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  1. Pineapple on Pizza. Yes or No ?
  2. This one seems very hard. No idea at all
  3. Came across this randomly. Some discussion about pee play, squirt etc. And they predict piss play will be the next trend 😀😀
  4. Came across this bit on drunk girls peeing. Starts at 4:45ish But this guy doesn't seem to enjoy seeing women pee.
  5. Finding these kind of videos is very hard. Most of the forums have banned poop content and the ones that have allowed poop content is filled with scat videos which I hate.
  6. Thanks. Actually I'm following the forum for a quite a long time. But just realized that I have only commented twice so far .
  7. Same with me as well. Would like to see them desperate and having accidents. And smearing or doing anything with poop is a huge NO
  8. Great find. Some of the videos were excellent. Thank you
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