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  1. My lady has never been turned pn by pee games but she is very good at indulging me. Every time she lets me watch her pee I lovingly lap her clean with my tongue. She orgasms hard (and repeatedly) from being licked so that helps my cause immensely. Lately however something is morphing. I have discovered that if she watches me stroke my cock while I watch her pee, she gets very turned on. She hardly ever tells me her fantasies as she is somewhat shy. But last week she said to me “I want to have you between my legs playing with me with a toy then licking me while I pee on your tongue. “ I went upstairs and brought down a large wee wee pad, spread it out on the floor and laid her on it. I slid her panties off then started teasing her with her favorite toy which is sort of like an electric toothbrush. As I teased her clit she was starting to sway her hips in rhythm to the toys motion. After a very few minutes, (this toy gets her flowing very quickly), I could see her sticky juice glistening on her pussy lips and knew it was time. I shut the toy, moved my face up between her thighs, and started tormenting her with my tongue. Tiny little licks between her lips followed by little sucks and tongue flicks on her red swollen clit. She was writhing and I realized that my rock hard boner was dry humping the rug. She squirted a little tease of pee on my chin and I lapped it up like a hungry dog. I begged for more and she gave me a few deliberate spurts that I sucked right from her pee hole. Sucking her clit between drinking from her I was furiously grinding my cock against the floor. We both came very hard at nearly the same time. I know she was extremely turned on by this game. I later told her that I really really fantasize her kneeling, straddling my face and allow me to lick pee straight from her source while she watches me stroke myself and come all over my hand. She said she likes the thought of that so we’ll see…
  2. If you like playful and free spirit read Cracking Code or any of the chronicles about Carol Anne. I think you will like :)
  3. Satisfyer Pro 2 Try it... You'll know why I posted it in this forum.
  4. She slapped him, “I’m not that kind of woman!!!” A vampire... in a Jeep,,, with lofty standards... All makes perfect sense to me. haha This tale borders on insanity I think. Keep it coming...
  5. Hmmm So you're saying my fantasies are funny? Actually the use of the sunglass prop here is more required to allow the author to write shit they could never write haha. I'd be declared unfit if I truly posted this as a personal fantasy. So lets see what kind of larger than life fantasies our readers can have if they wear the special glasses.
  6. I changed into my swim trunks, a tee shirt and sandals and headed out the door for the beach. No need to carry anything else… I had “the glasses.” It was a cool cloudy day and there was not much happening on the beach. I put my magic glasses on and the sky cleared and the temperature rose 15 degrees. Nearby was a party of college kids or maybe young twenty-somethings. Not a bad view as the girls were pretty hot and barely dressed (“a very fitting combination” I thought). I looked down at the sand for my towel and there was none. Then I spied a lovely little cabana with a sign over the doorway saying “polecat.” “Nice touch” I thought. “These glasses were well appointed indeed.” I sat in the chair provided with my cabana, placing it right outside the entrance. I grabbed a cool lemonade from the table inside and sat down, sipping and watching the bikinis playing and swaying nearby. It didn’t take long for the glasses to write out the day’s script. A petite brunette wandered over from the party, sort of heading back toward the boardwalk. She obviously had a second thought when she reached me and asked “Hi. Can I ask a favor? My bottoms are full of sand and they are beginning to hurt. Can I step inside your cabana to clear them out?” I caringly replied “Of course. I’ll give you a hand.” “Great” she said as we stepped inside. I reached around her smooth waist and grabbing her bikini bottom by the hips. I gently pulled it down, kneeling down and letting her step out of them. I turned the swim panties inside out and shook them out well then, noticing all the sand stuck on her I offered “Oh my! You look like a statue. Let me brush you off.” She thanked me and with the skill of a surgeon, I wiped sand off of her… inch by marvelous inch. I got in every nook and cranny… every crack and crevice. When I had finished she was immaculate. As I was pulling her bottoms back onto to her tiny form, she interrupted with “I really need to pee. Is there anything here I can go in?” I grabbed the bottles from the ice bucket and offered her the bucket… placing it between her shapely little legs. She squatted above it and peed into it… a rather slow stream, I thought. It wasn’t like she was bursting. I think she simply wanted to be watched by a stranger while she peed. When she finished I