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A Leaky_One story from the Girls at Work series

Vickie in the Comms Room

One day it struck Vickie as being strange the amount of time Kath had been spending in the Comms Room. Following on from the time when she had realised Kath was using a sink bowl in the Ladies to pee into, and then instantly done the same herself, Vickie wondered if the two were related. Putting down her coffee cup, Vickie decided she would have a look in the Comms Room for anything that may indicate that Kath was actually relieving herself inside the large room. After opening the door and entering inside Vickie quickly surveyed the room for any tell tale signs that Kath had just been to the toilet.

She almost was about to give up when she suddenly spotted the slight change in colour on the carpet in the furthest corner of the room. Bending down, Vickie tentatively reached out and put her hand on the floor. Sure enough the carpet was damp and Vickie realized she had found the spot where Kath had let down her jeans, squatted over the floor and done her piss over the carpet. Standing back up, Vickie gazed at the carpet taking in the size of the discoloring on the floor, weighing up how much pee Kath had squirted out over the carpet.

It was almost without conscious decision that she started to undo her own pants and slide them down her legs, along with her white knickers. As soon as her clothing was down to her knees she squatted down in a crouching position over the damp stain on the floor, her own exposed bum cheeks and hairy fanny now only inches away from the mess on the carpet.

It only took seconds for Vickie to start doing a pee of her own. From out of her hairy muff suddenly started to spray a golden yellow jet of hot piss, leaving her crotch and spraying over the already damp floor. The feeling of relief was ecstasy as, from between her legs, her yellow spray of hot piss sprayed out of her muff and all over the already drenched carpet.

Vickie peed over the damp carpet for several long seconds before the arch of piss leaving her cunt began to droop as she neared the end of her piss. After doing one last squirt of piss over the floor, she finished her pee.

Standing up she quickly covered her private parts from view and then took a step away from the piss-sodden spot on the floor. Looking back she saw that the stain on the floor was still not that noticeable unless you were looking for it and see realized that the Comms Room floor was the perfect place to go for a piss in the future.

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A Leaky_One story from the Girls at Work series....

Tonia and Vickie

It had taken a while for the two girls to realize that they were sharing the secret hobby of having a pee in places they shouldn’t. Vickie had thought of Kath as being the only girl in work besides herself who went for a pee outside of the loo, either doing her piss in a sink bowl or over the floor in the computer room. But one day when Vickie had gone into the Comms Room for a quick pee over the carpet, she had discovered Tonia squatting half naked in one corner of the room, with a hot jet of piss spraying out of her hairy black pussy and issuing over the carpet.

Vickie had remembered how scared Tonia had been at having been caught pissing on the carpet. It was only when Vickie had pulled her own pants down and adopted a similar position that Tonia calmed down. Tonia was just about to say something to her, when suddenly a thick jet of hot yellow piss erupted from Vickie’s own cunt and started to spray over the carpet in a similar manner to the golden shower leaving Tonia’s pussy. The two girls squatted in silence whilst they did their respective pisses over the floor. Each of them was quite conscious of the yellow spray of piss leaving the others muff and how they must look doing their own pee over the floor.

After this episode both girls became close pee pals, finding newer and more daring places to go when they needed a pee.

On one occasion the girls pulled down their pants and knickers in the large Ladies cubicle and held up paper cups to each others muffs, whilst they then proceeded to pee. The cup in their own hands would become all warm as the opposite girl squirted her pee into it, whilst at the same time they could return the favor by pissing into the cup held up to their own pussy.

Another time in the ladies, Vickie showed Tonia how to pee into the waste paper bin by holding the opening down to her muff and proceeding to do a piss into it. Tonia watched as the honey golden stream of wee issued out of Vickie’s fanny and sprayed in a flowing arch away from her crotch and into the bin’s innards with a soft pattering sound.

Vickie had such lovely white buttocks and such a tight brown triangle of pubic hairs that Tonia thought she looked great, as she relieved herself into the bin.

As soon as Vickie was done peeing, she allowed the bin to rest on the floor again and then stepped back to allow Tonia enough room to undress and lower the bin down to her watching mass of pussy hairs. Vickie had not even managed to cover her bum with her knickers before the loud patter of Tonia’s piss stream impacting against the side of the waste paper bin caused her to look up. Sure enough, a strong golden gush of hot piss was emanating out of Tonia’s pussy lips and shooting into the bin held down to her crotch.

Sometimes when the girls were working at the weekend they would have a competition to see who could do the longest pee. Going into the Ladies, they would pull their pants and knickers down and then go and squat their naked bums over a sink bowl each. Then when each girl was ready they would put the plug in the hole, spread their legs and proceed to take a piss into the sink. As they relieved themselves, the bowls would fill with a growing pool of yellow piss, slowly climbing up the sides and getting nearer and nearer the bum cheeks of the girls doing their piss. Between both girls legs, the yellow stream of pee would come squirting out, impacting against the white ceramic and then flow down under their bum holes.

Tonia always seemed to win these competitions. On one occasion the sink bowl was so full of yellow piss that it had started to drain down the overflow. Vickie couldn’t get over how much one girl could pee having only half filled her own sink bowl with her own pee.

Not to be outdone by Tonia’s incredible bladder hold, Vickie suggested a new competition.

Squatting down, side by side, in the Comms Room the girls had agreed to see who could pee the furthest over the carpet. Vickie started to pee first, allowing her squirt of piss to come trickling out of her pussy until Tonia had started to pee as well. As soon as she could see the golden stream leaving Tonia’s pussy, she started to squeeze as hard as she could, watching with a growing thrill as the shower of piss she was doing over the floor began to grow and grow in distance. By her side, Tonia’s piss stream was also stretching across the carpet as both girls tried to out-pee the other. The room was filled with the hissing and pattering sound as Vickie and Tonia peed in earnest over the carpet.

Suddenly, Vickie took the lead, her golden spray out-distancing the squirting shower coming out of Tonia’s muff. She gasped with a thrill as her pee finally reached the small hole in the floor and started to vanish out of sight. Tonia moaned with despair as she realized that although she could hold more pee inside her, she would never be able to pee further than Vickie.

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A Leaky_One story from the Girls at Work series....

Tonia, Vickie, and Kath

One particular Saturday, Tonia and Vickie had been teasing Kath about peeing. Kath didn’t know that she had been discovered about her secret toilets in the sink bowel in the disabled cubicle or the little showers of pee she did over the Comms room floor. It had been Vickie’s idea to have an “accident” in her trousers and to see what Kath would do. It was now 11 o’clock and Vickie was bursting for a pee. Suddenly she said out loud “I can’t hold it any longer. I need to pee now” and as Kath and Tonia looked towards her, she started to have a piss in her pants.

Instantly the crotch of her jeans began to darken as hot piss squirted out of her pussy lips and into her underwear.

“Oh my god!”, exclaimed Kath in both horror and excitement as she watched Vickie piss her pants. Between Vickie’s legs, the damp stain of piss continued to grow as Vickie squirted her piss out into her knickers. Then, as agreed, Tonia suddenly exclaimed, “She has set me off”, and started to do a piss of her own into her tight blue jeans. Kath now found herself sitting between two girls, both of whom were busily pissing into their pants and seemingly enjoying it.

Grinning, Kath sat back in her chair, spread her legs, and allowed her own pee to come squirting out into her panties and jeans. Now all three girls were pissing at their desks, their covered muffs busily squirting their pee into their underwear, soaking their pants in the process.

After several seconds of hard peeing, Vickie decided she had had enough of pissing in her clothes and quickly undid her fly. Yanking her sodden pants and knickers down her legs, she dropped off the chair to assume a squatting position over the floor, where she continued her piss all over the carpet. As Vickie had not stopped peeing in the process, her yellow squirting stream issuing out of her pussy lips had danced around in the air, whilst she dropped to the floor. Some of her pee had even splashed over her keyboard and desk leaving a few splotches of piss on the desk.

Following Vickie’s lead the other two girls followed suit. Kath dropped to the floor next to Vickie and added her own spray of piss over the carpet, whilst Tonia was more daring. Instead of dropping down to the floor to do her pee, Tonia instead stood up to her desk and started to spray her piss over her desk. As the golden stream of pee left her body, it danced and sprayed over the desk contents, soaking the paper books, drenching the keyboard and washing over her mouse.

Each girl continued in her respective positions until they were done pissing. Then they got together to discuss what they had just done. Vickie felt a great thrill at having finally gotten Kath to join in with a piss. Secretly she thought Kath looked fantastic with her large wide bum suspended over the floor and her hairy muff squirting a spray of yellow pee over the floor.

Now it was Kath’s turn to introduce Vickie and Tonia to all the places she had been for a pee in. This included a variety of naughtier and naughtier places where Kath had exposed her pussy and then taken a piss. Locations included:- hanging her large wide womanly buttocks over an office bin before proceeding to shower it’s innards with her shooting stream of piss; having a pee into other people’s coffee cups; pissing in a urinal in the Mens' toilets; pissing over the floor in the Mens', making it look like somebody had missed the toilet; a long piss by the side of the photocopier; having a wee on one of the coffee room chairs; relieving herself outside the office by the smokers corner; and peeing in the bushes at the top of the embankment.

She was about to keep going on about all the places at home she used to take a pee in, when she had an idea. Taking the girls into the Print Bay, she grabbed three empty boxes off the floor and passed a box to each of the waiting girls. Kath then proceeded to pull down her jeans before holding the box up to her muff. Then whilst the other girls watched on, Kath started to take a piss into the empty box.

From Kath’s waist instantly started to sound the familiar hissing noise of a girl taking a pee. As the noise continued, with the pattering sound of Kath’s pee hitting the box wall, the box began to darken as it filled with Kath’s piss. Suddenly the bottom corner of the box began to drip small yellow splotches to the floor below. Kath beamed a wide smile as she saw the other two girls see what see was trying to do. Within seconds she had managed it, having now done enough piss into the box to completely weaken the side, as she continued to piss inside it. The bottom corner gave way and allowed her yellow shooting stream of piss to come squirting out of the gap and splash down onto the carpet below.

It didn’t take Vickie and Tonia long to follow suit. Barely moments later, two more shooting streams of piss were leaving Tonia and Vickie’s pussies as they too started to have a piss into a cardboard box held up to their uncovered muffs. When they had finished their pee, each girl put their sodden, piss filled box down on the floor and then quickly squatted their naked buttocks over the mess, doing one final pee over the cardboard.

One night after work the girls took it in turn to squat by the side of Kath’s car and take a pee over the car park floor. Vickie went first, exposing her tender white bum cheeks to her watching friends before squatting over the ground. Barely seconds passed before a pattering sound on the ground announced the arrival of Vickie’s pee. Whilst she urinated over the ground, the puddle between her feet continued to grow in size.

When she was done, she stood and slid her pants back on before allowing Tonia space to squat and have a piss of her own. Once the last of Tonia’s pee had sprayed the earth below her she too stood up allowing Kath a chance for a piss as well. As Kath finished the last few drips of piss over the car park, she stood up and covered her fanny from sight.

Now that they had finished their pees, the girls clambered into Kath’s car and headed back to her house. Once there, Kath handed them a large glass of water each which she filled several times as each girl finished her portion. After 10 minutes all three of them were bursting to pee again. Kath then escorted them around her house allowing them to have a quick piss in various places.

First of all, Kath demonstrated having a pee in her own bathroom sink. Being such a robust affair it allowed her to squat her buttocks inside the bowl before starting her pee. As Kath’s golden spray of piss erupted from her cunt, it quickly started to wash over the ceramic bowel, covering it with splotches of pee. After several seconds, Kath stopped her pee and clambered off.

Then, she allowed both Vickie and Tonia to have a quick pee of their own into her bathroom sink. Once Vickie, who had gone last, had closed her pussy lips after doing a squirt of piss into the bowel, Kath motioned for them all to stick their bums out over the side of the bath. Once the girls were squatting comfortably, Kath led the way by allowing her pussy lips to open and start to take a pee into the bath. Vickie and Tonia quickly joined and within moments the bath wall was being covered by three squirts of piss as each girl relieved herself into the bath tub.

After finishing their toilets into the bath tub, Kath took them into the master bedroom. Pushing aside a set of drawers she squatted and took a quick piss over the floor. Then she motioned to Tonia to come forward before holding one of curtains up to Tonia’s muff. Tonia took this as an open invitation and instantly started to squirt out another piss, relieving herself over the material held up to her pussy. After several seconds of hard pissing Tonia forced herself to stop, knowing that there would be many more places coming up for her to have a pee in.

Now it was Vickie’s turn for another pee. Opening one of the drawers on the cupboard, Kath motioned for Vickie to squat her buttocks over the clothes inside. Tenderly Vickie did so, moving her pussy down so that her bum hole was brushing against sone of the clothes. Her burst of pee was almost involuntary. Suddenly her pee lips parted as she found herself taking a pee over Kath’s clothes. This was a great thrill for Vickie as she enjoyed every second of her brief piss into the drawer, before she realized that Kath was not going to allow her to do her entire piss over the clothing. Reluctantly, Vickie stopped her pee and stood up again.

