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  1. Yeah. I know. I decided to delete them because of lack of interest.
  2. This is the main thing that annoys me about this place: This girl registered on 13th Feb, 2022. She only posted twice and only logged in once, and yet she has 18 followers. (I'd wager that her inbox Is 100%) Am I the only one who is weirded out by that?
  3. Empty bath... trying to fill it with piss... this might take a while... Who wants their windows washed?
  4. Hello and welcome. :) there's no need to feel ashamed, at all. This fetish is frickin' amazing and hot as hell! just embrace it and feel sorry for people who kink shame. :)
  5. Yep. Much easier to navigate the stream when erect. When it's flaccid, it's like trying to thread a needle with an out of control hose.
  6. Did you initiate contact with them? Honestly, it's best to post your ad and let them contact you. That's my method and let's just say that it works. Women get inundated with messages from guys, on a daily basis, personally, I don't want to add to their inconvenience. It's the same deal here, actually. I wouldn't dare presume that a lady wants me to initiate contact. Same goes with adding them to my favourites Post it on: bdsmpersonals
  7. Thanks to everyone who voted. I always thought that erect peeing was the most favourable. And i was right. Was close, though.
  8. Crepes, banana, maple syrup and the piss de resistance
  9. Hello David. 😀 As it's been said, this isn't really a dating site or a hookup site, so you can't post a personals ad. I suppose you could infer to looking for a woman on your profile page. Can't guarantee that it'll work, though. You'd have better luck registering to Reddit and posting on the subreddit: bdsmpersonals
  10. You should be glad, I'm a writer... I no words very good... :p Oh. I know. You'll be glad to know that you're now a part of an exclusive club. The first rule of PeeFand club is you don't talk about PeeFans club.... unless you really want to. :p
  11. "Pee-hornieness"? My new favourite word. ;) Yeah. I actually do get it. I was a major lurker before I decided to take the plunge and register. Not sure if it was a year, though, maybe 6 months. You definitely won't regret it. This is the nicest forum that I've been a part of. Besides, you use terms like "pee-hornieness", you're made for this place. :)
  12. Not in a good way. Christian Grey was an abusive dick. There's a reason why most people in the BDSM lifestyle loathe "50 Shades". The movie "Secretary" is a far more accurate depiction of the D/s dynamic, and whose protagonist is named "Mr Grey", funnily enough. Or not funnily enough, Mrs James is a plagiarist.
  13. Very cool. I'm into extreme fetishes, too. The more extreme the better.
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