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  1. I haven't worn underwear since my last year of high school. Wearing underwear is too uncomfortable. Let the snake breathe.
  2. No luck? I knew someone who sold pee material on "OnlyFans", even though it's against the rules. She did it "under the table", as it were. Last I heard she didn't get caught. Foot stuff on OnlyFans is popular. If you're into that.
  3. (Damn the spellchecker on the Fold3 sucks!) Yes. I take an erection pole. :p
  4. Hello and welcome. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. You can talk about things here that are too taboo to discuss in public. And girls peeing standing up is hot.
  5. Vanilla or kink? Online or offline? Online: I'm kink and I'm on Reddit (BDSMpersonals). Over the years I have had plenty of women initiating contact with me, therein lies the problem, all of those women weren't my type. They came majnly from the US and the UK. Most were in premium professions, such as psychiatrists, Surgeons, there was even a lady who worked in NASA for two decades. Neither were for me. The most recent women to initiate contact was from Scotland (where I am). She was a CEO of a major company and even sent me a clip of herself being interview
  6. I would try Reddit. There are a lot of selling places on Reddit. I used to be acquainted with a woman on Reddit who used to sell feet videos on OnlyFans and pee videos on Reddit. The amount of guys who are into foot stuff would surprise you.
  7. Yeah. Selfishness is toxic for a relationship. Even a relationship with a D/s dynamic. All relationships require a 50/50 give and take dynamic.
  8. Lots of couples don't realize the nuances of marriage. They just jump into marriage and relationships without a moment's thought. I hope the OP knows that he'll only get out as much as he puts in.
  9. Exactly. I've attended a few group relationship therapy sessions and you'd be shocked by how poorly the couples communicate! Communication, compatibility, respect and honesty are the pillars of a healthy and a happy relationship. You'd be surprised by how many relationships simply don't have either of those.
  10. lol. Well, I heard that it's a nice ass, so at least there's that. 😛 A Nursing home, too? Talk about a woman with many strings to her bow.
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