Kath then took them into the baby’s room and after explaining how the cot was no longer needed, allowed each girl a turn to have a piss inside it. To do this they had to clamber on top and spread their legs out so each foot rested on the opposing side of the cot. When ready, each girl would do a cascading golden shower of piss into the cot, washing the linen inside with a torrent of warm urine.

After squatting for a piss at the top of the stairs, Kath led them down into the kitchen. This would be the last place they could pee in today as Tim would be home soon and would see the stains if they pissed in the front room. However, Kath did tell them that she liked to have a secret pee behind the cushions on the sofa whilst Tim was upstairs. Other times she might have a pee behind the sofa or if she got the chance, she would do a long squirting piss all over the coffee table.

For now, however, the girls finished off their toilets in a variety of different manners. Tonia squatted in the kitchen sink before proceeding to have a pee inside. Vickie stood up to the washing machine and squirted her stream of pee in through the open door. Kath finished her own spray of piss with a leak into one of the pans, covering her muff whilst she pissed into it.

Once the girls were empty of piss they went to retrieve their clothes before thanking Kath for the fun they had just had. After chatting away for half an hour in the living room, it was time to go. As each girl was now ready for another piss, Kath took them into the garden where they took it in turns to pee behind a tree out of sight from Kath’s neighbors.

Once back at work, Vickie had insisted to Tonia that they have a least one more naughty pee in work before calling it a night. Creeping past security they made their way into the stock cupboard where they quickly disrobed. Vickie stood up to one of the shelves and proceeded to do a piss over it, showering the pens and pencils with the golden spray leaving her pussy. Tonia on the other hand, squatted over a box of wine and did her toilet over that, spraying the bottles inside with her golden shower of piss.

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A Leaky_One story

Janet's Peeing Exploits

'God she needed to pee!' she thought as she started to yank her walking pants down her creamy legs. Moments later and her white panties were following suit, descending to her ankles. Wasting no time Janet immediately adopted a traditional girl about-to-pee squat with her wide bum cheeks hovering inches over the green grass blades.

A strong hissing sound announced the start of her piss. Looking down between her thighs Janet marvelled to the sight of her strongly shooting pee stream leaving her pussy lips. Her golden shower was spraying over the grass, bending back the stalks with the force of her pee. It was a great sensation to be pissing out in the open with her bare bum cheeks exposed to the fresh air. The feeling of relief was a wonderful accompaniment to the thrill of having a leak behind an old stone wall. It was an even bigger thrill to know that were people only a short distance away waiting for her to finish her toilet. Idly she wondered if they could the sound of her hissing pee stream as it played over the ground between her legs.

Janet was now at full flow, the fat stream of hot female piss squirting strongly from her open pee hole. A growing puddle of pee was slowly growing on the dry earth between the grass stalks adding to the naughty thrill growing in her belly as she continued urinating. It was an intoxicating experience and she had forgotten how much she loved peeing outdoors. The constant hiss and patter of her clear urine shower was just as big a factor of her thrill as the sight of her pee flowing from her semi shaven pussy.

Slowly she began to exhaust her supply of piss. With a great disappointment she watched as her flowing pee stream began to dwindle and droop. After she had finished she stayed in her pee squat for several more seconds urging her bladder to respond with just one more squirt of pee. She desperately wanted to see her piss squirt from out of her pussy flaps just one more time. Finally she managed it and a quick jet of piss shot from her pee hole to patter noisily over the pee soaked ground. Another second or so followed whilst Janet relived the sensation of having her pee over the grass. Unfortunately it was then time to pull up her clothing and rejoin the others. Her plan to fill up her bladder was already foremost in her mind.


The bad news for Janet was that her next urgent need to pee coincided with a stop at the pub for lunch. Unable to come up with a good excuse to allow her to nip of for a piss in the bushes she was forced to use the Ladies instead. It was only a small pub and to her surprise she found that the toilet was a single affair with hand basin inside the same tiny room. Once her walking pants and panties were safely away from her legs Janet got ready to pee. Ignoring the toilet she squatted down over the thick plush carpet. Her legs were spread wide and her semi-shaved pussy was on clear display as she got ready to piss. A second later and she was doing it!

A clear stream of hot pee shot from her open flaps and started to spray over the carpet between her legs. Instantly the material started to darken as it absorbed her piss shower. Despite the incredible thrill of peeing over the floor Janet knew she could not afford to make too big a stain which would betray her actions. With great difficulty she forced shut her pee hole and quickly stood up. Now she was bursting with the need to resume pissing. For a second she toyed with the idea of peeing over the one wall in a similar manner to what she had done at home, both over the radiator and also the back of her sofa. As wonderful as the experience would be if would be a little too obvious for the next person who entered.

She was on the verge of not being able to hold back and simply letting go and pissing once again over the carpet only this time whilst stood up, when she spied the toilet brush holder. Within seconds the brush was lying on top of the toilet whilst the tall plastic container was being moved to Janet's waiting pussy lips. A loud hissing sound accompanied the resumption of her Janet's toilet as she started to pee her greatly needed piss into the empty container. Staring down she marvelled to the sight of her fat pee stream squirting from her muff lips before entering into the top of plastic tube. Already she could feel the warmth of her spent piss pooling at the bottom of the container, its heat radiated through the thin plastic and into her hands. This just excited Janet more and made her want to desperately find at even naughty place to carry out the remainder of her toilet.

The sink basin was an obvious choice. It didn't take Janet long to hoist her wide bare bum cheeks over the basin, allowing her pussy a clear aim over the ceramic surface. The resumption of her pissing was an incredible sensation of relief. She had purposely spread her legs as she had gone to squat over the bowl. This allowed her a wonderful view of her pussy shower squirting over the once clean bowl surface before running down to the waiting plug hole.

As Janet continued her toilet in the sink she wondered how many other women and girls had done just the same thing as her. She knew from experience that a great number of females preferred to pee in the sink than use the loo. Part of this was due to the naughty thrill factor of knowing you were peeing in a place that you were not supposed to. It also tended to be cleaner than the state of most public toilets. For a moment Janet forgot the strong stream of pee leaving her pussy lips and remembered a time when she had caught two teenagers pissing in a McDonald's toilet. One girl had been urinating into a sink bowl whilst the other had her black curly haired pussy up to the waist paper bin where she was sending a honey coloured stream of urine directly into its innards with a loud hiss and patter. Both girls had been terrified that Janet would call the management. Instead Janet had not said a word and had gone over to one of the cubicles. Rather than use the toilet like the girls expected she had instead simply pulled up her skirt and yanked down her panties before squatting over the floor. Both girls had been suitably impressed when Janet had started to pee noisily over the tiled floor creating a large piss puddle staining the floor as a testament to her toilet. Janet for her part, had greatly enjoyed being watched whilst she peed. Urinating in a public place with an audience was simply awesome and had done the rest of her piss whilst the girls who had finished their own respective pees, had come to watch.

Returning to the present Janet found that she was almost done. Closing her pee lips for several seconds allowed her to jump over the piss stained sink bowl and instead position her wide female posterior over the small waste bin. Seconds later and Janet was sending a stream of hot female piss into its interior, enjoying immensely the sight of her pussy shower spraying over the discarded paper towels. Finally she was done. After drying her muff she reluctantly went to reclaim her items of lower clothing. Dressing she took one last look around the tiny room recalling fondly her recent piss exploits.


That night she was so horny from her naughty peeing sessions during the day that she simply needed to take a piss somewhere in her house. Leaving her husband down stairs watching TV she ascended the stairs to where the two storage rooms were located. The second had a nice firm door to close behind her which gave her the confidence she needed to undress. Butterflies were dancing as she stripped completely naked. Her hardened nipples were testament to how horny she felt and she went to squat her wide bum cheeks over the edge of a large cardboard box housing a collection of stuffed toys from her childhood. This was not the first time that these items from her past would be receiving a soaking from her pussy, just the first that she had chosen to do it in such a manner.

The silence of the room was suddenly broken by a soft but strong hissing sound emanating from the place between Janet's parted legs. A familiar sight of squirting puss accompanied the sound as Janet did her toilet into the box, squirting her pussy relief over the contents below. It was a wonderful thrill to find a new place to go for a piss and she enjoyed ever second of the experience, squirting her hot urine shower all over the stuffed teddy bears and dolls. Once done she could not but help the straying finger that moved to her pussy lips. The masturbatory experience that followed was suitably earth shattering and she knew with utmost certainty that she would be returning again to this special place for another piss.

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A Leaky_One story....

Five Drunken College Girls

Sandy had almost been caught trying to have a pee on the back seat of the bus. She had suspended her auburn haired muff posed over the metal floor and had just about been ready to start letting her golden squirt come flowing out. Suddenly the bus had come to an abrupt stop. She had only just managed to get her panties and pants back up her legs before an angry bus driver appeared to throw the drunken girls off the bus. Now they were wandering down the street looking for a place to relieve their bursting bladders. A fit of giggling from the back of the group indicated that Sophie had found a suitable place and the rest of them quickly decided to join her.

The pretty teenager with her straight long blond hair had slid her short skirt and tiger striped thong down to her knees. Her bare white bum cheeks were already hovering inches away from the grassy blades that made up the front lawn to the OAP housing complex. Between Sophie's legs a thick stream of clear urine was now flowing downward to cover the earth with a shower of her hot piss. Sandy who was obviously still bursting from her aborted attempt to pee on the bus wasted no time and in full view of everyone yanked down her white pants and cotton panties to expose her blond muff nestled between her legs. Parking her nude bum down over the grass beside the still pissing form of Sophie, she too started to take a piss. Between her slender legs suddenly started to spray a thick flowing shower of golden coloured piss. The three remaining girls decided that they were too desperate to care about being seen and were in the throws of removing their lower garments in preparation to pee when suddenly a loud elderly male voice rang out from the nearby housing complex.

"Get off our lawn you young devils. Don't you know that people are watching?"

Abigail, Jodie and Mary did a quick about take, immediately jamming their clothing back on. The two girls pissing over the lawn took a quick look over their shoulders towards the sound of the voice but made no attempt to cease the pee streams flowing from their uncovered pussies.

"Get off I said and get lost!" the voice came again. Abigail stuck a solitary finger up in the direction of the overhead balconies.

"Fuck you!" she shouted and the other girls all laughed.

By now Sophie had finished her leak. Shaking up and down to dislodge the small droplets of piss clinging to her hairy muff she stood up and turned around in the direction of the voice. "Here you go mister. Why don't you have a good look at my pussy?"

Another burst of laugher came from the group. The golden stream flowing from Sandy's pussy lips had ebbed to a small trickle. With one last little squirt she finished her toilet and whilst Sophie continued to flash her pussy off to the irate pensioner, she grabbed her panties and trousers and yanked them on.

"Come on Sophie," she urged, grabbing her friend's arm. All she could see from this angle was Sophie's peach like bum cheeks.

"Ok, Ok! I'm coming," Sophie mumbled grabbing at her pants. With one last defiant gesture with her finger again at the upstairs balcony, she quickly ran to join her friends who by now were fleeing up the street.

As the group rounded the wall at the corner they stopped their flight.

"I still need to go," stated Abigail clutching her legs together.

"And me," seconded Mary doing a hop from foot to foot.

"We need somewhere to piss and soon," joined in Jodie, the pretty brunette. Her face was flushed from both drink and from the short run up the street.

"I've an idea," said Abigail. Being the eldest girl by a good six months it was often the case that the other girls followed her lead and today was no exception. The group set off with Abigail at the head. They were all surprised however when Abigail lead them up the new street and took the first turning directly towards the flats belonging to the pensioners.

"Abigail, where are you going?" asked Jodie furiously. "I'm going to wet my panties if I don't pee soon."

"Follow me and keep your voices down," Abigail instructed and set off again down the path that led to a wide entranceway and a sealed white door. The four remaining girls followed with Jodie and Mary clutching at their groins to try and quell the urge to immediately start pissing.

At the door Abigail pushed the intercom button. A loud buzz and then an inquisitive voice "Who is it?"

"Oh hello," said Abigail in a fake posh voice. "I have a delivery of flowers for flat 12. Can you open the door please?"

"Certainly love," came the reply. A soft click and the door moved slightly inwards. Giving it a hard push Abigail swung it the rest of the way.

"Follow me," she instructed and the group followed her into a long narrow corridor. Behind them the door swung shut. On the left a flight of stairs ascended to the next level and on the right was a rack of mail boxes.

"OK. Who wants a pee now?" Abigail asked waving her aims around to indicate that anywhere was game. Pushing past her tall friend, Jodie ran to the enclosure under the stairs and wasted no time by instantly pulling down her track suit pants and small white thong to reveal her shaved pussy. A sharp hissing sound announced the arrival of her piss as it squirted out of her pussy in a wide flowing arch descending downwards to cover the hallway floor with a growing puddle of pee.

A second hissing sound arose from the direction of the stairs and the girls who had been watching Jodie pee over the floor turned to find that Mary had ascended several steps before lowering her own pants. The naughty teen was now enjoying a thick squirting piss shower of her own.

The hallway was filled with the sound of the two girls emptying their bladders. Fortunately there was no indication that anybody was about to come and discover them in their act of vandalising the hallway with their pussy sprays. The lower stairs were now dripping with Mary's spent piss; the stream of pee issuing out of her exposed pussy already beginning to die down. Under the stairs, Jodie's pussy was still pissing strongly, the flow of pee leaving her fleshy lower lips a thick squirting stream. The puddle around her feet was already quite a size and was still growing as more and more hot pee shot from out of her pussy.

