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  1. There were so many things that happened with that girl. I couldn't remember all of them at any one time. I wrote many into different accounts but am left with some odds and ends that aren't part of any account already posted. I will convey some here as I recall them. Carol Anne's standard dress code was a short skirt or dress and almost always, no panties. She liked to pee easily as it was part of her frequent sex game agenda and no panties made it very simple. Not to say she never peed in panties. She did but she rarely did when she was not home so she could change them before they became cold and uncomfortable. She also needed quick easy access to her pussy and clit as her favorite thing in life was being touched. If no one was willing and able to do this for her she had no hesitation about doing it herself... a lot. Carol Anne asked one time to take her to the pet store. We did not have a pet at the time and I just assumed she wanted to shop for one. Eventually I learned never to assume anything about Carol Anne or take anything about her for granted. Halfway down the first isle she stopped, parted her legs ever so slightly and peed a small puddle while I watched. It was super hot to see and fulfilled her task of making my dick hard. Her unexpected pees drove me wild the most. I liked watching her pee any time but when she took me by surprise it instantly turned my dick to granite. She wheeled around and teased "Hunny bunny. Someone's puppy peed on the floor. You will tell someone right? They need to clean it up before anybody slips." "Yes WE will tell someone." I made to sure to emphasize "WE." Next isle she did the same thing... not once but twice. "You better tell them because there is a lot of pee in this store." "Uh OK" although I was losing the courage to point out an epidemic of pee accidents. She peed 3 more times making a complete lap of the store. The only isles where she did not pee were where other shoppers were. After a complete tour of the store and no sign of Carol Anne stopping to look at kittens or puppies she picked up a colored tennis ball from a kiosk of dog toys. She asked "Buy me this?" I did and we left without telling the manager (or anybody) about the 6 different puddles that my girlfriend blessed their floor with. When we were in the car driving she opened the bag and took out the ball. She put it to her nose and smelled it then put it to my nose to do the same. Carol Anne had a thing about the way things smelled... many things. After this ritual she lifted herself off the seat a few inches and placed the ball carefully deep between her thighs... far enough back that her pussy was pressed down on it. She enjoyed getting my attention and kept it by rocking her pelvis back and forth, openly masturbating with her new toy for her pleasure and my enjoyment. She had an orgasm and after she did, she put the ball to my nose for another sniff. It didn't really smell like her because of the strong odor it possessed but it was quite damp. She joked "I peed on it just a little. Do you like it now?" I reassured her I did. I pulled into the mall parking lot and fingered her to another orgasm as she yanked me to a very respectable explosion. After, she swung her legs out and peed, sitting on the door jamb. One time car shopping with her she chased the stick-to-you-like-fly-paper salesman off, telling him we would find him when we needed to. She leaned against a car window, pretending to be looking inside. She raised her skirt just enough to pee one long squirt on the door of the car. Then she walked away grunting "I don't like that one." She slipped a finger between her lips and offered it to my mouth to taste. Carol Anne did not like a number of cars that day... all the same way. At the last one we inspected, she spread her legs and peed completely, leaving a large pool on the pavement. In Home Depot, she climbed a stair / ladder thingy to give me a perfect view of her naked ass and pussy then slowly dribbled out 3 seconds of pee to bring the show to a new level. If we were in a semi-public place yet hidden fom view of others, there was an excellent chance that she would squat in front of me, pull my dick out and lick it as she peed merrily on the ground. It was like she needed something else to do while she peed. This brief game happened a lot and I was not going to discourage it. It usually ended with a frenzy fuck as soon as we were in a location where we could. She has unzipped and sucked my erection while I ordered from the clown at McDonalds. Carol Anne was quite at home at the park, especially if there was a playground. She has peed down sliding boards, on the swing set, on the bleachers above me, sometimes mixing it up on a single visit. I know many couples pee on each other in the tub but Carol Anne was generally not that formal. She would wrap her legs around my leg as I shaved and let her hot pee flow down my thigh. Usually she would get what she wanted and I would be a bit late for work. If she was lacking attention while I was driving she would resort to tactics like removing her panties then hold them against her pussy and pee on them. She then would touch the wet panties against my cheek or my arm. Sometimes she would just massage her hole as deep as she could reach her finger then offer the sticky finger to my nose or tongue. I learned to drive with one hand from being with her. One time in a hotel elevator she peed in a Ziploc bag and nonchalantly carried it down the hall to our room where she dumped it in the toilet. It was probably the most attention our toilet got from her that trip. If we were riding bicycles it was rare for her to get off the bike to pee. She liked to scoot her ass a little to the side of the seat and pull her shorts aside to allow her pussy a straight shot at the ground. If we were hiking she preferred to find a fallen tree to sit on, side saddle because it put on a much hotter show and I would lick, finger, or fuck her as my way of applauding. We had a favorite watering hole (yes, pun intended) which had a layout more perfect for sex play than we could have designed ourselves. Along one long wall were about 3 steps up to a raised level. There was a 3 foot wall between that level and the floor level. We always took the corner booth which had seating on 2 sides and overlooked the steps up. You could see a waitress long before she got to us. We played in that booth so many times I can't count. But I do remember the games. One night I was lightly touching Carol Annes clit over cocktails and she squirted a bit. It drenched my finger and made a wet spot on her skirt. I casually took a paper napkin off the table, gently wiped her pussy dry then the wooden seat in front of her. As the waitress approached our table I wiped my mouth with the napkin and tossed it on the empty appetizer plate. The girl picked up the dish and carried it away without a second thought. Carol Anne was amused enough by this game that she took napkins twice and peed into them a little then put them on the table. She has taken her panties off sitting in a restaurant numerous times - usually stuffing them in my pocket or first touching my skin with them if they were wet. She peed in a paper cup while going through a conveyor belt car wash. Then opened the door and casually poured it on the ground when we exited. One time in an elegant restaurant, she reached under my cloth napkin, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She stroked it a bit but I was too uncomfortable to enjoy it and asked to end it before cumming. OK Here's a question. If you were Carol Anne and you were riding a ferris wheel over the boardwalk what would you do to make the day memorable? That's easy. You would take a package of tissues from your purse, pee in them one at a time then launch the little damp balls over the side of the car. If she had used her enormous creativity for profit she would have been seriously wealthy.
  2. More like insane... an insane blur. I loved it though.
  3. Although we were living together at this point, dates were a blast with Carol Anne, because of her exhibitionistic tendencies. Watching her finger herself in public or pee on the ground in a fairly public place was hot as hell. So dating we did... a lot. Here's one of our dates so hot, I could fry my dick on it. There's a restaurant on the river not far away. It is very popular in the summer months because of the huge outdoor dining area that's literally right on the water. We decided to go there for a nice lunch and 3 or 4 helpings of "dessert." Carol Anne wore an adorable sun dress that covered her ass by at least 3 inches. Underneath (as usual for warm weather) she had forgotten to wear panties. I was fine with that. ;wink In the car she sat crossed legged, her knees splayed to the sides. It caused her cute little dress to ride up almost to her navel. The view of her naked smooth pussy on the car seat was having an effect on me. She not only knew this, she orchestrated it. She opened the glove box and took out a small silver bullet vibrator. Both our cars had required equipment to be present at all times - a vibrator, a cup or other container and tissues or a cloth. While all the other drivers had emergency flares and a flashlight, we were truly prepared for anything that Carol Anne could dream up. I watched her play as I drove, trying to look at the road from time to time. Since we were not in a hurry I took the long way, winding along the river. I pulled off into a little park on the water, parked the car and just took in the sight of my grlfriend teasing the hell out of her clitoris with the little "friend." She finished a minute after stopping, pushing the little vibe deep in her puss after shutting it off. She clamped her legs together tightly on her hand and just sat a minute. Next she opened the fly of my shorts and allowed my stiff dick to spring out. She got a kick of it springing out when it was very hard and trapped inside my pants. She leaned over and stroked the shaft while licking around the head until I came (which was not very long a time). After a minute she put my dick back in my pants and we drove away. She pushed her dress up again to show off her pussy and was stroking the insides of her thighs as I drove. Fair is fair... I pulled into the next little boat landing area and walked around the car. I parked so her side was sheltered from view of anyone going down the road. I opened her door, bent down and kissed her bare tummy then took her legs and helped her swing them out the door. I knelt down and eased two fingers between her warm red pussy lips. I played and teased a few moments then slowly slipped both finger inside her. I fucked her with my hand gently tapping against her swollen clit every time I rammed my hand in. She came with a little squirt that seemed to say "Thank you" to my very happy hand. After these shennigans, we realized we were both starving so we decided to actually make our way to the restaurant. I pulled into the parking garage across from the place and found a space against the corner. I backed the car into the space so Carol Anne's door was facing the wall. I did this for a reason. We went in the restaurant and got a table against the railing over the boat dock. The place was mobbed but our little table was hidden somewhat by the backs of people in the tables in front of us. We sat next to each other at the small high top and ordered lunch and bloody Marys. During drinks, I touched her briefly and she touched me whenever we had a quick chance. After a little while I excused myself, saying I needed to pee. She said she would come with me. Carol Anne took me by the hand and led me through the whole sprawling restaurant, past 2 sets of restrooms, through the very quiet empty banquet bar, down the hall to the restrooms tucked away there. She did not go in the ladies room but pulled me into the mens room. She kicked a stall door open and pulled me in. After pulling down my shorts she shoved me down on the toilet and straddled me, her bare pussy and tummy pressed tightly against me. Before I could start peeing, she did. It felt wonderfully warm and tickled my balls from the strong stream. All of a sudden two men came in talking to each other. Bartenders I think. Carol Anne was startled and cut her stream in a split second and we sat motionless as they pissed in the urinals and left, still talking. Carol Anne got up and used half a roll of toilet paper cleaning both of us up. We went back to our table and our sandwiches met us as we sat down. We ate up then ordered more drinks. After a bit, Carol Anne asks if we can go pet the ducks that have wandered up onto the boat dock. I tell her "Sure." We walk down the steps to the dock and come up to the ducks. Both squat down to talk to the ducks and see if we can pet them. Then a Carol Anne stunt. As I am right in front and can see up her super short dress, she pees a little squirt on the dock. There are people sitting directly above but they can't see straight down at what she is doing. She looks around to see if anyone can see then pees another short burst again. I am mesmerized by the sight as she repeats this 3 or 4 more times until she is finished. As we stand she whispers "that was for your enjoyment hunny bunny." I say "Thank you sweety" and kiss her. Back to the table to people watch (maybe be watched) and have more drinks. By now there is a band setting up on the other outside deck a hundred feet away so we dig in and relax for an hour or more. We finally leave for the parking garage. I follow her around the car and open her door which completely blocks us from view all the way around. I teasingly but forcefully push her ass against the side of the car and reach under her dress where I slide my finger inside her and finger fuck her there leaning against my car. When this is done Carol Anne backs up against the garage wall and parts her legs a little. She pees on the concrete as I watch the stream leaving the bottom of her little sun dress. I reach down and put my finger in her very hot stream then lick it off. She loves seeing me do this. Nothing left to do here so we get in the car and leave. We drive to the drug store to pick up some things then I get the idea to get the car washed. I pull into a wash where you sit in the car as it is pulled through. As the suds fill our windows Carol Anne plays with her clit for me to see. She didn't have time to have a full orgasm but the show was very enjoyable for me. I pull into the lot behind my apartment (it was a single upstairs apartment over top of a pet store that was closed today). Carol Anne races me to the back stoop and before I get to her she has sat down on the step, spread her legs and started peeing little spurts. "Like on the dock hunny bunny. I saw that you liked that." I dragged her quickly up the stairs and gave her a serious hot fuck on the sofa. Why can't all dates be like this??? We passed out from the booze and multiple rounds of sex and pee games.
