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7 hours ago, Pristila_GezelQ said:

I was walking on a secluded urban road near to a railway, today was a warm day. After minutes, the air began to smell as fresh piss at first soft but then the smell was quite strong penetrating. I found an urinal alley. 

These puddles are from a male or a women? I think that it made by a horse because the puddles are enormous. A big bladder.

I want to pee there but I don't know how do that.... 





Those appear to be multiple puddles from multiple people. I don't believe they were made by a horse, but could be multiple people peeing in the same spot making a combined puddle.  If you want to compare your own puddle, you may try peeing there or in a similar spot and comparing your puddle with others.

Please report back on your findings.

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