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  1. I'm quite the fan of animated pee stuff, but its hard to find any. Pee hentai is usually the biggest source though and I'd love to see more of that.
  2. These are some very brazen sightings! I don't really see anything like this apart from at festivals...and when all the toilets were shut in lockdown of course!
  3. How about in the stairwell of an apartment block? They definitely get their fair share of pee anyway!
  4. In the past it's usually been bushes and the occasional flowerbed depending on how busy it is. Once when it was empty, but still broad daylight, there was a bin on the walking path, so I just unzipped my jeans, whipped it out and peed directly into the bin. Steam was rising out of it. I quickly had to finish up so I just pushed my pee stream out hard and I could hear my pee splashing against some cans and the binbag. Quickly zipped back up and a few seconds later someone started walking down the path, so that was lucky! It was like one of these shapes but made of metal I think
  5. Hey there I recently got myself an account but I've read a lot of the stories and seen the pictures on the site already. I love peeing outside and seeing women pee outside too. Doesn't happen enough in the UK, at least whenever I'm around anyway... 😕
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