  4. We’ll see. First though there is one more date with Carol Anne to post plus odds and ends with her.
  5. Thank you and thank you for your perseverance reading through the entire story. It was longer than I wanted but I was not able to prune it and still paint the entire picture.
  6. I checked for the package every day. The package would hold an adventure I could only dream about. I knew nearly nothing of the details yet I knew that I wanted it with all the juice in my balls. I had seen the ad online for the "Masked Tournament" and filled in the short questionaire: "Are you comfortable performing sexual acts with strangers?" "Are you comfortable being watched by strangers while you do the above?" "What sex are you?" "What is your clothing size?" "Would you like to win $10,000?" "Do you want an experience that you will dream of forever?" I risked a $500 fee to attend and was told I would be receiving a package with everything I need. "It" arrived. I rushed inside and opened the box. At the top there was an envelope that held an invitation. It told the date, time and the address. The place was not far from me. Up in the hills in kind of a ritzy yet secluded area. The note went on to say that everything I needed was in this box and to bring nothing else when I arrived. Beneath the envelope was a folded silver fabric somthing. I pulled it out carefully and unfolded it. It was a silver one piece jump suit. Further study showed that the front of the crotch was missing. It had not been cut out. The suit was sewn with this area open - maybe a 5 inch circular gap. The suit had feet and a zipper up the back all the way to the neck. It was like a child's onesy. I was a bit baffled but what the heck. If this makes an unforgettable experience worthy of eternal dreams, I'll play along. Besides, I (and my 500 bucks) was already commited. Next I pulled out of the box a mask. It was more accurately a hood with a mask on the front. The hood matched the fabric of the suit and the mask was a cartoonish take on a Llama head... even with little silk ears. Wow! The organizers had gone to great lengths to put this costume together. The box was now empty except for a small cup. It reminded me of the cup that saki is served in except it was unadorned and had no Asian graphics. Fast forward to the date of the event... I dressed in the suit and mask provided. I debated with myself about wearing shoes but the note did say to bring nothing else. I did not want to be disqualified from the adventure that awaited me so I shelved the idea. I drove to the address and arrived at a gated estate. Through the opened gate and up the long driveway was a large house (maybe a small mansion). I parked, took my cup and entered as a gentleman held the door open and welcomed me. He told me the afair was in the large room down the foyer and motioned the direction. I entered the room to see 30 or 40 guests, all in costumes similar to mine and all with masks of different animals. It looked like this host had dressed his guests as the entire animal kingdom. No two masks were the same animal. The suits were like I said all similar but about half were silver and the rest gold. I soon understood the color variance. The holes in the silver suits all had cocks dangling from them while the holes in the gold suits framed pussies of all different shapes, size and "hair styles." A few had no hair style. A few of the silver suit animals had cocks at half mast. I prayed I would not become one of them from the surreal yet erotic scene that seemed to be unfolding in front of me. A small bell chimed and everyone stopped and turned toward the sound. In an open double doorway stood a man and woman dressed for a gala. He had a tuxedo with tails and she a red calf length tea dress and matching high heels. They both wore masks and they stood motionless, holding hands. The crowd froze and the man spoke. "Good evening and welcome to the first masked tournament. We have arranged everything quite carefully for this to be an exciting and enthralling evening. Let me first explain what the tournament is." "This contest is one of touching, petting and showing a talent to be able to please and excite others. The goal is to please as many as possible using only your hands. You can see your costumes were designed for easy access to do just that. You must look to your innermost creativity and expertise to make another person desire your touch." "The success of any tournament relies on its planning and organization. We could all just run around pawing at each other but what would that accomplish? The format is this." You each were given a cup. It has important uses. The voting in this contest will be for the effectiveness of how you have been touched by someone. It will reflect that person's effect on you and your vote will be cast by donating some pee directly into the other's voting cup. They will then present these 'votes' to the judges table." The host motions everyone's attention to a long table, with stone jars in a line. Each jar has a face painted on it. Each face mimics a mask that is worn by a guest. "After each attempt at pleasing another, the recipient will pee as much or as little as his or her 'vote' into your cup. The judges will collect the pee from your cups into your own jar. The owner of the jar with the most pee at the end of the evening wins. I may clarify now that the $10,000 prize is not exclusive. There will be a prize for the guests in silver and one for those in gold." A subtle glance around confirmed that many of the cocks were now pointed at least halfway up, some fully aimed toward the ceiling. Mine was between the two and steadily rising. I only wished I could know how many of the pussies were oozing juice as well. "Your cup can also be used to entice another to touch and try to please you. You show this by pulling their cup to yourself and donating as much or little of your pee as an invitation. This will add to the vote or your recipient by ending up in his or her jar." "Other rules are no words. There will be music for your enjoyment but please no speaking. Also the one receiving pleasure must not return pleasure to the other at the same time. This tournament is solo performances. You may of course, return the pleasure afterwards if you like. I think that's it." The masked hostess whispers something to the man. He then adds "Oh yes. One more little rule. If a guest cums due to the pleasuring, they are disqualified. You must give and get as much pleasure as possible without having an orgasm. That's it. Please enjoy yourselves and each other." With that the lights dimmed, music started playing, a long curtain was withdrawn showing off a long bar, fully manned with red topped silver stools along the front. The guests... my competitors... were expectedly a bit sheepish and awkward at first. At least until one silver goat with a longish, dark-skinned horizontal cock bravely walked up to a gold squirrel with a dainty little tuft of brown fur above an otherwise smoothly shaved pussy. He offered his cup between the squirrels legs and slightly cocked his head, apparently in a nonverbal version of the word "please." She took his wrist and reassuringly guided the cup to her pussy lips then lowered it a few inches for the benefit of the onlooking crowd. She awarded the goat a second long stream of pee. The goat knelt, put his half filled cup on the bar and glided his hand over the shiny suit, below her belly button. He skillfully teased his way down to the opening then using just two finger tips, he twirled the fur on her mound and made circles around it. His antics were clearly turning on more than the one woman he propositioned because the crowd has their combined eye glued to his motions. The goat slid his other hand around and tightly squeezed her taught bottom while sliding his two fingers lower, between her eagerly waiting pussy lips. The squirrel wriggled against the motion of his gifted hands. As it became clear she was approaching orgasm the music quieted and we all heard clapping. It commanded our attention and we all turned to see the host and hostess sitting on stools at least 10 feet tall near the end of the bar as if they were judging a giant tennis match. It was the man clapping and he then made a gesture with his hands as if to say "All join in." The music resumed and the crowd had been initiated. The gold squirrel had apparently been delighted from her first "dance" of the evening and peed into her helper's cup til it slightly overflowed onto the floor. Who could blame her? If she got only as much as we all got by watching, she had to be in ecstasy. I looked for a partner and one found me first. A petite girl with a lambs mask and a dainty little pussy visible through a very light covering of straight, fine-as-silk pubic hair. She touched the head of my fairly erect cock holding her cup upside down over it. Intuitively knowing that she would not be able to coax any pee out of my cock in this compromised position, she stroked the underside with the backs of her fingers. Then she lightly scratched the length of my sack with her long but neatly trimmed nails. This hot little lamb now clutched the shaft of my cock and held it snugly while rubbing her other palm on the very sensitive helmet and tickling around my pee hole. Nearly having an "accidental discharge" I pulled away slightly to let her know that it could go no further. She politely unhanded my engorged pulsating cock and quietly stroked my thigh with the back of her hand until I was in a position to reward her by casting a favorable vote. I peed a half cup and she seemed content with that, being that my cock was still somewhat hard and my pee came out very slow and labored. She dipped her little finger into the pee and swiped it the length of her lips, licking them afterwards. Then she did not leave to find another but parted her legs a bit, looked down at her pussy then into my eyes. Well Mama didn't raise no dumb llama so I made the best of the situation and opened my book of tricks to find what would return the pleasure to this obliging little creature. She was already very slippery and that helped my mission. I knelt right in front of her and pulled her toward me, my hand between her legs and my grip firmly on her ass. With my other hand I tickled and teased her clit, using her own sticky honey to make it feel arousing for her. She swayed back and forth gently to the tune playing and I fondled her, nearly cumming myself while watching her enjoy my touch. She stepped back, alerting me to her near orgasm and I was even more turned on knowing that I could have and would have made this little cherub cum if I hadn't been the victim of "no cum" rules. I stood and she pulled my hand with the cup betwen her soft thighs and squeezing the cup between her legs she peed my vote. We nodded to each other and parted, each to find other partners. I was starting to appreciate the no cum rule now as it allowed me to get right back into game play without needing a recovery period to regain my sex juice. Not letting us cum kept all of us horny and it worked wonders for this contest. My next recipient was a tall shapely gold terrier. As I walked up to her, she quite