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Educating Amélie

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Nearly 24 hours and no reply?! That is criminal and a huge disapointment.

First of all, I want to thank you for writing such an incredible story. It is the hottest thing I have EVER read and your incredible writing skills put me right there in the story with Faye and Amélie.

Second of all I really enjoy how this story was sort of in two parts, first of all the desperate rush of Faye getting to the toilet in time and discovering Amélie's idea. But then the second part of Amélie coming out of her shell and making a video for Claudia!

I really enjoyed the dialogue in this story, Amélie's good but still imperfect English was wonderful and everything was so believeable. I literally put myself right there in the garden, watching it unfold like a fly on the wall.

Overall a simply fantastic story and you deserve much more recognition for it.

Please guys, leave a comment. It only takes a minute but it does so much for the authors.

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Thank you so much @Sophie - I'm so, so pleased that you like it.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much widespread reaction - I don't mean that in a negative way, just neutral.  I guess that the fiction section is a bit of a niche area(?) just like in real life - when we want to learn a new skill these days we perhaps look in a specialist magazine or search a clip on YouTube, but how often do we walk into a library to borrow a specialist book.  Similarly when we want entertainment, generally we may watch TV, or a movie, or play a video game, or browse a magazine - but how many people nowadays ever read a good fiction book?  Must admit I only really do on holiday.

So my point...  I don't feel disappointed and not disillusioned at all (phew I hear you say), but I agree it is disappointing to set out with the expectation that way.  I know my stories end up being lengthy, no matter how I try and perhaps that puts people off.  People will get bored if it's me writing Wet Carpet letters all the time.

 You know as well as I do that the realism can only come from the seed of a real situation - something experienced and relayed on. Beyond that fragment of DNA it's a matter of constructing a situation that could occur...  like modelling a dinosaur in the museum (who says they were all greedy-brown, why not purple with yellow spots or zebra stripes?).   If reading that story causes one person's heart rate to increase by a few bpm - if a guy reading it feels a slight hardening in reaction, if the lady feels a little tingle and resolves to have some 'me' time over it - then all in the world is perfect.  And if not, well I've enjoyed reading it and you have too.   Perfect.

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Fantastic story.   Somewhat different to some of the others on here, the originality makes it all the better.  

Your sense of detail is great at portraying the feelings of the girls and the imagery of the event.

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On 4/20/2020 at 4:12 PM, gldenwetgoose said:

[A fictional tale of two ladies with a bit of desperation, toilet peeing and outdoor wetting. Based on two real life people with names changed to protect the would-be guilty.]



The door banged back with a clatter, but that was the least of my worries.  At least there had been a cubicle free.  I don’t know what I’d have done if there wasn’t.

Anyway I was too busy frantically hoisting my black pencil skirt up around my waist with one hand and ripping down my comfortable pink cotton briefs with the other.  A powerful gush of urine jetted out of my peehole before I’d even managed to sit down, echoing off the porcelain before settling into a steady hissing flow. I don’t know what was louder - the sound of my long held wee, the gasping of me catching my breath after half running from the other side of the building or my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

What a day… My lesson schedule on a Thursday wasn’t great at the best of times, but between pupils wanting to speak at the end of morning periods, looking after a year 12 who’d then fainted at the end of lunch and an afternoon of back-to-back classes, I realised I’d been holding my bladder since morning break. Mostly holding I thought to myself ruefully as I examined the damp circle in my underwear. I wouldn’t be the first teacher to go home with wet panties in my bag.

Finally my desperately full bladder finally slowed its flow to a trickle, then after a last push to empty, I reached a length of toilet paper and carefully folded it to wipe. As I did so I became conscious of one of my colleagues in the next cubicle, the sound of their afternoon wee sounded so delicate compared to mine, just a discrete steady tinkling into the water below.  Sort of reminded me of when I was younger and more shy, trying not to attract any attention, especially if someone might hear me.

A few seconds later and the source of the cute peeing revealed herself, emerging from the cubicle to stand at the sink next to where I was washing my hands.

“Bonjour Amélie” I smiled, my heart leaping at the thought of that Amélie had been the source of such a cute pee sound not to mention that she’d been doing it literally just a few inches away, albeit in the next cubicle.

“Ah Faye, your French is perfect” she replied laughing.  “I think we were both very much in need of a wee-wee, Oiu?”

Clearly Amélie had had a ringside seat for my frantic near accident and had heard everything. The thought made me blush and subconsciously lower my head to break eye contact.  As I did so, my eyes came to rest on her phone on the counter top by the sink. It was unlocked with the camera screen showing.

“Erm…. What’s this….?”  I asked, looking quizzical and pointing to the phone, “No don’t tell me. Best not.”  Our school has very strict policies on mobile phone use, not only for pupils but staff too. I didn’t want to mention it there. Who knew, there may have been other listening ears behind one of the other cubicle doors.  Now it was her turn to blush as she quickly picked up the phone and popped it into her handbag.