"What about you Abigail?" asked Sophie. "Surely you need to piss as well?"

"Yes I do," she giggled back "I want to wait until these two have finished peeing first."

This didn't take long and as soon as Jodie had dressed herself and moved away from her pee puddle on the floor, the girls were ascending the stairs skirting past the large stain made by Mary's pee.

"Where are we going?" whispered Sandy pushing a strand of long blond hair away from her face.

"You'll see," whispered Abigail back as they passed door after door on the hallway. Suddenly she stopped outside one of the doors.

"This should be the one," she said hitching her skirt up from around her waist. Once around her stomach she reached back and pulled back the thong from around her pussy lips. With careful aim she moved her crotch up to the wooden door panel and whilst her group of friends watched on, she started to squirt out a strong stream of flowing pee. Instantly her hot piss began to wash over the wood forming a flowing yellow stream down the wood where it dripped off the sill and onto the floor.

Suddenly Jodie started to giggle "I know whose door this is," she said out loud.

"Ssh!" replied Abigail still focused on squirting her piss over the door.

"Who?" inquired Sandy.

"That bloke who was watching you pee earlier. It's his door she is pissing over."

"Quiet!" hissed Abigail over the soft pattering sound her pee was making as it crossed the distance between her black haired pussy and the white wooden door. Her urine stream was beginning to die now. On the floor lay a large cooling puddle of piss where her pee shower had run off the end of the door. Quickly Abigail pushed her thong back over her pussy lips and moved her skirt back into place.

"Get ready to run," she said in a loud voice and then banged loudly on the piss stained door.

"Now!" she instructed and they all set off at a run for the stairs. Sandy reached the top steps last and was just in time to hear the door opening. She didn't dare turn round as she knew the occupant would now be taking in the first sight of the large urine stain covering his doorway.

Later that day the girls visited the local cinema. They had been drinking again having polished off an entire litre bottle of Cider between them. During the film the girls would simply pull down their lower garments and take turns to piss over the floor. Some of them like the shy Jodie would actually squat down from her chair, her pussy hanging inches off the floor before starting to pee. Others, like Sandy and Abigail would simply sit at the edge of their chairs with their pussies spraying their piss out in long flowing showers. Mary was the worst. After removing her pants she placed her feet up on the back of the opposing chair before sending a large torrent of piss up into the air. Her hot pee stream then came splashing down over the back of the chair leaving a large cooling piss stream as testament to her toilet. On the way out Sophie needed one last pee which she did in the foyer, crouching down by the side of a tall plant. The others screened her from view as a thick golden piss stream flowed out of her pussy and pattered down over the carpet.

The next stop was the local supermarket. Upon entering the Ladies toilet they all quickly removed their lower garments and as one they squatted down in a circle over the floor before starting to piss. It was a strange sensation to most of them to be able to see everyone else pissing at the same time. The floor quickly became flooded with the five flowing piss streams washing down all over it. After finished their collective pee they fled the store.

By 6pm they needed a meal so they headed to a local Indian restaurant. After paying their bill they filed on mass to the Ladies toilet situated at the back of the building. Ignoring the cubicles the girls set about finding a suitable place to take a piss. Sophie and Sandy hoisted themselves up on to the two sinks and immediately started to pee into the white bowls. Jodie opted simply to pee over the floor whilst Mary adopted a standing pose up to one wall before proceeding to spray it with the hot jet of piss flowing out of her pussy. Abigail meanwhile had stuck her uncovered muff up to the edge of the paper bin and was enjoying a slash into its metal confines. The patter of her piss splattering over the contents rose louder than the hissing of the other girl's toilets and this resulted in her getting a few envious looks.

The rest of the night was spent in a drunken stupor roaming the quite streets of the seaside town. Nothing was safe from their pussies when ever they needed to go. Cars, litter bins, even the local bowling green received a shower from the girl's pussies. The only time they stopped was when a local police car started to follow them until they finally gave it the slip by going down to the beach for a while. It was here that Sandy found a sand castle to piss all over; the golden stream flowing from her pussy slowly destroying the battlement walls.

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A Leaky_One story...

Lindsey Pees in the Office

Setting: Lindsey; a tall raven haired beauty has stopped behind at work one night to carry out some overtime. It is only when she needs the toilet that she discovers that she has been locked in and is now stuck on the upper office floor.


Lindsey stood there with her large womanly bum cheeks exposed to the empty office, her hairy black pussy posed just over the lip of the filing cabinet. Staring down at her muff at the top of her long creamy legs, she realized that she was trembling with the thrill of what she was about to do. Desperately she tried to pee, straining to force her golden piss out of her pussy lips and into the filing cabinet. Nothing came. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and tried to relax. This wasn't easy. Being half nude stood with her pussy aimed into a filing cabinet that she was trying to take a piss into was not helping the situation. Focusing on her breathing Lindsey waited for several seconds before trying again. This time she felt movement in her belly as her bladder responded and a familiar feeling traced its way downwards to her waiting pubic mass.

Quickly she opened her eyes and stared expectedly at her pussy lips nestled at the base of her crotch. Just then it happened. Inside Lindsey's pussy lips her little pee hole opened up to allow a thin squirt of golden pee to shoot out of her muff and spray over the front of the first manila envelope inside the drawer. She gasped at the sight of her pee playing over the cardboard, witnessing the running stream flowing over the material before falling off and dripping down into the dark confines off the cabinet. The thrill at seeing her piss flowing into the drawer immediately caused her pussy lips to close again.

Desperately Lindsey tried again eager to witness the sight of her pee stream shooting into the cabinet. This time it was easier and within moments Lindsey was sending a thick golden stream of her hot yellow piss straight into the cabinet drawer. As she stood there busily urinating into the drawer that was currently pulled out to her thighs, she played with the force and direction of her pee stream. Twisting her hips and bare bum cheeks to the right she sent a thick squirt of piss spraying over the far side of the first envelope. Still peeing strongly over the edge of the drawer she could see the papers inside the envelope darkening as they absorbed her piss. Slowly she then traced her shooting stream of urine from one side to the other, showering the inside of the drawer with her hot urine. Then she had a new idea. Reaching past the flow of pee emanating from her hairy pussy, Lindsey started to flick the paper contents of the drawer towards her, in the process allowing the arching flow of piss emanating from her pussy to flow over each one in turn.

Lindsey had now been pissing into the cabinet drawer now for several seconds. She still had lots of pee left inside her and the realization that she could be as naughty as possible and get away with it was giving her fresh ideas on how she could finish her pee. Stopping her flowing urine stream, Lindsey took a quick step to the right, yanked open the next drawer just below her waist height; aimed her pussy over the rim and proceeded to send a quick spurt of piss over the edge. Her pussy lips parted to allow her pee hole to squirt forth a quick golden stream of hot pee into the drawer before closing again. Lindsey then repeated this process with each cabinet along the row until she reached the end. Closing the last piss stained drawer Lindsey moved over to the photocopier and then from a standing position started to take a hot piss all over its metal sides. Golden pee splattered over the surface of the machine sending yellow splotches of piss everywhere. After several seconds of peeing, Lindsey closed her pussy lips and stood back to admire her handiwork. A large damp stain was now clearly visible on the photocopier where her piss shower had flowed over the metal. Plus on the carpet now lay a small damp spot where her pee had dripped onto the floor.

This served to excite Lindsey even more. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach as she contemplated all the places she could now piss in over the course of the evening. However for now she still had a bit of pee left in her that needed releasing. Inspiration came quickly and she immediately acted on it. Going back to the nearest cabinet, she reached down and slid open the very bottom drawer. Once open Lindsey turned around and slowly squatted down so that her bum cheeks were positioned directly over the drawer. Now in a more traditional position for a girl about to answer the call of nature, Lindsey started to pee. From between her legs shot the now familiar sight of her flowing pee stream as she emptied herself into the drawer. Under her bare buttocks her golden shower began to patter down over the paper documents inside, staining them yellow as more of her hot pee continued to rain down. Finally after several more seconds of wonderful pissing Lindsey reached the end of her toilet. Standing up from her make sift toilet Lindsey closed the drawer hiding the piss stained contents from view. Walking down the office she went to collect her trousers and cotton thong which she quickly dressed into. Then it was a case of visiting the water dispenser to fill her bladder up ready for her next pee.

Three quarters of an hour later, Lindsey was bursting for another piss. She had been so engrossed with doing some more typing she had forgotten to choose a new location for her next toilet. Looking up from her desk she surveyed the deserted room. The urge in her bladder was intense now and she really needed to pee. Where should she go?

There were so many places a girl could visit and squirt her naughty pee shower that she couldn't decide. The burning ache inside her was getting so intense that she started to slide off her black trousers and thong getting ready for her toilet. Now she was half nude again, nothing covering her lower body. Between her legs her patch of jet black pussy hairs lay nestled between her thighs whilst the bare skin of her bum cheeks were nestled in the rough fabric of her chair. It was almost involuntarily when Lindsey started to pee. One second she was still surveying the office looking for a good place to have a piss and the next she was actually doing it; urinating out of her pussy from her perch on her own chair. A thick clear stream of piss was now shooting out of her pussy lips and making its way to the carpet between her feet.

'This is not bad!' she told herself, still peeing strongly over the floor. It was quite an experience to sit bare cheeked on her work chair whilst pissing all over the floor. In her mind she fantasized about doing this during office hours. What a great thrill it would be simply part her legs before starting to take a pee under her desk. She imagined some of the other girls doing the same, seeing in her minds eye Francis sitting at her desk with her legs parted and a thick stream of golden pee flowing down to the floor. How about her friend Emma? She had a lovely bum and a beautiful shaved pussy and Lindsey thought it would a great experience for the two of them to pee side by side at their desks; the floor underneath receiving their twin golden showers whilst they pissed strongly out of their pussies.

Lindsey had seen Emma pee on several occasions in the showers at the gym. At first Lindsey thought that it was only herself that enjoyed taking a piss in her shower cubicle until one day she had stuck her head around the corner of her cubicle to ask Emma a question. She had been rewarded by the view of Emma's naked back and bum cheeks and the sight of a thick gushing fountain of pee flowing out of Emma's pussy and down to the tiled floor below. Emma's pee stream had flowed copiously out of her pussy and mixed with the shower water before vanishing down the drain. Lindsey had watched on, entranced at seeing another girl take a piss standing up. Emma meanwhile had not noticed her watching and had continued to pee, washing her stomach and large breasts at the same time, oblivious to her onlooker. As soon as the last drops of pee had fallen from Emma's pussy, Lindsey nipped back into her own cubicle. Turning on her own shower Lindsey started to wash before she too started to pee. From her pussy started to flow a similar sized flow of urine to that done by Emma. Lindsey relished every second of her toilet, enjoying the freedom pissing in the shower gave her.

Returning to the present and her current pee Lindsey forced herself to stop peeing. Between her legs, the hot fountain of piss pattering down to the damp stain on the carpet began to droop. Moments later she ceasedd her pee. Standing up she dashed over to the water dispenser, her long black hair flowing out behind her as she ran. It only took a moment to lift off the almost empty water bottle that fed the system. Grabbing it with both hands she moved the open neck of the bottle up to her waiting muff. As soon as her pussy lips were safely inside the opening, Lindsey started to pee again. Instantly her little pee hole opened wide to allow her golden gush to resume its release into the outside world. This time, Lindsey's pee flowed though the opening of the bottle and started to spray over the far interior wall. As she continued pissing, her pussy spray flowed down the bottle wall so that her golden pee started to merge with the drinking water. 'This was delicious fun,' Lindsey thought whilst she pissed for all she was worth. The stream of hot pee flowing out of her pussy lips was now a thick gush of shooting urine spraying strongly over the inner plastic wall. Lindsey marveled at the sight of her piss flowing down the wall into the drinking water. As soon as she was done, she had every intention of replacing the bottle so that come Monday morning the entire upper floor staff would be drinking her wee!

As the seconds passed her piss stream began to diminish. Finishing her toilet into the bottle with one long squirt of piss out of her cunt, Lindsey was done. After putting back the bottle, she used her own personal supply of bottled water to fill up her bladder again. The night was drawing on and Lindsey decided she would have one long last piss before trying to get some sleep. After drinking even more water she settled back into her typing. It was barely half an hour before the urge in her bladder started to become acute. Pushing back from her desk she took one long appreciate look at the stain on the floor she had made with her earlier pee before standing up. Once again she pulled down her pants and the small white thong that covered her private parts from view. Now naked from the waist downwards Lindsey headed towards the door that lead upstairs to the attic where the company archived its documents.

