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    I'm a Dominant. Seeking a submissive female who is interested in pee fetish. Distance isn't an issue.

    Inquire within. ;)

    I'm a sapiosexual. There's nothing sexier than a big juicy brain! I get as turned on from intelligent discourse than I do anything else.

    I'm a total geek! Speak Snes, Mega Drive, Spectrum or Amiga to me and you've won me over! Also a massive Batman fan. Love the MCU movies, I consider them to be a cinematic triumph.

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  1. No. Never would. Why pay for something you can obtain for free... not that I would ever condone illegal activity...
  2. Hello and welcome to PeeFans! Although, I think "PeePals" would've been a far better name.
  3. You think? I don't know. I've never encountered or talked to one submissive that was arouses by anything to do with pee. Previous sub that I talked to called me a "Dirty bastard", even though she liked to be choked out. 😛 i think, generally, it's one of the main hard limits for people, even kinky people.
  4. Hours?! Wow. That is ridiculously hot! I must ask, though, what toppings are on the pizza and which soda? 😛
  5. Just tell them that you have uromysitisis poisoning and you might die if you don't pee when you get the urge. PS: This excuse may not work if they're fans of Seinfeld, as the disease "uromysitisis poisoning", is fictional.
  6. I know what you're saying, and yes, I agree with you. In an ideal world we'd all live in a peaceful, respectful world; a world where law and moderation aren't required and everyone respected and loved and cared for everyone else, irrespective of gender, colour and sexuality. However, this is not a perfect world. As long as human beings exist, this planet will never be peaceful and/or harmonious. You mention sanitation, etc. The only advancements that mankind has made, in the past century or so, is medicine and technology. Basically, though, the human mind is the same now, as it had always been, and how it'll always be. The human mind is at the mercy of the chemicals that it produces (oxytocin and dopamine). Maybe the internet and social media, etc, have shone a light on the generally mentality and intelligence (or lackthereof) of males.
  7. Well... Your intentions are good, but its a lot broader than just giving a few guys a dressing down. Go anywhere online, visit vanilla dating sites and you'll realize that 100% of the female population have, at one time or another, been subjected to unsolicited penis pics, sent to them from random males. Visit any town or city, all over the globe, and you'll hear stories of rape and sexual harassment, etc. The problem is that, generally, men are knuckle-dragging troglodytes. Look at Weinstein, Cosby, Epstein, etc. Give a man a whiff of power and he takes what he likes and he thinks himself above the law. Today, 1 in 200 men are related to Genghis Khan, because of his proclivity to rape. Look at Salem and the Witch Trials and the mass hysteria that lead to innocent girls and women dying. Your speech is sweet, but, I'm afraid, unless you are able to reconstruct DNA, you're going to have to live with the fact that the majority of males are schmucks.
  8. I didn't vote. I'd pee in all of the above. Plus I'd pee wherever I wanted to. From a full sink of dirty dishes, laundry basket, sinks, walls, doors, floors, carpets, clothes, cups, bowls, etc. Nowhere would be safe.
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply. I did post a video, but removed it after a few days. Call it a newbie reflex. I might upload it again.
  10. There's definitely no need to apologize for not contributing towards discussions. There's no obligation. Everyone has their own cross to bear, everyone has their own personal issues, which is why the old adage "Treat people how you'd want to be treated" will forever be relevant. Hopefully your stuff is less stuffy. 🙂
  11. Absolutely right. Apparently, though, there are some people (like the one above) who think giving people the freedom to troll is only way to progress human existence. People should be held accountable for abusive behaviour. Particularly online. It's too easy for people to sign up to social media, use a VPN, and go on a bigotted and racist onslaught, with the only punishment their account being bannes. Forums and social media should request ID for people to register.
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/angry-parents-slam-boris-johnson-22566121 The aforementioned epitomises exactly what I'm talking about: "Angry parents slam Boris Johnson for wearing baby carrier 'too loose' during highland getaway" Why do so many people care about stuff that has absolutely zero to do with them?! As a writer, honest critique is imperative and it offers a way of learning to improve. Being wrong, making mistakes, etc, is a divine experience, as it offers you an opportunity of growth and general improvement.
  13. Not really, Mr "cease and desist". So, either we've stepped into a courtroom or you're being pretentious? Perhaps some introduction would be good on your end? I'm confusing nothing. So, in your world, inquisitiveness goes hand in hand with honesty? Well, for a start, there's several degradations of honesty. Just because something is apparent, doesn't mean that it must be vocalized. If you met a mentally challenged person, would you come out and call them mentally challenged? Apparently, in your world of blanket honesty, you would. What separates man from beast is that man has the mind to discriminate between what has to be said and what doesn't have to be said. I mean, unless you're talking human beings that are on the Autistic spectrum. Well, the Kardashians are living in your world of blanket honesty. How do you think it's fairing? I'm as democratic as anyone, I'm all for free-speech and being completely as honest as possible, but man is born with sense of filtering the wheat from the chaff. If you're condoning that people should be able to say whatever comes to their mind, then it opens up a can of worms, especially when it comes to ethnic epithets. The very fact that we revere the works of Van Gogh, DaVinci, Monet, etc, would very much suggest that art has stagnated. Who do we have now? Tracey Emmen with her "Unmade bed"? How about Damien Hrst with his pickled sharks? And yeah, art does have a time stamp. The Expressionist movement lasted from 1905-10-20, and that's just one example. As a writer myself, I read Austen, Hardy, Bronte Sisters, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Dickinson, etc. Stephen King may be prolific, but a classic writer, he is not. How about the person who scribbled "50 shades of Grey"? You think people will be reading that in 50 years? Keats wrote “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, ", but I don't think he was talking about being a rude douchbag. You're talking about economics when it's been revealed that the globe's richest 1% own half the world's wealth. And if you're as smart as you think you are, discover sentence breaks. Reading one big block of text isn't exactly a nice experience.

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