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The Masked Tournament

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15 hours ago, spywareonya said:





Thank you and thank you for your perseverance reading through the entire story. It was longer than I wanted but I was not able to prune it and still paint the entire picture.

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21 minutes ago, polecat said:

Thank you and thank you for your perseverance reading through the entire story. It was longer than I wanted but I was not able to prune it and still paint the entire picture.Thank you and thank you for your perseverance reading through the entire story. It was longer than I wanted but I was not able to prune it and still paint the entire picture.

Little admittance of shame?

I read it in two times

I still am not fine completely after had been seriously ill and my sight crosses after a little while

No matter how much do I speak english in my employement (international business), it still is not my mother languange and my brain overheat after a while if I am not 100% operational

But I loved the atmosphere

It struck a chord in my mind

I am not necessarily that different than this msyelf… or more precisely, a facet of me

Not the entire me

But a facet… yes

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On 4/10/2019 at 3:15 PM, polecat said:

I checked for the package every day. The package would hold an adventure I could only dream about. I knew nearly nothing of the details yet I knew that I wanted it with all the juice in my balls.

I had seen the ad online for the "Masked Tournament" and filled in the short questionaire:
"Are you comfortable performing sexual acts with strangers?"
"Are you comfortable being watched by strangers while you do the above?"
"What sex are you?"
"What is your clothing size?"
"Would you like to win $10,000?"
"Do you want an experience that you will dream of forever?"  

I risked a $500 fee to attend and was told I would be receiving a package with everything I need.

"It" arrived. I rushed inside and opened the box. At the top there was an envelope that held an invitation. It told the date, time and the address. The place was not far from me. Up in the hills in kind of a ritzy yet secluded area. The note went on to say that everything I needed was in this box and to bring nothing else when I arrived.

Beneath the envelope was a folded silver fabric somthing. I pulled it out carefully and unfolded it. It was a silver one piece jump suit. Further study showed that the front of the crotch was missing. It had not been cut out. The suit was sewn with this area open - maybe a 5 inch circular gap. The suit had feet and a zipper up the back all the way to the neck. It was like a child's onesy. I was a bit baffled but what the heck. If this makes an unforgettable experience worthy of eternal dreams, I'll play along. Besides, I (and my 500 bucks) was already commited.

Next I pulled out of the box a mask. It was more accurately a hood with a mask on the front. The hood matched the fabric of the suit and the mask was a cartoonish take on a Llama head... even with little silk ears. Wow! The organizers had gone to great lengths to put this costume together. The box was now empty except for a small cup. It reminded me of the cup that saki is served in except it was unadorned and had no Asian graphics.

Fast forward to the date of the event... I dressed in the suit and mask provided. I debated with myself about wearing shoes but the note did say to bring nothing else. I did not want to be disqualified from the adventure that awaited me so I shelved the idea.

I drove to the address and arrived at a gated estate. Through the opened gate and up the long driveway was a large house (maybe a small mansion). I parked, took my cup and entered as a gentleman held the door open and welcomed me. He told me the afair was in the large room down the foyer and motioned the direction.

I entered the room to see 30 or 40 guests, all in costumes similar to mine and all with masks of different animals. It looked like this host had dressed his guests as the entire animal kingdom. No two masks were the same animal. The suits were like I said all similar but about half were silver and the rest gold. I soon understood the color variance. The holes in the silver suits all had cocks dangling from them while the holes in the gold suits framed pussies of all different shapes, size and "hair styles." A few had no hair style.

A few of the silver suit animals had cocks at half mast. I prayed I would not become one of them from the surreal yet erotic scene that seemed to be unfolding in front of me.

A small bell chimed and everyone stopped and turned toward the sound. In an open double doorway stood a man and woman dressed for a gala. He had a tuxedo with tails and she a red calf length tea dress and matching high heels. They both wore masks and they stood motionless, holding hands. The crowd froze and the man spoke.

