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Right to Relief

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It was a normal Monday morning. Jess, Laura, and Abbie arrived to work at their garment factory as they usually would, and sat themselves in the break area. Jess grabbed their 3 mugs out of the tea cupboard and began to brew up 3 cups of tea. Each enjoyed theirs slightly differently. Laura enjoyed a strong sugar free brew, Abbie loved a milky sugar free, and Jess loved a strong brew with 1 sugar.

It wasn't long after they had settled themselves down with their teas that Tina, the manager arrived into the break area.

"Morning girls!" Her voice instantly over powered the 3 of them. Tina stood firm in the doorway of the break area. She was wearing her usual black pencil skirt, white blouse and ankle boots.

"Morning Tina. How are you?" Replied Jess in her sweet voice. She always got on well with the boss as she was often the least rebelious and hardest working in the team.

"Good thanks. I'm not going to sugar coat what I'm about to say, but we've had some bad news. I thought it should come from me rather than head office. We are having to loose a worker from the team to save money." Laura, Jess, and Abbie all looked shocked. Tina responded quickly to calm their panic. "Don't worry! It's none of you, but we are going to have to change a few things to keep this place running profitably."

The three girls all looked a little worried. This was shocking news for a Monday morning, and the attitude in the break area had changed very abruptly.

"Seeing as we are loosing one of our machinists, you three are unfortunately going to have to pick up the slack. I have done the maths, and with the speed you 3 work I think we'll be able to just about make it."

"How much more are you expecting us to do?!" Demanded Laura in a rebelious tone.

"Well, I've done the maths. It works out that if none of you take breaks, and you drink and eat while working you can just about make it work!"

"What do you mean no breaks?!" Demanded Abbie.

"Exactly what I said Abbie!" Replied Tina. "No breaks, eat and drink at the machine. I'll make sure to keep you in supply of tea and biscuits."

"Well what happens if I have to pee?!" Said Laura in a joking manor, almost as if she was expecting a reasonable response.

"I don't know. I suppose you'll have to just hold it!"

"Hold it?! Our shifts are 8 hours long!" For the first time ever, Jess had snapped back at Tina.

"Well, it's either that, or pee yourself. Look, if we don't hit our targets we'll end up all loosing our jobs! You know how competative it is in this market! There are places all over the world doing this and we need to become more streamlined! If that means holding our pee then we'll just have to deal with it!"

"What if we refuse? What if we just walk off and go to the toilet?!" Laura couldn't believe she would ever had to utter those words at work.

"Well, there won't be a toilet. To stop that temptation from ever happening, I am getting the toilets removed immediately. I can't have people messing up our huge orders just to go and have a little tinkle whenver their bladders get a little full. I'll be bringing round new contracts for you all to sign that states your acceptance of having your breaks removed. You don't have to sign them, but if you don't I'll be forced to find someone new!" Tina turned and walked out of the room.

"Who does she think she is? Hold it in?! Pee ourselves?! Is she serious?!" Piped up Abbie sipping her tea between each question. "We'll have to do away with drinking these if we stand any chance of keeping our selves dry!"

"She's joking? Surely it must be some horrible way of motivating us?" Suggested Jess, struggling to justify Tina's very strange behaivour.

"Doesn't look like it!" Muttered Abbie, pointing at a pair of men in overalls walking into the toilets. Tina followed close behind with 3 peices of paper, one with each girls names on them.

"You can't be serious?!" Shouted Laura, looking sternly at Tina in the doorway. "You want us to literally sign away our right to relieve ourselves!"

"Well, put bluntly, yes." Replied Tina looking sternly at the 3 girls. "I wish I was joking, but this is the only way we'll hit our targets and stay profitable. I'll leave you to read the contract and think about it." She whisked away to go and chat with the builders.

The 3 girls looked at the peices of paper. The writing was firm, short, and straight to the point.
"I ........... (print name) Hearby declare that I give up my right for all break times during my contracted working hours. I agree that I will continue working through the entire 8 hour shift period regardless of the requirement of bodily functions. Signed ..........."

