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  1. I follow twitter.com/GirlsLovePee and that already aggregates almost all the IDs given above.
  2. what are the websites bro? i cant find any with bing search or google search..
  3. Any recommendations?
  4. I have felt woozy many times when I pee standing so i default to sitting at home. Outside home I use the urinal.
  5. Sorry to bother you in a 5 year old post. These links dont work now. Any idea where else I can get these epub versions or even text or html?
  6. Oh yeah i have done that too sometimes. but my wife is a bigger woman so her thighs also become wet which i dont like.
  7. We used to piss play a lot many years ago but she was not enthusiastic about it. It was always under the shower and it took a lot of effort for her to start going. She allowed me to keep my hand in the stream or put my face. Once I drank a sip. Nothing after that. Today we were making out and during 69 she suddenly said she had to pee. I got too eager so she started saying no and that she would only go in the bathroom. After much cajoling she agreed to put the quilt (comforter for americans) on the floor and squat over me. I did not expect the quantity that came out this time. She had worked o
  8. Very common. Indian houses mostly have one toilet and one bath room. Bathroom has one drain in the corner. Even if the bathroom and toilet are together it is more convenient for women to squat and go on the floor and for men to stand and pee into the drain.
  9. https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/30254 Some other erotica were removed from gutenberg but this is still available
  10. Gutenberg has removed this book. Can't believe they have also purged these 😞
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