The door opened onto a short flight of stairs. At the top, two large wooden sections protected the stairwell from the open space of the attic. It was these that Lindsey proposed to use during her next piss. Clambering up onto the near side partition she reached across the sort distance to the far side and rested her ankles on the cold wooden surface. This meant that her bum cheeks were now placed on the one side and the stairs below lay directly beneath her black haired muff and waiting pussy lips. Slowly Lindsey let the pressure build in her bladder holding back on her pee until the last possible moment. When she could not hold back any longer she let loose with her piss. Instantly her pussy lips parted and a thick gush of hot clear pee spurted out of her pussy and immediately started to rain downwards covering both the far wall and the steps below in a flowing shower of hot urine. She squirted even harder seeing the torrent of piss leaving her pussy lips grow even larger. A strong pattering sound rose from the stairwell as her urine shower splashed over the wooden steps. The far wall was now covered in a running sheen of her pee as she continued to squirt her pee out of her pussy. Down below her spent pussy spray was dripping down the steps one by one leaving a large visible trail behind. Lindsey couldn't care less about the mess she was making. Come the morning, all traces of her naughtiness would have dried up. With this in mind Lindsey returned her focus entirely on enjoying her latest toilet. Between her legs her golden squirting spray was still shooting strongly out of her pussy, arching across the gap to splash over the far partition. It was a great disappointment when Lindsey felt her pee stream diminishing. Under her bum, her golden spray started to droop and began to rain directly downwards over the piss covered steps below. Stopping her pee Lindsey decided she wanted to save her last remaining piss for the rest of the attic. Clambering off her perch she turned to examine the room in front of her.

The attic ran the length of the building, a well lit room with a short sloping ceiling. All around the room were stacked bundles of documents on shelves and in piles on the floor. There was also a considerable amount of computer equipment and office furniture lying around in unwanted heaps. This was such a great opportunity for Lindsey and she set off immediately. First off was an old office chair. Perching on the soft fabric with her knees she aimed her black haired muff at the back support before she started to send a hot flowing stream of her hot urine all over it. After pissing over the chair for only a second or two, Lindsey stopped her pee. Clambering off the chair she immediately squatted down so that her bum cheeks were hovering over an old computer monitor. Within moments she was treating it to a pussy shower; her piss shooting out of her muff and spraying the cream coloured case with a deluge of hot pee.

Stopping her toilet Lindsey stood back up and started to wander down the room stopping every so often to take another quick piss, either over a pile of papers on the floor, into the confines of a cardboard box or even over a shelf of one of the storage racks. By the time she reached the end of the room, Lindsey was empty of pee. Her very last piss had been done into a plastic bag which contained a collection of old rubber stamps. The bag had leaked some of her pee out and a small puddle lay underneath, slowly soaking into the wooden floor. Now it was time to finish off the last of her typing before finding a suitable place to lie down and get some sleep. Come the morning somebody would surely rescue her although part of her wished for a little more private pee time with the office all to herself!

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Peeing with Suzy Chapter 1:

Background: I met Suzy at College during my first term year. I was nineteen whilst she was still only eighteen. I can still remember the first time I saw her. I was in the girls changing room getting undressed from my gym clothing and had just looked up as I heard somebody entering the room. I think it was her incredible white smile that first caught my notice. It was that plus her sparkling blue eyes which offset beautifully her short blond cropped hair. I had continued to change my clothing, conscious that I was now only in my bra and panties. Suzy had started a conversation with me and there was something so fresh about her and the way she spoke that I was captivated. We soon became firm friends and I would always love being in her company. It was like being in a fresh summer breeze. She was always so happy and positive and would always give me loads of compliments about my looks and body. It wasn't until much later in the year when events lead onto something else entirely.


As Suzy's friend, she had invited me one day into her bedroom to watch her do something 'naughty'. It wasn't until she had pulled out her bedroom bin and placed in the centre of the room before starting to undress, that I gained an idea of what she was planning to do.

"You won't tell anybody?" she whispered. She bent downwards moving into a squat with her round, peach like buttocks hanging over the opening of the bin.

"Of course not," I replied. I was barely able to believe that Suzy might be intending to do what I suspected. Suzy didn't reply. Instead she gazed down at her naked thighs and slowly parted her legs which in turn exposed the view of her shaved blond pussy to me.

As I stared in amazement at my friend's exposed crotch nestled between her creamy thighs, I could clearly see the outline of her fleshy pussy lips posed over the middle of the bin. I would have been foolish to think that my friend had anything else in mind except to relieve herself into the bin. However it still came as a shock when suddenly from out of Suzy's lower lips erupted a thick stream of hot yellow pee. Her golden shower instantly formed a flowing arch which rained downwards and impacted against the inside wall of the bin. The soft hiss and patter of her toilet grew in strength as she squirted harder, her urine stream levelling at the same time.

As Suzy continued to urinate into the bin I gazed transfixed by the sight of her fast flowing piss stream. I was entranced by the way it squirted out of her shaved muff pussy and sprayed down into the bin. As her pee landed I could clearly hear the splatter her piss made as it landed against the inner plastic wall. Suzy's shower of squirting pee turned and twisted in the air as it arched its way from my friend's pussy. As she continued her toilet into her bedroom bin I could clearly see the contents of paper and tissues inside beginning to yellow and turn sodden as they absorbed my friend's golden piss shower.

"I love peeing in my bin!" Suzy said. She looked up from watching herself urinating into the plastic container below her bare bum cheeks.

"It looks like great fun," I replied, almost sarcastically. I was not really convinced. I had never thought of relieving myself without using a toilet before. However, I was beginning to change my mind having now seen my friend strip off and proceeding to have a piss into her bedroom bin.

"Do want to try?" asked Suzy. She was still looking up at me and not at the stream of golden pee she was still sending into the bin.

For a second I was unsure as to what she meant. Then it sunk in. She was offering to let me have a pee into her bedroom bin as well. It was such a strange question that it took me a second to respond.

"OK!" I replied, shocked already by my own reply. Subconsciously I was checking my bladder to see if I was ready to pee. Yes I was, but was I really ready to squat my bum over my friend's bedroom bin and go to the toilet in front of Suzy?

"I'll only be a second," giggled Suzy causing her stream of piss issuing out of her crotch to waver for a second. This almost caused her stream of pee to miss the bin wall and splash over the carpet instead. As my friend finished off peeing into the bin, I started to undress. Pulling down my skirt I waited until the last drops of piss had vanished from my friend's pussy lips before pulling down my panties to expose my blond triangle of pubic hairs nestled between my legs.

Suzy stood up from her squatting position where she had seconds ago been relieving herself. As she moved away from the bin I was just about to squat my buttocks down in the same location over the bin when Suzy quickly grabbed it and headed off for the door.

"I'm going to empty it first," she said over her shoulder as she opened the door.

I was horrified as she left the room with the door still open. She had just walked out onto the landing whilst half naked and holding a bin full of piss. Here I was, standing in her bedroom, with my uncovered pussy on full display and getting ready to have a piss of my own into my friend's bin.

'Where was she?' I wondered, now desperate to start peeing. Just having my pussy uncovered made me want to piss. I gazed down at the carpet beneath my feet. 'If she doesn't hurry up,' I thought to myself, 'I'm going to squat over her carpet and relieve myself all over her floor.'

I looked around the room for inspiration of a place I could quickly sneak out a bit of my piss before being discovered. I was just considering holding up one of the room's thick curtains to my pussy and having a quick pee into them, when Suzy returned holding a completely different bin.

"Here you go," she said, closing the door and putting the bin down on the carpet. "You can use my mum and dad's bin for your piss."

I was too desperate to argue. Desperate to pee I immediately rushed over to where Suzy had placed the bin on the floor. Squatting down over it I ensured that my bare buttocks were clearly positioned over the opening.

Suzy had now gone to sit on the bed opposite me, spreading her legs wide so I could clearly see her muff again. Nervously I parted my legs realizing that Suzy was now as eager to watch me pee as she had been to relieve her own piss shower. I was now ready. Looking down between my own bare legs I released my hold on my bladder and waited with baited breath. I could feel my pee sweeping down my body to my waiting pussy lips. Barely a moment later and a soft pattering sound arouse from the bin as I commenced my toilet into its innards. My honey coloured shower squirted out of my muff and formed a short golden arch in the air before impacting against the plastic wall of Suzy's parent's bin.

As I continued to squat over the bin whilst squirting my piss into it, I realized just what a thrill I was getting from this experience. It felt so erotic to pee somewhere else for a change instead of a toilet and I was actually enjoy the sensation. Looking up I saw that Suzie was entranced by the sight of me carrying out a piss into her mother and father's bin. This made it even more fun! Relieving my piss into somebody else's property without a care in the world was orgasmic!

Slowly my piss stream started to dwindle. I was about to do my last couple of squirts into the innards of the plastic bin, when suddenly Suzy moved off the bed and bent down to pull the bin away from under my naked buttocks.

"Suzy, I haven't finished!" I whined urgently, barely able to hold back the last few squirts of pee from leaving my pussy.

"Do it over the floor," urged Suzy.

At that stage I couldn't help it anyway. Looking down at my triangle of blond pussy hairs, I watched on helplessly as I started to finish my pee. Out of my muff lips shot a new golden streak of hot urine as I now pissed all over Suzy's bedroom carpet.

As my hot piss sprayed over the floor, the carpet instantly absorbed my honey coloured urine. This was definitely the biggest thrill I had for ages! Pissing in the bin had been fantastic fun but to simply squat and finish off my leak by going all over the carpet was simply orgasmic. My pee had come to an end now but I continued to hover off the damp patch I had just created on the carpet. Suzy still had her legs spread and I could clearly see her pussy slit nestled in her shaved blond muff. I could feel her gaze still locked on my private parts and I could feel my excitement building as I contemplated what might happen next. Suddenly the sound of the front door opening into the house echoed up the stairway and into Suzy's bedroom. This had an immediate effect on my friend. Jumping off the bed she ran over to the spot where she had abandoned her clothing prior to her pee in the bin.

"Quick, get dressed. That will be my mother who has just come in."

Butterflies were dancing in my stomach as I fumbled trying to yank up my panties around my bum cheeks. Suzy was already dressed and rushing to the bedroom door holding her parents' bin in one hand. I was horrified at the thought of her being discovered carrying the urine filled container and explaining to her mother how I had just peed in it. Fortunately Suzy managed to dispose of the evidence in time. I swear we were both blushing badly when we went downstairs to see her mother. Not long after that I took my leave from my friend's house and rushed home to an incredible masturbatory experience fuelled by the day's events.


It was now the day after I had watched Suzy pull down her pants and urinate in her bedroom bin. During the course of the night I had relived the memory of watching her squatting over the plastic container. My mind had been filled with the image of her naked legs spread apart whilst seeing her yellow torrent of hot piss squirting out of her pussy lips. I could still hear the soft hiss and patter in my head as I recalled her urine shower raining down into the bin below her deliciously nude buttocks. These memories where however nothing compared to the thrill I had got when I remembered what it had then been like to follow Suzy example; dropping my panties to the floor and squatting my own tender bum cheeks over her parent's bin. I recalled that it had taken no effort on my part to then simply squirt my own pee into the bin. Then there was the wonderful recollection of watching whilst I squirted my pussy piss into the plastic container. All this however was nothing to the final thrill I had got when Suzy had taken away the bin from underneath my bum and had urged me to finish off my toilet by urinating over her carpet. I had done so straight away, sending my golden spray of urine out over her carpet and watching the fabric darken as it absorbed my hot yellow pee.

I had been to the toilet several times since the event of the day before. Every time I had felt like I was missing out on some thrill whilst I urinated into the toilet bowl. My parent's had left the house and I was now all alone in the bathroom. Quickly I slid down my skirt and panties. Once I was semi nude with my bladder fit to bursting I simply couldn't wait to position my buttocks so that they hung over the rim of bathroom sink basin. I had decided that I was going to relive myself into the bathroom sink instead of the loo. Later on I also wanted to try having a sneaky pee in the bath or even in our laundry basket. For now I just wanted to be a really naughty girl and carry out a piss into our bathroom sink.

Several seconds later and I had managed to get into position so that I was squatting over the basin. My large naked bum was hanging inside the bowl and I had spread my legs to allow me a view at my blond pussy hairs nestled between my legs. Slowly I started to let go on the hold on my bladder. I could feel my pee surging through my body flowing from my bladder to my waiting pussy. The moment finally arrived and I started to relieve myself whilst squatting over the bathroom sink. A soft hissing sound announced the start of my pee from between my parted legs as my urine stream squirted out of my pussy hole. Immediately my hot piss sprayed over the ceramic wall of the basin and then started to flow in a golden stream out of sight under my burn and into the plughole. This was great fun! I relished every second of my naughty toilet. The thrill of reliving my pee into the sink bowl mixed with the wonderful feeling of relief building in my bladder as I squirted my hot yellow into the sink bowl. Just watching myself urinate in such a naughty way excited me even more.

As I squatted over the sink, still busily peeing into the basin, I started to fantasize about all the other places in the house I could go next for my next piss. Slowly the golden arch of flowing urine issuing out of my pussy began to droop as I neared the end of my pee. It was with a great disappointment when I had to climb off the sink bowl after doing my last squirt of urine down the plug hole.

Later on and I was back in the bathroom. It was so hard to resist the urge to squat back over the sink and have another pee into the bowl. Instead I yanked down my clothes from around my legs and stared at the sight of my naked pussy. My blond triangle of pussy hairs almost hid the sight of my lower lips from sight. Still gazing down and admiring my own pussy I am so tempted to try letting my bladder urge out now. Temptation proved too much too resist and suddenly I was doing it. My hidden pee hole opened and there it was; a thin trickling flow of my hot pee falling to rain on the bathroom floor. I stared in wonder and part shock at seeing myself so brazenly taking a piss whilst standing in the bathroom.