"Good evening and welcome to the first masked tournament. We have arranged everything quite carefully for this to be an exciting and enthralling evening. Let me first explain what the tournament is."

"This contest is one of touching, petting and showing a talent to be able to please and excite others. The goal is to please as many as possible using only your hands. You can see your costumes were designed for easy access to do just that. You must look to your innermost creativity and expertise to make another person desire your touch."

"The success of any tournament relies on its planning and organization. We could all just run around pawing at each other but what would that accomplish? The format is this."

You each were given a cup. It has important uses. The voting in this contest will be for the effectiveness of how you have been touched by someone. It will reflect that person's effect on you and your vote will be cast by donating some pee directly  into the other's voting cup. They will then present these 'votes' to the judges table." The host motions everyone's attention to a long table, with stone jars in a line. Each jar has a face painted on it. Each face mimics a mask that is worn by a guest.

"After each attempt at pleasing another, the recipient will pee as much or as little as his or her 'vote' into your cup. The judges will collect the pee from your cups into your own jar. The owner of the jar with the most pee at the end of the evening wins. I may clarify now that the $10,000 prize is not exclusive. There will be a prize for the guests in silver and one for those in gold."

A subtle glance around confirmed that many of the cocks were now pointed at least halfway up, some fully aimed toward the ceiling. Mine was between the two and steadily rising. I only wished I could know how many of the pussies were oozing juice as well.

"Your cup can also be used to entice another to touch and try to please you. You show this by pulling their cup to yourself and donating as much or little of your pee as an invitation. This will add to the vote or your recipient by ending up in his or her jar."

"Other rules are no words. There will be music for your enjoyment but please no speaking. Also the one receiving pleasure must not return pleasure to the other at the same time. This tournament is solo performances. You may of course, return the pleasure afterwards if you like. I think that's it."

The masked hostess whispers something to the man. He then adds "Oh yes. One more little rule. If a guest cums due to the pleasuring, they are disqualified. You must give and get as much pleasure as possible without having an orgasm. That's it. Please enjoy yourselves and each other."

With that the lights dimmed, music started playing, a long curtain was withdrawn showing off a long bar, fully manned with red topped silver stools along the front.

The guests... my competitors... were expectedly a bit sheepish and awkward at first. At least until one silver goat with a longish, dark-skinned horizontal cock bravely walked up to a gold squirrel with a dainty little tuft of brown fur above an otherwise smoothly shaved pussy. He offered his cup between the squirrels legs and slightly cocked his head, apparently in a nonverbal version of the word "please."

She took his wrist and reassuringly guided the cup to her pussy lips then lowered it a few inches for the benefit of the onlooking crowd. She awarded the goat a second long stream of pee. The goat knelt, put his half filled cup on the bar and glided his hand over the shiny suit, below her belly button. He skillfully teased his way down to the opening then using just two finger tips, he twirled the fur on her mound and made circles around it. His antics were clearly turning on more than the one woman he propositioned because the crowd has their combined eye glued to his motions. The goat slid his other hand around and tightly squeezed her taught bottom while sliding his two fingers lower, between her eagerly waiting pussy lips. The squirrel wriggled against the motion of his gifted hands.

As it became clear she was approaching orgasm the music quieted and we all heard clapping. It commanded our attention and we all turned to see the host and hostess sitting on stools at least 10 feet tall near the end of the bar as if they were judging a giant tennis match. It was the man clapping and he then made  a gesture with his hands as if to say "All join in."
The music resumed and the crowd had been initiated. The gold squirrel had apparently been delighted from her first "dance" of the evening and peed into her helper's cup til it slightly overflowed onto the floor. Who could blame her? If she got only as much as we all got by watching, she had to be in ecstasy.