blatantly spread her legs in a wide stance as an invitation. This opened my view of her pussy with a small landing strip above a puffy pouting pair of lips and a clit poking out from between that was a bright pink... no doubt from previous recent play. I started by massaging those pouty lips, graduated to tweaking her clit between my fingers and probing her with one finger now and then. She was also quite wet and slippery and when I drove 2 fingers deep in her hole, the inside of her puss felt hot like she had a fever. This type of game couldn't last very long with her not having an orgasm, so we stopped fairly soon. She pressed her puss against my awaiting vote cup and peed it nearly full. When I left to bring it to the judges she followed. After the judge poured her pee in my jar she pulled my hand to her again and half filled my cup again. I thanked her by wiping the single pee drop I could see on her pussy lips and placing it approvingly on my tongue. After getting my cock jerked by a gold parrot and rewarding her with a decent pee I retreated to the bar to refill and take a quick break. They kept the drinks flowing and that kept the guests flowing. From my seat I could see the host and hostess sitting over top of the contest and carefully observing the goings on. While I sat a silver (don't know... wasn't paying attention to silver) grabbed a gold Siamese cat by the waste and hoisted her up right onto the bar. He then took the seat directly in front of her. I turned toward them to watch as my cock slowly raised from laying on the stool to nearly touching my silver belly. The man raised her calves one at a time and place her golden feet on the bar, spread widely. I watched closely as he pushed three fingers into her hole as she wildly pushed back against his thrusts. She queezed his hand tightly with her thighs as a sign to stop or slow down. He paused, took a few sips of his drink then plunged again deep into her hole. They repeated this no less than 6 times, stopping before disqualifying themselves each time. After, the cat cupped the man's cock between her feet on his stool and started stroking it between her gold onesy feet. The bartender gave her a disapproving look and she stopped, changing to jerking him with her hands. I think she almost got disqualified for using her feet. She peed from sitting on the edge of the bar. He showed his appreciation by casting his pee vote with his amply long cock dangling over the front of his stool. After they left a silver horse sat in their abandoned stool with a long slender cock pointed in my direction. He placed his cup on the bar and slid it over in front of me. I was a bit panicked as I am not interested in silver animals but then I remembered... I did agree to perform sex with strangers and there was no stipulation that I would be able to choose let alone refuse. He took my cock which had gone half limp and started touching it, rubbing circles around the head and stroking using only thumb and one finger in a loose circle. At first my cock was slowly dwindling but then it had a change of heart and started to stiffen at his touch. I must say I was not comfortable with this but this horse certainly knew his way around cocks and did some things to mine that have never been done. I showed my appreciation by casting a favorable vote for him. I did not however want to reciprocate. It was time to get back on the dance floor but I will admit that watching others engulfed in this game did as much to my cock as having it fondled. I, like I'm sure most there, was perpetually in a state of growing arousal then an ebbing cool off before getting aroused again. The tipsy gold ferret was one animal I'm not likely to forget. She arrive on the floor, stopped in front of me, spread her own pussy lips and squirted a little pee onto my silver leg before I could even get my cup to her puss. She filled the cup and then some. Probably peed 2 cups in one cup and left a very sexy puddle at my feet. She forcefully grabbed my hand and yanked me to the judges table where I had my "bribe" delivered to my jar. I then gave her hungry pussy everything I could using just my hands, to show my thanks for her hot foreplay. She responded to me entering her with my middle finger by furiously fucking my content finger until she came. She immediately peed my cup full again, and again made a puddle for me to remember her. Just as immediately a judge arrived and escorted her through a door. I did not see her again and I felt badly about unintentionally allowing her to cum herself out of the contest. After a few hours of this repeated ecstacy the music stopped and the lights turned up a bit. The host spoke "You have been most interesting contestants. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you compete. Before the end of game play we will have a wild card session. Wild card is played like this. Find someone you want for mutual play and pee in their cup as much as you can to let them know they have been chosen for this special part of the tournament. You may then please one another until the other has an orgasm. During this stage you still may only please each other one at a time. And you still may use only your hands but you are invited to use both yours and your partners hands however you choose." I found my way to the petite lamb with the silky pubic hair and it seemed she was finding her way to me. Maybe because we were each other's first. I don't know but I wanted to make her cum and I wanted her to make me cum. I guided her hand with cup to my cock and raised it so my cock touched the bottom. I peed her cup full, retracting my cock as I went, making room to fill her cup. She pulled my cup hand under her and peed generously until it overflowed for about 5 seconds. She hopped on a stool and took my cock. She spread her legs widely so I could enjoy the view of her hot little puss. She was oozing so much fluid I wished I had no mask so I could taste it. We bent the rules here and weren't sanctioned for it. We took turns (which I don't think our hosts expected). I rubbed the outside of her lips with what seemed like a tablespoon of her girl juice. I could feel it flowing as I rubbed. She pushed my hand away and replaced it with her own hand, slathering her palm with her own bountiful nectar. The little sexpot of a lamb used her own natural juice to stroke my cock and drive the poor thing mad. When she stopped, I reciprocated by putting one finger inside her hole. She grabbed my wrist. She thrust my finger in and out, over and over again into her sopping wet love hole. It was driving me crazy, having this little vixen holding my wrist, fucking herself with my hand. I came without being touched, shooting sperm on the front of her suit. She bucked and started squirting hard, long squirts onto my hand, the stool and the legs of my suit. She came in at least 4 or 5 squirts and she kept fucking herself with me the entire time. It was the craziest orgasm of my life. The hosts once again turned up the lights and announced the end of wild card. The man declared the end of the tournament and winners had been chosen. The bold silver goat who had got the whole party going was the selected silver winner. The gold winner was a girl I had not had the 'pleasure' of. Slender but not sickly, ample breasts, a dolphin mask, and a tuft of blond hair, trimmed to an inch long, fastened in a tiny pony tail with a rubber band that made a banner above a beautiful hairless pussy. A handsome couple indeed. I would have preferred being the recipient of the generous cash prize but this couple actually looked liked they got chosen for a reason. The victory ceremony began. The lady host spoke for the first time. She invited the winners to enter the center of the circle the guests had made. She then asked them to put their cups on the bar telling them they already had their own natural cups (she gestured by cupping both her hands and putting them together). She then instructed them that after a courtesy pee into each others hands they may have the fuck they had been longing for. The one catch was the audience would be polled to decide where it would happen. The couple obediently peed into each other's cupped hands. Both pees were strong short bursts. After which the goat lifted the dolphin girl up onto the bar as the crowd had demanded. She turned and knelt, aiming her ass and pussy toward the man. He sat behind her on the stool with a proud 9 inch cock aimed up at the slender girls ass. She let loose a stream of pee that soaked the goat's silver suit, splashing all around him. In return he peed a powerful stream straight up into the hole in her gold suit, splashing off her pussy. The girl stopped her stream and spun around. The man rose up, taking her knees with his hands and forcing them up and out. She locked her ankles around the goats neck and peed directly on his masked face. He stood on the railing of his stool and slid his long cock into her still peeing hole. As he did she locked her hands around his neck and hung with legs and arms around him like a lanky silver monkey. They fucked in long deliberate strokes, each retreating away from the other enough to show the tip of his hard cock each time it pulled out. As they fucked nearly everyone in the crowd had their hand in the hole of their suit and was stroking and fingering themselves in a frenzy. I never saw so many people masturbate at one time and it was like a dream sequence of a movie. When the couple completed their well deserved fuck, the host and hostess walked to the center of the crowd and removed their masks. They were both very striking. The man had a chiseled but refined look and the lady was... well she was a knockout. She walked to the panting winning couple and handed them each an envelope, congratulating them and thanking for making this tournament memorable. The host now confessed to everyone "We are thrilled by the success of this tournament and have something to share. We have a newly built villa in Tuscany that has need of paid companions to entertain and please us. This tournament was arranged as a sort of job screening or interview if you will. We have other properties and have filled these very important positions with winners of past tournaments. The winners who have accepted the positions are quite well paid, they want for nothing, and hold the positions of the highest order in each property. The other servant have been trained in the arts of pleasure giving and they are at the disposal of the winning couple while they serve this position. I hope you two will seriously consider taking the position, at least for an extended time. Past winners have, after a time serving our desires, left the properties with enough pay to permanently retire and lead very comfortable lives. The final choice is of course." As he concluded his lovely partner addressed the crowd "Thank you all for participating. You may stay until dawn and do whatever you like with each other. The bar will be staffed until the sun rises. From this point forward there are no rules. Enjoy each other as we have enjoyed watching you. Goodnight." With that the couple left and the crowd attended to the burning needs they had been deprived of all night.
