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  1. So I was going through my followers on TT to clean some out and i clicked on this one woman (I don't remember her name) and she was doing a live and I clicked on the perfect time, she says I have to pee. I'm thinking she'll pause the live but nope she takes the camera in with her and says I really gotta go potty and turns the camera away from her to the shower curtain, but next thing you hear that unmistakable "tinkle tinkle tinkle" sound of a Woman taking a leak. I'm so sad it will never be heard again because it was live but I'll always have thar memory.
  2. Same that was the first movie I saw a woman pee in. The Guy that directed it also Directed Rob Roy where Jessica Lange lifts her kilt and pees on the rocks by the river.
  3. Peeing-Outdoors.com has a disclaimer that the women agreed to be recorded but I don't honestly think they actually are aware because they blur the women's faces
  4. When I worked my First Job at a Self Service Gas Station A Female Bus Driver probably in her Mid Forties and curly hair with a ball cap who said "before I sign my credit card slip can I use the bathroom? I'm about to wet my pants". We weren't supposed to let Customers use our Employees only restroom but I had a habit of saying yes to women if they yes. So I told her sure. It was a small booth so you could hear everything unless the A.C was on. She went in and closed the door I heard the lid lift and pants rustle,next was about a combination of 40 seconds of hissing power gush followed by ahhh
  5. Stacy Walsh was a gorgeous 38 year old Succesful Advertising Executive who lived in a nice Suburban home with her Dentist Husband Matt Walsh, she had brunette hair, toned body and soft skin. Stacy was going through drawers when she stumbled upon Matt's diary, being nosey she started reading it only to be shocked by the revelation that one thing Stacy would never probably do for him that he wants is for her to take a piss on him. He mentioned just the thought excited him. Stacy thought about it and realized maybe for his birthday in two weeks she may surprise him. Matt arrived home f
  6. I miss when they'd take Amazon gift cards for payment, their PayPal set up is flawed and I don't use crypto.
  7. Definetley something he'd keep to himself if it excited him. I know I always have all through my life. My First Job was an Attendant at a self serve gas station. It was just a small booth with a small backroom with a toilet, sink and shelf used for storage. If was so small you couldnt hide anything you did back there and there was no exhaust fan to muffle the sound. We weren't allowed to let Customers in, but I'd often let women use it anyway. It was only about 4 or 5 times that ever happened though. Two times really stand out. One was a Lady School Bus Driver in either her late 40's or early
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