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    Love seeing women pee, starting to explore engaging in pee play more. Love to talk to ladies about their likes and experiences. I love watching, some self piss play, and occasionally outdoors.

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    Watching, playing with a female partner, self piss play, sometimes outdoors
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    Having an ex pee on my cock.

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  1. Syrinx

    Pride piss

    I really love all your content! Nice to see videos where it seems they're actually into what they're doing for once! So much sexier than the typical pee video 😊
  2. So I just happened upon this site as my interest in such things has re-emerged recently. Trying to find people on chat sites into pee is not an easy task though! I've been into pee stuffs as long as I can remember, had some experiences with an ex who was willing, but it kinda fell by the wayside until recently. Love watching, but will also engage in self piss play, outdoor pissing, and of course love having a lady partner to enjoy some naughtiness with! haha. I'm simultaneously shocked and happy that there is a community devoted to this interest and look forward to engaging and speaking with some of you all in the future!

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