  7. Day after Labor Day... I planned this day to play hooky and go somewhere where Carol Anne and I could play with virtually no one around. While everyone else has gone back to work or school, we were dressing to go canoing. A park not far away had a small lake / large pond. It was maybe a mile long and half that wide. There were woods around it and a few secluded little coves. Carol Anne wore a one piece bathing suit and a short sleeve man’s shirt to keep warm. We hopped in the car, stopped for sandwiches, drinks and coffee on the way. I liked Carol Anne drinking her large coffees on the way somewhere... anywhere.It meant fun was in the works. As far fetched it it sounds by the end of the 20 minute ride to the park, Carol Anne had to pee... really bad. I grabbed the cooler from the car. She grabbed the empty coffee cup. Who would go anywhere without an empty coffee cup? I went and paid for the canoe then met her at the dock and landing where the canoes were kept. I slid one into the water, threw the cooler in, and we waded past the dock to where the water was calf high so we could get in. Carol Anne, being hidden from view by the dock, peed through her suit into the lake. She really did have to pee. After about 10 seconds she pulled the crotch of her suit to the side and kept peeing for another 15 or more seconds. It sprayed out forcefully and made loud splashes in the water below. After, she dipped down to rinse her suit then climbed into the boat as I steadied it for her. I climbed in and we paddled off toward the center of the lake. Let me clarify, I paddled. Carol Anne had no desire to paddle. She sat and gazed around at rhe scenery then started quizzing me. Questions like "Hunny bunny, do you like watching me when I pee?" "Do you like when I reach in my panties and you can see my fingers moving around?" All kinds of questions... all aimed at making my dick hard. Shortly into this game, her hand went into the leg opening of her suit and I could see it moving in circles. And yes, I sure did like it. In a few minutes Carol Anne climbed over the sideways thingy in the canoe and sat on it 2 feet from me. She opened the Velcro of my suit and pulled my quite erect cock out. She stroked me while dipping a finger or 2 into her pussy. I came and she came. It always got me hot watching her play with herself and I always came fast and hard when she did. She knelt and licked the cum off the tip of my cock and circled around the pee hole then gently tucked it away back in my suit. We probably paddled around another hour, talking and sipping a beer from our cooler. Then I found a nice beach way up the remote end of the lake. I dragged the boat on the beach and we climbed out. We threw the floatation pillows on the ground and sat down for lunch. A sandwich and beer later we are just resting and start touching and feeling. I scoot my pillow over next to Carol Anne and slide my hand in her suit to find a pussy that is slippery and steamy hot. She has my cock in her hand and is working her magic as I enter her hole with my middle finger. I knead her g-spot and pussy hole with my finger, getting harder and deeper with each stroke. After wriggling and pushing against my finger for a minute or 2 she starts either squirting or peeing all over my hand and her suit. I don't care which it is. The spurts are very strong and quick. It literally felt like I held my hand under a faucet while rapidly turning the water full on then off. Except it was my sweety's juice and feeling the deep insides of her pussy while being pounded by it sexy nectar... It was hot, literally and figuratively and causes me to shoot sperm a few inches in the air at the command of her talented hand. Back in the canoe we paddle around the perimeter, drinking beer, laughing, talking and enjoying the last of the summer days. An hour later we find a little cove, guarded by a fallen tree, and surrounded by thick brush and woods. We duck under the tree and maneuver the boat in to this perfect private play spot. Carol Anne pulls her suit to the side and kind of hooks it around her ass cheek. This allows her to use two hands to put on her next show for me. She licks the whole palm of her hand with a big slobbery lick, pulls her pussy lips apart and starts teasing her clit with a finger on each side (that was her favorite way to masturbate and I had no complaints owing that it left her pussy lips in my full view as she kneaded her happy pussy). She massages it and intermittently dips both fingers deep in her hole. Her legs are up on the side of the seat so her pussy is wide open to my view. My cock is in my hand and I am trying to go gently as to not cum to fast. I want to enjoy this at a nice slow, very sensual pace. I thought Carol Anne was going to make herself cum but instead she reached down, picked up the coffee cup and held it in front of her now bright red pussy. She started peeing in it then stopped abruptly. She then moved the cup to the side and peed, pushing hard to pee on my feet. It worked. She soaked my feet then stopped abruptly again. She gave me a funny look and I didn't have to ask what it meant. I crawled over the seats in the boat knelt down and licked her pussy as she finished her pee, shooting it in quick forceful spurts against my tongue. There were 6 or 8 strong shots of girl pee. I was stroking my cock and it exploded as I was licking her peeing pussy. I drove my tongue as deep as I could in Carol Anne and felt her wreathing against it as she had a trembling orgasm. It took at least 5 minutes to recover from the orgasm we both had. We finally headed back and turned in the boat. Nothing happened on the ride home because frankly we were both exhausted from shooting our loads so many times. But when we did get home she stopped ahead of me on the porch, turned, pulled my hand under her crotch and let a very hot pee out through her suit onto my happy hand. We got inside, showered, napped, awoke and fucked like perverted, foaming-at-the-mouth bunnies. Then I'm pretty sure we ordered Chinese. :)
  8. Being a scout when I was a boy taught me many skills, some of which have been useful through the years and some totally useless. One of the most useless was learning to read Morse code. That is... until now. I work a half mile from home in a very green and very spread out city. When the weather is user friendly I walk to work. Most of my walk is through a huge park so it's a pleasant commute. Last week I was on my way home - strolling casually while listening to music through earbuds. On the sidewalk in front of me I saw 3 small dark wet spots in a line. They were very fresh as they still glistened. Shortly there were 3 short lines of wet on the sidewalk. They were equally as fresh. This seemed curious but could have any explanation. Then a few yards further 3 more spots. My mind started wandering and went straight to "dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot". I had walked past the Morse code known to everyone - SOS. Was someone trying to warn others of an emergency? Around the bend was a fresh puddle, maybe a foot around. Ah. Had I found the emergency? Was it someone needing badly to pee and they ultimately did just that? I walked on looking for more wet spots or lines. Low and behold, shortly up the walk it started again. "..-. --- .-.. .-.. --- .-- -- ." This clearly was done on purpose. No coincidence had spelled the words "Follow me" unintentionally. Fifty yards up the code for "Do you like this?" This time fresher than before. I was gaining ground on the writer of this interesting and exciting correspondence. When I deciphered "no panties" I got an instant boner. Then the code for "blue skirt". I looked up the path and saw a shapely woman in a white blouse and a fairly short sky blue skirt. Now my trousers were doing all they could do to hold my growing erection inside. I picked up my pace as I thought "she is doing this show for me". I began to catch up as I saw her slow a bit and keep walking, though with an odd pace and stance. "She is peeing a message right now." It was super hot watching her do this. I slowed a bit as to not catch up immediately. She then left me the message "I like being watched" and turned the corner onto a side path. I followed and was getting very close. I could now clearly see her drip out the words "Touch me" and in a few more feet "touch me now". She walked into a small gazebo and I followed close behind. As she half sat up onto the railing her skirt rode up and I got a clear view of her shaved pussy. She peed in front of me the word "-. --- .--" or "NOW". I reached under her skirt and felt the aftermath of her pee "texting"... the insides of her thighs were quite wet from all the activity. I slid my finger into her very accommodating hole and as I massaged her insides with my finger tip she peed a little squirt on my hand. Then a few more. They too were dots and dashes but as I was lost in the moment I did not decode them. I asked "What did you just spell?" and she half-meowed, half-growled "Fuck me NOW". Well being the veteran scout that I am I could not ignore a lady in distress so I helped her out as well as I possibly could.
