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Hi all,

Curious to know how site speeds are for you in terms of the time to load pages etc. Please also specify where you are browsing from.

Of course your speed will largely be determined by your internet connection speeds, but relative to other websites does the site browse fairly fast, normal, or quite slow?

It's also worth pointing out that since the server is based in the UK, the further away you are geographically, the likelier it is that your speeds are a little worse (sorry @Scot_Lover!)

I ask this because I am experimenting with having slightly more content on the homepage (recent threads, popular club images this month etc) and am wondering if this has much of an affect on people's browsing? In theory on pages that aren't picture intensive, things should be running very smoothly now.

Please let me know your feedback/thoughts so we can optimise things where needed.

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At the moment, everything works fine, iPad and phone are both ok. Will test PC later, but it should be ok too, same wifi through the house. Mary said you load faster than Facebook, lol.

Country Victoria, Australia on a half hearted broadband network.

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Well if it's even running fast in Australia then hopefully it's nice and speedy for everyone! :) 

I'm getting good speeds at the moment. When the site is particularly busy, these may drop a little, but again we should be fairly steady now.

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Been slow on my end, regardless of where I am in the forum. Other sites that are picture and ad heavy load in 5 seconds average, Peefans is averaging about 30 seconds per page, and sometimes several minutes for my posts to finish uploading. Never was an issue before new server.

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