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  1. You know, the end of that story is strangely hot. Hello and welcome. 🙂 Your dad is from Glasgow? Nice. Me, too. Well, on the outskirts if Glasgow, but definitely close enough to say that I'm from Glasgow. 😉
  2. Mostly, yes. I do have a couple of pornstars that I like to watch, specifically. If I mentioned one of them then I might get banned. 😛 It's funny, I have lots of kinks, etc, but watersports is the only one that i actively seek out, porn wise.
  3. Yep. I knew a woman (submissive) who was looking for a relationship like that. A hybrid of CNC with watersports. Where she wanted to be used as a toilet and pissed in, and on, on a 24/7 basis. Even if she was fast asleep, even if had the longest of craziest days and all she wanted was sleep, she would take my golden load in a way of my chosing. Even outside, if i felt my bladder tingling, she would gratefully sink to her knees and either get a golden face soak or she would quench her thirst with my golden rain. Whenever and wherever. Absolutely carte blanche. Alas, it turne
  4. Cool. Thanks for the in depth answer. All of a sudden I feel like I know you. 😛 Feelings are involuntary. Amazing he may be, but there's a reason why your feelings are splintered and even thinking of leaving him. It's really up to you. I've given you awesome advice. I won't even charge you. 😉
  5. Slightly off topic, but the hot topic of genital mutilation gets my goat. Why isn't circumcision classed as genital mutilation? I was chatting with an American woman about a year ago. She had a thing for guys with foreskins. I asked her the reason and she told me that most American men are circumcised. She said about 80%. That surprised me. I thought it was just a Jewish thing. Anyway. In Scotland circumcision isn't even a thing. So yes, I have foreskin.
  6. It's nuanced. Are you polygamous? (It's weird, the amount of poly women that I've been chatting to recently is insane!) Is it OK? Sure. Is it normal? Sure. The very fact that you're giving it a thought to leaving him, even a flicker of a thought, might be systematic of issues within your marriage. Even issues that you aren't conscious of. The women who I've been taking to are submissives: One of them is married (she's the primary sub) and her marriage is an unhappy one, which is why her husband has went out and collared a secondary sub. The second woman who is inv
  7. Without going into too much detail, I met my Twin Flame on YouTube (before YouTube was popular) In 2011. Like you, there were dozens of similarities. An abundance of shared idiosyncrasies, so many, I'm fact, that I lost count. Our lives seemed to mirror one another, from the formative years, so present day. We were alike in sensibility, sense, nature and character. We could spend hours talking about the most important things in the world, or nothing at all and time would pass like grains of sand through the gaps of your hand. There is no doubt that she is the other hal
  8. I'm into BDSM (Dominant) so there's a whole plethora of kinks that I'm interested in. As far as "taboo" kinks. Well, that's an objective and relative subject. I'm pretty much into anything, apart from scat, poly and animals. Anything else is fair game and will probably bring out the Dom in me.
  9. Yes. You'll have to pay me directly. 😉 Nah. If I do post them again, I'll do so in the "Men pissing" part of this site. Which is completely free to registers members.
  10. Oh really? Well, if you're nice and you wish upon a star, I might re-upload them. 😉
  11. No. I get it. Me, neither. I would only get satisfaction if the other person was getting off as much as I was. lol. Oh. Trust me, you shouldn't be embarrassed. If anything, they should be embarrassed for being so vanilla.
  12. Yeah. It was varied, from pissing on food, in a bath, making ice pee cubes, etc. I had a bunch of them posted here a while back, but I decided to take them down.
  13. Very hot. When I take videos, etc, I usually watch wetting videos, as I'm holding, and stroke my cock till I'm at full mast... and then I unleash!
  14. You should absolutely tell them! Imagine if they're into it, too. Just imagine the possibilities. 😉 If they're weirded out by it then you'd probably be better off without them. Kink shaming isn't nice. Yeah. It's a rarity, which is a shame, as it's fucking hot.
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