  9. Hello. I'd like to introduce myself. I am Reginald. I'm clever, witty, and quite handsome (or at least I think so). And oh yes, one other thing - I'm a dragon. More correctly, I should say I 'was' a dragon. I am writing this long before you were born. I would venture to say it is long before your grandparents were born. As I look down across the meadow to the nearby village I see a simpler time than I can imagine by time these words are read. A most beautiful and somewhat magical time. My village (actually not mine per se but the humans') is not more than a cluster of log built homes with roofs made of grasses from the meadow. Each one has a chimney from which smoke puffs out. I think the smoke is what attracted me to the village, being a dragon and such. The people in my time are interesting yet somewhat queer. The men seem to enjoy dressing in suits of shiny metal and prancing about on their steeds while bearing heavy looking long poles. That's what I had thought but I am having my doubts about them enjoying these practices. I am leaning toward the idea that they are perpetually afraid. Afraid of men from other villages and even more afraid of my relatives. We will leave the men to their devices - this story is not really about them but it is about the ladies. It is particularly about the young maidens. Oh I do so take interest in them. They have gorgeous soft looking skin and long silky hair, most of them. They wear the most beautiful dresses and at the time of this writing, something you will eventually call knickers is centuries from being invented. Why would this be so important to me? Well simply that I have shall we say a 'low profile.' More accurately, I am built closer to the proportions of my cousin Komodo and farther from the stature of my tall winged relatives. As you are probably starting to surmise, my compact nature places me at hem level of my favorite class of humans... the maidens. From down here I see all kinds of things... beautiful, wonderful, amazing things. I constantly get glances of their long creamy thighs and the little magical area between them. I so like viewing this and do so whenever I get the chance. These maidens are not, like the silly men, afraid of me. They have come to adore me for a number of reasons and that is what this tale is about. The girls are in the meadow and in the forest on a near continual schedule. They come to my domain to gather wood and berries and also to bathe their tender bodies as well as to tend to other needs not fulfilled by something that in time would be called 'indoor plumbing.' I do love sharing the meadow and forest with these delectable young ladies. They make being a dragon something that is incredible. One thing I should at this point mention is a special attribute that makes me stand out from other dragons in a wonderful way. My being short and not having fiery breath and long leathery wings like my brethren, is more than compensated by my being endowed with a very long, nimble and sensitive tongue. That is my blessing and for it I am ever so thankful. This is no doubt one of the things the maidens are attracted to. I don't fret over the possibility of them shallowly gravitating to me because of this freakish trait. I actually don't care why they love me but am elated that they do. Let's go back to the beginning of my wondrous times with these lovely creatures. The first heavenly moment I recall was as follows: I laid at one particular maidens feet as she sat on a tree stump pulling stems from cherries. She was softly humming a hypnotizing and enchanting tune. As she hummed she was sliding her pretty feet back and forth on my back - unconsciously keeping rhythm to her tune. It had a mesmerizing effect on me and without knowing I was even doing it, I turned my head and gently licked her toes then feet and ankles with my talented dragon tongue. It went no further than that this glorious day but she sent clear unmistakable signs that she enjoyed this soft massage while she massaged my back. She was the first maiden who showed no fear of me back then. I should remember her name but am ashamed to say I do not. My debt to her is so monumental as she is the soul who made the other girls realize I was not a symbol of fear and they all came to love me in short time. My benefactor had undoubtedly relayed our brief experience on the stump to some of the other girls. I surmise this because they would nonchalently put themselves in positions which lead to my licking their feet and ankles as they sat above me. The game play slowly got a bit bolder with them inching their tender bodies closer to me as I licked so that I would be licking higher and higher up their calves and then their knees. One day as I was laying at a maiden's feet licking her to euphoria, she stood up, straddled me, raised her hem and sat down with her legs on either side of my back. She was gently rocking back and forth rubbing her tender thighs on my sides. This got my lava flowing and I responded by reaching my tongue back and softly lapping her sweet thighs. In just a minutes time she raised herself slightly, took the tip of my tongue with her hand and slid it under her warm spot, sitting herself down on it. I obliged her with long licks to her most sensitive place. As this intensified, she clenched my body between her legs and shivered, sending a small spurt of warm, delicious juice down my tongue. At this instant, my lava erupted like a grand volcano and we both lay motionless for 3 or 4 minutes. These games with the girls were at first a bit secretive as they seemed shy about the others knowing what they did. They would corner me one at a time with no others present. In not much time however, all knew of these games and they became more open. They learned that my tongue had numerous uses for their pleasure and convenience. One spring morn as they played in the meadow one girl, interestingly named 'Innocence' left the group by just a few yards, squatted down and had a pee. She then, in full view of the others, spun and pranced toward me, raising her skirt as she walked. She stopped right in front of me and playfully asked "Can you help dry this, kind sir?" I eagerly obliged her and tasted for the first time, sweet maiden pee. I took great care to get every drop off of her loveliness, undoubtedly putting more effort than was necessary. Innocence did not mind. Her eyes got glossy and she breathed heavily as I lapped and lapped. Again I must confess, my lava let go. I had never had this feel or this taste and I wanted it badly... whenever I could get it. In time the girls had 'chores' for me to perform. As they left the pond from bathing they would stand in front of me and ask me to dry their body with my more than grateful dragon tongue. I took my chores quite seriously and never rushed or hurried the tasks. The girls did not even seem to mind waiting in the line that formed at bathing times. I never missed a single inch of their tender loveliness. They had a game in which they held hands in a circle and danced. I had been assigned a very special role in this game. As each one danced over me they all would stop and give my tongue an opportunity to taste their wonderful juices. I think anticipation of the game brought out an unusual amount of their sticky maiden honey. I would not complain about that. I relished it. The more we played the game the slower it played out. They would stop and hover for long times rather than the few seconds as when the game first was invented. Many times, girls would have orgasms before moving and allowing the next to enjoy my talents. This game let me hone my skills even further and I acquired the oh so valuable talent of being able to make many of these girls ejaculate, sending bursts of their sweet nectar onto my ecstatic tongue. After Innocence had broken the ground that she had trodden, others came to me pleadingly whenever they had a pee to be carefully and lovingly wiped dry with the best 'towel' in the village... my eager tongue. Innocence seemed to get a bit jealous at the other girls getting my attention every time they peed and her envy caused her to enable her defensive strategy for the purpose of remaining my first as well as my favorite. Without letting any other girls know, she would not pee completely when she squatted but hold some back. She would afterward finish her pee on my lucky tongue in little spurts as I lapped her lovingly. We perfected this into our secret game that we could play in full view of the others while they had no idea of our private game. When we were alone, Innocence loved to lift her dress and let me wrap my tongue around and around her delicious thighs. The length of my tongue permitted me to encircle her sweet flesh 3 or 4 times, before resting the tip against her warm damp heavenly opening. She rewarded my efforts by peeing on the tip of my awaiting tongue in tiny spurts for me to savor. She knew this way of making the game last drove me wild and Innocence loved to make me happy by taking a few full entrancing minutes to tease me with her sweet warm pee. Innocence, as cunning as she was, also discovered that a dragon's long tongue with the end split like a pitchfork, could be in two places at once. She managed to convey this idea to me in a quite deliberate way, that threw subtlety out the window. My first lesson was when she stood above me with her legs wide apart. As I extended my obedient tongue to her nether lips she forced herself downward causing my one tip of my tongue to thrust deep inside her hole. She grasped the other tip and guided it to her other hole then help 'teach' it what to do by drawing circles aroung her bottom with it. Being a very intuitive dragon, I gently but firmly introduced my second tongue tip into her rearward hole, whilst lapping her more forward one with the other tip. Innocence went into a frenzy and unintentionally augmented her powerful orgasm by losing control and peeing madly and completely on my lucky tongue. We played this game frequently from then on because it drove us both to a froth. I'm certain that Innocence did not herself tell the other maidens about this newfound talent of mine because she wanted this all to herself. But the other girls did come to realize that my tongue could be utilized very eficiently if done right. One day while drying a maiden who just emerged from the river, another girl forced her way between us and pulled my recipient tightly against her own body, kissing her passionately on the lips. She pressed her pelvis against the other girl and started grinding while sliding her dripping wet breasts against those of the girl. Their enchanted places were inches away from each other's so it was quite simple for me to please the two simultaneously as they slid their bodies against each other. My eruption on this day was amplified by them both having shivering orgasms together at my touch. During festivals and feasts the maidens were thankfully seated together at a long table far from the men's table. They always insisted on a long table cloth and the men did not even think twice about it. I would sneak from the forest edge to their table and make my way down the entire length, stopping to pleasure each one of my adored friends. Innocence would always have a little drink for me and I always anticipated it and sipped it eagerly from her fountain. So my days went like I described. The girls paid very special attention to me and allowed me to fondle their soft bodies inch by inch and when I was alone with Miss Innocence, my sessions would end with my tongue in the places where it was happiest, coaxing her to unforgettable orgasms and creating eruptions of my own lava that weakened my scrawny little dragon knees. This my friends is why I was the luckiest dragon... no, the luckiest creature on this Earth. And I possessed the happiest organ on Earth. A nimble, talented tongue of nearly two metres which was perpetually coated with the warm viscous syrup that the maidens from the local village so graciously surrendered.