“Seven PM, your place as usual?” I asked and Amélie’s face lit up as she nodded and beamed.



So that evening found me in my usual Thursday night spot, or sitting in Amélie’s kitchen sipping on a mug of tea whilst Amélie sipped away at a glass of chilled white wine.  French of course.  She claimed it was from her family’s own vineyard and to be fair I think I believed her.  It was certainly believable.

Looking across the worktop at her, early evening sun glinting on her shiny black hair I wondered if any girl could be more perfect.  How is it that European ladies seem so… what’s the word, elegant? Demure? Exquisite?   All those adjectives fitted perfectly.  She was petite, both in height and in stature with a tiny waist but great proportions.  Her white T-Shirt emphasised the shape of her boobs perfectly. I could see the outline of her lacy bra, but I’d bet they’d stay perfectly in place without.  And then there was her bum, well, let’s not even go there before I end up a gooey mess on the floor.

Is it wrong to be so infatuated with your best friend?  Not so much in lust, although that was no small part, but literally in love with her.  Of course I respected her situation.  She had an equally gorgeous girlfriend Claudia back in northern Paris and I knew how close they were.  And of course I’m a happily married bisexual, to a man precious enough to not object if I were to have a girl on the side.  I hate that term, it sounds so crass.

I was in a world of my own thinking about all of this, when Amélie broke the silence.

“Listen Faye, I know I can trust you, yes?”  Of course she knew she could and carried on without needing an answer.  “You saw that I had my phone out in the ladies lavatory this afternoon.  Please can that be our secret. Nobody else must know.”

I smiled sweetly back at her “Of course, I promise. I wouldn’t say anything anyway…. You know what the Head is like on phones during school hours.   But, erm do you mind me asking, were you taking a photo or something?”

Amélie repeated her question, “I know I can trust you, yes?”, this time pausing until I firmly assured her that of course she could.

“Well, you see it is for Claudia - it is a little, how do you say? pass-the-time that we have.  You see, last week when I had my wee-wee behind your car, well there is, erm, there is more than meets the eyes, yes?”.

Ah, last week, how could I forget….  Instead of our normal quiet chinwag, it had been one of the staff’s birthdays so had turned into a rather raucous night.  As we left the pub at the end of the night everyone said their goodnights and headed in different directions.

Just as we got to my car Amélie had confessed that she needed a wee.  I didn’t quite understand why she hadn’t just gone inside the pub, but hells bells. As it was I definitely wasn’t complaining at having caught sight of her very cute red panties around her knees, her very cute bum cheeks hovering just above the tarmac and her neat slit, the last few dribbles of her wee dripping into the very large puddle she’d just very delicately left between her legs.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally respected her relationship, but in fact the whole episode had driven me silently wild and wasn’t far off now either.

“You see” she continued, “Claudia teases me that she thinks I am too innocent and should be more naughty. I told you that I had never ever made my wee-wee anywhere other than a toilet - well Claudia also knows this and she set me the challenge that I must go pee somewhere new.”

“Wait, so you mean…” I started to say as the penny dropped.

“Yes, Claudia set the homework for me, she told me I must wee-wee away from the toilet.  So that is what I was doing last week. It’s true I was very desperate because I had not used the toilet in all of the night”.

I don’t know what reaction Amélie was expecting, but she seemed reassured by the huge beaming smile, hug and kiss on the cheek.

“And how does that relate to the mobile phone in the ladies this afternoon then?” I asked.

“Well after I told Claudia about my outdoor wee-wee she was very excited, and I think I was excited by it too….  But she told me she wanted to see photographs or video.  So this afternoon when I finished teaching I was needing badly to wee and I thought I would use my phone to record and send it to Claudia. But then you came into the bathroom in urgency I got shy and I could not do it.”

“So then, a challenge that remains to be completed!” I replied with a naughty wink.

“I’ve got an idea” I continued “Why don’t I help you. Last week I talked to you, calmed your nerves and made it possible for you to pee outdoors.  Why don’t I talk to you the same, also if you like, I can hold your phone and film for you if you’d let me. One less thing for you to worry about. How full is your bladder now?”

Amélie thought for a moment. “I think that could work. If you are sure you don’t mind. My bladder is getting very full, I knew it would need to be so I have been taking lots of drink. I think perhaps I might be ready to make wee-wee.

How do you think I should do it? I don’t know what to do.  Can you think of some ideas to help me?”



Ten minutes of very arousing brain searching later and I had a plan.  “Right, I’m going to need some paper and a pen.”

