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  1. That's a long piss. Love doing that in public pools.
  2. Going again this afternoon with a full bladder :)
  3. I was there again last night and was surprised how many people actually pee in the jacuzzi. When the bubbles are on it's not really noticeable, but as soon as the bubbles turn off you can actually see a lot of yellow streams appearing in the water. I also had to pee several times as I drank a big bottle of water before going to the spa.
  4. No need to be drunk. When I have to pee during the night and I have a balcony room facing the pool, I just let it rain.
  5. Whenever I'm on holiday and have a room with balcony facing the swimming pool, I always feel the need to piss right from the balcony in the pool. Feels relaxing to pee in the middle of the night standing naked on the balcony and aiming the piss towards the pool. Anyone else doing that?
  6. I have to masturbate every day. On busy days it's a quicky though.
  7. I once did it but it started smelling in the sauna after I pissed there.
  8. I prefer a yellow stream though which makes it a bit more naughty. People might then actually notice I'm pissing and it might stink a bit.
  9. Another saturday evening at the spa. I drank a lot of water the hours before going to the spa. Pissed a lot in the jacuzzi and even in the sauna, but it was not yellow :)
  10. Yesterday I went again to the spa with the same friend. It was funny because this time he just started pissing in the jacuzzi and didn't ask where the toilets are :)
  11. It was 1 of the small jacuzzi's which only fit 4 people max. A couple was already in the jacuzzi so we were sitting pretty close to each other. The water wasn't very warm (there are others jacuzzi's in the spa with warmer water) so it definitely became warmer when he started pissing.
  12. Yesterday I went again to the same spa with a friend of mine. I've been to the spa several times in my life as it's very close to my house. We undressed and first went to the jacuzzi. Suddenly my friend asked where the toilets are. I started thinking because I actually never used the toilets in the spa. I said I really don't know because I always just pee whenever wherever I am. He hesitated but then decided to let it flow in the jacuzzi. I could feel the water becoming warmer around me.
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