  10. There was the time she called me at home while she was out shopping to confess in advance. Yeah you read that right. Her call was something like "Hi hunny bunny. I'm in Sears parking lot and I really have to pee. I don't think I can make it to the store and there are too many people to pee on the side of the car. Do you think it's OK if I roll up my sweatshirt and pee on it?" My quick reply... "Well I guess. If you show me later." Another epic boning after the blow by blow description when she got home along with a demonstration on a kitchen chair... It started with "Give me your shirt." There were a lot of confessions of being caught short in the car and having to use an empty coffee or soft drink cup. Luckily there always seemed to be an empty container of some sort in the car. It was like Carol Anne always needed to get double duty out of disposable containers. One time the confession was that she could not make it all the way home and had to pull over on a busy road right in town and pee in a cereal bowl then dump it out of the drivers door before finishing the drive home. Can't imagine how a cereal bowl got in her car but I probably know. Oh yeah, she was 1 block from home when this inescapable need overwhelmed her. One time it started "I made a little mess today." "Tell me." Well I had to pee pretty bad but I felt needy also. I wanted to see what it was like to play with my purple toy when I had to pee bad. I didn't know how it would go so I put a towel down on the floor and laid face down. I put Mr purple in me (Mr purple was a curved G-spot vibe with an engorged head). We were both doing so good and it felt really awesome but then the pee started to come out. I couldn't stop peeing and I couldn't stop playing because I felt so hungry to have an orgasm." I rescinded and changed my game with "Hmm I think you're going to have to show me." Carol Anne went and got a towel and her favorite toy. Watching her toy her gooey pussy from behind her was almost too hot to keep from cumming but when she started peeing and cumming at he sme time, right in front of my face I couldn't hold back anymore. I came & she came but I owed her a proper fuck which I paid up about 20 minutes later. Not surprised when I came home and she kissed me whispering "Do you like the new curtains? I bought them today and I had to pee next to the car when I left and I hung them up but I accidentally peed in my panties when I was standing on the chair. So You like them, right? I got the pee off the wall but I think a little went on the radiator. That doesn't ruin radiators, does it?" I cupped her pussy through her panties, kissed her and said "You talk a lot. Does talking make you have to pee?" She leaned against me kind of melting in my arm and graciously peed in my cupped hand while biting my cheek. Yeah we did it as soon as I got her wet panties off and knelt in front, carefully wiping the drips and dribbles of pee off her legs and feet. I loved kneeling inches from her sweet pussy and drying pee drops from her, inch by inch while my cock got harder and harder and harder. Very interesting when she asked me during lunch one day "Do you like Chapstick? Cuz on time when I was at my last job I used to eat lunch in the park across the street. I would bring a book and sit and read. One day I was there and put Chapstick on my lips. It was like menthol. I wanted to see what it would feel like down there so I put some on my finger and when no one was looking I wiped it on my clit. I was sitting on a bench and it felt so good that I wanted to rub my slit. But I couldn't reach under my skirt there in full view. I sat for a few minutes as the feeling got more and more tingly and numb and then I felt something dribbling out of me. I don't know if it was pee or sticky juice but it was getting on the back of my skirt and it kept dribbling and dribbling. I wanted to put my finger between where it was coming from but could not while I was sitting there so I sat down on the ground next to the bench and sneeked my finger under my thigh and between my lips. It felt crazy good and I started having orgasms different from ones I ever had. As I felt my pussy twitch, some pee shot out. I'm pretty sure it was pee. I slid my finger and my legs trembled and more pee spurted out. Three or 4 times as I orgasmed each time. It was crazy." I licked the girl til my tongue almost fell of. She earned it for that confession. One night she cuddled me on the couch. She was sill fully dressed which was rare at home. She had just got home I guessed. "I went shopping today hunny bunny. I got new shoes and a few dresses. Do you like?" She grabbed the hem of her dress and did an imaginary curtsey while sitting. I said "very pretty." Then she kicked her foot up showing off her shoe. I told her they were also pretty and sexy. She confessed "Shopping was fun. I sat with the mirror in front while I changed shoes. I could see up my dress in the mirror and it made me tingly feeling. I never had this angle except while I try on shoes so I thought it would be fun to pee a little on the rug because I could watch it come out of me. I only let out 3 little squirts but I really liked it. I liked doing it and I liked watching it. Now I know why you like to watch so much. It made me itchy and tingly. So the only logical thing to do was to grab some clothes off a rack and duck into a dressing room. Know what happened while I was in there?" "Tell me." "I will. I found a magic marker in my purse with a smooth round top. I thought it would be a fun way to relax if I slipped into me. I played it in and out while I watched in the mirror. It felt very nice. I was so wet and when I was done I drew something for you. Would you like to see?" "Of course." Carol Anne raised her dress and pulled down the top of her panties just to the top of her clit. Right above her pussy she had drawn a smiley face with a tongue pointed down at where she thought my tongue should be. Point well taken. Again, it worked. Then there was the time I walked in the kitchen to see all kinds of things on the table - glasses, cups, bowls, a pot. I asked "Spring cleaning the cabinets?" Carol Anne assured me "No. Spring training." "Spring training?" "Well... baseball teams have it - spring training. I thought I could work on my aim before summer dress season starts." "I think you better tell me the whole thing." "Sure. I was washing dishes and I had to pee. You know how running water makes me pee (everything makes this girl have to pee). So I thought I could make it a contest. I put that coffee cup on the floor and squatted low over top. Most of my pee got in the glass so I won." "Next time I had to pee I put that shot glass on the floor and knelt over top of it. I did pretty good. I filled it but a lot got on the tile. Shot glasses are only good for tiny pees I guess. Then when I felt the next inning coming I tried some distance by peeing into the beer glass from standing over it. That was half successful but I'll take the score. Next inning I sat on the chair and peed into the pot which was about 2 feet away on the floor. Then for my home run later I laid back onthe table so I couldn't see where it would go and peed into that big bowl on the floor. A lot got in so I won 5 to 0. Pretty good for a girl don't you think?" "Very good for a girl. I think you may have to show me some of these innings." "Sorry Charlie. Don't have to pee now." But like clockwork, 3 minutes later she came over and hugged me. I slipped my finger in her panties and very softly ran it up and down her perpetually slippery lips and she peed on my finger, most of it running out the leg opening of her panties and down the inside of her thigh. We celebrated the victory like we always do. A crazy hot fuck on the living room floor. Shower games were aplenty. The confessions raned from "Hunny bunny I was thinking of you in the shower. I was touching myself and after I came I had to pee real bad so I cupped my hand over my whole pussy and peed hard into it. It felt kind of cool... the hot pee and all the pressure trying to get out." "I found out if I sit in the tub just right I can pee on the opposite wall, no problem." She actually did this one time we were both in the tub. Without a single word said she laid down at one end of the tub and peed up onto my torso and chest. I think with practice she could get my mouth. Equally as frequent were bathroom masturbation stories. From "I like how it feels when I pee in the potty and touch my clit and touch the stream with my finger" to "Thank you for the electric toothbrush. I put a piece of plastic wrap over the end and you'll never guess how powerful that little tiny thing is. I came and peed standing at the sink 3 times in 3 minutes." Her one confession that was questionable was wanting the Newfy doggy. I mean it wasn't a confession of something that she actually did... I 'm not really sure if there was any fantasies about it but she did say a number of times that she wanted a Newfy doggy (Newfoundland something...). She was awed by its big size, its big head and "a tongue the size of your hand." Take it any way you like. I never really knew if that girlfriend vs dog in the park story was a fantasy and I never will know now. That's all I can remember. This was a long time ago and so many things happened but they obviously made an impression on me. Yep they say confession is good for the soul and I can attest, recounting all these incidents was good for my balls and a bunch of erections they piloted. Hope you all feel better now after hearing confession.