Armed with a couple of sheets of A4 I carefully folded and then tore the paper into pieces about the size of playing cards, and then turning my back so Amélie couldn’t see what I was writing. On the first few I listed a range of outfits:

  • Jeans and T shirt
  • Work Skirt and Blouse
  • Summer dress, no underwear
  • Lingerie only
  • Naked

Then on each of the other pieces of paper I wrote a location:

  • Standing in the bathtub
  • In the kitchen
  • Outside in the garden
  • By the car
  • In the park

Carefully I placed them face down on the table in their two groups and invited Amélie to pick one paper from each group.

“Right Amélie” I said, as she handed me the first and the third papers.  “Good news and bad news - you get to have a wee outside again in your garden. Bad news, you’re going to be wetting in jeans.  Think you can manage that?  Claudia is going to absolutely love it.”

Claudia wasn’t going to be the only one loving it to be honest, as I thought about what was to come my heart was racing and I could feel a delicious tingle as only a lady can.

“Are you ready, or do you need some more wine first?” I asked “Shall we do this?”

Amélie shield nervously at me, “Ok Faye - I think I am ready, I think I shall need a wee very soon. But first, come. Please help me choose my wardrobe.”



With that Amélie took my hand, her dainty fingers trembling slightly as she gripped mine and acknowledged the reassuring squeeze I gave her, and led me up to her bedroom. Opening her wardrobe doors she reached in, sliding coat hangers of skirts, work trousers and blouses to the side to reveal several pairs of jeans neatly folded over the hangers.

I reached in, sorting through the jeans - a pair of dungaree shorts had potential, some black smart jeans and then just what I was looking for.  I reached out a pair of faded stonewash blue skinny jeans. The sort with rips at the knees that always look a size too small. Perfect.

I turned round to ask what she thought and instantly found myself lost for words.  Standing just over an arm’s length from me, Amélie had dropped her black pinstripe work skirt to the floor. In front of me stood this vision of beauty, breasts pressing through her petite white T shirt and just a pair of white cotton bikini briefs below.  As I watched, hoping I wasn’t staring too much, Amélie hooked her thumbs into the side bands of her panties to pull them back up towards her waist. As she did so the white cotton crotch emphasised the shape of her pubic area. Looking soft and warm, with the cotton dipping inwards just enough to hint at her slit. No wonder they called it The Cleft of Venus.

It had been one thing seeing her peeing next to the car last week in the darkness, but now being faced by this vision with her double bed behind her was something else. In my mind I imagined stepping forwards, hugging and kissing her, placing one hand between her thighs pressing and rubbing the soft cotton into her labia, or even kneeling before her and pulling her knickers down before kissing and caressing her folds with my tongue, reaching inwards to play around a delicate clitoris…..

I realised I was staring just a little too much and at just that moment Amélie squirmed slightly crossing her legs and placing a hand delicately in front of her most private spot.

“I’m sorry” I blushed, “It’s just that you look, well, you look stunning”

“No don’t be worried” replied Amélie “It’s just with no clothes it is really making me need the toilet”.

Now there was a sentiment that didn’t make me feel any less aroused. Another thing that definitely promoted the arousal was watching her wriggle her hips and bum into the tight jeans which were indeed at least a size too small.  Not that there was anything visually wrong with that.

Her petite legs still looked perfectly shapely, the jeans made her cute bottom look even more pert and shapely than normal. Around the front the seam was clearly pressing deeply into her soft mound, again in no bad way.  As she drew up the zip and pulled the button closed I saw her wince slightly, feeling the waistband press upon her full bladder and watched as she squirmed and clenched a bit more.



Soon we were standing in Amélie’s back garden, her squirming more now.  I guess when you’re as perfectly proportioned as she is then there isn’t room for a huge bladder and the liquid she’d consumed only had one place to go.

I was standing opposite her, still entranced by what I saw. The warmth of the evening sunshine fell on our faces and shoulders, glinting through her hair just as it had in her kitchen an hour earlier. I had her mobile in my hand, camera mode on just ready to start recording.

“Are you ready?” I asked,  “It’s ok if you’ve changed your mind, I’m sure Claudia will wait for another day”.

“No, let us do it” replied Amélie, definitely feeling the pressure of a very full bladder.

So I pressed record and gave her a thumbs up.  Amélie half smiled and half grimaced, then straightened up and uncrossed her legs to stand with her bare feet slightly apart on the soft grass.  For a few seconds Amélie was silent and motionless, breathing gently, then for a few seconds more, before opening her eyes and looking at me.

“Faye, please, what shall I do. I want to wee-wee. I need to wee.  But I think because I have clothes on….”

“Ok Amélie, just relax” I said in my most calming and hopefully slightly hypnotising voice. “Close your eyes, ignore me being here. Feel the soft grass under your feet, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, ignore your clothes, ignore everything.  Feel yourself floating in a warm safe place, relax every muscle.”

