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  1. ... and that is precisely what happened. One thing i might add. She texted back thst my text made her pussy tingle.
  2. to my love... When I get home I would like you to be wearing a little dress and don’t forget a pair of cute panties. We are going to take the doggies for a walk on the trail. While we’re out I’d like to hear you say “Uh oh I think I peed in my panties a little.” I will slip them off you and test them with my tongue. Hopefully I’ll find a little wet spot I can suck on. You squat a little and finish peeing. When you were done I will dry you off with my hand. Maybe brush my finger against your slit. As soon as we get home I will lift you up on the bed, spread yo
  3. My lady has never been turned pn by pee games but she is very good at indulging me. Every time she lets me watch her pee I lovingly lap her clean with my tongue. She orgasms hard (and repeatedly) from being licked so that helps my cause immensely. Lately however something is morphing. I have discovered that if she watches me stroke my cock while I watch her pee, she gets very turned on. She hardly ever tells me her fantasies as she is somewhat shy. But last week she said to me “I want to have you between my legs playing with me with a toy then licking me while I p
  4. If you like playful and free spirit read Cracking Code or any of the chronicles about Carol Anne. I think you will like :)
  5. Satisfyer Pro 2 Try it... You'll know why I posted it in this forum.
  6. She slapped him, “I’m not that kind of woman!!!” A vampire... in a Jeep,,, with lofty standards... All makes perfect sense to me. haha This tale borders on insanity I think. Keep it coming...
  7. Hmmm So you're saying my fantasies are funny? Actually the use of the sunglass prop here is more required to allow the author to write shit they could never write haha. I'd be declared unfit if I truly posted this as a personal fantasy. So lets see what kind of larger than life fantasies our readers can have if they wear the special glasses.
  8. I changed into my swim trunks, a tee shirt and sandals and headed out the door for the beach. No need to carry anything else… I had “the glasses.” It was a cool cloudy day and there was not much happening on the beach. I put my magic glasses on and the sky cleared and the temperature rose 15 degrees. Nearby was a party of college kids or maybe young twenty-somethings. Not a bad view as the girls were pretty hot and barely dressed (“a very fitting combination” I thought). I looked down at the sand for my towel and there was none. Then I spied a lovely little cabana with a sign over
  9. So... you got out of your car and found an sunglass case on the grass near the curb. The single word on the case is "Fantasy". You toss them on the seat then at home you take them out and try them on. Your apartment looks like a mansion. Your image in the mirror is way better than you are normally met with. Take the glasses off... everything pops back to real world. Put them on... fantasies. Your wildest are possible with these shades... Let the fantasies roll. I'll start off.
  10. Awww thank you for the sweet words
  11. Lucy was in German class with me. A culture freak extraordinaire, she was a super dork. Whenever she spoke up to answer, everyone cringed because she would have a lengthy, intellectual answer… irrelevant and annoying to all but Lucy and the teacher. She had looks though – more than adequate to cover all her quirks and flaws. Standing about 5’ 6” she was slender with over half her height made up of a gorgeous pair of legs. She wore an abnormal percentage of short skirts, undoubtedly because she looked great in them. Ever-so-slightly bronzed skin and silky, straight dark brown hair. A perfectly
  12. I guess we had all dozed off, laying there on the cool grass. The next thing I remembered was being awoken by the sensation of fingernails gently brushing the length of my cock. My eyes opened to the sight of the girl lying next to me, curled in a fetal position. Master had taken up residence behind her and had her face inches from the girl’s creamy little bottom. She was teasing the girl’s pink lips with the very tip of her tongue. Master and I made eye contact and she paused for a full 2 seconds, giving me an ever so slight smile then resumed waking the sleeping girl with butterfly kissed al
  13. My first assignment… How exciting. The envelope had my plane tickets and all the instructions I would need. I was swooped away by limo then plane then limo. Somewhat exhausted from the ride, I was shocked back to full consciousness by the sight of my accommodations. The limo pulled in the mosaic drive and before me stood a majestic stone villa, perched on the edge of a seaside cliff. A striking lady greeted me as I exited the car. Wait! It was the hostess from both my interviews. My heart skipped and my cock engorged, thinking I may have been brought to this little slice of heaven to
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