They all looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces.

"I can't afford to loose this Job! I have a house and car to pay for. We all have! I don't see what choices we have!" Jess muttered, looking worryingly at the builders removing the toilets as she spoke.

"Me neither" Piped up Abbie "It'll be a nightmare getting a job this well paying anywhere else! Our skillset is so niche!"

"You can't be serious? Are you actually thinking about signing it?" Snapped Laura. "We'll literally have to work 8 hours solid, regardless of whether our bladders can hold it or not!"

"I don't think we have much choice Laura, she seems dead serious! It must have cost a forture just to get those builders in!"

Jess grabbed the pen that Tina had placed on the table. She began to slowly fill her name in print at the top.

"Jess no! If none of us sign it then she can't run this place!" Snapped Laura again.

"She can, you know she can, she'll just find someone else. Ever since DeltaSew closed down people have been applying for jobs here all the time." She continued filling her name in on the sheet.

"You are literally signing a peice of paper to say you'll wet yourself! You will have to sit and work in pissy panties!"

"I have no choice, at least until I can sort out another job." Jess finished signing the paper. Then looked up at Abbie and Laura. "I better get to work." She walked off to her machine.

Abbie grabbed the pen as well and began to write.

"You as well? Come on Abbie stick with me on this! She can't make us do this!"

"I don't think we have a choice." Abbie said quietly as she signed the sheet. "It looks like we'll just have to get really good at holding."

Laura didn't know what else she could do. She placed pen to paper and signed into the contract. As soon as she had finished, she regreted the large mug of tea. It looked like her first toilet free day would be a wet one.


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Having both relieved themselves, Jess and Abbie were working hard at their work benches. Their focus now was to hit their numbers and distract themselves from their soaked panties that were clinging tightly to their pissy pussies. Laura, on the other hand, was in agony.

By this point, she was sitting with her legs double crossed, and her hand pressed firmly into her privates. She was regretting her choice of light blue jeans. The wet patch was sure to show very well on them.

Tina was watching her closely, knowing full well Laura was hardly working. She had decided to let events unfold. This was partly as a method of teaching Laura a lesson, and partly for her own entertainment.

 “Abbie!” whispered Laura. “Abbie!”


“I don't know what to do!”

“What do you mean you don't know what to do?”

“I can't hold on any longer, it hurts too much!”

“Oh just give it up Laura, you'll just have to wet yourself. It's not worth the pain or chance of loosing your job!”

“I'm not bathing my girly parts in piss! Any other ideas? I am about to explode!”

“I don't know! Maybe you could try and pee on the floor. Tina will probably get really angry though!”

Laura pondered the idea. She'd only ever tried peeing standing up once and that was for a dare when she was only wearing a bikini.

She thought a little longer about the logistics of it, and then her defiant side suddenly took over and she convinced herself it was a good idea. She quickly got up from her seat, feeling her bladder spasm as she straightened up. She quickly grabbed the button on her jeans and undid it before pulling both her jeans and her panties down to her knees. Her pussy tingled with the thought of relief. She leant backwards, then gently spread her pussy lips apart. It was torture exposing herself like that while not allowing herself the relief her pussy so desperately needed.
“Oi! Tina!” She shouted. The other girls watched in disbelief as Laura stood firm. Tina came rushing out of the office and up to Laura's work bench.

“Get those trousers pulled back up right now!” Demanded Tina. She looked seriously angry with Laura.

“No! I have to pee, and I'm not wetting myself!”

“Don't you dare. Pull those panties back up over that silly little pussy!” Demanded Tian. “If I see a single drop escape from between those pink little lips you'll be fired!”

“No I won't! I bet you want to see me do this really! You're such a weirdo! I bet you're loving seeing us wet ourselves! I bet your pussy stinks of pee as well!” Laura had no idea what to say and was totally improvising with whatever came to mind. Too much of her energy was focussed on keeping her pee under control to actually think about what she was saying.