wiped her with one swipe of a lone finger and pulled her bikini back into place. She left, scampering back to her party. I went in the cabana to empty the ice bucket and saw it had not only emptied itself but had replenished the ice and the bottle in it. “Thank you glasses” I nearly prayed to them. I stared at every wiggle that cute little bikini made on its way back. When she rejoined the group a few girls looked at her inquisitively… my take was a clear “where were you?” look. She spoke to the handful of girls who all had a giggle and each looked over directly at me and my marvelous temporary shelter. Well it wasn’t 15 minutes when a leggy blond girl wandered over from the party. She shyly asked “Can I use your cabana for a minute?” I obliged “Absolutely. As long as I can come in and watch” I quipped. She surprised me with “Perfect” as she grabbed me by the hand and led me inside with some urgency. I took up the ice bucket and after kicking her bottoms off she asked me to hold up the bucket for her. I held it in front and she parted her legs just enough to let it between them. I watched as the pee dribbled and increased from her neatly trimmed pussy, only inches from my face. As the flow subsided I saw it sneak a little rivulet down her tight little bum and the inside of her thigh. I set the bucket down and went to work with my tongue, gently drying her underneath, then spun her around to lick off the drops between her ass and thigh. We buttoned her up and sent me on her very thankful way. Literally minutes later two girls approached with playful looks in their eyes. They both said Hi but one followed it with “We need someone who appreciates watching girls pee to judge us and declare which of us gets you worked up the most. Are we in the right place?” I assured them that there was no better place and we all headed inside. The short haired girl pulled my chair in the cabana and put the bucket in front of it. She motioned me to sit down while she pulled her bottoms off. She straddled me and stared in my eyes as she peed softly into the bucket between my legs. When the stream died down she used her own fingers to clean herself and painted her pee on my lips with her skillful fingers. The long haired beauty with her left her suit on and knelt in front of me facing away. She reached back and pulled the web of her bikini to the side and with amazing aim shot a pencil sized stream at alternately, my left then right ankles as I watched with total lust. I had to declare a draw in this contest and the girls were both happy about winning. The next girl asked “What is your favorite way to watch a girl pee?” to which I whispered my answer. I slid her bottoms off and laid down on my back. She straddled my chest and worked her way up to where her clit was in easy reach of my tongue. I licked as she squirted baby squirts of warm pee on my chin. This went on for a few minutes before her bladder was drained. As the liquor flowed freely at their beach party, the girls flowed freely on me, in front of me… After it got dark I took the glasses off and it was cold and raining so I just went home.
  7. So... you got out of your car and found an sunglass case on the grass near the curb. The single word on the case is "Fantasy". You toss them on the seat then at home you take them out and try them on. Your apartment looks like a mansion. Your image in the mirror is way better than you are normally met with. Take the glasses off... everything pops back to real world. Put them on... fantasies. Your wildest are possible with these shades... Let the fantasies roll. I'll start off.
  8. Awww thank you for the sweet words
  9. Lucy was in German class with me. A culture freak extraordinaire, she was a super dork. Whenever she spoke up to answer, everyone cringed because she would have a lengthy, intellectual answer… irrelevant and annoying to all but Lucy and the teacher. She had looks though – more than adequate to cover all her quirks and flaws. Standing about 5’ 6” she was slender with over half her height made up of a gorgeous pair of legs. She wore an abnormal percentage of short skirts, undoubtedly because she looked great in them. Ever-so-slightly bronzed skin and silky, straight dark brown hair. A perfectly sculpted face completed Lucy’s package… and what a package she was. Annoying to many but an angel to me. I was infatuated with Lucy. A dork myself – of a different flavor. I was into photography and always had a camera and a bag full of lenses with me. Lucy and I rode the bus together but in the warmer months we walked home together. About a mile, our route took us through a huge beautiful county park. Lucy was a ham in front of the camera. She constantly struck poses… sort of cheese-cakey poses, in front of me as a cue to raise my lens and snap a “fashion shot” of her. I always obliged. I would print the best in 8x10’s and give one to her. I had tons of shots of her in all types of playful poses. When we were fairly isolated her poses got somewhat cheeky. She intentionally posed