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  1. slade310

    Pee plus...

    I love women peeing but I was wondering if anyone else likes other aspects added to it. I like seeing hairy women pee, chubby women, chubby and hairy, and women peeing on other women's feet, Am I the only one who openly likes joint aspects to a woman peeing? Let me know.
  2. I am soooo bored. People don't really communicate here. What a shame.

  3. I miss the taste of a woman's warm pee filling my mouth and then swallowing it. I love that. It's been way too long.

  4. slade310

    Steve's sexy nude of the day

    She's the type of woman I would make sure is happy all the time. Unbelievably beautiful.
  5. slade310

    Steve's sexy nude of the day

    Asian women are so beautiful.
  6. slade310

    Going for Gold?

    My feelings exactly. Love to see the yellow but the lighter tastes better.
  7. slade310

    woman's bare Bottoms

    What an exquisite woman.
  8. slade310

    woman's bare Bottoms

    When a woman spreads her butt I want to lick it deeply. So sexy to see that.
  9. Michelle Rodriguez for sure, Mila Kunis, Amy Adams, the woman who played Foara in Man of Steel, Gal Gadot, Kate Beckinsale(love her so much), Marian Coutillard, Ellen Page, Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Connelly, Sandra Bullock.
  10. slade310

    Why i like it.

    Exactly. Perfectly stated.
  11. slade310

    Steve's sexy nude of the day

    Wow!!!!! Gorgeous!
  12. slade310

    Mixed pictures of me

    There's always interest. Thanks for sharing your beauty.
  13. Watching pee porn and wishing I were a part of it all. Have a sexy day.

  14. slade310

    woman's bare Bottoms

    Those were very wonderful.
  15. slade310

    Famous Babes

    What a gorgeous woman.
  16. slade310


    Highly agreed accept for the arousing part.
  17. I'm in such a mood right now for a woman's warm pee in my mouth. Lately I've been in the mood so often. Hoping to have some wonderful pee experiences very soon.

  18. I agree completely. I see the chat box on the main screen and not many people either use it or reply to those trying to make friendly connections. I also came here from peesearch because I was told it's more interactive. I came to discuss the subject we c all have an affinity for and see what others think about it. Yes there are forums and things but the chat part is more social and shows an effort to be closer to some degree.
  19. slade310

    Being Naughty "both ways"?

    What in the world are you talking about? Not funny at all especially since you don't know me. Don't forget that.
  20. Today is a nice day off from work. It'd be even better if it were spent with a lovely woman peeing and making love.

  21. slade310

    Being Naughty "both ways"?

    We all regret things we do in the heat of the moment but luckily there weren't any consequences. If you enjoy doing something or watching videos of certain things, go for it. I admit I am currently looking up videos of pee and scat. I said it in this open forum, I like watching both. Anyone who feels differently or is disgusted by that is welcome to those feelings adn I hope we can all still be friendly towards each other. Never be ashamed to be who you are. You never know if you'll be lucky enough to find an amazing person who also likes these things as you do.
  22. slade310

    Mixed pictures of me

    Love these photos. I bet you look great using that dildo. Highly appreciated and admired.
  23. slade310

    Being Naughty "both ways"?

    Yes. Thanks for also feeling the same way.
  24. slade310

    Being Naughty "both ways"?

    Smearing ruins it for me as well.