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    Better to be pissed on than pissed off! Laid back (but hardy shy) professional with a great career and family. 13 years have passed since I decided to embrace my kink as a happy part of my life and what a joy it’s often been. Looking back I cannot think of much I haven’t done with piss and weird sex in general but I’m not giving up.

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    The naughty aspect mostly. The warmth is a nice bonus.
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    So hard to choose a favorite! Getting soaked by one of my fwb's through the moon roof of her 2016 Mercedes S550... is definitely up there.

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  1. Update: I know it’s been a couple weeks and I wouldn’t blame y’all for forgetting about me one bit, but I promise I haven’t forget about y’all! I caught the flu right after thanksgiving. I’m finally better, but holy damn it was hell on earth. Flu shots are your friend!! I still have one of the guitars (mine) but haven’t had the motivation or often even ability to do anything let alone document it. I haven’t pardoned it though, so it’s got an unfortunate future in store for it rest assured. I’ll think of something really good for it and break out the good camera gear. Hopefu
  2. Hey guys, sorry I left you high and dry. Got caught up in the chaos that is Thanksgiving with my extended family on the other side of our annoyingly massive state. I'm finally back home and back to the daily grind... I will see if I can throw some pics up after work. I appreciate the thoughtful comments always, and in light of the recent (U.S.) holiday I feel I should express just how really, truly THANKFUL I am to have like-minded souls such as ya'll out there all over the world with whom I can share this sort of thing without fear of anyone telling us off for pissing in a couple of guitars.
  3. So a few days ago my best friend dumped her boyfriend and told me she had thought about pissing right inside his acoustic guitar just to be petty. Naturally I convinced her to go through with it. I wasn’t there to see her do the deed, but from the way she described it I missed a good one. I couldn’t stop imagining it... until finally a bold idea hit me. That night I met her at her house after work, and I had my own Martin guitar with me. I never play it much, partly because it’s a really nice guitar and is still like new. Well, lol, it was 48 hours ago anyway. She kept asked if I was ab
  4. A lucky man, for sure! Does he enjoy it? What’s the “most wrong” thing you remember pissing on? Is there anything that is totally off limits?
  5. Here are ten questions open to all members of both genders. A kind of peeing interests questionnaire. I think the responses might be interesting. I. What is your favourite peeing fantasy? Luxury hotel suite and exotic car rental for a week in Vegas. As many girls invited to stay and party. Toilet is off limits. Cleaning deposits budgeted for. Nothing and no one remains dry. 2. What is your hottest real life peeing experience? My ex and I staying at her giant house for a weekend, seeing how many different things we could do involving pissing. The maid quit the following week
  6. One of my favorite things is when a women takes control and carelessly disrespects or violates my property in whatever manner suits them. Well, I have rare and almost mint condition Twin Turbo Nissan 300zx. It's a highly sought after vehicle since not many were made, and is one of my most cherished possessions. At the time, I had already sacrificed a couple of daily drivers in the name of wet, impulsive sex (by then my Mercedes was a seasoned piss-whore thanks to my ex-gf and I)...but never the Z. It only saw the light of day once or twice a year and hadn't felt actual rain its entire life. Go
  7. Entire hotel room (bed chairs fridge microwave TV safe curtains ironing board drawers Gideons Bible and AC unit) Clothes in dept store changing room (that I put back on the shelf hehe) Interiors of my cars and two of my girlfriend’s cars. At least two rental cars. Billiard table with my last girlfriend. Grand Piano while house-sitting for a friend's parents.
  8. Not sure if it was the craziest (I’ve done some pretty wild shit) but it’s up there. A few years ago I was staying the weekend with a girl I was dating. I was 27, she was 21 and lived at her mom’s- who was out of town for the weekend. This was a glorious opportunity, as her mom was a a typical strict and overbearing Jewish single-mom who also was not very fond of me at all. We fucked all day Saturday and all over the house. Her mom was pretty into interior decorating, so the house they both shared was full of really nice furniture. We fucked on most of it. At one point we were bangi
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