I looked for a partner and one found me first. A petite girl with a lambs mask and a dainty little pussy visible through a very light covering of straight, fine-as-silk pubic hair. She touched the head of my fairly erect cock holding her cup upside down over it. Intuitively knowing that she would not be able to coax any pee out of my cock in this compromised position, she stroked the underside with the backs of her fingers. Then she lightly scratched the length of my sack with her long but neatly trimmed nails. This hot little lamb now clutched the shaft of my cock and held it snugly while rubbing her other palm on the very sensitive helmet and tickling around my pee hole.

Nearly having an "accidental discharge" I pulled away slightly to let her know that it could go no further. She politely unhanded my engorged pulsating cock and quietly stroked my thigh with the back of her hand until I was in a position to reward her by casting a favorable vote. I peed a half cup and she seemed content with that, being that my cock was still somewhat hard and my pee came out very slow and labored. She dipped her little finger into the pee and swiped it the length of her lips, licking them afterwards. Then she did not leave to find another but parted her legs a bit, looked down at her pussy then into my eyes.

Well Mama didn't raise no dumb llama so I made the best of the situation and opened my book of tricks to find what would return the pleasure to this obliging little creature. She was already very slippery and that helped my mission. I knelt right in front of her and pulled her toward me, my hand between her legs and my grip firmly on her ass. With my other hand I tickled and teased her clit, using her own sticky honey to make it feel arousing for her. She swayed back and forth gently to the tune playing and I fondled her, nearly cumming myself while watching her enjoy my touch.

She stepped back, alerting me to her near orgasm and I was even more turned on knowing that I could have and would have made this little cherub cum if I hadn't been the victim of "no cum" rules. I stood and she pulled my hand with the cup betwen her soft thighs and squeezing the cup between her legs she peed my vote. We nodded to each other and parted, each to find other partners.

I was starting to appreciate the no cum rule now as it allowed me to get right back into game play without needing a recovery period to regain my sex juice. Not letting us cum kept all of us horny and it worked wonders for this contest.

My next recipient was a tall shapely gold terrier. As I walked up to her, she quite blatantly spread her legs in a wide stance as an invitation. This opened my view of her pussy with a small landing strip above a puffy pouting pair of lips and a clit poking out from between that was a bright pink... no doubt from previous recent play.

I started by massaging those pouty lips, graduated to tweaking her clit between my fingers and probing her with one finger now and then. She was also quite wet and slippery and when I drove 2 fingers deep in her hole, the inside of her puss felt hot like she had a fever. This type of game couldn't last very long with her not having an orgasm, so we stopped fairly soon. She pressed her puss against my awaiting vote cup and peed it nearly full. When I left to bring it to the judges she followed. After the judge poured her pee in my jar she pulled my hand to her again and half filled my cup again. I thanked her by wiping the single pee drop I could see on her pussy lips and placing it approvingly on my tongue.

After getting my cock jerked by a gold parrot and rewarding her with a decent pee I retreated to the bar to refill and take a quick break. They kept the drinks flowing and that kept the guests flowing. From my seat I could see the host and hostess sitting over top of the contest and carefully observing the goings on.

While I sat a silver (don't know... wasn't paying attention to silver) grabbed a gold Siamese cat by the waste and hoisted her up right onto the bar. He then took the seat directly in front of her. I turned toward them to watch as my cock slowly raised from laying on the stool to nearly touching my silver belly. The man raised her calves one at a time and place her golden feet on  the bar, spread widely. I watched closely as he pushed three fingers into her hole as she wildly pushed back against his thrusts. She queezed his hand tightly with her thighs as a sign to stop or slow down. He paused, took a few sips of his drink then plunged again deep into her hole.

They repeated this no less than 6 times, stopping before disqualifying themselves each time. After, the cat cupped the man's cock between her feet on his stool and started stroking it between her gold onesy feet. The bartender gave her a disapproving look and she stopped, changing to jerking him with her hands. I think she almost got disqualified for using her feet. She peed from sitting on the edge of the bar. He showed his appreciation by casting his pee vote with his amply long cock dangling over the front of his stool.

