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    Mad about women peeing for as long as I can remember . I also like my women on the mature side with pubic hair. My partner is not in to pee, but indulges me with a golden shower occassionally.

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    Golden showers, women peeing standing.
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    Golden showers given by my partner.

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  1. Unfortunately all the decent chaps on the site will already have known and respected this. The non decent chaps (aka assholes) will completely ignore this, or at best not get past the first line. On the upside at least the rant will have provided a cathartic experience🙂
  2. Wow! What a coincidence. I just posted a clip of myself drinking the wife`s. She is not a fan so I have to catch her in a good mood.
  3. If you still have space in your group. I am in👍
  4. You might have more luck using the word Natursekt.
  5. Online. I know thats not much help, but I just tried searching pissing clubs and any variant of those words.
  6. I have seen clubs of this sort advertised, but I think they would most likely to be in Hamburg.
  7. beergut64

    Sex Bizarre

    No 39 has to be my favourite I have the scans.😁 I use to dream about discovering somebody had recorded it on film.
  8. They are posted in my reply to Sweets.😃 Jap
  9. This is the one I am sure I have posted before, and a more recent failed attempt. Needless to say that are there for anybody who wants to watch them. Enjoy! or not, which ever applies.😃 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hk4lnjcs8rd8t64/Drink 2.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cg9r1aq2jje4qc/Kitty.mp4?dl=0 Jap
  10. I have tried this with the wife several times, the main problem being she cant piss when I am licking. So I have to let her start pissing first then hastily dive in tongue first, the problem then being I just want to let flow over my face, I have two clips of me attempting this if anybody wants to see them.😍
  11. I am constantly amazed at how much Frankie can put out, from such a diminutive frame. She really looks like she is in to it too, and not just there for the cash. It puts me in mind of the Color Climax loops of the 1970s, where it gave the impression from the film that everyone had just met up for a laugh 😂 The Sneaky pee clips look quite natural as well in my opinion. Cheers ta Jap
  12. Great urinal thread Sally. Thank you😎

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