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Peeing outside with husband

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Zuzu, it sounds like you and your husband are both winners. Those competitions you have sound like the most fun. While I'm rather good at distanjce and height myself, I'd probably have the same problem as your husband if I was in a similar situation.

I hope we get to hear more stories and that the saying "Couples that pee together, stay together" is true.

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On 2/21/2021 at 5:55 AM, Zuzu said:

I'll keep adding new stories in here, if that's okay? Still very new here! 

Very early this morning about 2:15am my husband arrived home from his hour long drive. I keep needing to wee at this time the last couple days and it just works that he is just arriving so we can go piss together. I was the one who brought up going outside tonight. He actually started to walk to the toilet and sit down and I said to him 'hey babe, are you needing a piss because I'm going out in the yard now cause I really need to go.' He smiled sheepishly as he held his dick in desperation as he really needed to go but instead stood up and said to me 'hey, no its okay here you can use the toilet ' I refused and told him I really wanted a distance piss in the grass and I began walking to the back door while he followed closely behind, with now a semihard dick that he was squeezing so he didn't squirt until we made it outside. He walked to the edge of the patio and began pissing as soon as he let his dick go. I told him not to piss so much on the cement cause it's making too much noise and to go in the dirt and grass to show me how far he can go. His piss was loud and maybe only went 3 feet in front of him. He left a large puddle in the dirt. I laughed a little and said 'hey, don't tell me that I can piss further than you?!' He smiled at me saying 'then let's see how much better you can do!'  Challenge accepted.

I usually wear a bathrobe with no panties under so I can get a nice squat. He double checked, as I did, that no neighbors could see or had come outside before I get into my squat. Coast is clear. I squat low, fully exposing my pussy. My feet are on the edge of the cement patio. My stream releases and when I look up my husband is focusing on watching my piss squirt from my pussy. I increase the distance and arch and hit the grass 5 feet in front of me awe, he goes 'wow babe wow'. I still have alot of wee left but my husband is getting nervous and kept looking around to make sure no neighbor can see me cause we've both pissed loudly. So I relax my stream a little and put my knees closer together while aiming my wee in the dirt right in front of me. My husband is back to watching my piss hit the dirt making a little hole. 20 seconds later I finished, shook off and stood up. We went back inside, ate a snack and went to bed. I am so incredibly lucky to have these experiences. 

A beautiful story. I would love to compete with you, but you wouldn't be that easy to win against me, unless I had a hard cock.

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