her jeans "The Piss club is dangerous." She pulled her jeans down -- no panties, she was going commando -- and squatted over the drawer. A thick stream of pee splashed noisily on the paper files within.

"Dangerous?" I unzipped my jeans.

"Very dangerous." Ann stared at my crotch as I pulled my cock out. "Don't you know? Girls are dangerous!"


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Moonlight penetrated the forest.  The large gnarled deciduous trees looked to be hundreds of years old.  I felt a vague sense of foreboding evil.  I wanted to run but.. I really needed to pee!

I made my way around the mammoth truck of an ancient maple and found myself between two bookcases in the near dark University library.

I anxiously unzipped my jeans.  The library was dark, only a few lights were on, and it seemed to be empty. I was struggling to hold it, but I really didn't want to get caught.  I aimed at the carpet in front of me.  Giggles greeted me from all directions.

I was not between the bookcases!  I was out in the middle of the library study area!  Four Asian girls were scattered around me sitting on top of tables.

"Billy boy! Billy boy! That's a nice cock!"

"Billy boy has a big beautiful cock!" A second girl giggled. 

"He's so cute when he pees on the floor!" A third girl joined in..

"Don't be so shy Billy!" The fourth girl called to me in flirty voice.  "We're going to christen you!" She spread her legs, and exposed her raw hairy pussy -- the others did too!

The girls giggled hysterically as arches of warm acrid pee hit me in the face and hair….


I awoke to find Ann sitting sideways on the bed playing with my hard erect cock.  "Billy, don't talk to the piss club.  Stay away from them!" She pivoted both legs off the side of the bed, scooted closer to the edge, and peed noisily onto the carpet.

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