“How dare you insult my pussy! My pussy can control itself and is totally obedient to me. Yours just lacks control!” Replied Tina in an aggressive tone. “Now put that naughty little pussy away, I'm fed up of seeing it!”

Laura lost control. A jet of pee sprayed out from between her lips, spraying all over the floor in front of her. Abbie and Jess gasped as they saw little droplets of pee splashing up over Tina's boots.

“Laura!!! No!!!!” Gasped Jess. “Stop Laura! She looks really mad!”

“Do as she says Laura, or I will fire you!” Tina was getting extremely angry at this display of defiance. “I'm going to count to 5 if you haven't stopped pissing by then you won't have a job.”

Laura couldn't stop the flow. A huge puddle was forming between her and Tina.

“One!.....Two.......Three!” Laura tilted her hips back, thrusting her pissing pussy towards Tina and raising the arc of pee so it splashed onto the floor right at Tina's boots.

“I can't stop! I won't stop!” Shouted Laura.

“Four.....” Tina stepped forward, straight into the arc of hot pee coming from Laura. It was a show of power that no one had expected. Laura's pee was now splashing all over Tina's calves and pouring into her already pissy boots.

“Oh god Laura stop! Just stop!” Shouted Abbie. “You're literally pissing on the boss!”

Tina's power move worked as expected. Laura panicked. She was pissing uncontrollably on her boss! Soaking her boots with her pee. She panicked and attempted to clamp off the flow by grabbing her naked pussy tightly with her hand, nothing happened! The flow continued to pour into her hand, only now instead of arcing away from her it was splashing down like a waterfall between her legs, soaking her pulled down panties and jeans.

“Nooo! No! No! No!” Muttered Laura as the flow continued. Soaking her jeans and trickling down into her own ankle boots.

She continued for around 30 seconds, and then slowly but surely the flow subsided. Two huge puddles were now on the floor, one around Tina's boots, and one around her own.
“Have you learnt your lesson Laura?” Asked Tina.

“Yes boss” Whimpered Laura. The reality of the situation suddenly coming over her. “It won't happen again boss!”

Tina watched with satisfaction as Laura slowly pulled her wet panties up over her still dripping pussy. Laura shivered as the cold wet cotton pressed against her pussy. Then she slowly slid her jeans up and pulled them up tight.

“Good girl!” Smiled Tina. “Now! If I ever catch you with that naughty little private area out again in here, you'll be out the door quicker than Jess can empty her bladder!”

Laura sat herself back down at her work bench, bright red with embarrassment at what had just happened. All three girls watched as Tina elegantly walked back into her office, and settled herself back into her office chair. She continued working as if the whole ordeal had not even happened.

“Bloody hell Laura! You nearly got yourself fired then!” Whispered Abbie from next to her. “You literally just pissed all over the boss!”

“You soaked her boots! So much was pouring down her legs!” Jess muttered. “She doesn't even care! Look at her sat there as if nothing happened!”

All three of them glanced in through the office door, looking for even a slight sign that Tina was uncomfortable or grossed out by what had just happened. Instead all they noticed was a really rather beautiful lady totally ignoring a pissy pair of panties and boots!

“I hope I dry out quickly. I'm soaked!” Muttered Laura, looking at the other two. “Are you both nearly dry?”

“I am just slightly damp now” Said Jess. “But I'm going to end up having to wet again later at some point. There's no way I'll make it to 5pm!” She gave Laura and Abbie concerned looks. They both looked back sympathetically.

“Well, I suppose Tina's already pissed her panties twice. Maybe it''s not all that bad.” Whispered Abbie, attempting to sound reassuring.

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I will continue with this story at some point. I am interested in peoples feedback.

What are you thoughts on the writing style? Do I use enough descriptive sentances? Do I build a character well enough? Is there enough pee stuff or wetting stuff? Are you okay with me leaving the odd bit about feet in here and there such as Tima getting her boots peed in by Laura?