  11. Confession was a huge part in Carol Anne's master plan of feeling good. They say confession is good for the soul but early on in Carol Anne's metamorphosis she learned that is even better for her pussy. I concur wholeheartedly, it was great for my balls. In retrospect I think I understand the entire strategy. Her confessions were necessary in two somewhat different ways. Firstly they allowed her to coyly and innocently open new avenues for sex games - ones that had not been tried before. And it allowed it in a way that she had no guilt or inhibitions about it. The second way was that it was a playful method of getting my dick rock hard in seconds so I would give her what she really craved. I got to learn to read between the two in time but I absolutely loved the "new horizons" confession. They meant the day would end with crazy sex and unimaginable orgasms. She had a very colorful imagination. Oh, one more thing about Carol Anne's confessions. They were tailored for her to engage in exhitionism - something that she constantly wanted to do but it was difficult for her without an opening confession. I hope you understand that because it sounds confusing as I write it but I don't really know how to put the idea across more clearly. OK. Enough psychology. Now some of my ex-dickthrob's antics. I walked into the kitchen after work. Carol Anne has her back to me as she is working on something on the counter. Man's shirt, panties, socks - normal home attire for her. As I throw my lunchbox on the table, I see there is a soup ladle by my place. Nothing unusal about that, right? Not at all except it is resting on a pair of panties and 2 socks, which were thrown down to rest the ladle on. I ask why the ladle and the underwear. She very naturally blurts out "Oh. I was cooking myself lunch and I had to pee but didn't have time to leave so I thought it would be a good idea to pee in that ladle." (Sorry I have to stop this account for a second to point out that this was classic Carol Anne shennanigans. The confessions made it easier for her to get a game going but even further, the visible prop made it easier for her to confess because when I saw these obviously out-of-place items, I would question them and that would allow her to matter-of-factly explain her confession to me). I eagerly replied "Really? Show me." (Show and tell was also a huge part of the confession games and this was a "show" part). Carol Anne apologized "I don't have to pee right now hunny bunny." But in less than 3 minutes later, as we were talking about our day, she did. She nonchalently walked over and scooped up the ladle, leaving the panties and socks on the table (she was wearing fresh panties and socks). She stood before me and slid her panties down to mid-thigh. She parted her legs just enough to fit the ladle tightly between her thighs, about 3 inches below the bottom of her pussy lips. As I roughly rubbed by bulging cock through my pants, Carol Anne peed into the ladle. It soon filled then ran in little streams down her thighs, wetting her panties, legs, socks and leaving a slowly growing pee puddle on the floor. She looked down at the little accidental spill and said "Yeah. That's what happened before. I thought it would work." I held her waist, turned her and leaned her over the table, lower my pants and sprung my cock out. I slid it against her pussy lips a half dozen times (she loved having my hard cock slide up and down her pussy lips, teasing the full length of her pussy and doing a little twingle on her clit). I slowly pushed my hardness as deep as it could go in her wet hole and fucked her, coming all the way out, pushing all the way in with a slow steady rythm. Soon she got close to the edge and start bucking like a wild horse against me, coming very hard. I had come already as it was not possible to hold back after seeing my girlfriend pee in the spoon between her thighs right in front of me. This vision haunted me two times before the end of the night and wound up with me diving between her legs later while she was laying on her back reading, and lapping her to 2 crazy orgasms before fucking her. I also ambushed her as she walked past me and teased her clit until she sat on me and fucked me jumping up and down like she was on a pogo stick. That was a "show" so I will clarify the game by relating a "tell." They both were smoking hot in their own way. There was a living room throw pillow on top of the washing machine. It has a wet spot about 8 inches in diameter. It has been left right where I could not miss it as I walked from the porch through the laundry room into the back door. Just as am supposed to do, I ask "Oh you are washing the living room pillows?" Carol Anne, in her devilish pretend innocence retorts "No. Just that one." I am obligated to give the standard command "Tell me." On that cue she then proceeds to do just that, in every living color detail. "I was sitting on the floor watching TV and it wasn't very comfortable. So I got a pillow and sat on it. It was a little better but still not really comfortable." I help the story move by coaching "Then?" Carol Anne continues with "Then I tried folding the pillow and bunching it up like this (she makes a motion with her hands). That was a lot more comfy. But then a couple minutes later it's like it was too comfortable and made me feel tingly and ticklish. So I started touching where it tickled. It felt good and it felt kind of slippery. Well, actually, very slippery. I tickled myself a little then I couldn't help it. I had to go inside and rub with one finger. And rub and rub and suddenly I was more comfortable than I had been all morning and before I knew it, my hand got drenched." "It felt really nice. I didn't plan it but I did it again in a couple minutes and the same thing happened." I gently but firmly interrogated her "How many times? Tell me." "I think 4. No 6. No... I don't remember. But I liked it. And you weren't here to help" she accusingly turned the blame. I quizzed "The pillow is awful wet isn't it?" and she recoiled with "I'm getting to that." "Tell me" were my only words. "Well... after all the tickling I felt kind of weak... and I didn't want to get up... and the movie got really good... and I had to pee. I knew the pillow was already wet and it wouldn't hurt to pee on it so I guess I did." "You guess?" "Yeah." I pushed her into the living room and down on the floor where I fucked her in the craziest missionary position fuck of my life. I could feel she was happy to get such a strong reaction from me as that was her reason for the whole game. Out of the blue confessions were meant to shock me into a boner... I was sitting on the sofa and Carol Anne comes in and says "I have to tell you something" like there is an emergency. She plops down across my lap and begins "I used to have this big Teddy bear." I just stop and turn my attention to her and say "tell me." "He was this big (motions with hands). I slept with him every night when I was little and then as I started to get ticklish feelings, sometimes I slept on top of him. He felt good with his cool nose against just the right place, especially if I got slippery. Then his nose felt real real good. I could even wake up in the middle of the night and kneel over top of him and he would make me feel gushy and tingly and wet. A couple of times I peed on his face, just a little, because he told me he liked it... he said he liked it a lot. I told him it would have to our secret because we would both get in trouble and would not be able to sleep together anymore." Carol Anne reached betwen her legs and unzipped my fly. She knew then that her confession had been a success. She forced my underpants down and furiously rubbed the tip of my cock against her clit and sticky wet lips until she came and squirted a bit on my pants. I didn't even get my dick inside her but we both came so hard from that little game. -more later-
  12. So you’ve had wild ones too? Then you know The same things that make them crazy fun also can make them toxic and can doom the relationship from before it starts. For me it was a four year roller coaster ride. I’m glad it happened but I couldn’t do it again right now LOL. Oh and there’s more. Watch for new posts. A lot happened during those four years hehe.
  13. In another half hour we packed up and left the dunes. Back at the car, Carol Anne stood next to the passenger door and took off her bikini bottoms, saying "I guess I won't be needing these anymore today." She always knew just what to say to turn my dick into a legitimate boner. She reached down and slid her index finger between her lips then brought it to her own mouth, smacking her lips and and teasing me, saying "I can taste us both hunny bunny." On the way back I got curious and started a conversation "So... just what is so secret about this other secret place?" She started telling me "Oh it's out of the way and you can do secret things there." I pushed farther "What kind of secret things?" She eluded even more "What kind of secret things do you like?" While she was talking she is rummaging through her purse. She pulled out a lipstick, folded the mirror down and started putting on lipstick. When she was done I noticed she rested her hand on her lap so I started paying attention out of the corner of my eye. She was babbling about "playing games, doing secret things, telling secrets..." In a short time, she was making circles around her exposed pussy lips with the lipstick tube. She looked over at me looking at her and smiled. She felt my cock through my suit then went back to playing with herself. Her feet went up on the dashboard. She held her lips apart with one hand as she rubbed the lipstick back and forth and side to side against her pussy and clit. She pushed the tube inside her hole and tightly squeezed her knees together. She fucked the lipstick til she came hard. When her orgasm has completely subsided she threw the lipstick in her purse and turned on the radio. Just like that... Yup. That was my Carol Anne and that's what always kept me bonerized while I was with her. The drive back on the highway was quiet. When we got into her town she pointed and said "Turn here." I asked "what is there?" She said "Secret place." I just obeyed with no further argument. We turned onto a dead end road and she told me to park at the end. She lead me around the guardrail, down a path in the woods alongside a stream. I was watching her intently because she is wearing this short coverup with half her pretty ass in my clear view. After we crossed the stream she started climbing up a steep hill, following the trail. I am following her, looking up her short dress at her sweet as candy ass and pussy, mesmerized by the way they are moving. If my tongue was 3 feet longer, she would have had a hard time climbing that little hill. Halfway up she stopped, paused about 5 seconds then resumed her climb. At the top we followed this trail a short distance to the edge of a cliff, maybe only 50 feet high, over the river. The view was nice. There was evidence around that local kids come here to party but this is late afternoon on a weekday so no one should disturb us. Carol Anne is playfully rocking from foot to foot, flipping the hem of her coverup so that is flies up and reveals her pussy. She asked "Do you want to know a secret?" I nodded my head yes. She said "When I was climbing the hill I stopped and I was going to pee because I knew you were staring at my pussy. That's my secret. I decided not to. I just wanted you to think that I would. Do you like that secret?" "It was good... very very good" I replied. "I was waiting and hoping." I untied the bandana that always was attached to Carol Anne's purse strap. It lived there to be handy in drying things off and cleaning up wet spills. I grabbed her tightly by the wrist and said one word "Pirates!" She responded with "Yes please." I gave her a sharp spank on her bare bottom then lead her to the trees. I found a tree with a low branch, looped the bandana over the branch and tied her hands with it. I gave her 2 sharp stinging swats on her ass then slid my finger into her still sopping pussy. She whimpered a little and I kept playing. Fingering, teasing her clit, contrasted with sharp spanks in between. The times when I was not touching betwen her legs Carol Anne was pressing her thighs together, and swaying side to side, trying to masturbate herself with the kneading motion and pressure she is applying to her clit. This got my erection to point at the tree tops. I lowered myself down in front of her and lubed my finger in her soaking wet pussy. Then I slipped it ever so slightly into her ass. She gasped but pushed against my finger. She relaxed her stance and sunk down against my finger making it penetrate just a little deeper, and at the sme time parted her knees just a bit more. In a second I felt a warm trickle land on my wrist then run down my arm and off my elbow. The stream increased and I watched the warm pee escape from between her lovely pussy lips. I am hard as a rock and Carol Anne is slowly fucking her own ass with my finger, just barely in her hole but she is moving back and forth against it. The whole time I am staring at the slow thin stream of her pee running from her pussy lips down on my arm. When she is finished peeing I get up, take her by her hips then turn her around. I step out of my bathing suit and slip my granite cock into her pussy from behind. She hangs from her wrists and is moving around trying to get my cock as deep as it can go into her hungry puss. We cum hard at nearly the same time. We freeze like that for a minute then I untie her and she almost collapses in a fake act. She hugs me and tells me "I love you Mr hunny bunny pirate. You can capture me any time." On the short drive home she picked up her bikini bottoms and rubbed them on my mouth and face. I took a deep breath but then threw her hand out of my way so I could see where I was driving and we wouldn't end such a perfect day driving up a tree. My day long hardon was almost gone by time I dropped her off at her parents but the memory of that day is still in my mind and in my dick. Games with that girl were the best. I still can cum in minutes stroking to the memory of the dunes (and I never stopped doing it after all this time).
