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  1. oh no! fwiw - idk if the sole necessarily was of any particular relevance, i think it was just like, matching up enough area. Maybe a thigh or one's forearm/bicep could work similarly? lol this is all strange to type out - but best of luck to any attempters ^^"
  2. definitely, i got bored of using the toilet in my restroom and most of the time would just piss wherever in the shower it landed. idk why everyone doesn't do this - it meant i could focus on whatever else, like my phone etc, and wherever my pee went it went, and it was all good. or sometimes if i had nothing better to do i'd whip my penis around just for fun and bc i safely could lol beats holding it in one place and watching the stream carefully to keep it centered in one little hole!
  3. hey, i've got a fun, less-common answer to this question! as a guy w/ a penis, i learned how to masturbate in what i think(?) is a pretty unusual way - with my left hand i'd hold onto my penis with a few fingers, and rub the lower (like, facing the ground) side of it against the sole of my right foot. Just back and forth a bunch, until i'd cum. it wasn't until i looked up porn i realized you can do it w/ just your hands lmao - that made it so much easier to aim where i squirted, and meant i could play with myself with just one hand, while doing whatever else with the other. so i pretty
  4. i had bún măng vịt at a restaurant and thought it had a distinctly pissy smell - probably from the bamboo. absolutely wonderful dish - if we weren't on a pee fetish forum lol i'd give their name and recommend them. i certainly wouldn't call it dirty, gross, anything like that! it wasn't 'off' or bad or really any negative word i could think of - just nice in that comforting, familiar way pee can smell nice. it's a perfect light hot noodle soup for summer - if any place nearby you serves it i'd vvv recommend giving it a try!
  5. I really like Jasmine J's videos! https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1004279836/JasmineJ9966/Store/Videos/ Her clips might be some of the most expensive on the site lol, but she gives a lot away in the free previews~ (edit: some of her public peeing videos are like, really public)
  6. oh very cool, will do! Lmao ngl i'm honestly considering filling a super soaker with water & a bit of dye, putting a camera on a tripod and testing what setups give me the most visibility ^^ Def gonna check out some umbrellas too - they seem a lot less cumbersome than those giant domes i'm used to lol
  7. omg thank you so much for all the incredible detail!! I definitely can't respond to every single point lolol but i'm def screenshotting this & taking many mental notes~ In particular, the arrangement of lights is something i struggle with, so your recommendations on where to light bare vs diffuse should be incredibly helpful! I'd say you and i have a very similar idea in mind of what sorta shoot we'd want to pursue creating - ideally, i love the thought of depicting peeing as something "relaxed" or maybe "intimate" more so than necessarily sexy or shocking.
  8. i've always wanted to take a picture of someone peeing - and i mean with a camera, lights, studio quality - not just a phone ^^" i'm definitely not unfamiliar w/ operating a camera - working photo/video is literally my day job, but something i haven't yet done is a job involving capturing flowing liquid in a way that shows a stream, but also wide a wide enough field of view no one's face would be blurred out. has anyone tried this, or anything like it before? is it cool if i ask for advice? ofc i don't have any leads just yet on models who'd want to collab on this w/ me, but just in c
  9. omg i've never before thought to use the second door for privacy - that's a great tip & should make peeing on the job so much easier lol ty~
  10. Speaking from experience - as long as you're decently hydrated, you should be fine to wet your seat, even if it's cloth - as long as once you get home you towel dry the seat you pissed on, pressing down on the towel with all your body weight, and then following up with a second sightly damp towel, and squirting about a quarter-sized dollop of unscented body soap and shampoo to work in with the wet towel. Then just leave your windows cracked and after a day, there won't be any stains, any smell - it'll be just like your seats got a bit wet from getting in in the rain. Am i suggestin
  11. https://fetlife.com/users/7791395?sp=1 ...and i'm so in love w/ what she sends me i asked if i could write her a review. i'd bought a couple of normal use pairs from her before i felt comfortable mentioning pee, and luckily for me lol she was totally okay with making this fantasy happen for me~ shipping is like three days, and she always double-bags them so when i open the package, they're still literally WET - like not just moist or damp, but it's like she wet them just a few minutes ago. and maybe this is a strange thing to say but she always has the best smelling pee ❤️ her pan
  12. idk if this counts as a road trip exactly but i've definitely pissed between customers back when i was driving for those rideshare companies whose names i don't wanna mention..... my fav drink to buy at gas stations is these lemon sparkly waters that come in 1L bottles - sometimes i'll get two at once - and when you're drinking that much & driving for ~8hrs.... eventually something's gotta give sometimes i'd drop a customer off from a 45minute ride that's in the complete opposite direction of the city - having to hold it the whole time & then realizing there's no gas stations
  13. hey huge thank you to everyone who posted in here - between then & now i actually found a girl who's gonna make this happen for me & i couldn't be more excited~ if anyone's curious, this is what i ended up going with for the bottle - https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32959928793.html I'm gonna order it soon, i'll let y'all know if it turns out as expected. it really is a combination of all y'alls contributions isn't it? as for who I'm buying it from, if anyone's curious DM me if you want her contact info - i'll ask if she's looking for more customers but i think she's defini
  14. holy shit that's impressive y'all are making me curious to try
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