Thanks! 😁

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It works well for me - I'm pretty take or leave when it comes to a lot of fiction.

You've avoided one major pitfall which a lot of writers seem to fall victim to - and I'm sure it's just my pet hate speaking here - but writing in the present or even future tense...  That thing that seems to have come out of documentaries where the script writers think we're all too ill-educated to understand more than one tense.  "Elvis would leave the building...."  Would he, and when will that be?  Is it coming up soon?  Oh - he's already left the building, why didn't you say?   (Sorry, couldn't resist ranting there)

But personally I like the scripted style writing with enough description below to actually feel like we're present in the conversation between two people who we know a little about.  And any gaps in the conversation can be filled in with our own imaginations and memories of experiences and sights we've encountered.

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30 minutes ago, gldenwetgoose said:

writing in the present or even future tense...  That thing that seems to have come out of documentaries

Pet peeve of mine too. I think it might have started with historians trying to make their subject more immediate, so they inflate the tense from past to present.

Football commentators also inflate the tense - from present to future, as in "De Bruyne will pass the ball out wide..." (as he is doing it, or just after he has done it). Drives me up the wall!

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1 hour ago, gldenwetgoose said:

It works well for me - I'm pretty take or leave when it comes to a lot of fiction.

You've avoided one major pitfall which a lot of writers seem to fall victim to - and I'm sure it's just my pet hate speaking here - but writing in the present or even future tense...  That thing that seems to have come out of documentaries where the script writers think we're all too ill-educated to understand more than one tense.  "Elvis would leave the building...."  Would he, and when will that be?  Is it coming up soon?  Oh - he's already left the building, why didn't you say?   (Sorry, couldn't resist ranting there)

But personally I like the scripted style writing with enough description below to actually feel like we're present in the conversation between two people who we know a little about.  And any gaps in the conversation can be filled in with our own imaginations and memories of experiences and sights we've encountered.


1 hour ago, Kupar said:

Pet peeve of mine too. I think it might have started with historians trying to make their subject more immediate, so they inflate the tense from past to present.

Football commentators also inflate the tense - from present to future, as in "De Bruyne will pass the ball out wide..." (as he is doing it, or just after he has done it). Drives me up the wall!

Thanks guys! 😄 I'll make sure I don't fall into that trap when I write in future. I do see what you mean!

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I really love this series, I could imagine the girls in their predicament and it has given me a naughty idea of something I want to try. 

My only complaint is that there are a lot of spelling mistakes in the stories. Can I please suggest that you proof read your stories or possibly find someone to do it? 

But overall, very hot series! It's made me want to masturbate 😉

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36 minutes ago, Sophie said:

I really love this series, I could imagine the girls in their predicament and it has given me a naughty idea of something I want to try. 

My only complaint is that there are a lot of spelling mistakes in the stories. Can I please suggest that you proof read your stories or possibly find someone to do it? 

But overall, very hot series! It's made me want to masturbate 😉

Thanks. I have been using open office writer. I wonder if the spell check isn't that good. The very first post was done on notepad, then I changed after that one to the writer to keep it neater as I was typing it up.

Enjoy yourself 😄 And I like the sound of the naughty idea you've come up with! 😄

I better turn this thread back into the story again soon! 😄

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8 hours ago, Sophie said:

Any plans on continuing this series? It has been one of the best things I've read all year.

Thanks. 😄 I'll have to have a think about where I could go with it! I hadn't planned enough out really when I started writing it, I was just writing whatever I thought. I will try and have a think and see what I can come up with. 😄 Thanks for the nomination as well!

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14 hours ago, Bacardi said:

Every time I read the title I always get ideas about some dystopian series where certain people lose their right to urinate when they please. Think Handmaids Tale style lol. I love it all so much! 

That's a nice sounding idea. I need to carry it on. Tina is due a visit from a potential buyer and the girls better not mess it up for her!

