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Hello everyone!

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Hello, I'm new here and I love this website because it has got a wide variety of content, that's the main thing that made me sign up, another thing that made me sign up is this, the forums, where I can hopefully share my experiences with you.

My nickname is DigimonForever, I'm a male, ethero (that means I like only girls), I'm 19 and finally I have no more age restriction and I can get into discussion with other fellow "watersports fans", I'm Italian so sorry for my poor English, but sometimes some mistake might happen, I've been into watersports since I was a little child, I always browsed the Internet looking for girls pooping and peeing instead of more "hardcore action" porn, still do now, I like more pissing than actual scat, but doesn't mean I dislike pooping videos.

So, yeah... I hope this watersports community is new-user friendly, see you around :thumbsup:

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Hey there, welcome to the forum! Your English seems fine to me, but don't worry, there's people from all over the world here. :) You're certainly amongst like minded people here, so I'm confident you'll fit in to the community very nicely.

I look forward to seeing what you have to share. :)

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Hello from the Pokemon side. I like your opening post, as it (hopefully) tells the story of most everyone's life who comes here. I don't care for porn myself, and I'm glad someone else thinks the same. It means both of us are a little less weird.

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