After they left a silver horse sat in their abandoned stool with a long slender cock pointed in my direction. He placed his cup on the bar and slid it over in front of me. I was a bit panicked as I am not interested in silver animals but then I remembered... I did agree to perform sex with strangers and there was no stipulation that I would be able to choose let alone refuse.

He took my cock which had gone half limp and started touching it, rubbing circles around the head and stroking using only thumb and one finger in a loose circle. At first my cock was slowly dwindling but then it had a change of heart and started to stiffen at his touch. I must say I was not comfortable with this but this horse certainly knew his way around cocks and did some things to mine that have never been done. I showed my appreciation by casting a favorable vote for him. I did not however want to reciprocate.

It was time to get back on the dance floor but I will admit that watching others engulfed in this game did as much to my cock as having it fondled. I, like I'm sure most there, was perpetually in a state of growing arousal then an ebbing cool off before getting aroused again.

The tipsy gold ferret was one animal I'm not likely to forget. She arrive on the floor, stopped in front of me, spread her own pussy lips and squirted a little pee onto my silver leg before I could even get my cup to her puss. She filled the cup and then some. Probably peed 2 cups in one cup and left a very sexy puddle at my feet. She forcefully grabbed my hand and yanked me to the judges table where I had my "bribe" delivered to my jar. I then gave her hungry pussy everything I could using just my hands, to show my thanks for her hot foreplay. She responded to me entering her with my middle finger by furiously fucking my content finger until she came. She immediately peed my cup full again, and again made a puddle for me to remember her. Just as immediately a judge arrived and escorted her through a door. I did not see her again and I felt badly about unintentionally allowing her to cum herself out of the contest.

After a few hours of this repeated ecstacy the music stopped and the lights turned up a bit. The host spoke "You have been most interesting contestants. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you compete. Before the end of game play we will have a wild card session. Wild card is played like this. Find someone you want for mutual play and pee in their cup as much as you can to let them know they have been chosen for this special part of the tournament. You may then please one another until the other has an orgasm. During this stage you still may only please each other one at a time. And you still may use only your hands but you are invited to use both yours and your partners hands however you choose."

I found my way to the petite lamb with the silky pubic hair and it seemed she was finding her way to me. Maybe because we were each other's first. I don't know but I wanted to make her cum and I wanted her to make me cum.

I guided her hand with cup to my cock and raised it so my cock touched the bottom. I peed her cup full, retracting my cock as I went, making room to fill her cup. She pulled my cup hand under her and peed generously until it overflowed for about 5 seconds.

She hopped on a stool and took my cock. She spread her legs widely so I could enjoy the view of her hot little puss. She was oozing so much fluid I wished I had no mask so I could taste it. We bent the rules here and weren't sanctioned for it. We took turns (which I don't think our hosts expected).

I rubbed the outside of her lips with what seemed like a tablespoon of her girl juice. I could feel it flowing as I rubbed. She pushed my hand away and replaced it with her own hand, slathering her palm with her own bountiful nectar.

The little sexpot of a lamb used her own natural juice to stroke my cock and drive the poor thing mad. When she stopped, I reciprocated by putting one finger inside her hole. She grabbed my wrist. She thrust my finger in and out, over and over again into her sopping wet love hole. It was driving me crazy, having this little vixen holding my wrist,  fucking herself with my hand. I came without being touched, shooting sperm on the front of her suit. She bucked and started squirting hard, long squirts onto my hand, the stool and the legs of my suit. She came in at least 4 or 5 squirts and she kept fucking herself with me the entire time. It was the craziest orgasm of my life.

The hosts once again turned up the lights and announced the end of wild card. The man declared the end of the tournament and winners had been chosen. The bold silver goat who had got the whole party going was the selected silver winner. The gold winner was a girl I had not had the 'pleasure' of. Slender but not sickly, ample breasts, a dolphin mask, and a tuft of blond hair, trimmed to an inch long, fastened in a tiny pony tail with a rubber band that made a banner above a beautiful hairless pussy.