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Here you go @Sophie


About an hour after Laura had lost control, Jess' bladder was getting rather full again. She had drank way too much tea in the morning, and had accepted too much water that Tina had kindly been supplying all day. At this point, Jess had come to terms with the fact that if she wanted to stay hydrated, she'd have to just get used to wetting herself throughout the day.

At around 2pm Tina came out of her office. Jess was already sat squirming in her seat by this point.

"Ladies, we have a potential buyer coming in for a meeting in 30 minutes. I need these little puddles mopped up." She waved her hand around indicating the various puddles, then handed Jess a mop. "Looks like those tight little leggings have dried nicely Jess. How long did it take? 1-2 hours?"

"About an hour and half Tina." Replied Jess looking stroppy.

"Good. Abbie, how are those panties and tights doing? Nice and dry again I hope?"

"Yeah, no thanks to you!" Muttered Abbie. Tina then strolled along the workbenches to Laura sat at the end. She looked down at Laura's lap.

"Ah, looks like that little muffin of yours is going to be nice and damp for at least another hour in those jeans. Better stay seated when the buyer comes. You wouldn't want them seeing that you've wet yourself would you?" Laura glared at Tina but refused to be wound up any more than she already was. Tina strolled away back into the office, stepping carefully around Laura's puddle.

Jess stood herself up, grabbed the mop and began cleaning up the puddle beneath each of the workbenches.

"Why are you doing that? She should be doing that! She's the one that's making us all wet ourselves!" Quizzed Laura from the other side of the room.

"Because otherwise we're going to look rather ridiculous if the buyer turns up and we're all sat surrounded by huge pee puddles!" replied Jess in a sarcastic kind of voice.

Jess hurried around the workshop, mopping the puddles from around each of the girls work areas. Every now and then she had to stop and gently grab her private area to reassure her quivering pee muscles.

"Quick! Jess, sit down, I've just been told that Mel is here! She's going to be very serious as usual. She likes to see a well disciplined factory producing top quality garments!" Shouted Tina, slightly panicking as Jess quickly mopped up the remaining wet patches.

Jess rushed back to her chair and settled in front of her machine. Her bladder now throbbing. She was beginning to wonder whether she'd make it through the whole of Mel's visit.

"Mel! Good to see you. How are you doing?" Greeted Tina rather dramatically. "It's been a while since we last met."

"I'm good thanks! And yourself?" Replied Mel as she gave Tina a gentle handshake and a warm smile. "Looks like this place is nice and busy!"

"Oh it's definitely busy. The girls are working themselves hard at the moment. They're even skipping breaks to get our orders out on time. Hopefully they'll be having to do that more after this visit from you!" Mel looked around at the 3 machinists and nodded politely, then followed Tina in to the office.

"Can you believe it? Discussing us missing breaks with a buyer when she knows we're all sat here with pissy privates! Look at her, sat in there, lording it up with her friend in the office!" Muttered Laura, her damp patch clearly still visible between her legs. "I hope Mel can notice that Tina smells like my pee!"

Jess giggled a bit. Then instantly stopped when she felt her pee muscles threaten to release.

Mel and Tina's meeting went on for quite some time. 30 minutes passed and there was no sign of Mel leaving any time soon. Jess' bladder was beginning to seriously ache, and she wasn't sure just how long her pee muscles could contain the pressure.

"I hope she leaves soon" whimpered Jess "I'm bursting to pee again!"

"Looks like they're in some in pretty deep conversation" replied Abbie, glancing through the office door at Mel and Tina, who were now busy looking over various excel spreadsheets. Jess panicked a little and decided she had to do something about her aching bladder.

"I'm gonna have to go and find somewhere to pee myself! I can't hold any longer! Perhaps if I squat in the store room I can minimise the wet patch?" Jess stood up and began walking away from her desk when she heard Tina call her from the office.

"Oh! Jess! Would you mind coming in with a few samples to show Mel please? She'd like to see how they look in person."

"Coming” She shouted grabbing a pile of samples from the side and hurrying into the office. "Here you go, I'll just get out your hair now!" Jess mumbled as she tried to excuse herself.

