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I am living with my parents. Can't pee clothes or home. What else I can do?

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I am living with my parents so I can't pee my clothes(the thing i want to try the most) or anywhere in house. What else I can do with this fetish to feel me good? Share your ideas and experiences please.

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The below thoughts are coming from someone who is not in to wetting clothes but maybe give you some ideas. Do you wash your own clothes? Do you have clothes washing facilities in your home? If you have clothes washing facilities in your home, don't already wash your own clothes, start taking over that task so you might wet your clothes then put them right in to the wash.

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Why not get some old clothes that you want to throw out (or get some cheap things from a cheap store or an op shop) and pee in them, then put the wet clothes straight in a garbage bag and into the bin. Then you don’t have to worry about washing anything. 

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On 2/16/2021 at 3:19 PM, sdsx373 said:

I am living with my parents so I can't pee my clothes(the thing i want to try the most) or anywhere in house. What else I can do with this fetish to feel me good? Share your ideas and experiences please.

Don't know anything about your age, your responsibilities, or your situation. Some ideas:

  • If you do your own laundry, you can go in your clothing before you take a shower or bath. You should have privacy in the bathroom.
  • If you live in an area where swimsuits are common, you can put on your swimsuit and go in that. It's designed to be wet so it won't be abnormal to find wet swim trunks in the laundry.

If you are ever by yourself alone in your parents' house, this becomes easier.

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Like p1ssputz said, we really don't know all that much about your situation.  Here are some options;

-Pee in your clothes immediately before washing them (assumes you do laundry).

-Pee into dirty laundry immediately before washing (assumes you do laundry).

-Pee into the washing machine before loading it (assumes you do laundry).

-Pee into sink when using the bathroom.

-Pee into tub or shower before turning on the water when bathing.

-Pee outdoors.

-Pee your pants when washing a car or watering a garden: you can claim the wetness was a "hose mishap".

-Pee into a waterproof container (think tupperwear) when you have privacy (in your bedroom perhaps).

There is a very specific clothing related option you could try (and would likely be able to get away with (even if you don't do laundry): wear lined tracksuit pants without underwear, pee slowly into the pants when standing.  Provided you pee slowly, the fleece or thick soft cotton (material like sweats are made from) lining will absorb the pee, while the nylon outer layer will prevent keep the outside dry.  FYI the seams in the outer layer CAN leak, so try to pee to one side or the other of the very center of the pants: allows any pee which isn't immediately absorbed to run down into a leg.  I've done this quite a few times: at three large pees the weight of the pee absorbed by the lining will begin to become an issue, at the fifth large pee the lining will begin to have trouble absorbing it all and you may have some running out at the bottom.  The lining can be dried out over several hours on a drying rack...because of the nylon outer layer smell doesn't become noticeable until about 15 large pees (without washing).


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I also started by peeing in the tub and in the shower. Look for other places you can go: sinks, drains, even the floor if you can clean it up afterwards. Pee in different containers: cups, pans, tupperware, bags.

If you insist on wetting, I think a thin underwear should dry overnight if placed on the radiator, or if you pre-dry it a little with a hair dryer after drying it with a towel, you can even hide it in your room, just make sure it breaths.

I see you're not a girl, but it might be useful for one: pee your panties when you're on your period. Then wash it in the sink and tell your family you got blood on it.

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