  14. So far I have written in detail, the general behavior of my past girlfriend Carol Anne as well as our insane relationship. There are some specific events that were too involved and wordy to be included in the previous posts. This is one of my most vivid memories because she kept my dick at full attention for this entire day and I have never had an experience like this - before or after. She was kind of vain and one manifestation was that she did not want to be seen in a bikini without a good tan. So to those ends, she devised a plan. Every spring since she had the ability to get around independently, she drove to a secluded beach that who knows how she ever discovered. It had practically no bathing beach so nobody went there. Fifty feet from the water's edge started a wide swath of grassy dunes. They were large clumps of tall grass with a labyrinth of narrow passages in the sand between them. She went there every spring and laid in the sun, where no one could see her pasty white "winter skin" and the grass sheltered her from the cold springtime wind. It was kind of a good plan I thought. Carol Anne announced the first April we were together that we were doing exactly that the next Saturday. She looked hot when I picked her up at her parents. She wore a very small sexy bikini and a nearly see through coverup that was not long enough to "cover up." As soon as we turned the corner from her street she started touching my cock through my bathing suit. She liked how it stiffened up very steadily to her light fingernail brushes and light touches with the back of her hand. The times she stopped were only to pull one of her breasts out of her top and knead her nipple between her fingers. Or to slip two fingers through the leg opening of her little bottoms (Carol Anne's preferred way to masturbate was using two fingers straddling her clit). She was one hell of an entertainer! I got hard within a minute of driving and she made sure to keep me that way for the entire ride and then some. She told me I would like her secret spot and when I asked what was the secret she said "There are a bunch of secrets there." Then she held her bikini bottom away from herself, swiped her finger the full length of her pussy lips and smeared her thick, sticky girl juice on my lips like it was chapstick. I licked and licked and licked that thick juice from my lips and it pushed me near the edge. I have to confess that I love licking a pussy that shows its appreciation by rewarding my tongue with its warm, sticky pussy honey. This time Carol Anne did the hard work for me and just left me with the dessert. As I licked, she tunneled both her fingers deep in her love hole and furiously thrust them in and out. I wished she would jerk my cock to orgasm as I was going crazy wanting to cum. But she would not. She teased the whole way to the beach. When we parked, Carol Anne picked up the Dunkin’ Donuts cup from the floor, opened the door, swung her legs out and sat on the door jamb. She pleaded “can you help me hunny bunny? “ I was instantly in front of her kneeling between her legs. I took the cup from her, held her bathing suit to the side put the cup below her pussy, an inch away. Watching her pee into the cup and feeling that cup get warm with her pee gave me an instant hard on. And the trick. I dried her with my finger, licking each drop before returning to her for the next. We finally arrived, Carol anne had her morning pee, I had my boner. A greatbday was ahead. I knew my agony would be over soon. We found a perfect, secluded spot to call our own. It had just enough room so it felt very private as well as cozy. We spread a blanket on the sand and put all our stuff down. My cock was at its wits end from the never-ending ride down and I was going to make up for lost time. We started kissing, touching, feeling, fingering, stroking like animals. Touching through cloth turned into reaching into each other's suit and making each other as turned on as we were capable. I slid Carol Anne's bottoms off and she knelt straddling my legs bare bottomed. She took my cock out of the fly in my suit and jerked it as I fingered her, feeling each other writhing against the other. So much juice came out of her hot smooth pussy that mywhole palm had a thick coating as if I had pumped 2 or 3 shots of liquid soap in it. I loved the way she turned into a gusher when she was really worked up. We came very fast and very hard. Both were trembling from the long buildup and the explosive orgasms we just had. We rested from this high energy aerobic feat and just laid, talking and enjoying being on the beach. We walked down by the water but the breeze was pretty chilly so we returned to our secret spot and had the sandwiches and beer we brought. After laying on the blanket for no more than a half hour, Carol Anne stood up and took off her bikini bottom. No words spoken, she knelt beside me, took my cock out of my fly (she liked being fucked this way). She lowered herself on my pelvis and slowly rubbed my stiffening dick up then down her well lubed lips. When it was clearly ready she slid it in her and rocked forward and backward on me, grinding in a tempo like being on a rocking chair. She picked up the pace, laid on top of me, bit my lower lip and frantically drove my cock into her til we both exploded. We collapsed after coming down from the chaos. Minutes later, Carol Anne got up, crawled past my head (I was still laying on my back), stood up then squatted not one foot from my face. She peed as I stared at her pussy just inches from my eyes. It was mega-hot being almost under her smooth shaved puss watching the lazy stream of pee land in the sand right next to my hair. When the last drips stopped, she kneeled and crawled toward me, stopping as her pee dampened puss was over my mouth. I needed no coaching to start lapping her clean as she wriggled and seemed to have an orgasm. She knelt, shaking above me as I kissed her clit over and over again, giving it playful little sucks as I did. An hour later we did it again. This time Carol Anne was on her back and I straddled her with my suit off dangling my long but not yet hard cock over her face. She used her tongue to quickly get my juices in the right place and I fucked her very willing pussy missionary style. We slowly ground against each other and by doing that we sort of dug an impression of Carol Anne in the sand below her. Hard to explain how cool it felt but we both got off like hydrogen bombs when we froze in orgasm, my cock in her hot wet hole pressed pelvis to pelvis as hard as we could. I have never had an orgasm like that before, and I don't think Carol Anne did either... barely moving but just driving ourselves against each others sex. It was wild. As we lay trying to regain our breath, Carol Anne said "I have another secret place." I said "Really? Can we go there?" She answered "OK. If there's time." Wow I didn't know she meant today. -more later-
  15. A quick note: I'm not saying you shouldn't read this if you haven't already read the first 2 posts about Carol Anne - The Beginning and The Showoff, but this girl and my time with her was so insane that some of the things I try to explain in those 2 posts could save a lot of confusion LOL. Did I mention that Carol Anne loved sex? Over and over again? And did I mention that she was always horny? I would wake in the middle of the night to her furiously working her pussy and nearly jumping off the bed as her orgasm took control. She made no attempt to be discreet... no attempt to conceal it from me. I'm sure it was her goal to get me to play along with her. I remember one morning she was reading the paper and having coffee at the kitchen table when I walked in and saw her stroking herself through her panties. She sat at the table Indian style reading and touching like it was what you did at breakfast. Don't get me wrong. I did not mind her antics at all when it came to sex. Sometimes it was a little much if she woke me from a sound sleep or I was ordering from McDonalds drive through window as she had her hand secretly under her thigh, rubbing her slit. Actually I take that back. That was really a turn on LOL. Carol Anne was in it for the orgasm. She had no qualms about giving herself an orgasm but she did like team play and a lot of her solo warmup activities seemed tailored to make me hard and get me to join in. It was not unlike her to walk in front of me while I was playing video games or watching TV and bend down, showing me a rear view of a smooth slit with clear glycerin like juice oozing onto her outer lips. She knew I could not resist touching her and ultimately fuck her silly when she came to me absolutely soaking like this. Another way of subtly reeling me in was to lay on the sofa with her knees far apart so the large very wet spot on her panties was impossible for me to miss. She has walked up to me and placed my hand in her panties to feel that she is quite ready for an orgasmic adventure. Oh! And if she wasn't doing herself in front of me she was telling me about how she had done it when I was not with her. At her office... "My chair has this little bump in the center of the front. I rub against it." In her car... "I had a small can of hairspray in my purse so I put it on the seat under me and slid around on it." She knew damn well that by telling me how good she made herself feel... in greeeeaaaat detail, she would get exactly what she wanted from me. When it came to pee games though, she had no seeming interest in solo activities. Every time as far I could see it was meant to get my dick hard so I would eventually give her orgasms. Yes, there were times when she would pee away from me somewhat naughty but she would always come straight to me to turn it into sex with me. Like when she would pee in the toilet (yes that happened a few times) then come to me without her panties and place my finger between her lips which she had deliberately not wiped. She knew that I would lick her pee off my finger and that drove her crazy to see. She even would return from a pee without wiping and push my face down to lick her clean. Carol Anne loved to be licked and was not subtle when she wanted it. One time she came into the kitchen where I was making a snack and held her panties with a golf ball size dripping wet pee spot up to my lips. It was still very warm. This meant "Stop and do me now!" I didn't have to think about it. She got what she wanted. If Carol Anne was horny and saw me get into the shower she would follow, shut the water, take my cock and squeeze it between her thighs. Then she would pee and tongue kiss me the whole time she peed. Or pee in her hand and rub it on my chest then grind her pussy against my hardening cock while finishing her pee. The pee games were great and she had so many different ones. At night after drinking since oh maybe mid afternoon she "loosened up" some. She would do anything, pee anywhere. I have seen her squat in the hall and just pee on the floor. She knew I didn't mind cleaning it up. She never peed on carpets, always hard floors so cleanup was well worth the show I had just enjoyed. Drunken naughty pees always seemed funny to Carol Anne. She thought she was hilarious the time she straddled my leg on the sofa and got up 2 seconds later leaving a warm wet spot about 4 inches across. That joke got her laid though. One night, licking her in bed she peed on my tongue (for the first time) just for a joke. We both liked it though so this became something we did fairly often. We learned to take precautions though so we did not have a massive cleanup after the fun. While drunk she would grab a bowl like it's nothing. Once she picked a spaghetti strainer instead and thought this was the funniest joke in the world. It was funny but the cleanup covered a wider than normal area. Once I asked if she wanted to pee in the cat's box. She reacted like the question offended her so I dropped it quickly. Yet, a month later she got on hands and knees in the kitchen, lifted her leg and tried to pee on the side of a cabinet. Her aim wasn't as planned and she just peed on the floor but she thought this was super funny. Yeah drunk with Carol Anne had some mild "surprises." I don't know how long exactly I was with Carol Anne. It was a fast paced, liquor and pee soaked blurr. We started getting on each others' nerves, broke up and got back together 2 or 3 times then it was done. It was the craziest segment of my life and one of the most memorable... that is, the parts I can remember. If these writings seem unbelievable to you, keep this in mind. They do to me too. Truth is everything I wrote here happened. If there are details recounted incorrectly it is because of diminished memory and time.
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