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Porta potty & outhouse

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12 hours ago, Alfresco said:

I have heard women pee in portaloos - it is always a bit different to hearing them pee in toilets as the pee is usually directed onto plastic rather than porcelain or into water.  That means that you get a kind of pounding, noise, which drowns out most other sounds.  Sometimes you can hear a hiss.   I like it when there is a row of portaloos next to each other and they are not gender assigned  - that means you have the opportunity to be in a toilet with a woman peeing in the adjacent toilet and you can hear reasonably well. 

Sometimes I think from the sound that it indicates that the woman is hovering a bit high over the seat to avoid touching it. I always imagine that she is spraying a bit outside of the bowl.   When toilets are not assigned to particular genders, it seems fairly common that I go into one and find splashes around the seat and on the floor.  

Having said that - I try to avoid using portaloos if at all possible - I would much rather water a tree or hide behind a vehicle to pee if possible.

Myself I enjoy go to porta potty, if it’s not stinky. Because you can hear so much of women peeing in portaloo. The craziest was the one men who was hiding in the tank and filmed.

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On 6/18/2019 at 1:33 PM, Alfresco said:

Having said that - I try to avoid using portaloos if at all possible - I would much rather water a tree or hide behind a vehicle to pee if possible.

I fully agree. It's all too easy to pick up a stranger's germs from using a porta potty. So I always tell my hiking partners to pee outdoors, if only for health considerations. 😉  

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On 6/18/2019 at 8:52 AM, Funner said:

Has anyone heard women peeing in porta potty or outhouse?


myself I have 2 times heard in porta potty.


I was on going to take a dump on porta potty. Then I heard door opening and closing. Opening the lid and taking off jeans. Then starts dribble hitting the bowl tank. Then starts gush hiss hitting the bowl with dribble sound. It was very nice sound that I don’t have heard before.


the another was. When one girl entered on side porta potty. Her stream started directly with hissing noise. It was very loud, I did got instant erection after that.


share your stories here or do you have watched women pee in outhouse or porta potty. That is my dream.

I saw a female piss on the ground next to a porta potty, and another piss behind a porta potty while her husband stood watch. 

The lady who pissed on the ground next to the porta potty went into the gas station first, which had no public restrooms. She rushed out, pulls her pants down and started pissing on the pavement next to the porta potty. She was kind of out in the open so she walked sideways in the squatting position into the darkness. 

She didn’t wipe, just pissed, pulled up her pants, got in her car and left.

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On 7/13/2019 at 1:08 PM, glad1 said:

I always tell my hiking partners to pee outdoors

Glad to hear it , more for the rest of us to see 🙂

As for the health issues, I've been using public toilets, and porta loos (pottys are what babies use here and are all portable) at events,  for most of my life and sit on them if I need to, and I've never caught anything.  Obviously I would caveat that by saying that I've never licked the seats 🤣

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