with a bit of panty or cleavage aimed toward my lens. One afternoon, our talk during the hike turned to Lucy’s sadness of being dumped by a boy she really liked. I listened sympathetically but as we rounded the foot path into the wooded park she got playful and unusually brave. Her cheesecakes showed full panty under a raised skirt, revealing a very fit waistline. Her cleavage poses nearly showed nipples. She constantly asked “Is this OK?” “How does this look?” and things like that. I shot and shot as Lucy played in front of me. When we reached a very isolated bend Lucy bent forward to give me a cute picture of her adorable pantied ass. Then the day took off with eagles wings. Lucy slid her white cotton panties halfway down her thighs and resumed her pose – half squatting, half leaning forward. I snapped photo after photo of the glimpse of her bottom when I saw her let out a very relaxed stream of pee for about 2 seconds. Shocked, I snapped and snapped. She giggled, rose back up and quizzed “You enjoyed that, didn’t you? Awful lot of snap, snap, snapping.” All I could do was nod. She stepped out of her panties, brushed them against my nose and palmed my quite stiff boner through my jeans. She nodded, not saying a word. Oh I liked it alright. I really, really liked it. She just skipped ahead 5 steps and went on freeze / posing as if nothing strange had happened. We arrived at the exit of the park – where we would normally part for our own houses. Lucy asked “Anyone home?” I said “No. Dad’s away and Mom is always very late.” That question turned my firm meat pole into granite and there was no hiding that. We both picked up the pace for the last segment. As we entered my house Lucy said “I still have to pee. Would you like to watch? Or even help?” My heart raced as I answered “Yes. Very, very much.” I followed her up the stairs into the hall bath. Lucy had me strip then pushed me into the tub as she yanked her cashmere top off, revealing the firmest B size breasts and perfect figure. She kicked off her “doll shoes” and stepped out of her English schoolgirl skirt, leaving her in front of me in just thigh high black socks which accentuated her shapely legs. Lucy climbed in the tub and pushed me to my knees by my shoulders. I allowed her to guide me backward and help me into a sitting position. She straddled me and knelt, lowering her quite warm, shaven nether lips against my pulsing member. She peed a short sharp spurt and used the liquid as a lube to rub her sweet pussy against me. Seeing that worked as planned she repeated – a sharp squirt then dry (actually wet) humping me as we breathed heavily. When Lucy knew I was close to the “event” she factually announced “Now I need help. I can’t reach the toilet paper from here.” Thinking she meant I was to leave the tub and get it, she firmly held me down as she pivoted and knelt facing my legs. Her magnificent bottom and pink pussy hung right above my face, her pee droplets glistening in the beam from the skylight above. Lucy cupped her hand under her slit and peed a bit into it. She then eased herself back where my tongue could reach and slathered her warm pee on the shaft of my cock. I lapped and lapped as she used both hands in very firmly pressured long strokes until I could not take it and shot sperm upward, my dick in uncontrollable spasms. Lucy orgasmed to my thankful tongue and thrust herself repeated against my face as she bucked. When we finally could move we rinsed off, toweled each other and dressed. She asked “How did the photos come out?” as she picked up my camera. When she handed it back the LED was blue with the words “No Files.” I complained “Lucy?” She said “Sorry. I don’t know what I did. We’ll just have to take them again.” Music to this boy’s ears. She placed a sweet little peck on my cheek and strolled out the front door, knowing damn well what I would be thinking about. Lucy didn’t lie. We did variations on this theme two more times, both of which ended with my photos accidentally deleted. Both times were stellar but the one that will be permanently burned in my brain was the time when Lucy climbed up on the back of a park bench, slid her tight jeans halfway down and merrily peed on the ground as I snapped shot after shot. The happy ending to that day was being furiously pulled through my house then out the back door. She tore my belt open and nearly shredded her jeans, yanking them off and tossing them on the porch. Lucy perched herself on the old swing set with legs raised, she gave me time to enter her with two fingers and spurted approvingly (and repeatedly) into my hand as I stroked her. Her hand was busy working on my hard cock and our orgasms were legendary. As she came, her floodgates opened and she soaked my trousers, shoes, socks and shirt. I could not have cared less. The days with Lucy came to an end but I have many pictures of her that conjure up memories of much more vivid scenes. I can pick up nearly any one of them and stare at it as I stroke myself to an almost instant orgasm.