A handsome couple indeed. I would have preferred being the recipient of the generous cash prize but this couple actually looked liked they got chosen for a reason. The victory ceremony began. The lady host spoke for the first time. She invited the winners to enter the center of the circle the guests had made. She then asked them to put their cups on the bar telling them they already had their own natural cups (she gestured by cupping both her hands and putting them together). She then instructed them that after a courtesy pee into each others hands they may have the fuck they had been longing for. The one catch was the audience would be polled to decide where it would happen.

The couple obediently peed into each other's cupped hands. Both pees were strong short bursts. After which the goat lifted the dolphin girl up onto the bar as the crowd had demanded. She turned and knelt, aiming her ass and pussy toward the man. He sat behind her on the stool with a proud 9 inch cock aimed up at the slender girls ass. She let loose a stream of pee that soaked the goat's silver suit, splashing all around him. In return he peed a powerful stream straight up into the hole in her gold suit, splashing off her pussy. The girl stopped her stream and spun around. The man rose up, taking her knees with his hands and forcing them up and out. She locked her ankles around the goats neck and peed directly on his masked face. He stood on the railing of his stool and slid his long cock into her still peeing hole. As he did she locked her hands around his neck and hung with legs and arms around him like a lanky silver monkey. They fucked in long deliberate strokes, each retreating away from the other enough to show the tip of his hard cock each time it pulled out.

As they fucked nearly everyone in the crowd had their hand in the hole of their suit and was stroking and fingering themselves in a frenzy. I never saw so many people masturbate at one time and it was like a dream sequence of a movie.

When the couple completed their well deserved fuck, the host and hostess walked to the center of the crowd and removed their masks. They were both very striking. The man had a chiseled but refined look and the lady was... well she was a knockout.

She walked to the panting winning couple and handed them each an envelope, congratulating them and thanking for making this tournament memorable. The host now confessed to everyone "We are thrilled by the success of this tournament and have something to share. We have a newly built villa in Tuscany that has need of paid companions to entertain and please us. This tournament was arranged as a sort of job screening or interview if you will. We have other properties and have filled these very important positions with winners of past tournaments. The winners who have accepted the positions are quite well paid, they want for nothing, and hold the positions of the highest order in each property. The other servant have been trained in the arts of pleasure giving and they are at the disposal of the winning couple while they serve this position. I hope you two will seriously consider taking the position, at least for an extended time. Past winners have, after a time serving our desires, left the properties with enough pay to permanently retire and lead very comfortable lives. The final choice is of course."
As he concluded his lovely partner addressed the crowd "Thank you all for participating. You may stay until dawn and do whatever you like with each other. The bar will be staffed until the sun rises. From this point forward there are no rules. Enjoy each other as we have enjoyed watching you. Goodnight."

With that the couple left and the crowd attended to the burning needs they had been deprived of all night.

O my, awesome story. It turned me on. 

A chapter 2 perhaps?

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On 4/10/2019 at 10:15 PM, polecat said:

After they left a silver horse sat in their abandoned stool with a long slender cock pointed in my direction. He placed his cup on the bar and slid it over in front of me. I was a bit panicked as I am not interested in silver animals but then I remembered... I did agree to perform sex with strangers and there was no stipulation that I would be able to choose let alone refuse.

He took my cock which had gone half limp and started touching it, rubbing circles around the head and stroking using only thumb and one finger in a loose circle. At first my cock was slowly dwindling but then it had a change of heart and started to stiffen at his touch. I must say I was not comfortable with this but this horse certainly knew his way around cocks and did some things to mine that have never been done. I showed my appreciation by casting a favorable vote for him. I did not however want to reciprocate. 


Why does he have to be so awkward about guy on guy fun? I'd have gladly reciprocated. 

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