A small golden puddle was forming on the polished wooden floor as my pussy continued to squirt out my hot relief. I knew I had to stop but the feeling of pissing was too wonderful to hold back. Desperately I moved over to the bath leaving a wake of spent pee on the floor behind me. It took only seconds to mount the edge of the bath and then I let go in earnest. Instantly the squirting trickle of pee escaping my pussy slit thickened in size as I started to squirt at full force. The resulting fountain of pee leaving my pussy formed a shooting arch of twisting yellow urine in the air above the bath. As it fell it became a golden shower, pattering down over the bath surface below.

The sight of my piss spraying into the white tub was making me feel incredibly horny. Naughty thoughts were flowing through my mind at all the opportunities my new found fetish was offering me. Most of all, I desperately hoped that it would be an opportunity to get into Suzy's panties. I had been subconsciously thinking about her uncovered pussy ever since the moment I had seen it first start to squirt her pee into the bin. I knew now how desperately I wanted to taste her womanhood and run my tongue lovingly up and down her pussy slit. Part of me even wanted to have my mouth open in case Suzy took it upon herself to reward me with a golden shower for my ministrations. The very idea of having Suzy have a pee in mouth was earth shatteringly and mind blowing in its concept.

My pee in the bath had come to an end. I continued to squat in my peeing position staring at the mess I had made with my toilet. The surface of the bath was covered in a long stain of yellow pee which was now slowly running down to the plug hole. I was so incredibly horny now but couldn't finger myself whilst using my hands to support my body over the bath. I didn't even make it to my bedroom. Instead I collapsed on the floor by the side of the bath. With one hand pleasuring my pussy my other rubbing my tits I brought myself to a thundering climax. Now the floor was doubly stained, both with my piss and my love juices. It took an age to clean up my mess but once I had finished, I was ready to do it all over again!

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Natasha Ch.01:

Natasha had just finished taking a shower and had just got out of the bath. Whilst she was drying herself she suddenly had a naughty idea. She was bursting for a pee and rather than going to sit on the loo why didn't she squat her buttocks over the edge of the bath and take a piss there instead. Dropping the towel to the floor, Natasha gingerly lowered her wide womanly bum cheeks down over the edge of the bath. Then, whilst she gazed down past her exposed breasts at her midriff, Natasha parted her legs to reveal the sight of her auburn triangle of pussy hairs nestled between her thighs. Now it was a simple matter of letting her pee come squirting out of her cunt and into the bath. Concentrating hard, Natasha waited with baited breath whilst the feeling of relief rushed down her body to her waiting pussy lips which immediately parted to allow a strong, thick golden flow of hot piss come shooting out of her cunt and rain against the bath wall facing her pussy. Natasha gasped with the thrill she was getting from doing her toilet into the bath basin. From her vagina, golden pee continued to squirt out of her pussy lips, crossing the short space between her cunt and the bath wall where her golden stream landed and flowed downwards covering the ceramic with a yellow sheen of urine. From under Natasha's buttocks came a soft hissing and pattering sound whilst she did her pee over the bath wall. The sight of the golden stream of pee leaving her pussy looked gorgeous as it covered the bath wall with a running stream of her hot piss.

Natasha had been peeing now for several long seconds. The golden spray squirting out of her pussy was showing no signs of diminishing. In fact Natasha had lots of pee left in her and she was beginning to wonder what else she could use in the bathroom to catch her piss. Spreading her legs wide to give herself a better view of her golden stream that was issuing out of her pussy, Natasha decided she would risk a quick pee over her towel which was still lying over the floor. Without stopping her pissing, Natasha used her hands to move herself forwards bringing her curly brown triangle of pubic hairs past the edge of the bath rim. Golden pee continued to squirt out of Natasha's pussy and within moments she was busily relieving herself over the red towel lying on the floor. Natasha gasped with the thrill of seeing the towel material darken as it absorbed her piss shower. Still peeing hard, the golden flow of piss issuing out of her pussy still flowing strongly, Natasha lowered her body towards the floor and the towel she was still urinating all over. Now she was squatting directly over the towel, her hot piss spraying the material only inches away from her parted pussy lips. The hissing sound caused by her pissing was louder now as she peed all over the towel, moving her bare bum cheeks backwards over the material so that she could pee all over it. After several more seconds of intense pissing, Natasha's closed her pussy lips.

As the golden stream of piss leaving her pussy vanished from sight, Natasha leapt up. She still hadn't finishing peeing, rather it was more a case of she had run out of fresh towel to piss over. Now she had somewhere else in mind to deposit her golden shower of hot pee. Moving up to the edge of the bathroom sink, Natasha moved her pussy triangle up to the edge so that her pussy lips were aimed into the bowl. Taking a deep breath to calm the butterflies in her stomach, Natasha resumed her toilet. This time when Natasha started to pee, her golden flow escaped her pussy and rained down to cover the bathroom sink bowl with a covering of bright yellow, vaginal piss. Standing up to the bathroom sink that she was now busily relieving her urine into, Natasha gazed into the bowl and at the mess she was making with her pee. Golden splashes of urine were now all over the sink, whilst her main flow of pee continued to flow unceasing down the plug hole. Natasha's bum cheeks were now facing the bathroom door. From there it was just possible to make out the sight of her golden pee stream as her piss flowed out of her cunt and into the sink.

Natasha was almost done now. Her stream of yellow piss leaving her pussy and raining into the sink bowl was diminishing. Desperate to do a pee in at least one more naughty place in the bathroom, Natasha ceased her pee. Moving her pussy away from the sink bowl she had just been using as a urinal to catch her piss, Natasha wondered where she could finish her toilet. Suddenly inspiration came to her. Grabbing the piss stained towel, Natasha picked it up before placing it down in front of the bathroom door. Then she went to position her naked body up to the door, so that her breasts and pussy were practically touching the blue painted wood. Without even bothering to look down at her muff, Natasha once again started to take a pee. This time, her honey coloured stream squirted out of her pussy and crossed the short space to the door frame where her pee stream started to rain against with a very slight pattering sound.

Suddenly Natasha heard somebody coming up the stairs and she guessed it must be her mother. Rather than stopping her pee over the door, Natasha decided it would be more fun to continue. Between her legs her golden shower continued to spray over the woodwork as she stood there up to the door, peeing all over it, knowing full well that there was somebody on the other side. Her mother would never imagine in a million years that her daughter was busily relieving herself all over the other side of the bathroom door whilst she walked unknowingly by. The stream of urine issuing out of Natasha's hairy cunt had now reduced to a little trickle. As her pee stream waned it stopped raining over the woodwork of the bathroom door and instead became a little falling stream of yellow pee droplets to the towel below. Closing her pussy lips, Natasha moved back from the door to admire the piss stain all over it. Grabbing the soap holder off the edge of the bath, Natasha held it up to her waiting pussy lips and started to let the few drops of her pee escape her cunt and fall into the holder.

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Nicola has just turned sweet 18. Unable to get into college due to low grades she is stuck living at home under the watchful gaze of her over protective parents. This however doesn't stop her from experimenting with her sexuality and exploring new means of getting her kicks.

Part 1:

Nicola was bursting for a pee. She had been banished to her bedroom following on from an incident where her younger sister had revealed Nicola's activities the night before. It had been stupid of her to allow herself to be caught kissing her lesbian girlfriend at the gate at the back of the house and even more so for not getting to Angela first before the young brat could spill the beans on her sister's sexual preferences. Needless to say, her parents had been less than thrilled to discover that their not-so-little girl was more infatuated with girls than with boys. Her punishment had yet to be thought up, her parents more than likely enjoying an endless stream of ideas of how to strip away her freedom whilst in the mean time she was to remain in her room.

She really needed to go to the bathroom now, an intense fire burning in her insides. Her parents however had been very strict about her bedroom door remaining closed until they were ready to see her again. This put Nicola in a very awkward situation. Should she risk her parent's wrath by visiting the bathroom or should she simply find a different alternative to relieve the intense need in her bladder.

Nicola surveyed her bedroom desperate for inspiration. There was nothing large enough to use as a make shift potty. Even her bedroom bin was constructed of woven wooden slats and as such completely unsuitable as a latrine. She gazed over at her bedroom window recalling a party she had been to where first the boys had started pissing out the upstairs windows before the girls joined in by hanging their bums out of the dinning room window and peeing into the bushes below. Nicola had been severely drunk by this stage and remembered little of the event apart from her own turn where she had quickly yanked down her panties and placed her thighs on the cold wooden window frame before sliding backwards to hang her bum cheeks out into the chilled night air. A lovely warm feeling had then started to spread between her legs as a fat gushing stream of her honey coloured pee shot from her pussy hole and started to patter noisily down onto the ground below.

Nicola walked over to her large bedroom window. It was a two pane affair with one quarter opening outwards. This would make it an easy affair to hold onto the edges whilst squatting with her bum over the lip and relieving her pent up piss over the brickwork side of the house. The idea was so tempting and Nicola could feel the butterflies starting to dance in her stomach as she slid open the window. A cool breeze wafted into the room from the dark night outside. The chill of the air caused Nicola to loose control of her bladder for a split moment and she suddenly felt a warm spot growing at the base of her panties as some of her pee escaped her pussy lips. The feeling of peeing in her panties was electric and for a split moment she was very tempted to continue the flow of piss into her underwear. The warm spot between her legs where the small amount of spent pee had been absorbed by her underwear felt so lovely that she longed to continue going to the toilet in her clothes. However, she was far too conscious that she could be summoned downstairs at a moment's notice and it might not aid her parent's foul mood to find their daughter wearing piss stained jeans.

Nicola peered out of the window. To her intense disappointment the light from the room down below was on which meant that there was a very good chance that having a naughty pee out of her window would result in her golden rain falling to the earth below being seen by her irate parents. With immense reluctance Nicola closed the window. She could almost no longer stand the urge in her bladder and she realised that she was only moments away from involuntarily opening her pussy lips and starting to squirt her piss into her lower garments. Desperately she started to undo her jeans, her trembling fingers struggling with the top button before sliding down her fly. As the tight hugging denim slid from around her pert, well formed bum cheeks her white panties came into view. Her underwear was a matching set; virgin white in colour with a lace pattern of flowers sewn into the material. Within moments of her jeans leaving her ankles, her panties were following suite, allowing her curly mass of pubic pussy hairs to appear, nestled in a small triangular shape between her creamy thighs.

Now she was half naked, her lower garments discarded on the floor. The seconds were running out for Nicola. Here she was all ready to take a piss, half naked her bum and hairy muff on open display and yet nowhere to go. At the very last second Nicola acted. Dashing to the end of her bed she yanked open the large chest like Ottoman and immediately placed her bare butt cheeks down over the wooden rim. With an incredible sense of almost indescribable exhilaration Nicola started pissing. Instantly her pee hole nestled under her clit in her pussy opened wide, allowing a thick gushing torrent of body warmed urine to come jetting out of her cunt and spray over the contents of the Ottoman.

With a loud sigh of intense pleasure and relief, Nicola settled down to enjoy her piss. Parting her legs she gazed downwards with dancing butterflies in her belly whilst she observed the incredible mess she was making with her pee. Down past her erect breasts, her nipples visible as they poked through the thin fabric of her bra and blouse, her eyes wandered over her belly and to the exposed mass of flesh and pubic hairs on display below. Surely enough her golden pee stream was shooting out of her pussy with incredible force and to her horror she discovered that she was actually busily urinating all over her winter clothing. Her gushing squirt of piss emanating from her pussy hole was washing over two separate items of clothing; her white ski jacket which now had a growing yellow stain forming over the hood as she peed all over it, and a thick red jumper which was catching the offshoot of her piss as her urine stream bounced off the former and onto the latter. Nicola could barely believe what she had been reduced to doing. The jumper was easy to replace but the ski jacket was an expensive commodity and she could barely afford to be see wearing a piss stained hood on the ski slopes!

Try as she might Nicola found she couldn't halt the stream of piss leaving her pussy. The urge in her bladder was still too strong, the need to continue peeing too intense. Between her legs her golden pee shower continued to flow out of her pussy hole before spraying her clothing with a hot wash of squirting piss. Desperately she reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of her ski jacket and pulled it out and clear of her shooting pee fountain. Warm spots of pee landed on her arm as droplets of urine bounced from the main impact point of Nicola's golden piss shower. Instead of being disgusted with having peed over herself, Nicola found the sensation to be rather nice. Staring back down at her pissing muff she marvelled at the thrill she was getting from taking her piss like this at the bottom of her bed. Her pussy fountain was now playing over a second jumper, this one a dark blue affair. It was already covered with a growing dark stain which spread by the second as her peeing continued. The way in which her piss flowed so easily out of her pussy in such a naughty place as this was an incredible turn on. She had never once imagined that she could get such a feeling from having a pee like this. The sheer naughtiness and exhilaration of squirting her pee in a location other than a toilet bowl was intoxicating. Her golden pee stream looked wonderful as it continued to flow from her pussy lips, the feeling of relief in her bladder growing along with another much darker sensation.

