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  1. I don't remember right now, have been 2 weeks or so, when I have a little free time, I'll go scavenge in my Google Chrome's history and see if I can find it.
  2. Believe it or not, I found out about this website on a comment on a YouTube video!!!
  3. Hello, I'm new here and I love this website because it has got a wide variety of content, that's the main thing that made me sign up, another thing that made me sign up is this, the forums, where I can hopefully share my experiences with you. My nickname is DigimonForever, I'm a male, ethero (that means I like only girls), I'm 19 and finally I have no more age restriction and I can get into discussion with other fellow "watersports fans", I'm Italian so sorry for my poor English, but sometimes some mistake might happen, I've been into watersports since I was a little child, I always browsed
  4. I use standard terms, either "Piss/Pissing", "Pee/Peeing" or "Urine/Urinating", I'm from Italy and we got several ways (in our language) to indicate the "action" of pissing, for example "I'm gonna empty my bladder" is a quite polite one, or "I gotta piss" (obviously I translated 'em in English). Either way, my favourite one is just Piss or Pissing.
  5. I'm from Italy and I have no idea where to find girls peeing, I never saw any near, I'm moving to North Italy next year.
  6. I think I always found myself into pissing and scat fetishes, since I was a little child. Now I can't actually remember my age back then, but it was probably in first or second grade in primary school, when I had got my first ever mobile phone with a camera (and old LG) and I think back then I was already into this fetish, in fact I used to record myself peeing and I always browsed google for girl pissing and pooping porn instead of "normal" porn, even nowadays that I am 19, I still look for girls peeing and pooping and I 99,9% never go for "action" porn (if you know what I mean).
  7. I'm glad to be uncut, I never pulled my foreskin back to pee as a child and often I don't neither nowadays, in fact I rarely pull it backwards because, probably since I'm used to it, I feel it more "protected", also it really hurts a bit if I accidentally touch my glans.
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