  10. I guess we had all dozed off, laying there on the cool grass. The next thing I remembered was being awoken by the sensation of fingernails gently brushing the length of my cock. My eyes opened to the sight of the girl lying next to me, curled in a fetal position. Master had taken up residence behind her and had her face inches from the girl’s creamy little bottom. She was teasing the girl’s pink lips with the very tip of her tongue. Master and I made eye contact and she paused for a full 2 seconds, giving me an ever so slight smile then resumed waking the sleeping girl with butterfly kissed along the length of her smooth slit. As the girl awoke, she rolled slowly onto her back and parted her legs, spreading herself inches away from Master’s face. I was getting hard watching this unfold and I admit wishing the girl was my own pet. The sight of her soft petite form was mesmerizing. Master sat up and looked at me then the girl and said “That was lovely. Have my pets had a nice nap?” As if one, we simultaneously nodded which seemed to give satisfaction to Master. She knelt before us both and affirmed “We must go now. But first I need to use the little girl’s room.” With that she lifted her skirt revealing a puffy puss… a little bud of a clitoris barely peeking out between her lips. A trimmedlanding strip of brown hair, rather straight and soft looking for what I would expect, graced her slit like a crown. Master spread her knees while kneeling 3 feet before us and started peeing on the grass in a way that said she had relaxed every muscle in her body. The girl and I sat motionless, staring at Masters beautiful pussy. When the stream slowed to a trickle and eventually stopped she instructed us “You both will need to know how to clean Master when she pees.” Looking at the girl, she ruled “You first.” As the girl crawled forward to meet the droplets clinging to Masters thighs, she was taught “Gently, slowly as to not create a stir. But, be sure to lick all the drops away.” My eyes were now glued to the girl’s glistening lips, poking out from her thighs as she knelt doggy position while cleaning our Master. After a minute or so she commanded “Very good. Now let your brother finish.” The words ‘your brother’ for some reason had given me a reassuring feeling. Tagging us this way seemed to place us as belonging to Master and at the same time, belonging to each other. Yes, this was role play but this new twist lent a warmness to our mission. At least that’s how it hit me and I hoped strongly that it pulled my co-pet ‘sisters’ feelings the same way. We traded positions, me taking Master by the back of her thighs and giving a few licks from her clit upward to the top of her slit, where her tuft of hair lie. Master praised me “I see you are well blessed with these talents as well. There is one more thing that Master needs and I will now teach you your first trick.” With that she took my index finger and pushed it deep in her mouth, licking and thoroughly wetting it. She took it out and guided it between her lips and steadily into her sticky wet hole, deeply until my palm rested against her mound. “Master needs to be massaged from her inside” she pled, swaying from side to side. I massaged slowly but quite firmly, flicking the hard spot deep inside her vagina and retreating every few strokes, rubbing her sticky juice in circles around her swollen clit. I think I learned my lesson well because Master met my motions with her own, increasing our pace until she tensed all her muscles and coated my entire hand with her white sticky solution. She stayed motionless, my hand inside her, until she caught her breath then ordered “Now we definitely must go.” We all stood and were led by our leashes back to the villa. Master tells us “Stay”, drops our tethers and speaks a few words to the host. We are recovered and led to the driveway where we are escorted into a sky blue limousine. Winding down the narrow road we arrive at the beach and walk through the sand toward the waves lapping at the edge. Master spreads a large blanket and we all sit on it. Then she carefully removed my clothing then the girls clothing, folding it neatly on the blanket. She placed a box and opens it to reveal an assortment of fruits and cheeses. We silently enjoy the refreshments then Master breaks the silence with “My pets surely have to pee by now.” This was phrased more of a question than a statement so we both obeyingly nodded. Master apologized“I would be remiss if I did not properly potty train my lovely pets. Let us take some time to do that now.” With that she stood and took the girl by her leash, ordering “Come, Sis.” She led her to crawl about 5 