Slowly Nicola ran her one hand down her exposed belly below her blouse, moving lower and lower towards her pussy. Finally her fingers were running through the tangled mass of her curly pubic hairs before with she reached her clit. It was like a jolt of electricity running through every pleasure cell in her body as she fingered the little fleshy protuberance above her open pee hole. She couldn't hold back now and with complete abandonment Nicola let her fingers stray further. Instantly a warm wet sensation started to play over her fingers as her hand moved into her shooting pussy shower of hot piss. This was an incredibly gorgeous moment for the young woman and she savoured every second. Now with eyes shut in complete bliss and sexual arousal Nicola continued to happily play with herself. Between her legs her right hand moved up and down, changing every second or so from playing with her clit to entering her hot pee shower gushing from her pussy. As the moments passed the volume of pee leaving her slit began to wane, her desperate toilet coming to an end. By now Nicola was in such a state of sexual euphoria that was barely aware of the fact. As soon as her pee hole closed, her probing fingers were sliding inside of her warm wet love hole sending her hormones into overdrive. For a split second Nicola's pussy lips parted to allow a new squirting jet of piss to shoot out over her winter clothing before closing again. In fact Nicola was so far lost in her own private world of ecstasy that she was completely oblivious to the sound of her father's footsteps ascending the stairs. Not even the turning of the door handle stirred Nicola from her intense finger fuck; her soft moans of intimate pleasure the only sound in her ears. Seconds later and the bedroom door started to open as her burly father entered the room....

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Having read a couple of these it's easy to see what the hype about Leaky_One's stories is about. I really need to make more time to read all of these as they're great - thanks to everyone whose shared some of them here.

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Strangely, the style of this one is very similar to that of Leaky_One, and reads as a work of hers, and the username - leekeyone - has obvious similarities, so I suspect the author is one and the same. For that reason I include it here. The following story is already available on the freesite, Literotica. And that is where I am copying it from.....

This is a short story about an experience I had whilst on holiday in the Lake District. I was at the bar, drinking on my own and generally minding my own business whilst watching a film on the hotel TV. Suddenly I realised that I wasn't alone any more. Turning around I discovered that an attractive girl in her mid twenties was standing beside me waiting to be served. Immediately we made eye contact and she gave a stunning smile. I could feel my cock hardening straight away. She was tall, around six feet in height, with short brown hair with tight curls. Her large brown eyes gazed into mine as I returned her smile and instantly I knew I was on to a winner.

To cut a long story short, we got chatting and had a few drinks. This turned into a couple more drinks and by the time the hotel bar closed around 2am, we were both quite intoxicated. As they started to turn off the lights she turned to face me and caught me quite obviously staring at her large breasts hidden from sight by her brown coloured blouse. Giving me a big grin she asked if I would like to walk her back to her room. Reddening in embarrassment I nodded in agreement and got up from the table.

The trip to her room was a long one, her room being located at the far end of the long hotel complex. We were almost there when suddenly she stopped in the hallway, turned to look me in the eye and said, "Do you want to fuck me?"

For a second I couldn't say anything, my mind reeling at the offer. Stupidly, in all my drunken brain could manage was "Yes, sure." This was made worse by my follow up. "You're gorgeous. I'd love to fuck you".

Her eyes flashed with excitement at my reply. Grabbing my hands she pulled my close and we embraced with our first kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and it was a second before I could match the strength of her passion. I rolled my own tongue over hers tasting her full lips in the process. Suddenly she pushed me away and whilst looking into my eyes said, "We can't use my room as I'm sharing it with somebody. Where is yours?"

I replied that I was actually stopping at a different hotel a block away down the road and had only come in here to use the bar facilities.

"Where can we do it?" she asked hoarsely "I need fucking now!"

"Follow me," I said grabbing her hand and pulling her down the corridor.

The place was deserted and we passed no one as we proceeded down the long hallway. At its end, a fire door gave us access into a short stairwell leading up to the next level.

"Here will do," I offered, waving my spare hand at the stairs.

"No. We can't do it here somebody will catch us."

"Like who? Nobody is around," I replied. The look on her face showed that she didn't believe me. It was then I suddenly had a naughty idea. I was bursting for a piss with all the beer inside me and this seemed like a literal golden opportunity.

"Look, this will prove that nobody is around," I said fumbling at my jeans zipper. Within seconds I had freed my hardened cock from its restraint inside my boxer shorts and was aiming it in the direction of the carpeted stairway. Normally it would have taken me forever to start pissing, especially with a girl watching me and being half erect as well. However, as I had already mentioned, on this occasion I was absolutely bursting to go and within mere seconds I was sending a thick stream of my golden piss through the air in the direction of the staircase. My new girlfriend gasped as the first of my piss started to land on the light coloured cream carpet, instantly starting to cause a growing stain as more and more of my yellow pee rained down over it.

"Oh god, that's gorgeous!" she whispered taking in the sight of my pee stream squirting out of my dick. My fountain of piss was now pattering down quite strongly over the bottom two steps, the carpet now showing a large damp stain where my urine had soaked into the material.

I was in heaven! The ease in my bladder was incredible as I slowly emptied my piss over the floor. Taking a slash in front of this hot young woman who wanted to fuck my brains out was also an awesome plus factor. I was still hosing down the stairs with my piss when suddenly I felt the warmth of my girlfriend's body sliding up next to mine.

"I want to hold it," she whispered seductively in my ear as her long fingers slid around my cock forcing away my own hand. This was a new dimension for me. I'd never had a girl hold my cock whilst I pissed before and I realised now what a thrill I had been missing out on.

Trying to relax as much as possible in case my erection forced me to stop peeing, I watched on with glee as I witnessed my cock being used like a miniature fire hose. She started waving it in all directions causing my piss stream to spray all over the floor, the wallpaper, the banister and even the near-by fire extinguisher. Finally she went back to aiming my still shooting stream of hot piss all over the wall making a suitable large damp stain over its surface. I think we were both bitterly disappointed when my pee stream began to droop as I exhausted my bladder's supply of piss.

Letting go of my cock she looked me in the eye and said "Well if you can do that here I don't see why I can't," and with that she crossed over to the piss stained staircase. Taking a big step over my piss stain on the bottom two steps she quickly ran up the short staircase. As soon as she reached the top she turned to face me and immediately yanked down both her pants and cotton white panties in one go. I stared with thrill and amazement at the sight of the bushy triangle of brown pubic hairs nestled in between her long creamy legs. Ignoring me she kicked off her clothes from around her ankles and sent them into a pile in the far corner. Then, whilst I watched on, she went to the top step and squatted down bringing her wide womanly bum cheeks to within inches of the floor. From my vantage point at the bottom of the stairs I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips nestled at the base of her muff. Whilst I stared on with a growing thrill, my new lady friend started to take a piss of her own.

From the base of her pussy suddenly shot out a thin stream of golden yellow urine which immediately started to broaden as she increased the force of her piss. Within seconds the spray of pee issuing out of her gorgeous muff was a veritable torrent of urine. Her yellow rain formed a thick stream of flowing yellow pee arching down to spray over the carpeted stairs beneath her position.

Now I must admit I love watching girls piss. There is something about the way a stream of pee flows out of a girls honey pot that is so wonderfully intoxicating. However to witness something like this that was on another level! Here was a girl that I had only just met, treating me to the wonderful display of her incredibly naughty piss all over the hotel stairwell.

From between her well toned legs, her golden fountain was still gushing strongly out of her vagina. Piss was flying everywhere as her yellow stream descended in a flowing arch to the carpeted steps below her. The carpet was now being subjected to its second stream of piss this night and several large damp patches had already formed where my girlfriend's piss had landed.

Her pussy looked so incredible, nestled between her creamy thighs, with her crack parted to allow her little pee hole to shoot out its wide golden flow which was still pattering noisily over the stairway. I realised then that she was completely focused on her own pissing, her gaze fixed on the visage of her golden pee squirting out of her vagina and vandalising the staircase with a covering of her piss. I took this opportunity to reach for my cock which was now incredibly hard and erect. I started to pump myself, masturbating to the sight of the golden piss stream leaving this woman's pussy. This must have been the most exciting thing I had ever witnessed and I could feel myself only moments away from spurting my load over the damp pee stain on the carpet which I had made myself only moments ago.

I'm not sure what made her suddenly look up and catch me wanking away. "Stop!" she half shouted over the noise her piss was making as it landed over the carpeted steps. "Don't you dare come before you've fucked me!" she said in a hoarse voice. Almost immediately the golden fountain leaving her pussy began to droop and within seconds it had vanished.

Standing up from her toilet spot, she quickly descended the stairs. As soon as she was near I grabbed her roughly and shoved her against the wall, my rock hard prick already homing in on her moist pussy. She didn't resist, her mouth meeting mine. My hands cupped her nude bum cheeks as I slid my long hard member into her wet tunnel. She groaned out loud, her lips breaking contact with mine as I started to slide up and down inside her pussy. Her legs were now tightly wrapped around me as we fucked hard in the hotel stairwell.

I couldn't hold back now and my orgasm erupted inside her within a mere few seconds. The sight of her pissing over the stairs had just been too much of a thrill! I kept on pumping even though I had shot my sperm into her warm moist pussy. She continued to groan as she kept riding me. My brain was spinning, both from booze and from fatigue. I could feel my dick loosing its stiffness and the urge to pee start to build again. Seconds later I think she too arrived at orgasm. Her moans increased in pitch until she suddenly let out one loud groan and her pulsing rise and fall of her hips slowed and stopped.

All this time we had been locked in a battle of tongues, licking and flicking away. Now we parted and I stared into her fantastic brown eyes.

"That was nice," she whispered. "Now I want you to fuck me from behind." With that she lifted herself off my cock and placed her feet back on the floor. Turning around she presented me with the sight of her large round bum cheeks and positioned her body in a way to make it easier for me to slide into her pussy. I still wasn't ready. My dick was still limp in my hands and I had the desperate urge to piss again. I was considering using the wall when I suddenly had a better idea where to aim my pee stream. Pointing my dick at her large naked bum I let go of my bladder urge. Within moments I was pissing and I witnessed for the first time in my life, the sight of my pee spraying over a woman's naked flesh.

I expected outrage at my act. My hot yellow jet was now gushing strongly out of my dick and spraying over her butt cheeks. Instead she gave a contented sigh and stuck her bum out further in my direction. This was all the encouragement I needed. Squirting harder I directed my stream into the groove between her cheeks seeing my piss flow over the contours of her nude bum. Suddenly I realised that it just wasn't my piss that was flowing down in a deluge to the carpet below. Whilst I was busily hosing down her bum, she had decided to join in and a second flow of piss was now falling earthwards. Her pee stream looked gorgeous as she pissed out of her pussy and I squirted my pee all over her naked bum.

The carpet below was now saturated with a new dark puddle where our urine had mixed together. As soon as I finished my own piss, I was sliding back into her moist pussy again. I was already back as hard as a rock and was looking forward to taking my time fucking her this time around.

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One of the Best Ever experiences I have ever read about . How arousing this was to read . plus how it seems a fantasy most guys . Who love peeing . Would wish would happen to them as well :O_o:

I appreciate that you shared this on here . It made for some most arousing . As well as very interesting reading as well too :wink:

I'm so glad that you had posted this :x3:

Thank You ! !

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A Leaky_One story

A Family Affair

Lindsay desperately wanted to talk to her daughter to discuss the complex emotional problems she was having with her father. In fact she was so distressed that she didn’t even bother to knock on her eighteen year old daughter’s bedroom door and instead simply walked straight on in. On reflection this was something she should have not have done.

The first thing that registered in Lindsay’s mind upon seeing her daughter sat at the end of her bed was the fact she was completely nude, her clothes lying in a messy pile on the bedroom floor. As the image of her daughter’s small but beautifully rounded young breasts settled in her mind her eyes traced her way down Maeby’s creamy soft skin past her belly button to where her triangular mass of curly pubic hairs grew around the young girl’s pussy. The reason why this had grabbed Lindsay’s attention was the fast flowing stream of clear coloured urine that was currently squirting out of her daughter’s pussy and making its way to the thick pile carpet below. Lindsay’s eyes followed her daughter’s stream of flowing wee down to the floor and observed the rather large damp stain already present there.

“Good God, Mum!” Maeby screamed at horror at being discovered in mid pee flow. “What are you doing here?”

“Young girl I think that is the last of your worries. What on earth do you think you are doing?”

Maeby had slammed shut her legs by now, her clear stream of wee having vanished from her pussy lips. “I… I…” Maeby started to stammer.

“I think it’s actually quite obvious,” her mother said taking a defiant stand in front of her young daughter, hands on hips. “Would you like to explain why you are peeing on the bedroom floor instead of using the toilet? Could you not make it in time? Maybe not wearing any clothes made you think you were back in the wild and you could pee anywhere.”

“Mum it’s not like that,” Maeby whined, but her mum didn’t let her continue.

“Maybe you’d like to come and have a wee in my room when you’ve done in here? Maybe you'd like to piss in the lounge as well or maybe the dining room?” Lindsay was on a roll. She was furious, her anger fuelled by her own pent up emotions. “Just think of the time we could all save if we follow your example. Should we all be pissing without our clothes on in any room we like?”

“Mum it’s not like that,” Maeby whimpered, her cheeks now a rosy red from embarrassment.

