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  1. Guys, I've been buying content from Bori for a little over a month. She's open to pee content and very accommodating. She takes good care of me.
  2. If I remember correctly, David mentioned recently that membership was going away soon as he was not getting back enough return to make it worth it. It's a few older movies available every month for download.
  3. awg2014


    The last time was last night. I will try again tonight.
  4. awg2014


    Am I the only one that is having problems downloading lately? On some videos, the CAPTCHA fails to load so I can get to the download link. When I do manage to get a download started, it fails halfway through. Streaming is also giving me problems with buffering or failing halfway through the video. Sorry, to gripe about something that's free. I'm just curious if it is just me having these problems.
  5. Kevin, I know you told me before to lay off of TVGuy, but the man has had over a year and produced nothing but excuses. That being said, someone else finally stepped up and started building a new one. Very little content right now, but it can be user edited. It's days old and already leaps and bounds ahead of the other project. http://the-pml.wikia.com/
  6. Dead in the water. He doesn't even give status updates anymore. I wish someone else would take it over and actually bring it back up.
  7. I've found more on the open internet than I have on the deep web.
  8. I came across this picture in my news feed on Facebook. Is it just me or does the girl in this ad look like she's about to take a desperate run to the bathroom? :laugh:
  9. I saw that too. It's good that there's an update but I'm not holding my breath. Especially since it took pretty much people with torches and pitchforks to get that update. It seems he's put the project in limbo.
  10. So how, and by whom, can that be done? It's obvious PML is now vaporware and we're not going to get an answer about it. I guess we need to move on.
  11. It's been taken over by the webmaster at HD Wetting. He doesn't answer anyone either. People keep asking on another site.
  12. Has anyone gotten a straight answer from anyone on when it's coming back if at all? Flo apparently doesn't answer emails. I wish Patches never sold that site.
  13. It's quickly becoming vaporware judging by that update. That really upsets me too because I had such high hopes for it to come back.
  14. So nobody knows anything? I bet it's not coming back at all since he said it would be back in July.
  15. This is my new obsession. A stunningly hot English woman. http://clips4sale.com/studio/95717/A-Splash-In-The-Pan#startingpoint
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