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  1. Sephora

    Who can find me?

    I went to see U2 last night with my best friend and on the way, I took this picture. Who can locate part of me?
  2. Sephora

    Urinals in Girls Bathroom

    I would use them, i have once tried in the mens. However, my hubby says that some were designed for women and apparently they are being used in some country. Most women I know, want a seating toilet and see's no reason to change. I would have to say, when I take a shower at the sport center, i need to cover myself up because there was this policy that was applied concerning women walking naked in the locker room. Seriously, i don't understand the fuss over this non sense.
  3. So my hubby had asked me to drink a lot of water and to hold it in. I am not sure how long i can hold it in, not too long I hope. Besides i already drink a lot of water during my day. One thing i have noticed, when i do consume wine and have a few puffs of mary jane, i can hold it in much more than normal. Why i don't know. However, i might just try that combo again and see.
  4. Sephora

    I just received a request..

    Ohh i had no idea it is bad for men. I know i have tried the stop and go and the feeling doesn't do it for me. I believe its why, once i start, it doesn't stop
  5. Hello Friends How I start off my summer, by having my fridays off. 1. Which means spending more time with my husband who has this ridicules schedule. 2. Going for my morning jog/run while everyone else is working 3. Also, I am going to camping this weekend with 2 of my friends which my main drink will be mojitos What will you be doing for your summer?
  6. Sephora

    My Summer Has Started

    Yes your right, I should have remembered myself.. We must have peed a dozen times each and it was after. Maybe they picked up our sent lolol
  7. Sephora

    My Summer Has Started

    Not sure, however, we have marked our territory by peeing lolol funny, it does not work against male humans as 2 guys came by to ask for directions.
  8. Sephora

    My Summer Has Started

    Allo from the north, deep in the woods. Well, my friend is totally passed out, she partied too hard last night and is having troubles recuperating. So am I but not as hubg over. Here, i took pictures of my surrounding..
  9. A few days ago I turned 30 years old My husband had made a suprise BBQ bday and pool party. It was the best bday party ever. I walked in and made my to the kitchen and hear a roar and saw friends in their swiming trunks and bikinis holding drinks. I was not expecting that at all. We were about 40 people and most were pissed drunk by supper time, including me hahahaha
  10. Sephora

    Who can find me?

    Exactly! It is the main street in Mtl and I just happen to noticed the store logo.
  11. Sephora

    Who can find me?

    Yes, on the second night.
  12. Sephora

    Questions only

    Hahahaha, I don't really hold back, the best advice I can give you is to turn your head to one side and hope for the best.
  13. Sephora

    Questions only

    Oh my, thank you for that compliment. I must say that i do have a spicey sex life. In my case, I have a husband that enjoys golden showers and watching me pee in public. I believe, as long as people are happy with their sex life, thats what matters in the end.
  14. Sephora

    Questions only

    Ohh, lolol I forgot about that one, and yes, that's me flooding my husband, and the floor. I thought it was the video we took and not a picture So you like tall amazonian women I see, Brutus, if it's something that you desire and you are willing to get dominated with a torrent shower. Unfortunately there won't be any mercy from me and you will need to face whats coming to you. I would ask you the same question I ask my husband, how long can you hold your breath for?
  15. Sorry to go off topic, if men have a full bladder and sneeze, do you ever wet yourself? To me, it's the most annoying thing
  16. Nice story Brutus and no its not hard to believe as i can relay to this. If we need to go badly, there is pressure against the bladder, even more when squatting, i can confirm that. And once it starts, the relief feels good.
  17. Yes, more than average, my sister is 5' 10 almost 11 inches
  18. Sephora

    Do you have a celeb crush?

    Jason Momoa, omg he can ask me to do anything to him
  19. Hahahahah omg, wow, talk about research. I am 5 foot 9 inches, more toned and it can be somewhat loud, squatting or sitting. Now your saying that pregnant women its hit or miss. great!!
  20. Sephora

    Do you have a celeb crush?

    If i was going to add a small list of actors i do find hot, they would be: Tom Hardy Chris Hemsworth Jason Momoa Michael Fassbender
  21. That is an interesting story Brutus. Do you know or anyone else knows if the womans build and size might effect the way the pee? Personally, i can't tinkle even after trying.
  22. Sephora

    What are your favorite full bladder challenges?

    I look for a place to go asap. Too many accidents has happen to me.
  23. Sephora

    Measure your pee

    Well someone defeat me. Congratulations!
  24. Sephora

    Please Read:

    Thank you Brutus