“Well young girl, do you want to have a go at explaining yourself before you start cleaning your mess up?” Lindsay motioned at the damp piss stain on the floor at the base of the bed.

“I just wanted to try it out for myself. I overheard a couple of girls by the lockers talking about how they peed in naughty places and how much fun it is. I was going to clean up afterwards, I swear I was.”

Lindsay was about to say something. Instead she stopped talking a moment to collect her thoughts. Gazing back down at the mass of pubic hairs just visible between Maeby’s sealed legs reminded her of what she had just witnessed and a memory it had just triggered. Sighing loudly, Lindsay dropped her hands from her hips, turned and gently closed the bedroom door. Turning back to her daughter she crossed the short distance between them and sat down on the bed next to the naked Maeby.

“What would you say if I let you finish off your wee over the floor?”

Maeby looked stunned and didn’t reply.

“Look I know I’m not the best mother in the world and that I’m not always around for you. If you need to get this out of your system then by all means go ahead and finish off your wee on the carpet.”

“Serious?” Maeby gasped, her eyes widening in shock at her mother’s statement.

“Yes go on before I change my mind.”

Maeby started to part her legs again and then suddenly stopped. “Mum you are going to leave?”

“Oh sorry I forgot myself for a moment.” Lindsay stood up and started to make for the door. Suddenly from behind her came Maeby’s voice. She turned to look at her daughter who by now had resumed her original position of perching with her legs wide open at the bottom of the bed, obviously getting ready to pee again.

“Thanks mum I won’t forget this and I do promise to clean up afterwards. It’s just, you know, really good fun to let go and piss like this somewhere where I shouldn’t.”

“I know” Lindsay suddenly giggled uncontrollably. Crossing back to her daughter she resumed her perch on the bed next to Maeby who looked suitably alarmed.

“Mum…. I’m about to start peeing again and I can’t hold it back.”

“Good,” grinned her mother. “Watching you pee all over the floor has suddenly made me remember when I went through a similar phase when I was young.”

“What? You?” Maeby half shouted with shock.

“Yes me!” replied her mother with her smile widening “and you know what, just to prove it to you, I’m going to join you with a wee over the floor myself.”

Maeby’s eyes widened even further, “You’ve got to be joking me?” she gasped.

“No” said Lindsey, standing up and reaching for the shoulder straps on her dress. “Why should you have all the fun? If you’re going to have a wee on the carpet then I want one as well.” By now her shoulder straps were loose and Lindsay was shaking herself out of her unzipped dress. The material fell from around her lithe form revealing lacy black underwear covering her small tits, pussy hairs and the round firmness of her toned bum cheeks.

“I’ll only be a second,” she flashed a grin at her daughter who was still staring in disbelief at her mother, her young legs parted and pussy lips still sealed tight.

Lindsay’s black bra was the next to come off. Maeby had bigger tits than her mother but for what she lacked in terms of size, she more than made up for in presentability. Her erect nipples were already standing proud in the middle of the large red welts surrounding them, her breasts perfectly shaped and in proportion to her athletically trim body. Bending down Lindsay reached for her briefs and with a quick tug they were loose, revealing the perfect shape of her vagina and the blond mass of pubic hairs forming a triangle between her creamy toned thighs.

“Right shall we begin?” Lindsay giggled as she sat her large rounded bum cheeks down on the bed beside Maeby. Her daughter sat speechless still staring at the naked form of her mother sat next to her.

“OK well if you don’t want to go, then I suppose I might as well do this on my own.” And with that she parted her long slender legs and gazed down at the sight of her muff hovering just over the edge of the bed. Suddenly Lindsay’s pee hole opened deep inside her pussy and the next second a long bright coloured stream of twisting urine was flowing down to the carpeted floor below. The first of Lindsay’s golden shower reached the ground and a soft pattering sound rose upwards as her pee started to patter across the carpet.

Maeby simply couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her mother’s long twisting stream of hot feminine piss squirted strongly away from the woman’s pussy lips nestled deep in the mass of blond curly pubic hairs between her legs. The soft hissing sound made by her mother’s shooting pee fountain was simply too much and uncontrollably Maeby started to resume her own toilet. Her young pussy lips immediately parted as her pee hole opened up and within moments a second shower of piss was flowing down to cover the bedroom carpet in a shower of pee.

The two of them sat by side in complete silence, their golden streams squirting from their pussies and forming two almost identical flowing streams of piss down to the floor between their parted legs. Lindsay’s complete focus was her own shooting piss shower her eyes never once leaving the sight of her squirting pussy shower as she squirted her piss out of her lower lips. The look on her face was one of complete rapture, entranced by her actions. Maeby on the other hand simply couldn’t make up her mind where to look, her attention moving from her own squirting piss shower to the sight of her mother’s squirting pee and then back to her own display of pissing. On the floor the joint piss showers had by now made a massive dark stain on the pee soaked carpet but neither one of them showed any sign of abating their toilet.

Maeby was the first to finish, her pussy lips sealing as she finished her wee. Her mother’s fast flowing piss shower continued for another couple of seconds before beginning to droop. With a large smile on her face Lindsay held back on her pee before finishing with one last strong squirt of piss out of her pussy which saw her shooting pee stream fall further than before and staining a fresh patch of carpet with her urine.

“Wow mum that was simply awesome!” Maeby gasped.

“It was rather fun,” Lindsay said with a wicked grin. “I haven’t done anything like that since I was about your age and I’d forgotten how much fun it could be.”

“Really mum? You used to do this all the time when you were young?”

“Not all the time,” Lindsay laughed falling backwards onto the firm mattress, her long blond strands of hairs flailing outwards. "But it was a lot of fun when I did."

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For all fans of erotic fiction featuring girls pissing in naughty places, this author - Leaky_One - is widely considered the cream of the crop amongst naughty pissing story writers.

Well worth checking out for anyone into that who has never read her work.

And because many new members have joined since this thread was last active, I have decided to bump it.

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I hate to bump an inactive thread, but whatever happened to Leaky_One? They were there, then they just sort of fell off of the planet.

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I hate to bump an inactive thread, but whatever happened to Leaky_One? They were there, then they just sort of fell off of the planet.

I heard Leaky_One got bought up by Wet Set to write exclusively for them. But seen nothing of this nature there. Anyway, she appeared to drop off the radar completely seven or eight years ago now.

Were she ever to reappear, she'd go down an absolute storm on a site like this.

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After reading WetWulf awesome "The Camping Trip" series I saw this thread and remembered I had more parts (but not all of) of the Leaky_one Family Affair series on a old USB drive.

A Leaky_One story

A Family Affair - Continued

Maeby starred at her mother’s nudity taking in the detail of her mum’s small perfect breasts, the smooth skin running down her belly to where her triangular pubic mass lay. The image of her mother’s squirting pee shower coming from the base of her vagina was still strong in her mind.

“I’ll tell you what,” Lindsay said propping herself upwards with her arms. “You pass me that bottle of mineral water and I’ll tell you all about it. After all it’s about time we spent some quality time together.” Sitting up further Lindsay turned and moved to the end of the bed so her back was supported against the bed head. Parting her legs wide she made no effort to hide her womanhood from her daughter’s gaze.


“Sure mum. I can’t wait to hear this,” Maeby giggled and passed over the mineral bottle which Lindsay took and uncapped before taking several long deep swills from inside. Passing the bottle to her daughter she said “Well make yourself comfortable and I’ll begin.

Maeby adopted a similar position at her end of the bed with her legs overlapping her mothers. If her mum had no qualms about showing off her tits and pussy then why should she?

“Ok. Here we go” said Lindsay with a deep sigh “When I transferred school in the third grade I got a bit of a shock one day after gym class. I was getting in the showers when I noticed two of the girls squatting down at the far end where a large drainage hole lay in the floor. I couldn’t believe it when I realised that there were both having a pee. I could clearly see their golden streams pattering over the floor. Then I realised that some of the other girls were also peeing in the showers and that they were actually doing it standing up. At first I was terrified to have a go myself but as everybody else seemed to think it was OK so I thought I’d try. Anyway it took a minute to overcome my nerves and then suddenly I was doing it; actually peeing in the shower surrounded by a load of other naked girls having a wash. Nobody even looked my way!

Anyway it all started to feel really good! A way of simply just letting go on my inhibitions and I realised that I was really enjoying my ability to go ‘pee pee’ in the showers. After that I started to really look forward to gym class if only for the chance to have a naughty piss in the showers afterwards. Well one thing lead to another and one day at home I was stood in my bathroom dying for the toilet and decided I would relieve myself without using the loo. So I go into the shower cubicle and start to wee over the floor just like at school. Somehow it didn’t seem enough of a thrill. So I moved up to the glass screen and had a quick pee over it but even that seemed a little tame. Before I knew it I was clambering up onto the bathroom sink and putting my bum in the basin, getting ready to pee over the sink wall. That was far more fun and I remember just how dirty I felt as I did my first piss into my bathroom sink. Soon I was peeing in my sink every chance I got and soon I was looking for new places to try having a piss in. I peed in the laundry basket and then over the floor leaving a massive puddle which took ages to clean up with just toilet paper. In my room I started to pee over the carpet in one corner nicking naming it my ‘puddle place’. I had an old rug which fitted nicely over the spot where I would pee, so I was always safe from discovery”.

Suddenly Lindsay realized just how rapt her daughter’s attention was. Knowing she might have made a mistake in revealing too much she tried to back peddle.

“Well it soon got boring and I stopped and that was that. You, young lady, don’t even get to try. If I find so much as a hint of wee in your bathroom sink or find anymore damp spots on the carpet then you are in serious trouble.”

“But mum….” Maeby stared whine. “You’ve told me all your secrets about your naughty pissing habits when you were young. Don’t you think I should get some fun as well? Nobody pees in the showers at my school and everybody is boring, boring, boring!” With that, she slammed her fists into the mattress. Seeing how upset her pretty young daughter was getting Lindsay made a big decision. If nothing else her daughter looked so attractive with her naked pussy on display between her legs.

“OK, I tell you what” Lindsay said. “You get the rest of today to be as naughty as you want, but then you must promise that after today that is that!”

“Wow mum you’re the greatest!” Maeby beamed. She paused for a second with a look of deep thought on her freckled face. “Are you going to join in as well?”

Lindsay smiled back. “Are you sure you want your mum around whilst you are being naughty?”

“Oh please mum, it’ll be so much fun if there are two of us. Plus you can tell me if I’m being too naughty when I decid to pee.”

“Well….” Lindsay started “We do have the house to ourselves for the rest of today and I’m not got anything else really important to do…”

“Thanks mum you’re the best!” Maeby smiled. “Quick pass me the bottle of water, I need to fill up. Do you think I could start with a wee in my bathroom sink?”

“If you like, honey. For my part I might just have a little wee here just to get started.”

“What on my bed, you wouldn’t dare.”

This was definitely the wrong thing to say as with a big smile of her face, Lindsay suddenly let a quirk squirt of hot piss escape from her pussy hole. Her little golden shower played over the top bed sheet creating a small damp stain on the fabric.

“Mum, that’s my bed you’ve just peed over!” Maeby shouted in disgust. Another quick squirt of piss shot from Lindsay’s pussy in response. This caused the damp stain to grow slightly bigger.

“Oh sorry honey, I thought we were going to play at being naughty girls today?”

“In that case mum I’m going to take a big piss all over your bed”. Maeby scrambled off the bed and Lindsay watched as her daughter’s bare bum cheeks vanished through the bedroom door. With a light sigh Lindsay pulled herself off her comfortable perch and followed in her wake.

Sure enough Maeby was doing what she had said she would do and when Lindsay arrived at her bedroom she found her daughter in a squatting position over the bed. A thin stream of clear coloured pee was squirting out from Maeby’s pussy lips and playing over the duvet. Beneath Maeby’s bare buttocks a large damp stain was slowly growing as more and more pee rained down over the fabric.

Lindsay didn’t say a word. Instead she clambered up onto the bed and adopted a mirror position to her daughter. With her own pussy hovering over the bed and her nude bum cheeks only inches off the bed covers, Lindsay started a piss of her own. Her resulting pee stream was a thicker more golden affair than Maeby’s and her own damp spot soon grew to outpace her daughters.

“That’s not fair!” Maeby stopped her piss over the bed and stared at the golden shower leaving her mum’s vagina and spraying downwards over the bed sheets.

“I’ve had more practice, sweetie!” her mum replied giving her daughter a large smile as she looked up from watching the golden stream squirt out of her blond haired muff.

“Well in that case mum, don’t you think it’s about time you showed me how to pee in a sink bowl”

“OK if that is what you want, then so be it.” Lindsay stopped her squirting piss fountain over the bed sheets.

For a moment the two of them stayed motionless. Both were completely naked with their bare round bum cheeks hang suspended over the piss stained sheets they had just peed all over. Suddenly both of them burst out in uncontrollable giggles. Clambering off her bed Lindsay offered Maeby a helping hand. Her daughter took it and stepped down onto the carpet. For a wicked moment she was tempted to have a new wee and send a fountain of piss down to the floor by her mum’s feet. All the water she had drunk in her bedroom was now nicely ready for pissing out. Already she could feel the desperate need in her bladder getting stronger by the second.

“OK, you get to wee in my bathroom sink today but you must promise that you will not make a habit of this?”

