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David North

Current girl with the biggest bladder

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On 3/2/2019 at 10:36 AM, David North said:

This is definitely Becca. She is up there with Jayne and Rachael in the 1300+ ml range. The first time we measured Becca, the amount that came out of her was truly surprising. Add to this that she is such a cute and friendly girl, she's an absolute winner.



Becca is my fave of your current models now.  She is just adorable.  Petite, charming, and she has nice legs.  I'm a leg man, for sure.  It is surprising that her bladder has such a large capacity.  I guess it goes back to the saying, "Big things can come in small packages!"  🙂

Thanks for your work.  You do a fabulous job!  And I still think you sound like Michael Caine.  LOL!

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Wow she has a big bladder and can hold a lot. She had to be bursting holding all that. I would like to see how much she drank there.

She can hold a lot for a small women. I am impressed of the amount she can hold.

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Thanks guys. Becca drank four bottles of water (16 fluid ounces a piece, literally half a gallon) during the 90 minutes leading up to filming, and I believe she drank some more while the camera was running. It takes about an hour to really filter through, and that's generally when the urge to go kicks in. Despite her apparent calm in the early stages of the video, she already needed to pee pretty badly. She's not ostentatious when she starts to wiggle around, but her expression tells you everything you need to know about how desperate she is.

Next time, I will actually do my Michael Caine impersonation, which, given my predisposition, should sound very authentic!

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