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    A guy who accidentally discovered my kink of watching women pee outside.

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    Seeing women pee
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    At one of my frequent "viewing spots," I noticed a college aged Asian girl get out of her car holding a handful of tissue, scanning around for a food spot. I notice her walk behind a chest-high bush, and stare around at other people there. We make eye contact, and I pretend to look away. When I turn back, she is out of sight. Recognizing my chance, I briskly walk around a bend, and see a rare and wonderful sight. There, she is, squatted with her shorts around her knees. She is facing me, with her butt so low, that I see her hairy pussy shooting out a strong, hissing stream, with her sighing loudly. She really had to go! After about 5 seconds, she notices me, and gets a horrified look. She says "I'm sorry!" She quickly stands and pulls her shorts up, and runs away. I came in my pants, hands-free!

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  1. How often do women pee outside, and do they usually try to hide?
  2. Your profile says you’re in Dallas. I don’t know specifically what you’re into, but I know GREAT place for outdoor pee sightings that’s about 45 minutes to an hour from Fort Worth. I discovered it accidentally during a road trip. PM me if you’re interested.
  3. In 2015, I accidentally found a spot that almost guarantees many sightings per day. I was in a road trip with a friend, and pulled off the freeway to pee. There was nothing open, so we both peed next to the car. We noticed several other cars in the area, and all had pulled off for the "bathroom mirage." On the drive home back by myself, I decided to stay in the area for a day, and was not disappointed! Yesterday, I spent the day there. 1. I notice a woman, 40ish, exit her SUV. Tall, slender. in a beige blouse, jeans, and boots. She lights up a cigarette and starts to smoke. A
  4. If you don't mind driving a bit, I know of a great one in SoCal. PM me.
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