feet off the side of our blanket then circled behind, spreading Sis’s legs slightly. “Now you may pee.” She did just that. Master sat in the sand behind her and put her hand in the warm stream of pee, rubbing it between her fingers. When Sis had finished, Master brought her back and took up my leash. She led me, crawling, with the command “Come, Boy.” (We now had names… Sis and Boy. It felt good). When I reached the wet spot on the sand from my sister, Master said “Your little Sis left this. Would you like to sniff it?” I wasted no time touching my nose to the wet sand. It was very difficult to avoid getting an erection but I knew I mustn’t do that lest I get in trouble for not being able to pee. Master knelt down behind me and took my ankle, raising it up and out to the side. I instinctively started peeing forcefully as Master put her palm in the stream and began playing with my loudly splashing urine. When finished she licked our mixed pee off her hand and wrist then led me back. She now produced a metal bowl and bottle of water. Filling the bowl she instructed us “You pets must drink plenty of water. That is the only way we will be able to drill you two on your potty lessons.” We both leaned down, our faces sometimes touching, and lapped at the cool water. My sis looked exceptionally coy yet sexy as she licked up the liquid. Master, seeing how I looked at her, said “Awww, you two really love each other. I think you should express that love in the most intimate way you know. I will watch and guide you when you need it.” Master pulled Sis into a doggy position and then me behind Sis. She laid down next to us and led my cock to Sis’s pussy lips, which were now glistening with just a hint of sticky wetness. Master skillfully slid my stiffening member slowly up and down the length of Sis’s swelling slit. With each stroke I could feel Sis pushing back to meet my cock’s motion. I could also feel her wetness growing to the point where the entire area between her thighs was sticky and was beginning to make slurping noises with each of Masters strokes against it. When she felt we were ready, Master pulled me forward by my penis and pushed it deep into Sis. She felt so wet… so warm… so open and wanting. As I fucked her doggy style, Master slid herself up underneath us, pushed her skirt up and satisfied herself with two fingers thrusting in and out while her face was directly under Sis’s pussy, as it drippedour combined fluids on Master’s face. We all orgasmed loudly and nearly at the same time. When Master started to come, she started feverishly licking Sis’s clit as I furiously pumped deeply in her. It was an orgasm like I had never known. It was one that I never had even imagined possible. I would come to associate this magical sexual explosion with the beach every single time I would go in the future. -to be continued-
  11. My first assignment… How exciting. The envelope had my plane tickets and all the instructions I would need. I was swooped away by limo then plane then limo. Somewhat exhausted from the ride, I was shocked back to full consciousness by the sight of my accommodations. The limo pulled in the mosaic drive and before me stood a majestic stone villa, perched on the edge of a seaside cliff. A striking lady greeted me as I exited the car. Wait! It was the hostess from both my interviews. My heart skipped and my cock engorged, thinking I may have been brought to this little slice of heaven to be her personal toy for the next days. I had some dreams and fantasies about this knockout of a lady. She welcomed me saying “Great to see you again. You are the last to arrive. My husband is serving cocktails to our guests right now. Your arrival means we now can deal out the party favors.” As she spoke she reached around my neck and loosely fastened a yellow leather collar. “Good color for you” she winked playfully. She placed her hand on my shoulder and guided me in the front door and through the house. We exited the rear onto a huge terracotta patio complete with a large bar and swimming pool that seemed to hang off the edge of the cliff over the long drop to the ocean. There were 2 men and 2 women seated on chaises. I recognized my previous host as the man behind the bar mixing cocktails. Near the edge of the pool were 3 quite handsome men and 3 very attractive ladies. They stood like statues and all wore leather collars like mine, each one a different color. I was motioned to join their line and I did just that. As the host mixed then delivered cocktails to his guests, his wife gathered up a half dozen leather leashes – each a unique color. She announced that she would now distribute the party favors and that