“I will mum. I mean I won’t. I don’t know what I mean but I do really need to pee again. Can we go?”

Lindsay led her naked daughter into her large on-suite bathroom. Lindsay approached the large sink basin which was situated against the far wall. She was tall enough so that her pussy lips cleared the rim. Gazing down at her muff suspended over the basin edge she simply couldn’t resist and immediately sent a quick squirting piss shower into the bowl.

“Mum!” Maeby whined “I want to pee in the sink, not you”

“Of course dear, I was just reliving old times. Here, let me help you up.”

Within seconds Maeby’s round buttocks were hovering inside the bowl, her brown haired pussy only inches away from the bright white ceramic surface. Lindsay took a step back to better appreciate the view of her young daughter getting ready to have a wee in her bathroom sink.

One second and Maeby’s lower lips were sealed and the next her pee hole was open and a thick stream of gushing hot piss shot out. Her spray of wee squirted from her pussy lips and immediately began to wash over the basin wall. The room became filled with the soft hiss of Maeby’s peeing as her golden piss flowed into the sink and ran down the wall. As her wee flowed over the once clean ceramic surface it then disappeared down the drain located directly under her bum hole.

The two of them stayed silent whilst Maeby enjoyed her wee. Between her creamy legs, her golden stream continued to flow out of her pussy before decorating the white sink wall with a running stream of female piss. Maeby was entranced by the sight of seeing herself actually having a pee into a sink bowl. It was a tremendous turn on to use the sink for her wee rather than the toilet. This was possibly even better than relieving herself all over her bedroom floor.

Slowly the stream of piss squirting out of Maeby’s vagina began to wane and droop as she finished her toilet. With one last little squirt of hot pee over the sink wall, Maeby was done. With her mother’s help she clambered down from her toilet perch.

“Now where shall I finish my pee?” Lindsay asked out loud.

“How about in the shower mum.” Maeby suggested.

“What a good idea I think I will” and with that Lindsay headed for the shower cubicle.

Maeby watched her mum’s buttocks vanish into the cubicle. She then moved around to one side to get a good view through the glass at what her mother was doing. She gasped in surprise and delight as she saw her mother stood up to the glass, her tits and pussy on clear display though the transparent screen. From the base of her blond muff was now squirting a strong golden stream of hot urine which pattered over the glass with a loud noise.

Giggling Maeby sank to her knees and brought her small but perfectly formed tits up to the glass where on the other side, her mum’s pee stream was currently landing. Immediately she could feel the warmth of her mum’s piss shower radiating through the glass screen. This felt lovely and wonderful against her bare breasts. Inside the shower Lindsay was having quite an erotic turn on by this event. From her point of view, it looked like her golden piss fountain was falling directly over her daughter’s naked chest.

Unfortunately Lindsay’s wee didn’t last long as she had squirted most of her piss over the bed sheets only minutes earlier. Exiting the shower she gave her daughter a naked and conspiratorial squeeze of affection.

The two of them retreated back to Maeby’s room where they quickly drank the remainder of the spring water from the bottle. Once empty, Maeby filled it from her own sink. All the while she was eyeing up her own bathroom basin and wondering what it would be like if she dared take a wee in it. Even if it was against her mother’s wishes it would still be a wonderful thrill.

Returning to the room she passed the bottle to her mum and they took it in turns to drink deeply before lapsing into idle girl chatter. It was twenty minutes later when Lindsay decided it was time for some more of their naughty peeing around the house and set off for the landing. Maeby followed, butterflies dancing in her stomach as she admired her mother’s naked form as she moved on ahead of her. They had just reached the stairs when Maeby stopped.

“What’s wrong honey?” her mother asked stopping and turning around.

“Here. I want to pee here.” Maeby replied her gaze fixed on the wide opening in the landing wall that hung over the sitting room.

“What, pee off the railing?” her mother inquired a large smile forming on her pretty face.

“No mum! I mean yes, but I want to stand and pee like a boy into the front room. Just think what a rush that will be with me standing up and my piss spray showering down below. You said we could pee anywhere in the house so this is where I am going to go

“Ok Ok!” her mum acknowledged.

“Thanks mum, you’re the best!” Maeby beamed and immediately moved up to the metal railing that guarded the fall into the main room. Lindsay watched on with a growing fascination as Maeby tried to start her pee from a standing position. She had parted her legs and had placed her young hairy muff up to a gap in the metal bars with her pussy lips posed a meter above the living room bar that was situated below. The strain on her pretty face showed the effort it was taking with her attempt to squirt her pee without instinctively adopting a squatting position.

Coming up to stand behind her naked daughter, Lindsay placed her hands on Maeby’s warm buttocks and pushed gently forwards. This obviously helped for suddenly a loud pattering noise came from the bar area directly below.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat Lindsay peaked over Maeby’s shoulder and stared with glee at the sight of the cascading fountain of piss squirting from out of the gap in the railings. Her daughter’s hot pee shower was falling in a fast flowing stream to rain down in the bar area below. The majority of Maeby’s squirting piss shower was landing on the bar top hence the now loud sound of pee coming from below. Some of her wee was also making it down to cover the bar floor with splashes of spent piss.

Lindsay was fascinated by the sight of her daughter taking a piss like this. Maeby’s lightly coloured golden shower shot into the space in front of her pussy before being caught by gravity and pulled downwards to desecrate the living room area below with a shower of hot school girl pee. Lindsay desperately wished she had thought of this first and wondered if she to she too should have a wee off the balcony by peeing through the protective rail.

Maeby’s piss fountain was beginning to dwindle as she neared the end of her toilet on the landing.

“That was awesome!” Maeby laughed as the golden flow from her pussy vanished from sight. She hung over the railing to survey the extent of the mess she had just made with her latest wee.

“My turn” giggled Lindsay. Pushing her daughter out of the way she turned and pulled herself up onto the railing so that her wide womanly buttocks hung over the edge. Within seconds a new pattering stream was rising upwards from the front room. A fast flowing stream of hot pussy piss was now raining down into the bar area as Lindsay peed strongly from her perch. Maeby watched on in wonder at the sight of the golden pee stream squirting from her mum’s pussy and falling earthwards. Already the bar top and surrounding area was covering in a wash of cooling pee. Lindsay continued peeing for another couple of seconds before closing her pee hole.

“I best save some for later” she smiled at Maeby and started to clamber off the railing.



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Oh my god, Rdgr, thanks for posting that. I've been looking for that part for years, I almost thought I made it up in my head. I've wanted to read it again, especially the part about Lindsey just going on Maeby's bed without prompting or permission.

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Found one last part on a different word file as I knew I that I had read more of this series but this is all I have and remember reading. I wonder if Leaky_one ever continued on? I he/she did I never saw it. Might be worth someone giving it a shot.

A Leaky_One story

A Family Affair - Continued 2

Continued in the next episode of “A Family Affair"


Down in the kitchen the naked mother and daughter had started to top up their bladders once again whilst giggling like little girls about their exploits so far.

“I think I need another wee” Lindsay suddenly announced. Not even bothered to wait for Maeby’s reaction she pulled herself up and over the kitchen sink. Parting her legs wide to reveal the outline of her triangular shape pussy, she opened her pee hole and started to take a hot piss directly into the basin. A loud hiss and patter echoed from inside the sink as Lindsay joyfully played her wee over the contents of dishes, cutlery and pans below. By now Maeby had wandered across to enjoy the sight of her mum having a wee in a sink similar to the one she had done earlier. She simply loved watching her mum go to the toilet in naughty locations and was fixated by the sight of the clear piss stream squirting from Lindsay’s pussy. The way her mum’s piss stream twisted and turned as it fell was a complete fascination as was the colour of her pee and the delicious naughty sound it made as it landed.


Lindsay’s relief into the kitchen sink came to an end and now it was Maeby’s turn to once again take a piss in a new and naughty location.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” she said and Lindsay watched the retreating naked form of her young daughter vanishing off in the direction of George-Michael’s bedroom. Intrigued, she clambered down for her perch where she had just been relieving herself. Drying her pussy lips on a nearby hand towel, she wandered into the hallway just as Maeby reappeared clutching a Playboy magazine in one hand.

“Hmm! It seems your cousin is not quite the prude I took him for.” Lindsay said, watching Maeby open the magazine to the centre pages before placing the large unfolded pin-up onto the tiled hallway floor.

“I caught him wanking one day! It was so funny to see his reaction and trying to hide the sight of his cock.” Maeby said as she squatted down. This brought her bare bum cheeks directly down over the model’s midriff, her young pussy lips aimed in the direction of the centrefold’s face”


“How are you going to explain the fact his magazine is covered with piss?” Lindsay enquired. Her daughter had now parted her legs to fully reveal her brown haired muff just dying to release her squirting pussy shower.

“I don’t really care.” Maeby said and with that suddenly sent a thick squirt of piss spraying across the Playboy centrefold. Immediately the paper started to dampen, its edges curling as its received Maeby’s pee squirt. Lindsay’s daughter immediately squirted another shot of piss out of her pussy. This time her pee spray played over the model’s ample breasts and nipples. Maeby continued peeing, her flowing urine stream wavering as it traced its way up and down the image of the naked model. Hot pee washed over the Playboy centrefold’s pretty face as Maeby squeezed harder, sending her shooting piss torrent flowing upwards over the image of the model. By now the magazines pages were becoming a completely sodden mess as they saturated with the hot deluge of wee being sent their way by Maeby’s pussy.


Maeby continued to squat whilst she carried out her toilet over the Playboy magazine. The strong stream of hot piss was still jetting out of her pee hole. Between her legs, the magazine was now a urine sodden mess. The pages had become one with the picture of the centrefold now yellow in colour from the stain of Maeby’s hot piss shower. Lindsay watched on entranced by her daughter’s actions. In her belly she could already feel the butterflies growing as she contemplated her next extremely naughty pee.


Slowly the stream of piss leaving Maeby’s vagina began to droop and wane and she finished her wee. Once done she stood up and looked defiantly at the piss stained magazine and the surrounding pee puddle on the tiled hallway floor.

“Maeby.” Lindsay started. “How would you like to crawl under the coffee table whilst I have a pee over the glass top? It will just be like before in the bathroom when I was in the shower”. She desperately hoped Maeby hadn’t notice the way in which her voice had wavered with excitement.

“Sure mum, that sounds like fun.” Without a moment’s pause Maeby walked over to the lounge area and knelt down before proceeding to crawl underneath the coffee table.


Lindsay was trembling as she squatted down on top of the table with her daughter visible underneath. She could clearly admire Maeby’s nudity between her own spread legs as she got ready to have her wee all over the table. Her daughter’s firm and hardened tits looked incredibly delicious as did the brown triangle of matted brown pubic hairs nestled between her firm slender thighs.


It was then that Lindsay started to pee. A hot shooting stream of flowing urine erupted from her lower lips and immediately formed a fast flowing stream down to the glass table. Her pee hit the surface and immediately started to splatter outwards away from the main impact point. This in turn sent globules of pee spraying into the air which then landed in the outer radius of the pee puddle that was already rapidly growing over the table top. Underneath the table Maeby was getting a wonderful display of her mother’s golden shower as it left Lindsay’s blond pussy before washing down in a pee rain shower on the glass tabletop. The sight was so intoxicating that Maeby’s left hand involuntarily found her own warm and wet pussy. Within seconds her fingers were probing inside. Her own dampness spurred her on and within seconds her digits were sliding further inside. Stroking in and out of her sensitive pussy walls and lost in a world approaching orgasm, Maeby’s groaned with sexual joy. Her eyes still closed, her fingers began to move in and out of her pussy with an increasingly faster motion.



“Maeby. Maeby.” came her mother’s voice from somewhere out in the darkness.

Pulling herself back from the brink of sexual ecstasy Maeby forced open her eyes. Her mother was now kneeling by the side of the piss covered glass table.

“Why don’t you come and lie on the table so we can both finish off?” she asked seductively. Maeby was in now no position to argue with her senses still locked in a world of pre-orgasmic bliss. Fingers sliding from out of her pussy she obliging rolled out from under the table. Within seconds she was lying down on the glass tabletop with her bare back in the deliciously warm puddle of her mother’s pee. Not caring anymore about her mother’s presence and with her eyes once again shut tight, Maeby resumed her masturbation


Lindsay was just about to start fingering her own pussy whilst at the same time watching her daughter writhing in a pool of her cooling piss. Suddenly she heard the front door opening. In utter dread she swung her head upwards to see who had entered. Already she knew she had no chance to try and disguise her own or Maeby’s nudity, let alone explain all the countless tell tale pee stains currently dotted around the house.



To be continued.....

Edited by RdgrFLA1
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Who's coming in now!?  Is it Lucille?  This is such a weird fanfic, but I like it.

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I don't think there was anything after this. Unless Rdgr has a treasure trove of lost Leaky_One stories.

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RdgrFLA1, do you have any more Leaky_One stories on that drive, or anywhere else? I know there are at least two chapters of Legends of the Fel that never made it to Literotica.

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As always good to read a few Leaky_one stories. :14_relaxed:

There must have been a few versions of A Family Affair though as I seem to remember a slightly different version of part two and haven't seen part 3 before.

I wonder if Leaky_one is still writing stories, as I'm sure they'd be very welcome.

Edited by whiskey35

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