Maybe this was going to work. Amélie certainly looked more relaxed. Only problem was it was working on me too, I hadn’t realised I was desperate but suddenly felt the need too.

“Feel all the weight lift off your shoulders, all your muscles relax, breath deeply and then relax your diaphragm. Now again and as you relax, also relax your tummy muscles. All those muscles that have been carefully holding your bladder….  Just take the weight off them, let them relax too, let the pressure ease,  let it all flow out…”

I was hoping my technique was working on Amélie, it definitely worked on me - just as I said ‘let it all flow out’ I suddenly felt my crotch become very hot and damp, suddenly followed by the same hot trickle tracking across one bum cheek before forming a rivulet down the back of my leg.

Obviously my gasp must have been audible, as Amélie opened her eyes to look quizzically at me.

I didn’t mean to destroy all my work, but somehow couldn’t help giving a little squeal as the words “I’m wetting myself too” crept out. With one hand still aiming the phone camera at Amélie I managed to lift my loose skirt up towards waist with the other.

‘What the hell’ I thought, kicking off my shoes and parting my legs slightly to mirror Amélie’s stance. Once damp I find it near impossible to hold any longer so instead I just relaxed. The trickle turned into a flow fully dampening my cotton panties, starting to drip and then flow and splatter onto the grass between my feet. I could feel splashes raining onto my calves as well as trickles down the inside of both thighs.

I lifted up my skirt a little higher, giving Amélie a glimpse of my wet cotton panties and making her giggle.  As she giggled I laughed at her, triggering her to laugh more and then in turn triggering her bladder to relax.  Somehow through all of this I’d kept the camera trained on Amélie’s lower regions and glancing at its screen I saw a small dark circle appear just where the jeans seam tucked under her pubic region.

Looking back at her my mind was distracted from the pee still cascading down my legs and was enchanted by the sight of the growing wet patch across the front of Amélie’s jeans, down both legs.  The denim darkened and then glistened as her pee soaked across and down the front of her legs.  Her face was a picture of wonderment and relief - for a girl who until last week had apparently never pee’d anywhere other than a toilet to then experience the feeling of all that hot liquid caressing over her most intimate area and across her bum and down her legs.

I was enchanted watching the wetness spread and watching her face so much that I didn’t even notice my pee dwindling to a trickle then a few drips.  Amélie’s to tailed off leaving to sigh deeply, placing a hand on her crotch and giving herself a firm squeeze. She was obviously blown away by the feeling, then her mind flicked back to the recording I was still making. She leaned forwards, blew a kiss to the camera and whispered “Je t’aime Claudia”.

With the camera down, we looked at each other for a moment before hugging tightly.

“Now Faye, we are both wet. I cannot explain how good it feels, but I think maybe you already know this. True? Yes?”

“I think it is time that I should take a shower.  I know that Claudia will not mind that I say this, but will you also take a shower with me?”



And that is where I’ll close and leave the rest of the story as a special moment between Amélie and I and shared only with my husband and of course with Claudia.

I can’t wait to hear what Claudia’s next challenge may be…


Dedicate to a very good friend S.

Piss shouldnt be wiped.

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On 4/22/2020 at 7:41 AM, gldenwetgoose said:

I know my stories end up being lengthy, no matter how I try and perhaps that puts people off.


Just so you know, for me at least long stories are what I'm looking for, and yours are some of the best around!  No need to shorten them.


I don't usually  reply to story threads, simply because I have nothing original to say and just writing another "me too" post seems a bit pointless.  I do always click the like button on a good story though.



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Thats incredibly kind of you to say that @arg08.

Don't know if you read my previous story 'Sealing the Deal' - it's even longer and a bit of a slow burn, but think you'll like it.

It was written around the same real life lady as Faye - albeit in a different role.  She's a member here who has become a good friend through chatting, so the character traits are pretty true to her, and it are those traits which lead to the situation she finds herself in.

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  • 1 year later...

I'm so sorry for not having.. Read this magnificent tale sooner!? 

To be honest, I hadn't even realized this great site h a d a stories-section.. my loss. But what a GREAT way to start reading here : I absolutely loved it! And what's that about it being 'too long'? As far as I'm concerned, this could easily become a series.

I don't know enough of the technical terminology of writing, but I can say that the whole story just.. 'fits together' somehow. It feels very natural and is easy to read, yet nowhere boring-on the contrary, I found it quite arousing! Not because of the words you chose, but because the characters seemed very much alive. 

I'm off reading one of your other stories now. Really looking forward to your next one! 

Thank you for sharing 

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7 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

You're all far too kind...   I really should put fingers to keyboard again.  I have a little bit of an idea developing...

This is one of my favorite stories of yours, and I am glad some new members have discovered it. I hope they go on to read your other amazing stories, and I eagerly await whatever you have planned next.

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