the gifts would be pets for each guest’s personal use. She handed each guest a leash then gestured toward us. The guests approached and started attaching their leashes to our collars. A stunning, slim brunette walked up to me, holding not one but two leashes. After snapping the yellow leash to my collar she pulled me down the line to an impish little thing of a blond girl, and matched her orange leash to the girl’s orange collar. The other lady guest was left holding two leashed “pets” – one girl and one guy. One male guest held a young lady on a leash and the other man held a dark skinned man on his leash. The host announced that we were to be obedient to our masters and in turn they were to be loving and caring to us. He implied that we all, pets and owners, were there to attend to each other’s needs and wants. As I was taking in the beauty of my new master, she stepped close and squeezed my semi-hard cock through the fabric of my trousers. Then she stepped sideways and took the imp girl by her neck and planted her lips passionately on the girl’s lips for a long kiss. She then motioned toward the trees adjacent to the patio and gently tugged our leashes to get us moving toward them. She guided us both in front of her onto a grassy trail between the large, old trees. When we reached a clearing near the cliff she stopped us. She wrapped a hand around each of our waists and whispered “You two look cute next to each other. I would like to see how you play together.” With that she pulled us tightly to each other, turning us face to face. “Play, pets. Play while master watches. Master loves to watch her pets play.” I held the blonde’s waist with both hands and gave a long wet kiss, mimicking what my master had done. The girl kissed back, long and hard. I licked my thumb and forefinger then unbuttoned her blouse part way and massaged her petite red nipple as I kissed her neck and gently bit her ear lobe. She showed her approval by unzipping and swinging my now hard cock out into the daylight. As we played I noticed our master had made herself comfortable sitting sideways on a large fallen tree. I reached under my co-pet’s dress and tucked the hem under her belt, exposing a gorgeous tight little behind and a pussy bright pink from its recent shave. It was then that I saw our master slide her hand up her own skirt and start rubbing her thigh. She had kicked her shoes off and I was mesmerized by watching her toes writhe and wiggle as she got more and more aroused. I toyed with the girl’s firm little bottom then teased her nether hole with my index finger. She lurched a little from the surprise but then purred and pressed backward against my hand. I sat her down on the tree, next to our owner. I lifted and firmly planted her ankles on the tree trunk, spread widely. Our master was now obviously thrusting her finger or fingers in her own pussy, although it was covered by her skirt. It didn’t matter. It was extremely hot. I knelt in front of my co-pet and made large circles with my tongue around her entire outer lips. As I did, master quizzed the girl “Doesn’t that make you want to pee? I know it does when I am licked like that.” The girl took on a somewhat shy look and master reassured her “It is fine to pee. I’m sure he wants to taste you.” She slowly gave in and peed just a bit as I kept circling her whole puss. My eyes were far enough away to see the pee drops then little trickle leave her heavenly little slit. With each trickle, I followed it and licked it off. She saw my arousal from licking her pee and playfully gave me these little drizzles over and over. Without realizing, I had my cock in my hand and was pumping forcefully. Master had now slid off the tree and knelt beside me, taking the task of stroking my cock while she stared at the girls seeping pussy. Master then yanked my face off the girl’s pussy and rammed her mouth against mine, shoving her tongue in as far as it could go. All the time she was bouncing up and down violently, fucking her own hand. She pushed my face away and attached her lips to the girl’s pink slit. Pulling away for an instance, she commanded the girl “Do it!” then pulled the girl’s wet hole against her mouth with a hand tight around her waist. The girl obeyed, relaxing and peeing a steady stream against the woman’s open mouth. Master now looked like she was convulsing, jumping up and down on her hand until she moaned like a wolf and collapsed on the grass in front of us. I had taken back the job of stroking my cock as master had lost the ability to do it. The girl leaned forward and took my cock in her fragile hand and with 3 gentle squeezes, made it gush on her hand. -to be continued-