"Don't be silly Jess. Sit yourself down, you can talk through some of the designs. Most pf them were your work after all!"

Jess felt her pee muscles spasm, then felt the warmth as a tiny leak escaped, wetting her panties a little.

"No, no, I don't want to get in your way!" Jess insisted, her face now glowing red.

"I insist!" Replied Tina, a stern look now appearing on her face. "Perhaps you could even model a couple of pairs of these lovely ones. You know, so that Mel can see what they'd look like in real life situations."

Mel nodded in agreement and smiled. Jess glowed bright red. Her pee muscles close to giving out.

"You can change in the closet next to the office if you want privacy".

Jess didn't know what to do, she had always done modelling for the companies underwear. She had never, however, done it in front of someone whilst right on the verge of peeing herself.

"I'll.... I'll change into a pair then." She said, her voice quivering with both embarrassment and desperation.

"Don't be shy Jess, we're all ladies here, I've seen your modelling before and you look fantastic!" Replied Mel in a somewhat supportive tone.

Jess hurried into the little cupboard in the office. She stood, wondering whether she dare relieve herself somewhere while she was hidden from Tina's view. After a few seconds of pondering, she gave up on the idea, she was far too obedient and didn't want to risk the potential repercussions if Tina found out she had pissed in her store cupboard.

Slowly, she bent over and slid her foot out of her slightly damp converse, then did the same with her other foot. Each movement was torture for her bladder but she forced herself to remain in control. She then slowly slid her leggings down, pulling them off from the bottom to keep them the right way in. She looked down at the damp patch on her panties and wondered how she'd possibly keep her pee muscles clamped over the next few minutes. Finally, after pausing for quite a while, she slid her own panties down, revealing her delicate pissy pussy. Various thoughts were flying through her mind, but she did as she was asked, and slowly grabbed a pair of beautiful dark blue lace panties.

Carefully she stepped into them, and pulled them up her beautiful bare legs. Pulling them tight up over her already glistening lips. She started down at her pussy, and wondered whether she'd be able to make it through the next 10 minutes or so.

"Come on Jess, what's taking you so long?"

"Just putting my shoes on! Your floor is cold!"

Jess quickly shoved her dainty size 4 feet into her Converse, gave her quivering pussy one final reassuring squeeze then hurried back into the office.

"Oooooh very nice!" Exclaimed Mel as she saw the lovely garments tightly covering Jess' pussy. "Those are beautiful!"

"Th...Thanks!" Muttered Jess.
"No I'm serious. I love that design! Do you mind giving us a little twirl?"

Jess felt her bladder spasm, a wave of panic overcame her, but somehow as she slowly turned around, her pee muscles remained clamped tightly shut.

"Perhaps, spread your legs just a little would you Jess? I'd like to show Mel how well these things fit around your thighs."

Jess did as she was told, slowly, but surely, spreading her legs a tiny step at a time. Mel stood up and began looking at the underwear more closely. She reached out as if to grab the waist slightly.

"You don't mind, do you?" Mel asked. Clearly wanting to give the waistband a pull. Jess saw Tina giving her a stern look from behind Mel.

"No, no, not at all." Replied Jess. Every ounce of her focus now on keeping her pee muscles clamped tightly shut.

Mel slid a finger between the panties and Jess' smooth skin. She gently tugged at the waistband which pulled tight on Jess' stomach.

"Eeee" Squealed Jess, as she felt the underwear press into her bladder. Mel quickly looked up at Jess' face. "Sorry!  Your hands were cold." Lied Jess.

"I think you'll find that these are incredibly well fitted around the back as well Mel, the design means they are tight, but not uncomfortable around the rear." Tine exclaimed.

Mel slid move around to the back of Jess, then squat down, looking closely at Jess' pert bum in the tight panties. She slid her finger under the material half way down Jess' bum, and then slid it under the material between her thighs. Mel's cold finger sent a shiver through Jess.

