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  1. Had a great conversation over the weekend that reminded me if what got me in to this as a youngster. We were attending a birthday party for our kids who are at a potty training age. So the topic of such is very candid and open amongst the parents. I was talking to one of the moms. Mid thirties. Red head perky c cup milf. I made a joke about how I trained my kid to wizz in the yard. My wife scoffed at me that only boys could do this. About that time my wife went to get us more drinks and the redhead mom said very candidly that it’s easy for girls to pee in the yard. And that since she
  2. I recall a time while hiking at a state park called Enchanted Rock. It's basically a large natural granite formation. The girls said they needed a piss and wandered off from the group. They were all in bathing suits with gym shorts over them. When they were walking back they were giggling about having to "drip dry" a couple of them had visible wet patches as it was clear they hadn't removed their swimsuits to pee. It was incredibly hot to me, but being in mixed company I had to keep it to myself.
  3. This is the exact reason golf course designers put trees on them.... lol. Can't say I haven't hung it out off the golf cart on the way to the next hole though. It's fair to say it depends how many times the bev girl has been to visit with beer.
  4. Selling dope is a felony in Texas, with the exception of small quantities of herb. Texas law allows use of deadly force in stopping felonies, e.g. rape/robbery/murder. Some dumbasses take it too far and end up spending their life savings on legal expenses. Sadly in this situation the urinator displayed a firearm. Have to say if I were standing in that street, dude pissing or not, he wouldn't have survived the ordeal for displaying a firearm in my direction. Also, to be honest he could have been more discreet about finding a place to piss.
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