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    Yorkshire England
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    Always into something different. Honest hardworking guy with some wild desires.

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    I love the fantasy to watch women pee and be peed on.
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    Watching and being played with at the same time.

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  1. It would be a great place to share 😏
  2. I have to say I’d be up for meeting someone but it would be after a few months in a neutral zone somewhere. We would walk, flirt a little and hold until can’t go anymore - the dream! (I’m based Yorkshire UK - if any ladies interested)
  3. I think I’d go with .. Lady Gaga Serena Williams Isla Fisher
  4. I’m hard and need to piss. IM gonna just hold and stroke
  5. I saw a reference on an amateur video. Great to be here and speak to like minded 👍🏻

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