"Oh shit!" Jess squealed. A jet of pee sprayed out of her and splashed all over Mel's finger. She slammed her legs tight together as forcefully as she could, but it was too late. A torrent of pee was spraying into the lace panties, pouring through the tight material and flooding down her naked legs.

"Oh no!" Muttered Mel, totally aghast as to what was happening right in front of her. "Oh no! Jess stop!" Mel had no idea how to react. She flicked her wet finger to remove Jess' pee from it.

Tina smiled deviously as she watched Jess' entire bladder empty through the lace panties, down her legs, and totally overflow her low top converse.

"Wow! Looks like you needed that Jess!" Teased Tina. "Why didn't you ask to go to the toilet?"

"I'm..... I'm so so so sorry Mel! I really am! I was so desperate! But...but I didn't want to ruin your meeting!" Jess whimpered as the last few drops of pee fell from the wet panties.

"Don't be sorry! Don't worry Jess, accidents happen! Sorry for keeping you so long I should have noticed the obvious signs of you being desperate!" Mel sounded like she didn't know what to say.

"Well, at least you know they look sexy even after you've peed yourself in them on a drunk night out!" Joked Tina. "You can go Jess, just get yourself changed and carry on with your work."

Jess grabbed her clothes from the cupboard, and hurried out of the office, her feet splashing in her totally drenched converse.

"What happened to you?!" Quizzed Laura. "Did you just wet yourself in there?!"

"Yeah!" She almost yelled. "They were making me model the underwear and it just came out! I couldn't hold it. I tried so hard! I peed on Mel's finger!"

"You poor thing! I'd get up and give you a hug but I feel like if I move I'll probably pee myself again." Explained Abbie, her legs now tightly crossed under her workbench.

"Don't worry." Jess had already slipped her converse off, and rather than exposing her pussy to everyone had began pulling her tight leggings back up over the freshly soaked lace panties.

“Do you think Tina will punish you Jess? What did Mel do?”

“I hope not! Mel didn't say much, she looked embarrassed and apologised to me for keeping me so long.”

Meanwhile in the office a different conversation was happening.

"Did you see how red she went when she peed herself?" Giggled Tina, who was thoroughly enjoying what she had just witnessed.

"Yeah! She peed on my finger! Look out there, she's not even changing out of her soaked panties, messy girl!" Laughed Mel in response.

"I can't believe every one of them signed away their right to relief!" Laughed Tina. "All 3 of them are literally sitting with pissy panties on right now, and I get to just keep watching them squirm!"

"You're so evil Tina! But I guess it means you get extra work done, and I have to admit, it's rather exciting watching them. Look at Abbie now, she looks like she's going to be soaking herself soon!" Mel was staring admiringly at Abbie wriggling around. She was right, she looked fit to burst.

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And another one. @Sophie


Tina & Mel continued with their business meeting, glancing out the door at Laura, Abbie, and Jess working hard at their workbenches, waiting for Abbie to become extremely desperate.

"Lets give it 10 more minutes, then we'll go out and ask her to demo how she makes some of the garments. You'll probably get to witness first hand as she rewets herself!" Suggested Tina.

Mel looked excited at the idea and agreed to hang around to witness another soaking.

Abbie was already panicking. By this point her bladder was on the verge of loosing control. She was begging for Mel to leave so that at least she wouldn't wet herself in front of a stranger. She watched longingly at the office door, then saw the handle start moving. A wave of excitement came over her as she thought about watching Mel leave the factory. Mel began walking towards the door and Abbie's eyes followed her closely.

"Please go, please go, just leave now!" Abbie pleaded in her mind.

"Oh! Mel, just a quick one before you go, perhaps you'd like to see one of our machinists at work? It looks as though Abbie is just about to start putting a pair of those lovely lace underwear together now!"

Abbies heart sank instantly, and her bladder protested, sending a warm jet of pee spraying into her tight panties. She forced her pee muscles to regain control, but she knew full well that it could be mere seconds before her pee muscles gave up entirely. She focussed every ounce of strength on her bladder and clamped her legs tightly together.