  12. Easy, spyware... a fantasy and no more... life is a fantasy...
  13. Rumble…rumble… rumble… The sounds these trains make is annoying yet somehow hypnotic. The lights flashing like cheap disco strobes… at least at night. Yeah it’s not just night. It’s almost the time when you can’t legally call it night anymore. We sit bouncing, swaying, eager to get home. Me? Cleveland’s the name. My partner here is Tiffany. Husband and wife of oh… 4 years last month. High school sweethearts then separated for different colleges only to meet back up and wind up married and working for the same advertising firm. That’s no accident. We both were go-getters through school and the reason we work together in this firm is to steal as many contacts as we can so we can open our own firm and destroy these cutthroats we work for. We are a good looking couple… not much different than we looked in school. The brown haired, long-legged lady with the buff looking sandy haired gentleman. Well groomed and refined looking. We both spend time at the gym and do what we must to be the first chosen when appearance may land an important contract. As we sit, I glance at Tiff’s reflection in the window. I want to fuck her badly but that’s one part of our life that has been stifled now by our career and other goals. I want to slip my hand under her dark business skirt and make her wet with passion. But I can’t… My ‘day’ dreams are cut short by the conductor who asks for tickets then goes into a story that neither of us wants to hear “Don’t know why they added this car. Hardly anyone’s on the whole train. They never use this car anymore. You will have this luxurious vessel to yourselves tonight. I’m certain of that.” Finally, he leaves and we get back to… well nothing worth mentioning. A few miles closer to our still far away destination, a blond girl makes her way toward the back, where we are seated. Looking of college age, she is very attractive as she sways grasping seat after seat to steady her walk. Her dress, although looking a bit wrinkled, highlights her firm c-cup looking breasts and a tight, perfectly shaped ass. Below the hem of her barely enough dress, her legs are sadly covered by thick black tights. I would have enjoyed her parade considerably more if she would lose those stupid, childish tights. Taking us by surprise she crudely plops herself down in the rear facing seat across from us. She does this with quite a bit of commotion. She blurts out “OK if I sit here?” “Of course” replies Tiffany. The girl kicks off her shoes and crosses her legs in a wide spread Indian position, with the heel of her foot pressed against her crotch, hiding what would be out in the open if not for that foot. She bounces as the train sways… not from the train’s motion, she is just bouncing slightly in her seat. With every oscillation, her foot rubs a little against herself. I am trying to watch this without the girl or my partner seeing and the sight is making me a little hard. The girl, lacking any filters, again blurt out to us. “You guys are a cute couple. You are a couple aren’t you?” We nod. The girl smiles at me then turns to Tiff and smiles at her. “I’m Hailey.” Tif smiles almost chuckling, and I don’t say anything. It is getting a tad weird. “You guys need more fun in your lives. You know that, don’t you?” Again… no answer. Hailey uncrosses her feet and slides forward on her seat. She shocks us by placing one foot between Tif’s knees on her seat and the other between mine. It is crystal clear now that the girl has no panties on. She sports cleanly shaved pussy lips with a little tuft of silky fine light brown hair above it. She got my attention and apparently my wife’s also. Tiffany did nothing to resist or thwart the intrusion. We both just stared in the girl’s eyes in disbelief. The girl now starts rubbing the insides of both our thighs with her stocking covered toes. We both silently gasp and our breath quickens. Then Hailey asks “Do you guys remember how to have fun? Cuz I do.” With that she abandons her seat and advances to ours. She takes a peculiar position where she is kneeling with a knee between Tiffany’s thighs and the other between mine. My thoughts have gone straight to “Yes you apparently do know how to have fun” but I remain silent. She unbuttons Tiffany’s blouse then guides my hand under her bra. She tutors my hand in a circular motion then after about 10 seconds, pushes Tif’s bra up exposing one breast. The girl takes my thumb and forefinger to her mouth and licks them, then places my two moist fingers on my wife’s nipple. I take heed and start massaging the nipple and Tif’s chest starts gently heaving, not being able to conceal her arousal. The girl slid forward, touching my crotch with her knee. It makes me shudder a little. She quips “Ooooo” then retreats an inch and tests the feel of my crotch with her hand. “There is a nice cock in there. It should get more exercise though.” Her hand leaves and she replaces it with her knee once more, this time swaying left and right, causing just enough friction on my balls and cock to get my blood pumping. Suddenly she freezes and says “I’m sorry. You have to pee.” I actually had been ignoring the building urge during the ride. Confused I silently thought “How did she know?” “I know things like this” the girl said, as if I had asked out loud. With that, she got off us and picked up an empty plastic coffee cup of the floor. