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Shy sisters naughty toilet

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Shy sisters naughty toilet chapter 2

This part is in hazels point of view ps if u see theses ()It’s a thought in her head.

As I get in the car from a long day of school I put on my make up because it’s my birthday and I just know big brother got me something nice.as I stop at a red light my body jerked (noo I got to pee now) I try to hurry home making sure to follow the speed limit. As I pull into the driveway the car jerked for a final time.(no it’s coming out)

As I open the door big brother is ther sitting on the couch looking worried  I go to sit next to him but that was a mistake. as I sat down (I leaked!)I thought to my self as I sprang back up to go to the toilet.as I get to the stars i almost collapsed (noo it’s going to come out) i  turned my head to see a door open. it’s big brothers room with out thinking I enter his room inhailing deeply(his doors always locked it’s so clean I never knew) I look if any one can see me in his room when it came(oh no) 

without thinking I lower my pink shorts I wore to impress brother and my underwear as I  squatted down over his white carpet( oh no here it comes I I can’t stop)when I squatted down i began to piss on his carpet(such a naughty sister)i thought to my self it won’t stop as I began to relax the golden gates Bersted I became hot ,super hot (fuck this feels so good.but it’s so wrong) I hade a small orgasm pissing on my big brothers carpet I look and it’s going under his bed.

it’s letting up now and I need to wipe. I look if he has any tissues but I see non than I look at his bed and the thought came to me ( big brother sleeps on that if I wipe my soked pussy on his pillow he will be smelling my pussy every night )it was to tempting as I get up and put his clean pillow in between my legs the soft silk pillow sheet was better than i could have imagined (I still have to pee a little more)

as I relax in the pillow a little stream begins to flow (mmf that’s soo good)


I jump still peeing as I tern to see him

to be continued.....

Ps here’s a little thing u can do while I make a chapter 3 

In the comments Wright your oun part (for to be continued.....)

and we can right to story together try your best😁

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I’m actually looking forward to seeing more of what naughty fun the two sisters would be up to, the hidden toilets they could do and then the brother finding them later after he comes home from work or school. 

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I was a bit bored, so here you go. I have corrected some errors in the story so far (Don't worry, it happens to the best of us). You have a very good mind when it comes to writing stories.

Shy sisters naughty toilet chapter 1

Hello I am Dave. I am well built from my football days in college and living with my 2 sisters, Haley and Veronica. Haley is my shy younger sister, with light blond hair and hazel eyes. She is slim,  with a nice little peach of a butt, and self-conscious of her A cup breasts, with padded fillings for a B cup. She is just starting college. Veronica is your run of the mill slut, with her F cup boobs and a fat ass and scampy clothes. She dropped out of high school and is now working at a hooters bar near my house.

So today is Haley’s 20th birthday, and I wanted to get her something nice. I decided to get her a new computer because the computer she’s using is on it’s last legs, and she won’t speak up about it. When I got home, I took of my shoes and went to the living room, only to see Veronica sitting on the couch, in only her red bra and green panties. Sh was looking at her phone with a beer at her side and the room was littered with her food wrappers, and empty cans on the floor.


“What? I’m hot and the AC's broken, remember.“

“Well okay, but at least put on some shorts.”

”Don’t wanna.”

“Now and clean up this mess, I thought you had to work.”

“Got fired.”


”I peed on the bosses chair, 'cause he gave me more work.”

My hart raced at the thought of that and I got a little hard, however I was disappointed in myself because of it.

”Why did you do that?”

”I was sitting in his chair, had to pee, and just thought to myself "Fuck it" and did it on the chair. No regrets it was great.”

I was so dumbfounded, that I just ignored her and sat on the couch a little horny.

I sat down on the couch next to her, and grabbed the “beer” on the table. I put it up to my lips and immediately regretted doing so. I looked over and saw my sister laughing.

”Did that taste good?”

”No asshole, what did you do?”

“I got the whole thing on tape, even you getting a stiffy from drinking your sisters piss.”

I looked down and saw half of a hard on, and got super embarrassed.

“Delete it now!”



She just got off the couch and went to her room, leaving my mind running in circles.

Soon the door opened, and in came hazel, all shy. She went to sit on the couch all jittery.

“You okay?”


It became clear that she needed to pee, and it started to get me horny. Our house is a 2 story building, with the bathroom and shower upstairs, and our bedrooms downstairs. She got up, and I started to follow from my horny brain taking over. She started to walk to the stairs almost collapsing from desperation. I saw as she looked both ways and started to head into my room near the stairs. She entered my room and left the door open a crack. As I peeked my head into my room, I saw my usually super shy sister start to drop her pink shorts. Simultaneously she started to squat over the white carpet. "No she’s not gunna", I thought to my self. Ssssssshh, she slowly sprinkled a light  yellow stream onto my carpet, and with a sigh of relief it got stronger and stronger pooling into a large, yellow stained puddle, wave after wave making a river under my bed. She peed for a whole minute as it let up. She stood over my bed and grabbed my white pillow, wiping her pussy clean and putting my pillow back. It was so arousing. I walked in the room, and closed the door. She looks at me in embarrassment.


Shy sisters naughty toilet chapter 2

Hazel's POV

As I got in the car from a long day of school, I put on my make up because it was my birthday, and I just know big brother got me something nice. As I stop at a red light my body jerked "Noo I have to pee now", I thought. I tried to hurry home, making sure that I followed the speed limit. As I pulled into the driveway, the car jerked for a final time. No it’s coming out.

As I opened the door, big brother was there, sitting on the couch looking worried. I went to sit next to him, but that was a mistake. As I sat down I leaked. I sprang back up to go to the toilet. As I got to the stairs, I almost collapsed. "Noo it’s going to come out", I thought. I turned my head to see a door open. It was big brothers room. Without thinking I entered his room, inhaling deeply. His doors was always locked. It was so clean, and I never knew. I looked to check if any one could see me in his room, when it came.

Without thinking, I lowered my pink shorts I wore to impress brother, and my underwear, as I  squatted down over his white carpet. Oh no here it comes I... I can’t stop. I squatted down, and began to piss on his carpet. "I am such a naughty sister", I thought to my self. It wouldn't stop. As I began to relax the golden gates, I became hot, super hot. Fuck this feels so good, but it’s so wrong. I had a small orgasm pissing on my big brothers carpet. I looked and it had started going under his bed.

It was letting up now and I needed to wipe. I looked to see if he had any tissues, but I saw none. Then I look at his bed, and the thought came to me. Big brother sleeps on that, if I wipe my soked pussy on his pillow, he will be smelling my pussy every night. It was too tempting. I got up and put his clean pillow in between my legs, the soft silk pillow sheet was better than I could have imagined. I still had to pee a little more.

As I relaxed in the pillow, a little stream began to flow. Mmf that’s soo good.


I jumped, still peeing as I turned to see him.


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