"Go on Abbie, just give Mel a quick demonstration would you!" Smiled Tina menacingly.

Abbie did as she was told. She wiggled in her chair, crossed her legs tightly, then began to work as carefully as possible. Her hands began to shake, and she could feel herself physically sweating from both the mind and physical focus she was exerting. 20 or so seconds passed, Mel leaned in close to get a good view.

"Don't be nervous Abbie, take your time."

"Time! Time! I don't have time, I'm literally leaking pee in my panties!" Thought Abbie to herself as Mel cowered over her. Tiny spurts were already trickling into her damp panties as her pee muscles spasmed due to the pressure of her bladder.

She slowly but surely put the garment together, but as she pressed the sewing machine pedal, she finally lost control. The warmth spread instantly in her tight panties, then, guided by her tights and leather skirt, began pouring off the edge of her chair and splashing around her feet. She attempted to carry on with the garment, but Mel had already noticed the splashing noise and retreated backwards to admire the waterfall from a distance.

Abbie stopped working and put her head into her hands, savouring what slight pleasure she could from the relief she was experiencing, after all, the warmth did feel nice after torturing her bladder so long.

"Another one Tina? Why are all your workers wetting themselves?" Enquired Mel, knowing full well what was going on.

"Oh, urm, they're just really committed to the job Mel. I'm sure if we hadn't interrupted both Abbie and Jess at these times they would have probably headed to relieve their poor bladders.”

"She doesn't let us pee!" Burst out Abbie, now sat soaked from the crotch down. "She removed our toilet, and forced us to pee ourselves otherwise we'll loose our jobs!"

"Is that true Tina?"

"Don't be silly, of course not. I think Abbie is just lacking self control."

"It's not a lie! Look, Laura is already damp from earlier!" Abbie pointed at Laura but unfortunately it was far too late and the wet patch had basically entirely dried.

"I can't see anything!" Said Tina sternly.

“Me neither” Replied Mel, glancing over at where Laura was sat.

“Stand up a second Laura.” Commanded Tina.

Laura stood up and the wet patch on her jeans had pretty much entirely dried. There was a very faint line where the blue of her jeans was a tiny shade different, but no where near obvious enough for anyone to see under the factory lights.

"Nope, she definitely looks dry to me." Exclaimed Mel. "And besides, I doubt she'd have still been sat here in pissy panties and jeans if she had wet them earlier. No lady would spend the whole afternoon sat with a pissy muffin between their legs surely?!"  Mel smiled at Tina slightly.

Abbie sat herself back down and focussed on her work again as Tina continued to escort Mel to the door. Once just outside they began discussing again.

"Did you see that flood Tina! She must have been absolutely bursting! She was literally shaking with desperation."

"I know! It was incredible. I never expected Abbie to have such a huge bladder. She was always just nipping to the loo, or having a quick pee before I put the new rules in."

“Have you wet yourself as well today at all Tina?” Quizzed Mel, glancing down at Tina's crotch.

“Twice!” Replied Tina excitedly. “Same panties as well! Even my boots got wet.”

“Nice!” Replied Mel smiling. “I suppose you have to lead by example! Show those ladies out there how important it is to dedicate their time to work rather than relieving their lazy bladders!”

On the other side of the door, Jess had walked over to drop some offcuts in the bin. She heard Tina and Mel talking and caught the last few sentences.

"That shows how much time of yours they've been wasting doesn't it, they were probably just taking the piss, if you know what I mean!" Stated Mel.

“I know! I'd much rather them spend the day wetting themselves than keeping rushing off to the toilet whenever the need takes them.”

Jess' jaw dropped. She rushed back off to tell the girls what she had overheard.

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3 hours ago, jmatthews1995 said:

Hopefully will carry on with this in the future if people would read more?

I'd read more!

Sorry, I haven't really had the opportunity to read this yet and I feel bad about it after asking you to write more.

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