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my trousers and pulled my member out through the opening of my boxers. I allowed it. She reached over and took my wife’s hand and guided it to encircle my cock. She held the cup under my cock, holding Tif’s hand around it and nodded. I asked “You’re kidding?” She assertively replied “Trust me. She will like it.” With that I stopped holding back my urine. I peed as Tiffany’s eyes were glued to my cock. Tif gently squeezed my pole repeatedly which gave it a really nice feeling. My wife was acting like she very much enjoyed holding my peeing cock on a train as I emptied myself in a cup. When I ran dry the girl took the cup to the window, opened it and poured my pee out. She went to Tiffany and apologized “I’m sorry. You have to go too and I have completely ignored you.” Tif recoiled “No! Not here. Not on this train!” The girl raised her index finger to Tif in the universal gesture for “wait.” She then put that finger between her own thighs and peed a few drops on it. She put it to Tiffany’s lip and told her “It’s OK. It’s just pee.” Tiffany opened her mouth ever so slightly to let it in then shook her head ‘no’. The girl assured her “It’s fine. He will like it.” Tif succumbed and allowed the girl to bend down and slide her black panties off. Hailey then pulled Tiffany’s hips forward so her pussy was exposed at the edge of the seat. She knelt before my wife and guided my hand around the cup. With the girl’s help I tenderly slid the cup just under my wife’s overheating pussy. Tif had a few second of pee shyness then gave in and filled the cup. I watched, wishing my lips were the recipient and not this Styrofoam cup. I had never tasted Tif’s pee nor played and water games but at this moment I wanted her pee to pour all over me and splash in my throat. The girl removed the full cup and tossed the pee out the window and dropped the wet cup on the floor. Returning to our seat she squeezed between us and placed one hand each on our very happy but urge-filled organs. She looked at me and approvingly said “Yes. It is a very nice one. I bet it can make her squirm and shiver.” Then she looked in Tiffany’s eyes and said “You are very warm and tight. I’m sure this can do wonders for him. You two should be pressed against each other thrusting passionately. But first, I see one of you must be dried off a bit.” As she spoke I noticed Tif rubbing her thighs against one another and that turned me on… a lot. She took Tifany by the hand, stood her up and bent her forward against the end of the seat back. She raised my wife’s skirt and tucked the hem into her belt, exposing my wife’s lovely taught ass. Tiffany gasped “Oh my God. What if someone comes?” The girl assured her “It’s worth the risk. He will like it.” She guided my face between Tiffany’s spread thighs and I took the hint seriously and began licking her lower lips and alternately wiggling the very tip of my tongue on Tif’s little pucker of an ass hole. Tiffany slid herself back and forth, accentuating my motions and came hard, oozing a small stream of sticky liquid on my tongue. As the train slowed into a station, the girl stood me up and unfurled my cock from my trousers. As she pulled it toward Tiffany’s ass my wife complained “We can’t do this here. People may come aboard.” The girl responded with “He doesn’t care and neither do you. You will both like it.” I agreed pleading “Tiffany. She has been right every time. We both want this.” With that I rammed my hungry cock in Tif’s pussy as the girl backed up and watched approvingly. I dug my fingers into my wife’s waist and pummeled my throbbing hard cock into her over and over. We came in a fury then our knees gave out and we landed in a pile on the seat. When we regained our senses, the girl was nowhere around. At that point we did not care as we lay panting and quite satisfied. Our recovery was cut short by the arriving conductor. Tif hastily pushed her skirt into place and covered my still extended cock with a magazine. The conductor told us what we already knew… we would arrive at our stop shortly. We asked him if he had seen a blond girl. Confused, he said “Blond girl? There are only three others on the train and none are a blond girl.” Equally as confused I blurted out “Hailey?” The conductor assumed a look of understanding as he said “Oh! You have seen Hailey?” He glanced around at my wife’s panties on the seat, the spurt of cum on the chair back, the cup on the floor with a little puddle next to it. He said “Yes. You saw her.” He explained “Some years back a group of students rode this car back and forth to the city. They returned after their wild times and continued the craziness all the way home. Right here… in this car… The car has been removed and is rarely used anymore… only when we need the capacity.” “Hailey was striking and she was a firecracker… a real wild child. The whole gang worshipped her and seemed to exist just to do everything with her. One evening she left the car for maybe the rest room. That’s the last they saw of her… at least til they found the body on the tracks. The police ruled it as a drunken accident and no one was held accountable but it was such a shame to lose such a vibrant and beautiful young thing like Hailey.” He shook his head and then told us “I’ll give you two some privacy to get organized. Have a lovely evening.” With that he left and we straightened our clothes and disembarked at the next stop. We don’t know if we actually saw this girl or if we conjured her while peeing, petting and fucking on a public train. We have no idea of how many others were actually in the car with us as we did all this. Fact is we don’t care. We won’t take that car anymore if it’s there, just in case we unknowingly had put on a show for strangers. I do know this though… my wife and I have a sex life now that rivals the most successful adult film stars. For that, we are forever indebted to the phantom girl Hailey.

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